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  • Chrillbill

    SAW World in KH?

    August 9, 2012 by Chrillbill


    For some reason, I can imagine a world based on the "SAW" franchise in KH.. "Jigsaws Factory" or something like that. Yes, it's a very strange idea, but it still would be kinda awesome.

    INFORMATION: Saw your foot off before time runs out! Use reaction commands to make it easier!

    Ok, that would NEVER work in a KH game now that I think about it.. O_O

    Can anyone think of a possible tape message and "game" for Sora..? xD

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  • Chrillbill

    Sora Vs Ventus?

    June 26, 2012 by Chrillbill

    When Ventus finally wakes up again and he sees Sora, what if he mistakes him for Vanitas and a fight ensues? That would actually both be kinda funny and epic. If that happened, would would win? (Probably Sora since he's the one I think you'll be playing as).

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