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Anime Blog #8:
Oh gosh. This blog is my reactions to the anime movie Space Thunder Kids. The times correlate with the youtube videos seen here. Beware, there is course language, so reader's discretion is advised.

00:10 - Well I can tell that this is from the 90's >.>
01:17 - Cliche written all over this.
01:00 - Dark Emperor? Star Wars much??
01:00 - Sh*t, its dubbed.
01:20 - Double Sh*t, its a mecha.
01:35 - Way to recycle old clips...
02:56 - That was the intro? I was waiting for some plot
03:13 - How many times has the words "Space Thunder Kids"
popped up on the screen? <looks at counter: 3>
04:20 - So... is the plot here yet?
04:30 - *girl appears from the screen* Plot... is that you!?!? Finally..
04:39 - *girl disappears from the screen* Well she's b*tchy.
04:57 - He fell back... and it didn't even hit him. I would blame
the bad actor, but this is an anime.
05:11 - He did the exact same f*ckin fall, and something has yet to hit them.
05:53 - I thought this was called "Space Thunder Kids", I have yet to see one person under the age of 20.
06:20 - "Something just came up on the screen...I've never seen anything like it before" <Chain looks at the screen to see a yellow dot> You've never seen 1 yellow dot on your radar before? What the he** do they pay your for?
07:30 - "See those asteroids? There must be a mineral that is messing with our ship's scanners!" Where the hell did that conclusion pop out of?
08:00 - That is the worst fake accent I have heard since I've played Final Fantasy XIII
08:30 - I hate 90's dubs so much.
09:22 - That's code for "Yep. We're f*cked."
09:58 - "Happen to live on" my *ss.
10:38 - Holy sh*t. It's godzilla!!!
12:05 - Are they switching seats?
13:21 - Wait... were those supposed to be the kids?
13:46 - These are supposed to be the saviors of the universe? Well. We're doomed.
16:00 - Worst. Fight scene. Ever.
17:40 - You weren't prepared for this? Don't you have a plan? And if they boarded a spaceship, why do I see THE CLOUDS IN THE SKY!?!?
18:50 - "So fools, you are left with no choice at all! Obey me or else you will die!" So.. didn't you just give them choices?
21:02 - The f*ck was that?
22:50 - What was with that pause?!
23:25 - Was that a Nazi salute?
24:39 - He's kind of an *sshole..
25:21 - Because at this point, f*ck logic.
26:00 - China man speak engrish.
26:41 - Is that Dracula speaking with Tron?
29:52 - That was almost as bad at the first fight.
30:00 - Oh. It's not over.
30:11 - His mouth....
34:24 - A little too zoomed in buddy.
36:13 - What the f*ck is goin on with their faces!?!?
36:52 - Our savior of the Universe is a p*ssy. We're f*cked.
39:52 - Over exposure much?
40:09 - What just happened to his voice?
51:43 - Why does everything explode in slow-mo?
53:52 - This is worse than a mecha battle. A ball and chain in space does NOT get thrown that easily
54:20 - I can't tell who's who anymore.
56:42 - Longest Chain in the world.
59:20 - I can't blame you for falling asleep to this movie. Wait.. who are these people?
1:05:20 - Wait, who's he?
1:05:44 - So they retreated while they were winning?
1:06:52 - Thank you.
1:08:05 - A Lightsaber? Really?
1:14:06 - Slow-mo abuse.
1:17:28 - Why did the alien used a car? Wow, that sounds like the beginning to a really bad joke.
1:19:41 - Recycle abuse.
1:19:53 - Again with the Hail Hitler!?! and Tron?!?
1:20:50 - This is completly ripping off of the original Tron movie.
1:21:22 - Are we just going to stand here and stare at each other?
1:21:27 - He looked like he just jizzed in his pants.
1:22:29 - We don't know who you are either. Get out of this movie while you still can.
1:22:43 - Is everyone in this movie a selfish b*stard?
1:22:45 - So the dark emperor is her enemy as well, but? she doesn't want him to be destroyed completely, therefore enemies of the dark emperor are her enemies as well.... WHAT KIND OF LOGIC IS THAT? And What the h*ll is that thing?
1:23:42 - He looks like Dracula...
1:25:14 - I f*cking new it. They're Nazis.
1:26:05 - There is no way that little sh*t is related to that other sh*t.
1:26:08 - Thank you Capitan Obvious.
1:26:51 - F*ck more logic why don't ya? F*CK ALL THE LOGIC IN THIS FILM!
1:29:13 - He pulled the guy out of the windshield?
1:29:17 - Is he using a power drill?
1:32:04 - Wait. He just killed millions of people and he's completely fine with it? <sigh>
1:32:42 - No credits? This movie was... well... <shoots myself>