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Anime Blog #9:

The following is a list of anime you won't see reviewed by me for one reason or another. More may be added in later, or some might be changed. Just because I won't review it doesn't mean I won't watch it.

  • Pokemon
    • This show was my childhood, and I can't just put a number on my childhood. Plus there would be a lot of bias when it comes time to give the final score. This includes the original series, any spinoffs, OVAs, specials, movies, games, and manga.

  • R.W.B.Y.
    • While Rooster Teeth is a mass production company, it doesn't produce anime on a regular basis, so I don't really consider RWBY to be much of an anime. While I do watch and enjoy it, you won't be seeing it in my reviews.

  • Any and all Hentai
    • First of all, this is a site for those around the age of 13, so having these kind of reviews and recommendations would not be good for the site's publicity. Secondly, I'm not into that kind of anime, it sickens me. This doesn't mean I won't review ecchi. This includes any form of media relating to hentai.

  • Dragonball
    • This show is way too long (606 episodes) and has too many spinoffs to keep track of, plus I'm not too interested anyways. Some people might ask why I won't review this but I'll review Naruto and Bleach. And I'll tell them that it's all a personal choice. The premise doesn't interest me, and it's too long for me. This applies to the original Dragonball series, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT, Dragonball Z Kai, any movies, OVAs, Specials, Games and Manga.

  • One Piece
    • Basically for the same reasons as Dragonball, this show has 611 episodes at the time of this blog and is still being produced. I'm already behind on 2 of the "big 3" and if I do happen to change my mind and review this, it won't be for a LONG time. This applies to the anime, any movies, OVAs, Specials, Games and Manga.

  • Abridged Series america
    • Since these aren't official anime, they don't be reviewed, simple as that. This applies any abridged series, regardless of how good it is.