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10 More Anime Endings

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KMA_Apple_sprite_2_zpsbd966e0b.png This is a list of my favorite anime endings, as long at they aren't on this list. Keep in mind that I haven't seen all anime endings, so your favorite might not be on this list. Just like the last list, this list won't be updated and broken videos won't be replaced. Enjoy! KMA_Apple_sprite_2_zpsbd966e0b.png

10:Deadman Wonderland EndingEdit

Shiny Shiny by Nirgilis
  • Fun title eh?

9:Deathnote Ending 1Edit

Alumnia by Nightmare
  • Ahh the memories.

8:Clannad EndingEdit

Dango Daikazoku by Chata
  • Such a happy song! ^.^

7:Bleach Ending 6Edit

Keep my Pace by Sunset Swish
  • A fun one, it's kinda catchy.

6:Code Geass Ending 1Edit

Yuukyou Seishunkan by ALI PROJECT
  • More memories.

5:Umineko Ending 1Edit

La Divina Tragedia ~Makyoku~ by Jimang
  • Cool!

4:Ao no Exorsist Ending 1Edit

Take off by 2am
  • Catchy and has a nice beat to it.

3:Fooly Cooly EndingEdit

Ride on a Shooting Star by The Pillows
  • Since it doesn't have an opening theme, this kinda serves as it's theme song.

2:Fate/Zero Ending 1Edit

Memoria by Aoi Eir
  • I love that picture of rider at the end.

1:Claymore EndingEdit

Danzai no Hana by Guilty Sky
  • Who doesn't love an ominous choir!?! So epic *.*

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