Anime Blog #4:
30 Day Anime Challenge

  • Day 1 - First anime watched: Deathnote Well I never really "watched" Pokemon, an episode here and there, but this is my first "official" anime.
  • Day 2 - Favorite anime You’ve watched so far: Fate Zero all the way!!
  • Day 3 - Least favorite anime You’ve watched so far: Tiger & Bunny, cliche ontop of cliche ontop of cliche ontop of cliche ontop of cliche!!!! AND ITS A MECHA!!
  • Day 4 - Favorite Anime Opening: Fate Zero Opening 2, To The Beginning by Kalafina
  • Day 5 - Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were): Happy from Fairy Tail. I think Im most like happy because I'm funny (or at least I think I am :P), random, loyal, quick-witted, and I tend to say Aye! a lot. The only thing (besides the obvious appearance) that separates us is the fact that I don't like fish. :/
  • Day 6 - Most annoying anime character: Misa Amane from Deathnote. Uggh! Every time she opened her friggen mouth I wanted to slap her.
  • Day 7 - Anime that brings back memories - Bleach. When I was watching that, there was a lot going on at that time. That's about the time I joined the wiki too....
  • Day 8 - Most epic scene ever - Kiritsugu vs Kieri from Fate/Zero. EPICNESS ALL AROUND!!
  • Day 9 - Saddest anime scene ever - Angel Beats final scene. nuff said. <sniffle>
  • Day 10 - Funniest anime moment: Carnival Phantasm as a whole, but if I had to choose one scene in particular, it would be a tie between the "Holy Grail Grand Prix" and "Berserker's First Errand".
  • Day 11 - Favorite romance moment: I haven't seen many romantic-type animes, but Tohru and Kyo was kinda sweet :3
  • Day 12 - The anime you've rewatched the most: Carnival Phantasm
  • Day 13 - Creepyest Anime Character: Matou Zouken gives me the chills every time.
  • Day 14 - Who would you Cross-play as? - either Erza from Fairy Tail (she is one of the coolest Fairy Tail characters, and she doesn't look/act too feminine so I think I would might be able to barely pull her off) or General Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist (She is awesome!).
  • Day 15 - Cosplay of a character you want to cosplay but it would be too expensive: Jellal from Fairy Tail.
  • Day 16 - Favorite attack/magic/move someone used in a anime: Starburst Stream from Sword Art Online. Faster, Faster, FASTER!!! So awesome!
  • Day 17 - Favorite weapon or gear from an anime: Aang's staff from Avatar. Not only does he use it in battle, but you can fly with it, I mean, who wouldn't one!?!
  • Day 18 - Most hated filler (arc or episode): Jiggle Butt Gang from Fairy Tail. Okay, as much as I love this show, this has left a mark on it's record for being the dumbest filler in anime history. It's all about stopping these villians, who, use their butts as weapons. COMPLETELY STUPID!!! Not only are they the ugliest SOB's ever to step foot in an anime, they also serve no purpose whatsoever! The main characters are supposed to guard a bunch of gold while its being transported via train to another country, and when asked why these 3 dipsh*ts are stealing it, they reply: "Because we are going to be the most evil group in the world" (paraphrased) So the point of them to steal the gold in the first place is not so they can become rich, but instead because they're evil. Pathetic. The way they sneak around with their butts in the air is completely idiotic as well. So.. yeah, they suck.
  • Day 19 - Favorite Villian: Aizen from Bleach. I hate this guy so much, they way he completely backstabbed everyone in the Soul society, and used the "Itchigo group" for a diversion. But, that's what makes him a great villain, not only tricking Momo and the rest of the characters, but tricking the audience as well. For that Aizen, I applaud you. That is what makes a great villain.
  • Day 20 - Favorite Hero: Rider from Fate Zero. He understands the meaning of kingship, he's loyal to his master, and is one of the most laid back guys in the series.
  • Day 21 - Favorite Pervert: Tsuchiya Kouta from Baka and Test. (AKA Ninja pervert) He is one of the funniest characters from B&T, with all of his top secret cameras, he can see anything and everything! *nosebleeds*
  • Day 22 - Favorite animal side kick, pet or summoning: Pakkun from Naruto. I just love his personality. Sarcastic, funny, and he uses the same shampoo as Sakura.
  • Day 23 - Anime you want to see but haven't yet: Neon Genesis Evangelion. From what I've heard, its an anime that will "blow my mind", it looks pretty good, but its a long anime and is far down the list, so I doubt that I will see it anytime soon.
  • Day 24 - Favorite anime couple: Natsu and Lucy (NaLu) from Fairy Tail. Okay, from day 1 of this anime, I'm thinking "they are totally gonna get together" even when another person (L******) came back. But they are the best couple :3
  • Day 25 - Least Favorite pairing: Outside of Yaoi and Yuri, Kirito and Leafa from SAO. First of all, INCEST!!! UGH!!! Secondly she's not that pretty in my opinion. Thirdly, the whole arc with her is based on him trying to get his Wiafu back! Fourthly' INCEST!!!! Fifthly, even when they find out that they are brother and sister, SHE STILL F***ING HITS ON HIM!!! UGH!!! I HATE YOU!!!! did I mention INCEST!?!?!! I could seriously rant on this.
  • Day 26 - Your anime crush: Asuna from Sword Art Online/Saber from FSN. :3
  • Day 27 - Favorite line in Anime: "People die if they are killed" ~ Emiya Shirou, Fate/Stay Night. Okay, this one was in a completly serious moment, I read the line, and I had to go back and pause it and make sure I read it right. Turns out that's how it is in the dubbed too. Thank you for those wise words Emiya.
  • Day 28 - Favorite pokemon: Typlosion. Well, Heartgold was my first pokemon game, (well, I borrowed silver from someone at age 6, but I dont remember a thing, so that doesn't count.) and he's been like my bff throughout the entire game. I named him Chakram :3
  • Day 29 - Draw an anime character: [1] (Pride from FMA:Brotherhood)
  • Day 30 - An anime you wish had never ended: Angel Beats! They really could've gone more in-depth with some of the characters.

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