Hi, I haven't posted anything in a while, but I used to post conspiracy theories about the Dark Seeker Saga and what I thought was going to happen. Lately I've been busy with my school band and I haven't had time to post. Sorry!

Ermherm, let's get to Theories!


I have had this fantasy about the ending for the longest time. First, I got this Off of the Birth by Sleep secret endings, the last dive videos, and virtually every hidden clip in every game. However, the opening movie for Kingdom Hearts 3D is by far the most intriguing one to me. In this movie, they actually move forward in time to the final showdown with Xehanort. These are the characters that appear before him to fight, in order of appearance:

1. Sora

2. Riku

3. Roxas

4. Terra

5. Ventus

6. Aqua

7. Donald Duck and Goofy

Now, when they arrive on the actual battlefield in the Keyblade Graveyard, they all have their own weapon; Donald with the Mages Staff, Goofy with the Knight's Shield, Roxas with the Kingdom Key, as well as Sora with a Kingdom Key, Riku with his Way to Dawn, Aqua with her Rainfell, Terra with the Earthshaker, Ventus with his wayward Wind, and The King with his Kingdom Key D. When the time comes, Sora sparks up a big column of light with his Keyblade, and thus many of the characters disapparate; this I do not know why, maybe it's only for emphasis? Either way, we know that this war will include older characters, too. 

Do not forget, Roxas did, in fact, have his own heart and his own emotions; he was not a shell like the usual nobody. He has a possibility of returning; that i'm positive. Terra may be possessed by Xehanort, so getting him back will be a problem, and a major plot point throughout the game; i'm sure that this will happen as well. I also support the theory of the interference of the Lingering Will onto the battlefield; fueled by hatred of Sora's common enemy, he will do anything to smite the man that did that to him. However, The Will is intelligent, and will most obviously side with Sora, whom he will not want to clash swords with again. Lastly, I believe that a massive surge of the races of beasts will flood the worlds, even the Dream Eaters (led by a Keyblade wielder, maybe Young Xehanort). From a cutscene in 3D, I also believe that Vanitas will take a spot as a Seeker of Darkness. 

Lastly, I believe that something will happen to the Dataspace. In one last final hurrah, Maleficent will try to take it over yet again, this time causing it to overrun with bugs and flood the data with pools of darkness. This is where Data-Sora will come in; he will need to defend Disney Castle and the Journal with only the support of the Disney Engineers (Chip and Dale) and the Journal to wipe out this massive flood of Heartless once and for all. Lastly, they will take to the skies and the heartless and Nobody Gummi Ships in the final blowout of the Seekers of Darkness will absolutely flood the skies, making no world clear of any enemy. Vanitas' rage will be especially high during this time, as in he will want revenge for the last time they tried to form the X-blade, so he will send out waves and waves of Unversed baddies after Sora and his gang.

While other things are important, such as the inclusion as Lea as a possible guardian, or maybe just defender or Radiant Garden, I find that he may not make a huge role in KHIII till a time where he is truly needed; and, for one of my final thoughts, I think that the scene at the end of 3D confirms Kairi's position as a definite member of the Guardians of Light. 

So, what do you think? Questions? Comments? Tell me about it below, I would love to have feedback on my latest post!

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