Okay, you all know about the release of KH3? Yeah..... Well, I've gotten an idea from someone on Youtube and decided to give my own little trinket of advice to the ever-growing fan ideas. The enemies are going to be made of pieces of the barriers that the Heartless previously broke in the lore of the game. They're going to be called Shards.  (stupid name, I know....) They are trying to wear the barriers down and are made of "Barrierites", pieces of the barrier. Only, the catch is, the barrierites are from different worlds. The world could be a place like Deep Space for instance; and the enemies could look like aliens and some may look like medieval warriors and whatnot. And so, when you beat the world, you have to play a mini-game/boss battle. The boss could be a corrupted barrerite that has grown immensly in size and is trying to 'evaporate' the remaining barrier of that world; and when that happens, the world(s) are mashed together and cease to exist. If you succeed in beating the boss, the barrier of that world is restored and that world is non-visitable again (this'll give you a little incentive to play the worlds you want to first and so-on and so-forth before the next set is unlocked). What do you guys think? Does that sound reasonable? List other ideas below, please.

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