I believe that next enemy Sora and Riku to defeat have will have to be creature that deal with memories, I don't know what they call it but has be really good name. Sora, King Mickey ,and Riku might need revisit other worlds  Ven, has visited in order to piece back Ven memories.

Heartless- are creature who steal hearts.

Nobodies- are remains of those who lost their heart "body with no heart" (expectation of Organization 13)

Unverse- are creatures made from the negative emotion of the split Ven and Vantias

Dream Eater- are creature that eat bad dream and replace them with good dreams.

Nightmare Dream Eater- are creatures that eat good dream and replace them with nightmares.

"Creature that steals memories, and manipulate others memories replace them with fasle memories. I'll called them Blanks." Only certains people can see them.

Lost -are basic Blanks you'll fight throughout the game, and there ability diffference through there rank.

Tell if you agree with the name?

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