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  • EternalNothingnessXIII

    Hello everyone! My name is Eternal Nothingness XIII. I'm an administrator here on the Wiki that has recently returned from a long hiatus, and I am here today to ask this Wiki's community if anyone is interested in helping me with my latest Kingdom Hearts-related creative project or if anyone could at least give me some ideas for it!

    The project I am referring to is a game concept that details "the period of the King's absence" and "the period of Riku's absence" mentioned by Tetsuya Nomura in the Director's Secret Report XIII. These are two of the four Kingdom Hearts stories that were untold as of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the other two being "Roxas's time in Organization XIII" (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days) and "Xehanort's past" (Kingdom Hearts B…

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  • EternalNothingnessXIII

    [YEN SID is seen looking out at the stars disappearing in the sky above from his star-shaped window in his chamber at the Mysterious Tower. He is concerned, for he knows more and more worlds are vanishing by the minute, banished to the Unseen Realm, where Sora, Riku, and Kairi are facing terrible danger as they combat MASTER XEHANORT's forces.]

    [A corridor of darkness opens behind YEN SID, and MASTER XEHANORT steps out. Without turning his head, YEN SID acknowledges the elderly Keyblade Master.]

    YEN SID: I was wondering how long it would take for your darkness to seep into my realm, Xehanort.

    [YEN SID turns to face MASTER XEHANORT, who remains silent. As YEN SID sits in his chair, MASTER XEHANORT smirks.]

    YEN SID: I trust your plan is close to…

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  • EternalNothingnessXIII

    So it's been a while since I've visited this version of our Wiki. Those of you who know me also know I'm a big fan of developing fan-games. With the release of KH3D, I was inspired to start developing my own fan-version of the much-anticipated Kingdom Hearts III. While everything is still in the concept stages, I list some of my ideas below:

    NOTE: Contains spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

    Save for Kingdom Hearts-exclusive worlds, every Disney world appearing in Kingdom Hearts III is new (similar to what Nomura promised in regards to Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, only these worlds are not connected to previous ones in terms of movie or characters in any way). My ideas so far are below:

    • Voodoo Bayou - The Princess and the Fr…

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