So it's been a while since I've visited this version of our Wiki. Those of you who know me also know I'm a big fan of developing fan-games. With the release of KH3D, I was inspired to start developing my own fan-version of the much-anticipated Kingdom Hearts III. While everything is still in the concept stages, I list some of my ideas below:

NOTE: Contains spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

The Seven Guardians of LightEdit

The Thirteen Seekers of DarknessEdit

Below are my ideas so far as to who the members of the new Organization XIII are.


Save for Kingdom Hearts-exclusive worlds, every Disney world appearing in Kingdom Hearts III is new (similar to what Nomura promised in regards to Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, only these worlds are not connected to previous ones in terms of movie or characters in any way). My ideas so far are below:

  • Voodoo Bayou - The Princess and the Frog
  • Land of the Llamas - The Emperor's New Groove
  • Virginian Forest - Pocahontas
  • Monstropolis - Monsters Inc.
  • Andy's Toy Chest - Toy Story
  • Mysterious Jungle - The Jungle Book
  • Metroville - The Incredibles
  • Ant Island - A Bug's Life
  • Wasteland - Disney's Epic Mickey
  • Nottingham - Robin Hood
  • Radiant Garden
  • Destiny Islands
  • Mysterious Tower
  • Castle Oblivion
  • Keyblade Graveyard

The Unseen RealmEdit

A hidden alternate dimension of forbidden knowledge and power where dreams become reality and reality becomes a dream. Anyone who learns to master the realm’s properties is said to be able to warp reality on a whim. The Unseen Realm is a place that exists as a symbiote to the real world where time is distorted and space does not flow properly. It is a place that spells doom to all worlds, a place where any world trapped within is erased from history and eventually lost to the darkness of time. The realm benevolently resolves any paradoxes affecting the real world or the balance between time and space or light and darkness to prevent destruction of the worlds, but as a result of Master Xehanort’s meddling, paradoxes have reversed the Unseen Realm’s role. It now causes the paradoxes, instead, and as more and more worlds are lost to its depths, the threat that the time-space continuum could fall apart as a result becomes apparent.

Basics of Sora, Riku, and Kairi's JourneyEdit

In the Unseen Realm, Sora, Riku, and Kairi must save the worlds that have been banished there from being lost forever by restoring the flow of time within them by unlocking special time gates (while sealing others) and resolving any paradoxes affecting them as a result of Master Xehanort’s search for Kingdom Hearts.

New Enemy: The ForsakenEdit

Creatures spawned from time paradoxes. They are creatures that were never meant to exist but will do anything to maintain that existence. They appear in any world Master Xehanort or Organization XIII has visited on their search for the true Kingdom Hearts, spreading paradoxes and searching for time gates which they can use to escape to the real world and truly, finally exist. Young Xehanort has direct control over the Forsaken due to his strong connection to the timeline.


Master Xehanort has returned, and now his search for Kingdom Hearts has threatened the delicate balance between time and space. Sora, Riku, and Kairi must destroy Xehanort and his accomplices before the χ-blade is forged once more and the worlds are destroyed.

Explanation: Why Vanitas is in Organization XIIIEdit

When Master Xehanort first unlocked Ventus’s heart to extract the darkness inside and create Vanitas, his Keyblade, which is imbued with time energy, transcended time and space to the future, where Master Xehanort unintentionally placed a piece of his heart inside the young Sora, where it would remain dormant for several years until Kingdom Hearts III. When Sora’s heart made contact with the dying one of Ventus, this also affected Vanitas, who shares Ventus’s heart (and now Sora’s). Vanitas gained Sora’s appearance, as well as a fragment of the piece of Master Xehanort’s heart that lives inside Sora. Thus he is qualified as one of the incarnations of Xehanort and is in Organization XIII.

