Well, my KH3 Discussion Video is going to take longer than I thought, but its almost done, so please bear with me (Edit: Vimeo won't allow me to Upload the Discussion Video. I using the most Basic Version of Vimeo for free and I can Upload up to 500MB/ Discussion video is 20GB/Week. I need to Compress the Video). In the meantime, please enjoy some Keyblades I found on Google that I believe will make a Fine Addition to the Kingdom Hearts Series.

Please Note that these are not my Pictures. Credit goes to the people who Posted these Keyblades on Google.

File:Keyblade 1.png
File:Keyblade 2.png
File:Keyblade 3.png
File:Keyblade 4.png
File:Keyblade 5.png
File:Keyblade 6.png
File:Keyblade 7.png
File:Keyblade 8.png
File:Keyblade 9.png
File:Keyblade 10.png

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