Namine is made up of the Body and Soul of Sora and the Heart of Kairi, right? So some people might argue that because of Kairi, she can't really wield her own keyblade. 

However, Birth by Sleep confirmed Kairi's ability to wield, and now we're thinking different things.

Namine is technically made up of two Keyblade Wielders, right? So maybe after she's saved, she might be attacked, and maybe she'll summon a Keyblade by accident to save her. Only maybe she can summon 2; have you noticed that she's technically part of not one, but TWO wielders?

Maybe i'm wrong, maybe Namine might never summon up a Keyblade and she'll stick with her crayons and notebook. OR maybe, just maybe, since she's part of Kairi and Sora, that she can summon both a Kingdom Key and a Destiny's Embrace to protect her one day! Then again, maybe she's not powerful enough to summon both of her person's Keyblades. 

What do you think of my theory? Comment below and help me add to it further, and help me make sure that we might see some Namine-Keyblade action sometime soon (Kingdom Hearts III maybe?)?!

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