Hello everyone! My name is Eternal Nothingness XIII. I'm an administrator here on the Wiki that has recently returned from a long hiatus, and I am here today to ask this Wiki's community if anyone is interested in helping me with my latest Kingdom Hearts-related creative project or if anyone could at least give me some ideas for it!

The project I am referring to is a game concept that details "the period of the King's absence" and "the period of Riku's absence" mentioned by Tetsuya Nomura in the Director's Secret Report XIII. These are two of the four Kingdom Hearts stories that were untold as of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the other two being "Roxas's time in Organization XIII" (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days) and "Xehanort's past" (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep). Considering Square Enix's next project (unless the company pulls a fast one on us) is Kingdom Hearts III, that still leaves half of Nomura's untold stories left in the dark. Therefore, I thought I would step in and tell them myself.

This game concept is being developed by yours truly under the working title of Kingdom Hearts: Into Oblivion, a title derived from another Kingdom Hearts fan-game project developed by &interactive that was meant to show Riku's side of the events of the first Kingdom Hearts game and later retitled Kingdom Hearts: Ends of Echoes. &interactive's game concept, as far as I know, has been abandoned. To those of you saying, "Hey, you can't use someone else's idea," I'm not. I'm simply using an old title to develop an original story (my game concept is more than just "Riku's side of KH1," remember...). I'm not seeking to earn any money from this concept, nor am I planning to use game-making software of any kind to give people something playable. I'm only seeking to come up with a story and some gameplay ideas, and write down an extensively thought-out and developed concept that people could read and say, "Hey, that sounds so real!"

Anyways, some more on Kingdom Hearts: Into Oblivion:

  • Both Riku and King Mickey are playable, sometimes together, sometimes apart. The story stretches from Kingdom Hearts to Kingdom Hearts II, covering the time that Riku and King Mickey were "absent" and showing the events of previous games from their point of view/expanding upon the plot of the games where their involvement was minimal.
  • The game concept's tagline is, "Hearts connected by light are divided in darkness."
    • Riku and King Mickey are initially a team, but they get separated on several occasions, remember...
  • Most of the game (the parts not from other KH games) takes place in the Realm of Darkness.
  • Part of Mickey's story would show his search for the Kingdom Key D.
    • Mickey's story would begin after he leaves Disney Castle at the start of KH1...He also goes to Traverse Town at one point, where Sora has just arrived following the destruction of the Destiny Islands.
    • Mickey would also come across Riku in the Realm of Darkness, teaming up with him until they reach Sora at the End of the World, where they help him seal the Door to Darkness.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Into Oblivion introduces the Lost Worlds, worlds whose hearts have given in to the darkness, corrupting them. Both the Lost Worlds and their denizens are trapped in the Realm of Darkness and doomed to vanish forever unless they are given salvation and returned to the light by the wielders of the Keyblade.
    • Several new worlds are playable:
      • One based on The Emperor's New Groove
      • One based on Pocahontas
      • One based on Atlantis: The Lost Empire
      • One based on The Black Cauldron
      • One based on The Jungle Book
      • One based on Princess and the Frog
      • One based on Treasure Planet
    • In addition, several worlds from previous games appear, as well. They are sometimes playable, but often times, they appear only in cutscenes.
      • Remember when Aqua comes across the Castle of Dreams in the Realm of Darkness in A Fragmentary Passage from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix? Well that's because the Castle of Dreams is now a Lost World. Why, you ask? When the strongest heart of light is removed from a particular world, that world's heart then becomes vulnerable to sinking into darkness. The Castle of Dreams, Enchanted Dominion, and Dwarf Woodlands became Lost Worlds when Maleficent and her team of villains kidnapped Cinderella, Aurora, and Snow White, the strongest hearts of light from those worlds, during the events of Kingdom Hearts when they were gathering the seven Princesses of Heart.
  • Because most of this game takes place in the Realm of Darkness, Riku and Mickey can encounter others who have returned to the darkness: dispatched Nobodies of Organization XIII, etc.

That's really all the ideas I have for this concept so far; what I need help with are ideas for a new gameplay system that would incorporate Riku and Mickey and fit in with the overall "separate but connected/connected but separate" theme of the story, and enough thoughts on the stories of both Riku and Mickey that would allow me to create an "epic" tale with a beginning, middle, and end. Remember, those of you kind enough to help me, that this is a story that is meant to expand upon the Kingdom Hearts series and what has already been established, like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

Please leave any of your own thoughts/concepts/ideas in the comments section of this blog. Your help is greatly appreciated!