I know that sounds soooooo weird... But anyway...

I've got three talk bubbles now! Abandoned that Xion one for now, going with a DiZ theme! (Hence the name, here!) They're on my profile, or you can go to my Talk Page and be surprised when I reply!

First off, thanks for responding, all you guys! It's always nice to hear your input. I'll keep asking questions to give you a reason!

I ahve a slight request, first off. Riku's Appearance section on his page didn't have his clothing descriptions, unlike everyone else (or almost everyone else). So, I decided to try to help. But I'm not a "fashion expert" so my descriptions probably come off pretty weird. So if you think you can help, that's be great! I mean, if you've got nothing else to do...

Now for my question! Have you ever read any KH manga, if so, which one(s) and what did you think? I've been reading through the 358/2 Days manga online, and I absolutely LOVE it. It's really funny, something that might have come off as weird if it was put into the game, so you can see a little bit more of personalities coming out and stuff. I know that when I say stuff it sounds weird, so that probably really did (and probably contradicted itself 10 times or something), but I'm just typing what I think.

Anyway, today I don't have much to say... So just keep on keeping on, and kill those Heartless, Unversed, Dream Eaters! (ya!)

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