Explanation: Sora's Ultimate FateEdit

Master Xehanort and Sora are connected through the Keyblade (specifically Master Xehanort’s own time-imbued Keyblade), manifestations of the heart. When Master Xehanort extracted the darkness from Ventus’s heart to create Vanitas, the resulting time paradox allowed a piece of his heart to traverse time to the future through Ventus’s heart and latch itself onto the young Sora’s heart, where it would remain dormant for several years. Master Xehanort does not know this has transpired until Kingdom Hearts III, but a piece of his heart now lives inside Sora. Master Xehanort cannot be destroyed until every last piece of his heart has been destroyed, thus Sora’s heart must be destroyed along with it at the end of his journey to destroy the other pieces. Kairi is the only one who can save Sora’s heart from being lost forever.

Related IdeasEdit

  • Sora himself is a paradox as a result of Master Xehanort’s heart residing inside of him. At first it is believed by Yen Sid (who knows Sora’s imminent fate) that if the piece of Master Xehanort’s heart inside Sora is destroyed, Sora will simply slip into a coma as Ventus did after destroying the χ-blade several years ago. He soon realizes there is a drastic difference in situations: destroying the χ-blade merely caused Ventus’s heart to vanish in slumber, whereas actually destroying a heart means the victim ceases to exist entirely. If Master Xehanort (who is the source of all paradoxes) is destroyed, Sora, who is linked to him, will be, as well, with no hope for his heart’s return.
  • Plot Connection: This can be why so many of Xehanort’s forms where intrigued by Sora and he ultimately was fated to be a part of the new Organization XIII. Master Xehanort tried to place a piece of his heart inside Sora at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, but this attempt failed because a piece already existed within him.

Explanation: Master Xehanort's GoalEdit

Master Xehanort uses his new Organization XIII to search the Unseen Realm for the true Kingdom Hearts, which was erased from existence and lost to the darkness of time after the Keyblade War. His search is causing the time-space continuum to fall apart through paradoxes and the Forsaken, and if it does, all worlds will be destroyed. Once Kingdom Hearts returns to the real world, however, Master Xehanort will have Organization XIII clash with the seven guardians of light to spawn the χ-blade. Master Xehanort then will use the χ-blade to open Kingdom Hearts, and once he takes its power, he will recreate the shattered worlds to his own liking: a realm where darkness and light exist in perfect balance.

Related IdeasEdit

  • It is the time-space distortions and the merging of all timelines that allowed the members of the second Organization XIII to exist in the same reality once again. Their search for Kingdom Hearts leaves paradoxes in their wake.

General Concept: Vanitas's ReturnEdit

Ventus, Vanitas, and Sora all share the same heart. As Ventus starts to awaken, so does Vanitas. While he combats Sora in the Unseen Realm as a member of Organization XIII, he appears before Riku and Kairi in the real world, as well, testing their strength as he tries to get Riku to submit to the darkness once again and tries to lead Kairi away from her task of saving Sora when he needs her most. To break Riku and Kairi’s spirits, he often appears to them first as Sora, before revealing his true form.

Related IdeasEdit

  • Sora turns into Vanitas at one (a few?) point(s). Either Vanitas is taking control of him to make his body and heart the dominant one, or the piece of Master Xehanort’s heart inside Sora is making him transform instead. Click links listed below for a model:
  • Scene - Vanitas's Defeat: In Sora’s Dive to the Heart, Sora and Vanitas clash. Sora has lost the ability to wield the Keyblade, but right when Vanitas is about to deal the final blow to Sora after overpowering him, Ventus’s Wayward Wind appears in Sora’s hand; he wields it with a reverse grip as Ventus does, as Ventus is giving him power and their hearts have become one. Vanitas, in disbelief, challenges Sora to battle, and upon his defeat, his body begins to shatter, beams of light shining through the cracks that are forming all across his body. Vanitas rises in horror as he witnesses his own destruction, and he explodes in an intense burst of light, which warps Sora out of the Awakening to the outside of Castle Oblivion. Sora reunites with Kairi and Aqua, and at long last, it is time to awaken Ventus.

