Anime Blog #1:
Each magical girl in the anime series "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" has a fairy tale character that can correspond with them.


Madoka's Fairy Tail character is "Little Red Riding Hood" In the Fairy Tale, Little Red Riding Hood delivers cookies to her grandmother, who has, unbeknownst to her, been eaten by a wolf. The wolf then tricks her into believing that it is her grandmother, and eats little red riding hood as well. This naive attitude is also seen in Madoka, as she makes a contract with Kyuubey (dispite the timeline) that eventually destroys her.


Mami's Fairy Tail character is Alice from "Alice in Wonderland", because she follows a white rabbit that leads her into an unknown world to oppose the evil. Despite the friends she makes, these friends can't change her fate, as she is alone when facing the darkness. Oh yeah, and OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!


Homura's relations to Cinderella:

  • The person she wants the most doesn't recognize her after the spell is broken (or in Homura's case, after each timeline-jump).
  • Both "Spells" have to do with time
  • Another Magical being gives her a wish to get to that "other person"
  • Serves hard yet still has no miracle happen, only tears can save her


If you look at the Original Fairy Tale of "The Little Mermaid" (NOT THE DISNEY ADAPATION!) Arial ends up dying after making a wish and failing to win Prince Eric to Urulsa. That's right, Ursula is supposed to win. Thus:

  • She made a wish to save some one she loved (Prince Eric/Kyousuke)
  • The wish is kept secret
  • The Loved one falls in love with another person (Hitomi)
  • She ends up falling into depression, and commiting suicide because of this wish gone wrong
  • She transforms into a new being, leaving her friends/family behind
  • The wish-taker screws her over


I'm not sure about this one, but I was thinking snow white.


Kyuubey plays a different role in each of the Magical Stories

Madoka's story

In Madoka's story, Kyuubey represents the wolf that eats Little Red.

Mami's story

In Mami's story, Alice (Mami) follows the white rabbit (kyuubey) that leads her to the red queen (the witch) that cut off her head.

Homura's story

In her story, Kyuubey plays the Fairy God mother that grants Homura the wish to save the person she cares about most.

Sayaka's story

Kyuubey represents the part of Ursula that grants her the wish to save Prince Eric (or Kyousuke). The other part of Ursula (the part that Prince Eric/Kyousuke falls in love with) is played by Hitomi.

Kyoko's story

No idea???

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