So far in Kingdom Hearts III, Hercules Olympus Coliseum is coming back, and new worlds for the game so far include Kingdom of Corona rom Tangled, San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6, and my favorite the Toy Story World!  Although unfortunately, I heard the Pride Lands and Halloween Town will not be coming back!  I decided to share what I want to see in the game!

New World Ideas:

Monsters Inc.: Monstropolis (Party Members: Mike & Sulley)

The Incredibles: Nomanisan Island (Party Member: Mr. Incredible)

Brave: DunBroch (Party Member: Moana)

Inside Out: Sora's subconsious

The Jungle Book: The Jungle

Wreck-It Ralph: Traverse Town Arcade (Party Members: Ralph and Vanellope)

Frozen: Arendelle (Party Member: Anna and Elsa)

Zootopia: Zootopia (Party Member: Judy Hopps)

Moana: Motunui Islands (Party Members: Moana and Maui)

The Avengers: Asgard (Party Members: Iron Man and Thor)

Guardians of the Galaxy: Knowhere (Party Member: Star Lord)

The Force Awakens: Starkiller Base (Party Member: Rey)

Epic Mickey: Cartoon Wasteland (Party Member: Oswald)

Gravity Falls: Gravity Falls (Party Members: Dipper and Mabel Pines)

Summon Characters:

Darkwing Duck


Kim Possible

Jake Long

Agent P

Star Butterfly