Hello! I doubt you've seen me around here, considering I don't have a need to edit here. (Everything on here is so perfect and accurate!) Anyway, I've been wanting to do an official ranking of the Disney Worlds in Kingdom Hearts I & II for a long time, since I've replayed both these games so many times. So, here it is!

There are 9 Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts I, and 11 Disney Worlds in Kingdom Hearts II. So in all, that's 20 worlds to rank. Yes, I'm ranking worlds that were in both games twice, as they appeared in each game, respectivley. The only exception is 100 Acre Woods, which was so similar in both games that I'm counting each appearance as one ranking. As a result, the ranking will be done 1 through 19, #19 being the worst, and #1 being the best.

Let's begin!

#19- Atlantica (Kingdom Hearts II)

I'm sure you saw this coming, huh? Seriously, let's face it: As cute as the storyline and minigames were, they didn't cut it. As heartless are attacking other worlds and devouring the hearts of their victims, everything is fine in this world, and Sora and friends decide to join the underwater musical. Give me a break.

I hate to be a downer, but even though the minigames were sort of creative and addicting for a little while, they got boring pretty quickly. I remember having moments where I was in the middle of a song, and I'd just start thinking about all the other things I could be doing in the game. Atlantica was clearly a filler world, with a completely pointless storyline.

#18- Disney Castle/Timeless River (Kingdom Hearts II)

I know this world was supposed to be really interesting and unique, but I found it kind of on the bland side. First of all, let me say, I did love the Disney Castle envirnoment. It was huge and really colorful and fun. Could it have been better with its own soundtrack instead of generic battle music? Yes. Furthermore, the "Cornerstone of Light" plotline kind of came out of nowhere and seemed a little odd. I guess it was meant to tie into Maleficent's storyline

As for Timeless River, the world's design really is an interesting idea, and it keeps the imagination occupied for quite a while. The problem I had with this world was that the random flashbacks never really made sense to me, and the spontaneous battle scenes were tedious. I never managed to figure out the correlation between the player's actions, and the "Mayhem" going up instead of down. Much like the "Morale" in Land of the Dragons, the "Mayhem" bar only made the battles more annoying. I did like the actual boss battles in this world, though.

#17 - 

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