So, this is my new blog post about the storyline of Kingdom Hearts III, the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts title that has us fellow fans going nuts.


I shall be confronting the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep in this blog, please add any significant things you notice so i can edit this and add in major plots!

So, let us begin with the confrontation of Terra and Xehanort in Terra's heart. Xehanort seems to have control in this scene, so let's begin evaluation. Terra seems to be in quite a deep puddle in this scene, and it seems like he really can't avoid the situation as it is.

But wait a minute: is that The Lingering Will i smell!? Well, yes it is, and he seems like his emotions in Kingdom Hearts II Final MIx really seemed to show hatred towards Xehanort in his time kneeling in The Keyblade Graveyard. Now, this is how i think this character will play a big part in the story. The final battle of the newly-revived Keyblade War will now be emminent in the Graveyard itself, and i really think that everyone forgot about The Lingering WIll at this point. Considering how long he's been dormant, he is still immensely powerful from all those years remaining dormant. This time, the Will is he**bent on facing Xehanort and the Replica of himself that took his body. This is how i think this will generally play out, as in The Will, during the final battle, will finally take the offensive and land a massive surge on a battle with Terra-Xehanort.

Now, we must discuss the return of another character to this scene (Master Eraqus). Yes, this character was literally revealed during Xehanort's conversation with Terra, as he kept Terra's heart safe from Xehanort, for the time-being. Eraqus, I Believe, will make an absolutely shocking appearance after the defeat of Terra-Xehanort, his body being restored in Castle Oblivion (where in the castle? I can't really say, but it used to be The Land of Departure, that's why i mentioned it in the first place!). Then, Mickey will rush to Terra, along with Aqua and Ventus (newly revived from Castle Oblivion), and help him stand, as Terra has been weakened so much by Xehanort as it is. This is the point when The Lingering Will will go dormant forever, as in his mind will be restored to his former self, the exact thing that The Lingering Will has waited for since his first birth from the mind of Terra as Xehanort took him over.

Now, Let's go to the importance of the scene between Aqua and Ansem the Wise ("Two Who Were Never Meant to Meet"). First of all, many people might think that Aqua and Ansem the Wise are two people that they would have never had expected to meet. I, for one, would have never expected anything like that (I'm just glad that good ol' Ansem didn't die, OK XD). Anyways, it seems like Ansem has lost nearly all of his memory, with little memory of anything except for the bad deeds he had caused and the misfortune and harm he had caused others in his period of rottenness. However, during his conversation with Master Aqua, he made the remark of the people connected to Sora's heart and the connection between Sora and himself. This part was extremely revelent, as in it explained that Sora had, in fact, many ties with many people, and that Sora actually had the ability to bring back people that had fallen to darkness, or had since ceased existence. As Ansem had hidden data inside Sora, Namine, Xion, Roxas, Lea (Axel), Ventus, Terra, and even Aqua are tied to this boy. 

This part explains that Sora is the key to bringing this powerful group of people and save them all, foreshadowing that all of these people will come back. This is the importance of this scene, as in it tells us that in Kingdom Hearts III, all of these people have a high chance of being saved!

Most likely, Sora will save Aqua and Ansem the Wise with King Mickey, wake Ventus from his era of comatose, Bring Roxas and Xion back (somehow), Bring Namine back from her Birth by Sleep, and, above all, finally free Terra from his possessed body. And, above all, Let's not forget about Master Eraqus, who will eventually come back to his body somewhere in Castle Oblivion, and hopefully restore it to The Land of Departure!

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