I am back, although I do not know how often I will be on (especially considering the fact that I will be going on a vacation in Larxene (12, haha) days for a week (haha, Saix).  

I have not been playing much of either of my games lately, although I did just play around a bit on 358 a few days ago. I  have mostly been playing Tomodachi Life (Oh, yes, I put KH Miis in it) and Fire Emblem: Awakening. 

So, I have a question, as always (sorry that this blog won't be very intersting...). My question is... If you could meet any character, who would it be?! Dun dun dun duhn!!!!! Okay, I would say... Riku. Don't know why, I just feel like that is my best answer. 

And now... I want you guys to ask ME questions! If you actually read these and are interested in my opinions or interests or ANYTHING, please comment. Please please please please please. I want to hear from you, because if you are actually reading this, I LOVE YOU. (Please don't take this too creepily...! I'm just surprised anyone would read my boring Blogs.)

Keep finding those Treasure Chests!


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