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  • AxelAndNamineForever

    Hey guys, I'm back for a little bit, eh?

    Nothing much has been going down with me, just been busy with school and other things that keep me apart from you guys (sob). Been doing some things to prepare for Halloween, drawing, etc. 

    In the Kingdom Hearts department nothing much as been going on with me, because lately I've been focusing on some Final Fantasy things. 

    Anyway, here's my question of today's blog: What are you going to be for Halloween? AND- Who would you like to see with a Halloween form in Kingdom Hearts?

    COOL! Two questions! Anyway, my answers are Green Link from Legend of Zelda Four Swords (My sisters will be Red and Blue), and... hm... I guess I'd like to see Saix. Since he already has a Berserk mode, I want to know how he woul…

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  • AxelAndNamineForever

    I live!

    September 1, 2014 by AxelAndNamineForever

    I am back, although I do not know how often I will be on (especially considering the fact that I will be going on a vacation in Larxene (12, haha) days for a week (haha, Saix).  

    I have not been playing much of either of my games lately, although I did just play around a bit on 358 a few days ago. I  have mostly been playing Tomodachi Life (Oh, yes, I put KH Miis in it) and Fire Emblem: Awakening. 

    So, I have a question, as always (sorry that this blog won't be very intersting...). My question is... If you could meet any character, who would it be?! Dun dun dun duhn!!!!! Okay, I would say... Riku. Don't know why, I just feel like that is my best answer. 

    And now... I want you guys to ask ME questions! If you actually read these and are intere…

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  • AxelAndNamineForever

    Yo, Keyblade Masters! How goes it?

    As a huge fan of Flowmotion, I feel that it is my duty to explain my love for it. Got 10 hours...?

    I'm kidding, although I do want to talk about my favorite things about Kingdom Hearts games, about gameplay aspects, not story. I've only played two games though, so this could get short. 

    Flowmotion- Who wouldn't love it? It's a fun way to get around, and an absolutely amazing way to finish off a Dream Eater. HA! Take that! Pow! It's fun to be able to use your surroundings to take advantage of a battle. (Although it hasn't really been helping me with Julius... But I'm getting there!)

    Grandstander- I could replay Vacation forever if I had the time! It's so satisfing to beat your record (Is mine 147? I need to wo…

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  • AxelAndNamineForever

    Hello! Sorry I've bene gone for a while! Been busy busy busy with other stuff, soooo yeah. 

    Anywhosle, let's talk KH! I was mentione din the wiki magazine! YAY! YAY! Wow, it feels cool to be known.

    I've been watching more of Birth By Sleep lately, just bits and pieces, zooping around on the little video progress bar. So, I now understand more about Aqua, and wasn't ever super confused about Ven, but Terra? Is he Xehanort, which would mean he's also Ansem? I'm alittle confused about him.

    On to our question, duhn duhn duhn!

    What is your favorite Keyblade? Mine would be Astral Blast, my favorite to use, EVER!~ It looks cool too, as a plus.

    So, I'll try to get back on here more often with my posts, but if I can't, sorry. 

    Keep on making Dream Eaters…

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  • AxelAndNamineForever

    I know that sounds soooooo weird... But anyway...

    I've got three talk bubbles now! Abandoned that Xion one for now, going with a DiZ theme! (Hence the name, here!) They're on my profile, or you can go to my Talk Page and be surprised when I reply!

    First off, thanks for responding, all you guys! It's always nice to hear your input. I'll keep asking questions to give you a reason!

    I ahve a slight request, first off. Riku's Appearance section on his page didn't have his clothing descriptions, unlike everyone else (or almost everyone else). So, I decided to try to help. But I'm not a "fashion expert" so my descriptions probably come off pretty weird. So if you think you can help, that's be great! I mean, if you've got nothing else to do...

    Now for m…

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