Am I the only one that is excited for the new Space Paranoids in DDD??? I mean most people are excited for the Hunchback of Notre Dome, Symphony of Sorcery, and Prankster's Paradise, and I admit that those are very exciting, espcially to see Quasi, Chernabog return, and to be able to explore the actual "world" of Pinocchio (instead of Monstro's organs) but the one I'm excited for is the new Space Paranoids. I mean what will Sora think when he sees Rinzler, and what will Rinzler think when he sees Sora? Imagine Quorra as a party member! A boss fight against Clu 2? Riding in the new light cycle as Riku? Will Sora tell Sam and Kevin about his experiences with Tron? Exploring the city, a arena fight? Flying in those wing-thingies(not sure what they're called)? What will the Dream eaters look like? How will the Dream Eater's be introduced in the worlds? *Pants**Breathes*But, seriously tell me what your thoughts are, I feel that Tron Legacy was a underrated movie and the first one was too. I can't wait until this game comes out in English!

File:Riku Tron.png

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