So, do you remember a pretty cinematic at the beginning of each Kingdom Hearts game. Ya know, the one where they kick graphics into overdrive and make you barf rainbows? Well one in particular actually revealed KHIII right in front of our eyes!


As you watch the Dream Drop Distance opening, it almost seems as if Sora and everyone else is part of a storybook (are they really?). However, after Sora kicks some bad-guy butt, it shows a view of him and Riku facing off Xehanort.

Now hold on two seconds; some wierd things have happened already in this beginning. One, the storybook thing as i had noted. Two; Ansem and the Guardian on the islands at the beginning of the game!? WHAT!? And 3; Riku is holding the Oblivion and Sora the Oathkeeper while facing off Xemnas. That's not right; i'm PRETTY sure he had the Way to Dawn. But whatever, it's a story. 

So, onto the Xehanort fight scene. Riku and Sora have not faced off and/or really met Xehanort yet, let alone not in the Keyblade Graveyard! When things start to turn ugly, The King (King Mickey) shows up and throws his book in the air. Pages are scattering, making a mess everywhere. And guess who pops out of the book; none other than Donald and Goofy, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, and our old pal ROXAS! All of them seemed to have been summoned to help fight off Xehanort and end his reign of terror!

The last scene that they do involves all of them, even Donald and Goofy, standing against xehanort in a line, preparing to fight. Ventus whips out the Wayward Wind, Aqua the Stormfall, Terra the Earthshaker (?), Roxas his kingdom key (is that right?), Donald and Goofy their staff and shield, Riku his Way to Dawn, The King whips ou the Kingdom Key D, and finally, good ol' Sora with his Kingdom Key, as Sora lets out a giant beam of light. 

What does this cinematic tell us!? Is the whole series a lie told by Grandpa Mickey Mouse (or Grandpa Walt?)!? Does this confirm Roxas a place in the final battle as a seperate being, forming the awesome Ventus-Sora-Roxas trio that we all have wanted to see? What Characters will be added in the final battle? Possibly Lea, Kairi, Xion, even Data-Sora, Ansem the Wise or Namine? Let me know in the comments below!

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