Story Progression for Kairi's Realm of Darkness LevelEdit

  • Battles Aqua’s animated Keyblade armor with Mickey’s help and is consumed by a portal of darkness in the Chamber of Repose.
  • Awakens alone in the Realm of Darkness and traverses its depths.
  • Comes across who she believes is Sora. He transforms into Vanitas, and the two battle.
  • Kairi continues to search the depths of the Realm of Darkness for a mysterious presence.
  • Kairi comes to the Dark Margin, where she meets Aqua and Ansem the Wise.

Related IdeasEdit

  • Scene - Ansem's Demise/Aqua's Rescue: Kairi and King Mickey explore Radiant Garden. They find the Chamber of Repose, where Aqua’s armor comes to life and attacks after Kairi senses a familiar presence. Kairi is trapped alone in the Realm of Darkness, where she finds a hooded man (Ansem the Wise) on the Dark Margin. She tries speaking to Ansem only to be attacked by Aqua, but Ansem stops them from battling and introduces them to each other. Aqua and Kairi recall their past encounter several years ago, but suddenly, swarms of Forsaken attack. The Keyblade wielders defend Ansem and defeat the creatures, but more and more continue to spawn. Aqua and Kairi use their combined power to open a portal back to the real world through which they can escape, but Ansem chooses to stay behind since he no longer has a place in that realm and has a debt to pay for hurting so many innocent hearts. As the portal closes around Aqua and Kairi, Kairi, in tears, tries to go back and save Ansem from the Forsaken surrounding him, but Aqua holds her back. The portal closes, and as the Forsaken take Ansem down, we see Young Xehanort hiding behind a large rock, smirking.

Idea for how Sora, Riku, and Kairi can Time TravelEdit

After Sora's mysterious disappearance, Yen Sid uses his magic to cast Riku and Kairi into a deep sleep. He has hidden them in a secret location while their hearts leave their body to traverse time in their physical forms at will.

Related IdeasEdit

  • Organization XIII is trying to find where Riku and Kairi sleep at some point as a result of this.
  • Sora went away to train at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. He was trapped in the Unseen Realm when Xehanort first discovered the entrance to the alternate dimension. While Riku and Kairi are only there truly in the form of their hearts so they can also fight in the real world, Sora is physically there. This will make his existence in the realm a special case.
  • Organization XIII already has the ability to travel through time at will thanks to Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Young Xehanort. While the members of Organization XIII returned to their original timelines at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, the time-space distortions resulting from that first meddling with time Young Xehanort did allows them to return again. Because Master Xehanort scattered his heart across time and space and the members of Organization XIII share that heart, they can exist anywhere and at any time in the Unseen Realm, as well as remain active in the real world.


Original bossesEdit

  • Master Xehanort
  • Young Xehanort
  • Xemnas
  • Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
  • Terra-Xehanort
  • Xehanort
  • Xigbar
  • Saïx
  • Vanitas
  • Riku Replica

Forsaken bossesEdit

Disney bossesEdit

  • Dr. Facilier - Voodoo Bayou
  • Governor Ratcliffe - Virginian Forest
  • Yzma - Land of the Llamas
  • Shere Khan/Kaa - Mysterious Jungle
  • Randall Boggs - Monstropolis
  • Stinky Pete/Emperor Zurg - Andy's Toy Chest
  • Syndrom/Omnidroid - Metroville
  • Hopper - Ant Island
  • Phantom Blot - Wasteland
  • Sheriff of Nottingham/Prince John - Nottingham

Secret bossesEdit

  • Gilgamesh
  • Lightning

Party MembersEdit

  • Prince Naveen - Voodoo Bayou
  • John Smith - Virginian Forest
  • Kuzco - Land of the Llamas
  • Baloo - Mysterious Jungle
  • Sulley - Monstropolis
  • Woody/Buzz Lightyear - Andy's Toy Chest
  • Mr. Incredible - Metroville
  • Flik - Ant Island
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - Wasteland
  • Robin Hood - Nottingham
  • Lea - Radiant Garden