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Eternal Flames KHD So, as you may or may not know, with the release of 2.5 came an all-new soundtrack! Some good, Some bad. Here, I explain which songs I loved, and which I loathed. The table below will host the Song, The rating, (which can be "Bad, Cool, Great, or Fantastic") the recommendation (original version or HD version), and my overall thoughts on the track. Keep in mind, I know very little about music, so I might not use the "correct" terms, but I'll do my best to describe the sound. Enjoy! Eternal Flames KHD
Song Recommendation Rating Notes
Dearly Beloved (Main title ver.) N/A Cool While it's not the best version of Dearly Beloved, it still is a nice piece to hear. Nothing grand, but not awful.
Lazy Afternoons HD version Fantastic Wow. I can't express my love for this track. The newly added guitar in the background along with the piercing HD quality of the track brings a tear to my eye every time I listen. One of my favorites on this new track.
Sinister Sundown HD version Great Not a track I noticed in the original OST, but once that set of notes hit at 0:48, I fell in love with this new version. While it still doesn't stand out, it's quite a noticeable improvement.
The Escapade HD version Cool Meh. Not a very notable song, but it did improve.
Dive to the Heart -Destati- Either version Cool No real change in my opinion, but she did slam on the piano keys a bit harder.
Fragments of Sorrow HD version Great The words sound like words!! Also a definite trumpet improvement.
Tension Rising Original version Cool The beginning trumpets and strings have improved, but I felt that the Xylophone/piano thing was less apparent, and the echo for it sounded less natural than the original version, which defined the track for me.
Kairi HD version Great Such an improvement! It sounds less like it belongs only in a video game and more like an actual song. Beautiful.
Missing You HD version Fantastic The added strings got me. Love 'em.
The 13th Struggle Original version Cool This ended up sounding more like the Chain of Memories version of the track rather than the KHII version with more focus on the xylophone and a single, leading violin. While it's a good version, it doesn't have the KHII "feel" to it. They also slowed down the piano at 2:34, which was such a highlight to hear in the original.
Roxas HD version Fantastic It sounds like the flute is crying. Very fitting.
Sora HD version Cool Compared to the genius that is Roxas' theme, I'm not sure why they decide to put this song on right after it. It's a good improvement, but it looks REALLY bad next to Roxas' theme.