Hello! Sorry I've bene gone for a while! Been busy busy busy with other stuff, soooo yeah. 

Anywhosle, let's talk KH! I was mentione din the wiki magazine! YAY! YAY! Wow, it feels cool to be known.

I've been watching more of Birth By Sleep lately, just bits and pieces, zooping around on the little video progress bar. So, I now understand more about Aqua, and wasn't ever super confused about Ven, but Terra? Is he Xehanort, which would mean he's also Ansem? I'm alittle confused about him.

On to our question, duhn duhn duhn!

What is your favorite Keyblade? Mine would be Astral Blast, my favorite to use, EVER!~ It looks cool too, as a plus.

So, I'll try to get back on here more often with my posts, but if I can't, sorry. 

Keep on making Dream Eaters!

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