Hi guys. I'm a new user, gronodonthegreat, And this is my blog about kingdom hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts III is a game that we have been waiting for Nomura to work on for way too many years, so i believe that it will be, overall, well worth it for the entire Kingdom Hearts community.

The plot will include the thirteen darknesses, which only a few of have been released so far. Here they are:

1. Master Xehanort

2. Xemnas

3. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness

4. Young Xehanort

5. Xigbar

6. Saix

Now, Terra has pretty much been confirmed as a member, too. However, he is most likely in his Terra-Xehanort form, i would assume. also, Vanitas seems like he will make a likely appearance in this game as, of course, an antagonist, probably a seeker.

Now, for the 7 guardians of light:

1. Sora

2. Riku

3. Kairi

4. Mickey

5. Aqua

6. Ventus

7. The Lingering Will

Now, many of you might disagree on the last one. However, it makes sense, since The Lingering Will is technically what's left of OUR Terra, and he still hates Xehanort with a burning passion, proven true by Kingdom Hearts II, Final Mix. 

Thoughts on these people? Please comment below! Next, hear my own blog report on what the storyline might be for Kingdom Hearts III!

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