• Heartnotsubasa

    We're all waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for 8 years since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 in 2005. When I played Kindom Hearts back in 2005, it started from a-child-friendly game and gradually turned in to dark sinister story. I was really young back then and sometimes when I'm playing alone, I got scared when the giant scary-looking heartless appeared. From then on, whenevr I play Kingdom Hearts, I'm always looking for surprises and mini-games. 

    Because I've played Kingdom Hearts at such a young age, they've left such a huge impression on me. Listening to Kingdom Hearts music brings it all back. All the good memories of my 2005. It's so nostalgic. I've also played a lot of Final Fantasy Series and some Square Soft's (Square Enix) games.

    We s…

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