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Confusion before KH3

For anyone who wants to see the next Blog Post (with Pictures), here is the Link:

Hello Kingdom Hearts Wiki, This is my first Blog Post, and most definitely not my last (I am a Huge Fan of the Kingdom Hearts Series). The name of this Blog Post says it all. I have 2 Things to talk about that I hope someone can Clear-up for me.

Firstly, I am given to understand that Kingdom Hearts 3 will feature Seven Lights against Thirteen Darknesses. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Seven Lights are:

1. Sora (For Obvious Reasons)

2. Kairi

3. Axel/Lea

4. Ventus

5. Terra

6. Aqua

7. Riku (???)

Secondly, it has been hinted many times throughout the series that Sora and Kairi will be in a Relationship (Trust me. I seen these Hints. A Relationship between these 2 is Inevitable). What I find Confusing is that since Roxas is Sora's Nobody and Namine is Kairi's Nobody (or...witch? I haven't quite figured out that one yet), does that mean Roxas and Namine will end up in a Relationship? I believe that makes sense, even though Nobodies have no feelings.

If someone can Clear-this up and Help me out, it would be Greatly Appreciated.

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