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So to make up for not doing the Psycho Pass Blog, and neglecting my anime page, and The Keyhole altogether, I decided to make this list up to help entertain some of you for at least five minutes. So to get things started, let me tell you what is and what isn't qualified to be on this list:
  1. The name of the character must be in the title of the song. So things like Lord of the Castle, Graceful Assassin, Scythe of Petals and Master, Tell me the Truth are out.
  1. They must be KH-original themes, so One-Winged Angel and Winnie the Pooh are also out. Besides, we all know that Winnie the Pooh One-Winged Angel would top this list, no contest.
  1. I am also outlawing the Organization XIII theme, because while it is a "character theme" it represents the group as a whole, and not an individual character.
  1. If a character has multiple themes, they will all be put on the same tier, and will be judged as if one played right after another.

Also, just a quick note: I am using the non-HD versions of these songs. So without further ado, enjoy the list.

Number 13: Xigbar
Xigbar KH3D
Honestly, this song was just a sped-up version of "Organization XIII" with a little bit of string instruments added in, and didn't feel like much of a character theme. This could honestly be made with anyone that has audacity. I was very disappointed with this as his character theme, as it doesn't do the character justice. You can argue that this nice schemingly-sounding peace fit him because of the real reason as to why he was number II, going with the plot of the true Organization XIII, but there was so much more to his character than that. He was a sarcastic mercenary before he had even heard of Xehanort. Even after he joins the organization, he still maintains his sassy attitude and still manages to keep the true plans a secret. So this theme just didn't serve him justice in my opinion, and more threw him to the side as a villain of the organization rather than his own character.

Number 12: Xemnus
This song just seemed really bland to me, the first 10 seconds we being played over and over, with a touch of organ near the 30 second mark. But besides that it gets really repetitive. The reason I choose this over Xigbar's theme, is that even though this may be a little less tolerable to listen to, it paid tribute to his character. It gives you that empty and monotonic feeling, yet with hints of evil tones with the added organ. This is similar to what Xemnas' character gave you, a seemingly empty shell with evil motives and yet a taste of character. I felt that this emptiness was also present in "Darkness of the Unknown", but Xemnas' theme was a less favorable in terms of listen-ability.
Number 11: Sora
This great use of happy-go-lucky theme music is the perfect for Sora. His optimistic and naive personality are clearly portrayed in this song. But honestly this song is a bore to listen to. There's nothing special about this song, and it just has no reason for me to like this song.