While looking through the Kingdom Hearts X storyline, I noticed that there were five Keyblade Masters known as Foretellers, each with names and animal motifs (except for Foreteller Gula) that correlated to a sin and animal symbolized in a manual for anchoresses written in the early 13th century called the "Ancrene Wisse." However, the names and animal motifs for the sins of "Pride" (Latin, superbia)and "Lust" (Latin, luxuria) were apparently missing.

I couldn't help but wonder: Were there past Foretellers that existed that held these characteristics, but were removed from the roster due to death or a betrayal of some sort? I made a couple of theories of who they might be and why they are not seen:

1) Superbia of the "Panthera" Union aka Master Superbia:

Appearance: Superbia was a tall dark skinned man with brown dreadlocks wearing a male Foreteller's ceremonial rob with a violet and silver color scheme and a silver lion mask with a mane and matching ears. He has a powerful and muscular build created by years of strict training and discipline and a perpetual stern frown denoting his seriousness. His Keyblade has black handle. Its pommel and guard resemble a decorative steel broadsword. The base of the blade is an etching of a violet-eyed lion, and the shaft is formed from a silver, bladed with a wide, darkened fuller, itself etched with a purple icon resembling Mark of Mastery symbol. The Keychain is made of small connected rings and the token is a circular talisman with an eye of darkness. His Keyblade had the special ability to absorb the power of hearts when he destroyed Heartless instead of just releasing them.

Possible Backstory: Superbia was once a famed and respected member of the Foretellers who was lauded for his intense courage and conviction in fighting the Heartless and protecting all Worlds from falling into Darkness. He led the "Panthera" Union which was hailed as the most disciplined and strongest of the Unions at the time, which he collectively referred to as his "Pride". After years of fighting against the Heartless, Superbia grew restless and tiresome of the endless onslaught of dark creatures infesting his and other worlds, and decided to take on a more proactive approach to permanently stopping the Darkness. His time fighting against the Heartless made him feel his heart was more than strong enough to defeat any evil that may try to tempt him, causing him to develop a plan to gain superiority over Darkness itself. To that end, he decided to venture into the Realm of Darkness alone to learn how to control the Darkness and eventually succeeded. However, his time in the Realm of Darkness slowly corrupted his personality by bringing forth his more arrogant traits and soon he decided he was the only one worthy enough to conquer both Light and Darkness, eventually attempting to take over his own world.

By his lonesome, Superbia slaughtered his former Union to absorb the power of their strong hearts into his Keyblade and eventually struck out against his fellow Foretellers. Through combined and arduous effort by his former comrades, Superbia was struck down and fearing they could not destroy their former comrade without losing the colossal faith of the worlds they protected, they banished him to the Realm of Darkness for all eternity. They decided to erase his name from the public and the texts surrounding their organization to prevent further questions-only letting rumors of a great Keyblade master who died in the Realm of Darkness remain.

2) Luxuria of the "Arachnida" Union aka Master Luxuria:

Appearance: Luxuria was a statuesque tan-skinned notably busty woman wearing a female Foreteller's ceremonial robe with a red white scheme and a mahogany red scorpion mask. She has a curvy and sensual build which she cultivates through specific dieting and exercise ,and a perpetual smirk denoting her playfulness. Her keyblade has a red handle. Its pommel and guard resemble a thicker decorative rapier. The teeth are in the shape of a white heart, itself etched with a red icon resembling Mark of Mastery symbol. The Keychain is made of small connected diamonds and the token is a circular talisman with an eye of darkness.

Possible Backstory: Luxuria was once a famed and respected member of the Foretellers who was lauded for her understanding of the Heart and its power, her considerable skill with a keyblade, and her considerable beauty. She led the all-female "Arachnida" Union which was hailed as the most intellectual and philosophical of the Unions at the time, in addition to having some of the most attractive females. Despite her beauty and fame, Luxuria always felt there was more to life than her station and delved into studies of the Heart to understand her longing and rectify her feelings of emptiness. Through her research, she ascertained that her inner feelings of desire and emptiness stemmed from an uncontrolled degree of Darkness burgeoning in her own Heart. She decided to find a way to purge the Darkness from Heart by experimenting with the essence of darkness itself in secret alongside her Union, who swore to keep the experiments hidden from the other Unions. Unfortunately, a miscalculation in the experimental procedure created an unstable portal to the Realm of Darkness, sucking Luxuria into the Realm and warping her heart and mind. She eventually managed to return to her world with an lust for power and control over all, resulting in a clash against her fellow Foretellers which ended in the deaths of her Union members. Wounded, she fled back into the Realm of Darkness never to be seen again and her name and Union were scrubbed from the Foreteller archives. However, her invaluable research on the heart was kept within the archives to uncover in case this tragedy ever occurred once more.

What do you guys think of this? What would be your take on all this?

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