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  • Gronodonthegreat

    So, here's some people that could potentially wield a Keyblade for Kingdom Hearts III:

    1. Xemnas- Nomura stated in an interview that it was possible that Xemnas was 'intentionally' not using a Keyblade, which could prove to be a threat in Kingdom Hearts III if he decides to use his.

    2. Namine- Namine is the soul of Kairi and the body of Sora (tell me if this is the other way around), and if she's parts of two Keyblade wielders, maybe she could dual-wield in a time of trouble. While I highly doubt this, Namine with even a single Keyblade would be EPIC.

    3. Yen Sid- Yes, he's already a master and has a Keyblade. But he's RETIRED. I'd just love to see him pick one up for Kingdom  Hearts III and show Xehanort who's boss. I mean, Yen Sid kicking Xe…

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  • Gronodonthegreat

    This is something I've been asking myself since I saw that big EX gauge at the Kingdom Hearts III original trailer.

    First of all, what is EX? Even though it's mostly concept, is this possibly an allude to, maybe, a return to magical clothing for Sora? Furthermore, what if you end up playing as more than Sora? Could Riku have this power too? 

    Secondly, there is something else that's been bothering me. First of all, you all remember Aqua, Terra, and Ventus' armor, right? And the fact that they could transform their keyblades? We all know now that Sora can transform his keyblade now, as well, but is he going to have armor? Will his Keyblade be a Keyblade Glider now, and will he be travelling the Sea of the Skies on it? Of course, this is ludicr…

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  • Gronodonthegreat

    Terra Theory

    January 20, 2014 by Gronodonthegreat


    Hi, I just thought to myself after playing Kingdom Hearts II the other day and asked the following question:

    Terra is now possessed by Xehanort, right? Does that mean that, since he's part Terra and part Xehanort, that Terranort Has both of their keyblades!? Think about it, it's the weirdest thing, but he must have the ability to do that from somewhere!

    Comment below and tell me what you think

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  • Gronodonthegreat

    Hi, I haven't posted anything in a while, but I used to post conspiracy theories about the Dark Seeker Saga and what I thought was going to happen. Lately I've been busy with my school band and I haven't had time to post. Sorry!

    Ermherm, let's get to Theories!


    I have had this fantasy about the ending for the longest time. First, I got this Off of the Birth by Sleep secret endings, the last dive videos, and virtually every hidden clip in every game. However, the opening movie for Kingdom Hearts 3D is by far the most intriguing one to me. In this movie, they actually move forward in time to the final showdown with Xehanort. These are the characters that appear before him to fight, in order …

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  • Gronodonthegreat

    Namine is made up of the Body and Soul of Sora and the Heart of Kairi, right? So some people might argue that because of Kairi, she can't really wield her own keyblade. 

    However, Birth by Sleep confirmed Kairi's ability to wield, and now we're thinking different things.

    Namine is technically made up of two Keyblade Wielders, right? So maybe after she's saved, she might be attacked, and maybe she'll summon a Keyblade by accident to save her. Only maybe she can summon 2; have you noticed that she's technically part of not one, but TWO wielders?

    Maybe i'm wrong, maybe Namine might never summon up a Keyblade and she'll stick with her crayons and notebook. OR maybe, just maybe, since she's part of Kairi and Sora, that she can summon both a Kingdom…

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