So, this is a little blog that i would love people to comment on. It's just a thing about my favorite places in each and every world.

1: The usual spot of twilight town

i don't know why i do, but i just love that little dirty-couch and dartboard design at the usual spot! It reminds me of Roxas i guess ;(

2: The stairwell of the first district of Traverse Town

This stairwell seemed very iconic to me as a new player when the game first came out, and i just love walking upand down it. I dunno why, guys, it's just a feeling.

3: Merlin's house in Radiant Garden

This house seems like an instant classic to the iconic town, and it stands as a strong point to the restoration of the former town Radiant Garden. I love the feeling of excitement i get whenever i get summoned by Merlin there :3

and #4: The Secret Place of Destiny Islands

Come on, people! This spot was full of some of the coolest cave drawings of all time, not including the presence of Sora + Kairi's iconic pictures of each other eating Paopu fruit. Lest us not forget the door that was there, as well as the hooded figure who guarded it and the creepy jungle cave feeling that i get everytime i go in there that fills me up with joy. Not to mention Sora had to find mushrooms in a cave made of stone as well... O_o

Well, i'll eventually have more worlds filled in. But for now, good night peoples!

And please comment below on your opinions on each world aforementioned!

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