Yo, Keyblade Masters! How goes it?

As a huge fan of Flowmotion, I feel that it is my duty to explain my love for it. Got 10 hours...?

I'm kidding, although I do want to talk about my favorite things about Kingdom Hearts games, about gameplay aspects, not story. I've only played two games though, so this could get short. 

Flowmotion- Who wouldn't love it? It's a fun way to get around, and an absolutely amazing way to finish off a Dream Eater. HA! Take that! Pow! It's fun to be able to use your surroundings to take advantage of a battle. (Although it hasn't really been helping me with Julius... But I'm getting there!)

Grandstander- I could replay Vacation forever if I had the time! It's so satisfing to beat your record (Is mine 147? I need to work on it way more) and also to go over and jump over Hayner's head when you accidentally dropped the ball. 

Fire- It's not just for Axel! The first magic I've ever used, the one I always want to whip out to quickly finish off a Yellow Opera. BAM! Did you see that fireball coming from the tip of my Keyblade? 'Course you didn't, it was so fast you're gone now, and I've got more Heart Points to buy stuff with. All it took was one cast of magic!

Light Cycle Battles- Riku, you've got one of the funnest Minigames. Who wouldn't want to ride a light cycle? I want one in real life! Makes me feel like I BELONG in the Grid, riding that light cycle. 

Shipping- No... We won't talk about that... right now...

ONTO OUR QUESTION!!! Which world is your favorite and why? Olympus Coliseum, I'll say that one. Why? It's fun to do training with Phil, and I love the movie it's based on.

Wait! What about Twilight Town???? I love that place... 

While I sort out my difficulties, how about you tell me your answers? And after that, keep on conquering Flick Rush! 

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