Okay, have you ever watched the secret ending to Birth By Sleep? many people don't truly acknowledge this part, but it kinda foreshadows the return of many, many characters.

Here's a list of the characters that will return from their "Birth by Sleep:"

1. Aqua will be saved from the realm of darkness, along with Ansem the Wise

2. Terra will be freed from Xehanort's grasp, along with Eraqus's heart

3. Ventus will be woken from his Birth by Sleep

4. Xion will be revived 

5. Roxas will become a seperate being

6. Axel will return

7. Namine will become a seperate being again

Now, many of these might seem like assumptions, But each person that was mentioned in the video after (or before) Ansem the Wise said Sora's name were connected to Sora. Even Ansem is connected to him. This describes a remarkable ability that Sora has: he can connect with other people's hearts. This can lead him to Being able to bring people back from the realm of darkness. Although that has not been explained, in some parts of the story it is inferred.

In the end, all of these people will finally be brought back and saved. Lea has already been saved, who's nobody was axel, so what will happen when roxas, xion and namine are saved? leave your opinion below!

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