This is something I've been asking myself since I saw that big EX gauge at the Kingdom Hearts III original trailer.

First of all, what is EX? Even though it's mostly concept, is this possibly an allude to, maybe, a return to magical clothing for Sora? Furthermore, what if you end up playing as more than Sora? Could Riku have this power too? 

Secondly, there is something else that's been bothering me. First of all, you all remember Aqua, Terra, and Ventus' armor, right? And the fact that they could transform their keyblades? We all know now that Sora can transform his keyblade now, as well, but is he going to have armor? Will his Keyblade be a Keyblade Glider now, and will he be travelling the Sea of the Skies on it? Of course, this is ludicrous, considering Donald and Goofy are going to be there with him the whole time. He has to take the Gummi Ship. He HAS to. 

What do you think? Comment below

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