Hey there, all you fellow Nobodies!

So, what's been going on with my Kingdom Hearts-ness lately? Well, I'm playing through KH 3D again in Proud Mode (Critical next!!) and also trying to max out everything on my Normal mode game.

Wikia stuff? I've been adding photos, trying to find places that need them. 

So, tell me, who's your favorite Organization XIII member?

Mine is... Xion. First game I played was 358/2 Days, so that's why I have strong feelings towards Roxas and Xion, and why I get so sad when I see Axel being mean instead of his clock tower ice cream-ness. Yes, I do.

So, yeah! Tell me! 

And I'll keep asking you guys questions (even if you're too shy to answer!).

See you next time, and keep killing Heartless!


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