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Anime Blog #9:

Inspired by LegendAqua's quizzes, I decided to make a quiz as well. This one is going to be on the easy level. All answers should be put on my talkpage in a hidden fashion. To keep away answers and stupid people, I have disabled comments. Also, I have done my best to Good luck!

1. What team number is Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke in the original Naruto series?

2. What rank is Maes Hughes promoted to after the event with envy? (According to the original Fullmetal Alchemist)

3. What organ(s) did Ootinashi give away right before his death in Angel Beats!?

4. Who is also known as "Ninja Pervert" in Baka to Test?

5. Where does Rin Okumara go to school?
A) Death Weapon Meister Academy
B) True Cross Academy
C) Ashford Academy
D) Fumizuki Academy

6. In what Knight class is Suzaku Kururugi before his promotion?

7. Where is Fairy Tail located? (I'll accept 3 answers)

8. According to the rules of the Holy Grail war, how many servents can be summoned at one time, if all of the servents of the previous war have returned/died?
9. Which of the following animals is not featured as a zodiac animal in Fruits Basket? (Anime only)
A. Cat
B. Bunny
C. Dog
D. Dragon

10. True or False? Unless otherwise instructed by superior officers, Shinigami's may enter or exit the human world as they please. If false, why not? (Bleach, not Deathnote)