Hey, guys. How's the hunt for Kingdom Hearts going?

Anyway, so I've always looked to wikias for information. And I've haven't joined until last week. And I ,ust say, you guys do such a good job, it looks effortless. But I have seen how much I have to learn. And it's a LOT. So don't try to say, "Oh, don't worry! I'm sure all you do is fine." Because it isn't and I must learn, like how Axel taught Roxas how to find treasure chests. I am Roxas, treasure chests are knowing how to edit well.

Moving on, 

I'm having trouble defeating Julius in KH: 3D. Both Riku and Sora are LV 51, is that enough? Any help is appretiated.

And now for my question...

Who is your favorite out of Sora, Riku, and Kairi? This is a really hard question for me, so I'll work on my own answer and tell you soon.

Shout out to Khgamer98 fr actually commenting! Yay, you rule.

Now I'll go polish my Keyblade.

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