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  • Jkls39

    You know, I've been wondering lately... I have this question in mind ever since I played Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days. My question:

    Does Roxas already exist by the time when Sora went to Castle Oblivion? I mean, in 358/2 Days, the other members of Organization XIII that went to Castle Oblivion were still around. And, there was also the time where Roxas heard that everyone who got sent to Castle Oblivion were eliminated. So, does that mean Sora was at the castle all along? Oh, wait. Riku was already at 358/2 Days... wait... I'm so confused already! Can someone PLEASE help me out on this? >____<

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  • Jkls39

    Hi, people of this wikia!

    Right now, I'm trying to somehow 'promote' a webpage that I just created a month ago. Basically, it's just about me but I also added some suggestions about Kingdom Hearts in the 'About...' part. For some reasons, I wanted to let Square Enix know that after Kingdom Hearts III, there will be another story and somehow, I'm trying to reach that out through my webpage. Umm, I'm not really good at this but if you're willing to support me in this, I'll be re3ally happy. I'm pursuing this and I want people to help me out. I'm open to criticisms and I hope you're REALLY willing to help me out. This will be like a dream come true if this happens. I want this to come true. So, again, I need your help and support, guys.

    Thank y…

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