[YEN SID is seen looking out at the stars disappearing in the sky above from his star-shaped window in his chamber at the Mysterious Tower. He is concerned, for he knows more and more worlds are vanishing by the minute, banished to the Unseen Realm, where Sora, Riku, and Kairi are facing terrible danger as they combat MASTER XEHANORT's forces.]

[A corridor of darkness opens behind YEN SID, and MASTER XEHANORT steps out. Without turning his head, YEN SID acknowledges the elderly Keyblade Master.]

YEN SID: I was wondering how long it would take for your darkness to seep into my realm, Xehanort.

[YEN SID turns to face MASTER XEHANORT, who remains silent. As YEN SID sits in his chair, MASTER XEHANORT smirks.]

YEN SID: I trust your plan is close to fruition, then?

[MASTER XEHANORT walks up to YEN SID's desk.]

MASTER XEHANORT: Indeed. I have at last discovered the resting place of the true Kingdom Hearts, at the core of the Unseen Realm. And now it is only a matter of transcending the confines of time and space, and then I will finally take it!

[YEN SID shakes his head in disapproval.]

YEN SID: How low you have stooped over these many years, Xehanort. The way that you think you can sacrifice so many innocent lives, cast away your own heart to follow some tired ambition, and your shameful misuse of the Keyblade are truly...foolish.

MASTER XEHANORT: I am afraid it is YOU who is the fool, Master Yen Sid. You once had the power of the Keyblade on your side. And yet, you chose to forsake that power so that you may remain at a distance and watch over the stability of the worlds...It was YOU who sent those three innocent children to their doom so very long ago, and now you have the audacity to send three more in my pursuit. Such reckless behavior...hardly that of a denizen of light.

[YEN SID looks up at MASTER XEHANORT, offended. Still, he remains calm.]

YEN SID: Why is it that you've come here, Xehanort?

[MASTER XEHANORT turns away from YEN SID and smirks.]

MASTER XEHANORT: To send this pitiful world back to the dark depths from whence it came...

[MASTER XEHANORT summons his Keyblade, holding it horizontally in front of him.]

MASTER XEHANORT: ...And you along with it, my old friend. At last, your time has come.

[MASTER XEHANORT points his Keyblade in YEN SID's direction, aiming at his heart.]

YEN SID: Why are you doing this, Xehanort? Have you truly lost your sense of honor?

[Without standing up, YEN SID raises his hand in front of him and summons the Starseeker Keyblade. MASTER XEHANORT smiles, impressed.]

MASTER XEHANORT: I am doing this because your heart of light must be vanquished if I am to succeed and Kingdom Hearts is to be mine. Every light must fade! Every heart must return to darkness!

[YEN SID closes his eyes and tilts his head down.]

YEN SID: Very well, if that is your resolve...

[YEN SID slowly rises from his chair, spreading his arms out to the side and tossing aside the Starseeker, which disappears in a flash of light when it clangs to the floor. MASTER XEHANORT, surprised, lowers his Keyblade.]

MASTER XEHANORT: What is the meaning of this? You would willingly be purged? As if your sacrifice would mean anything at all!

[MASTER XEHANORT raises his Keyblade again.]

YEN SID: If the salvation of the worlds removes me from the picture, then so be it. I would sooner cast my heart aside and disappear from this realm than watch you banish us all to the darkness. If my destruction would help to shine a light on the path to the end of this mayhem for those three young ones, then that is what I wish. I shall not try to dissuade you.

MASTER XEHANORT: Hmph. A wise decision.

[MASTER XEHANORT swings his Keyblade, shooting a beam of dark energy at YEN SID. YEN SID raises his arms as if to protect himself. There is an intense burst of light, which MASTER XEHANORT shields his eyes from, blinded. When it fades, MASTER XEHANORT is surprised to see YEN SID still alive, as well as RIKU standing before him, his Keyblade raised. YEN SID is shocked to see the young Keyblade Master.]

MASTER XEHANORT: You?! No...impossible! The inescapable darkness of the Unseen should have swallowed you entirely by now!

RIKU: Yeah? Well, you'll find I'm full of surprises.

MASTER XEHANORT: How is it you were able to return to this place? Your heart was doomed to be eclipsed by the crushing darkness of time for all eternity. Did you seek an escape of your own cowardice?

RIKU: No. I simply listened to my heart. It told me what I needed to do, and it took me where I needed to go. Now I've protect Master Yen Sid! So long as I'm around, you'll never harm him, or this world!

[MASTER XEHANORT closes his eyes and smiles. His body begins to emanate darkness.]

MASTER XEHANORT: We shall see.

[MASTER XEHANORT attacks RIKU, and the two trade blows with their Keyblades. As MASTER XEHANORT's dark aura intensifes, he eventually overpowers RIKU, sending him flying a short distance. RIKU lands hard on the ground before YEN SID. As he struggles to stand back up and his consciousness begins to fade in and out, MASTER XEHANORT approaches him and raises his Keyblade, preparing to deliver the final blow.]

YEN SID: Riku!

[RIKU comes back to his senses, swiftly grabbing his Keyblade and knocking MASTER XEHANORT back. RIKU lunges at MASTER XEHANORT, and they continue to trade blows. Soon, they come face-to-face in a grapple. RIKU begins to glow with a bright blue light from which whisps of dark energy flow, and he knocks MASTER XEHANORT away. The elderly Keyblade Master lands smoothly on both feet with a hand on the ground for support, Keyblade raised. RIKU raises his Keyblade again, preparing for the battle to continue.]

[MASTER XEHANORT stands back up, and his Keyblade vanishes in a flash of dark energy as he puts the weapon away. RIKU lowers his Keyblade as MASTER XEHANORT looks at him and smirks, impressed. A corridor of darkness opens behind him. He turns and proceeds to walk towards it.]

MASTER XEHANORT: Your time will come, boy...soon enough. For now, you still have much to learn.

[MASTER XEHANORT vanishes in the corridor of darkness. RIKU runs forward and tries to catch him, but it is too late.]

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