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  • Edthehyena

    Pi Day!

    March 15, 2012 by Edthehyena

    Happy Pi day! What's that you say? I'm late? Oh well. 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286 208998628034825342117067982148086513282306647093844609550582231725359408128481 117450284102701938521105559644622948954930381964428810975665933446128475648233 786783165271201909145648566923460348610454326648213393607260249141273724587006 606315588174881520920962829254091715364367892590360011330530548820466521384146 951941511609433057270365759591953092186117381932611793105118548074462379962749 567351885752724891227938183011949129833673362440656643086021394946395224737190 702179860943702770539217176293176752384674818467669405132000568127145263560827 7857713427577896091736371787214684409012249534301465495853710507…

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  • Edthehyena

    After 3D, I think Square Enix will release Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm predicting it's going to be launched in early 2014 Japan, and mid summer in other countries. This first thing that comes to my mind is, how mature is the next Kingdom Hearts going to be? Before you start speaking, think about this. Remember in KH1 how the game was was like "Jumpy, jumpy, jumpy, Disney, Disney, Disney, colorful, colorful, colorful, rainbows, rainbows, rainbows, butterflies, butterflies, butterflies"? The game was about 90% silliness and 10% serious. Then came KH2, it was a lot more serious than KH1, with a lot more death and a lot more darkness. The game was about 60% serious, and 40% silliness. Then came COM which was far more mature, and had almost no humor.…

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  • Edthehyena

    Space Paranoids?!?!

    February 2, 2012 by Edthehyena

    Am I the only one that is excited for the new Space Paranoids in DDD??? I mean most people are excited for the Hunchback of Notre Dome, Symphony of Sorcery, and Prankster's Paradise, and I admit that those are very exciting, espcially to see Quasi, Chernabog return, and to be able to explore the actual "world" of Pinocchio (instead of Monstro's organs) but the one I'm excited for is the new Space Paranoids. I mean what will Sora think when he sees Rinzler, and what will Rinzler think when he sees Sora? Imagine Quorra as a party member! A boss fight against Clu 2? Riding in the new light cycle as Riku? Will Sora tell Sam and Kevin about his experiences with Tron? Exploring the city, a arena fight? Flying in those wing-thingies(not sure what…

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