Hey, everyone! Are you as excited as I am for Kingdom Hearts III!? Now that we officially know it's coming, speculation for Disney worlds has been through the roof! Well, why not? There are some Disney films that seriously need some representation in the series. I've gathered the top 20 of my favorite Disney world predictions for Kingdom Hearts III, and today, I'm going to rank them. But, there are some restrictions.

  1. The worlds in this list are ONLY Disney worlds. I can't tell you how many times I've cringed seeing the idea of a "Spongebob world" in Kingdom Hearts III.
  2. Star Wars and Marvel are not going to be in this list. I don't view them as real Disney, and adding them to the game is a terrible idea in my opinion. Both franchises are great, and they are a part of Disney now, but as of right now, putting them in the game would be awkward.
  3. I'm not going to include worlds that have already appeared in the series... (With the exception of one world, as you'll see.)
  4. Most, if not all of the world ideas for this list are ideas that have already been brought up at one time or another. Some ideas are in almost every ranking list, some have come up a few times, and a few are my own ideas. 

Without further adieu, let's get started!

#20 - Cars World (Radiator Springs)

I'll be frank: I don't like this world idea at all. Nevertheless, I've seen it on SO many world wish lists, so I wanted to address it.

Putting a world based on the Pixar movie Cars SOUNDS like a fun idea. Imagine, Sora, Donald, and Goofy turning into cars! But when you really start to think about it, the idea is really unrealistic. How would Sora use the Keyblade when he's a car? How would the attack system work at all, for that matter? 

Also, considering the "final battle" in the movie was a race, I don't see a good boss battle happening. Overall, the idea of putting a Cars world in Kingdom Hearts seems like a childish idea.

#19 - The Lady and the Tramp (???)

I'll admit, I really haven't seen the idea for a Lady and the Tramp based world many times. I saw it once, and once I did, I knew I had to include it. 

As far as gameplay goes, a world based on this movie could work. Sora, Donald, and Goofy could turn into dogs. Hey, the famous spaghetti scene could even be performed with Sora and Kairi. Like in the Pride Lands, Sora could hold the Keyblade in his mouth.

Gameplay isn't the issue I have with this world. It's the fact that this movie is a romantic animal movie. Kingdom Hearts has managed to incorporate romance movies into the games, (The Castle of DreamsThe Beast's Castle, etc.), but still, this one would be a tough cookie to make a Heartless related plot out of. However, unlike a Cars world, I would be opened to trying this world, if it happens, which I doubt.

#18 - Disney Fairies (Pixie Hollow)

I'm kind of unsure about whether this world deserves a higher spot on the list or not. Frankly, a world based on the Disney Fairies franchise wouldn't be too bad. It could act a lot like the Neverland world in the fact that you could be able to fly using Pixie Dust. Sora and friends could even become Pixies! 

The problem I have with having a Disney Fairies world is that as far as chronology goes, the Disney Fairies franchise takes place before Peter Pan. This means it wouldn't make sense for Sora and the gang to go to Pixie Hollow after visiting Neverland. What the creators SHOULD have done, in my opinion, was put Pixie Hollow in Birth By Sleep instead of Neverland, since the events of Birth By Sleep took place before Kingdom Hearts. 

As cool as having a world based off the Disney Fairies sounds, it really wouldn't make sense. But hey, it could still happen. 

#17 - A Bug's Life (The Ant Hill)

I've only seen this prediction in a few rankings, and it really doesn't seem like a bad idea. Still, the reason I don't see this world appearing is the fact that Kingdom Hearts hasn't included anything from Pixar in the series yet. It is very likely that there will finally be the inclusion of Pixar in Kingdom Hearts III, but of all the Pixar movies, I don't see why they would include A Bug's Life, one of the arguabley most unpopular Pixar movies.

You can consider the fact that Hopper would make a great villain for the world, and that the player could shrink down to bug size, just like Ventus did in Birth By Sleep. But still, if there's any Pixar included in KHIII, I think it's very unlikely for us to see this movie.

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