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  • Avery FireFlame

    Hey, everyone! Are you as excited as I am for Kingdom Hearts III!? Now that we officially know it's coming, speculation for Disney worlds has been through the roof! Well, why not? There are some Disney films that seriously need some representation in the series. I've gathered the top 20 of my favorite Disney world predictions for Kingdom Hearts III, and today, I'm going to rank them. But, there are some restrictions.

    1. The worlds in this list are ONLY Disney worlds. I can't tell you how many times I've cringed seeing the idea of a "Spongebob world" in Kingdom Hearts III.
    2. Star Wars and Marvel are not going to be in this list. I don't view them as real Disney, and adding them to the game is a terrible idea in my opinion. Both franchises are grea…
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  • Avery FireFlame

    Hello! I doubt you've seen me around here, considering I don't have a need to edit here. (Everything on here is so perfect and accurate!) Anyway, I've been wanting to do an official ranking of the Disney Worlds in Kingdom Hearts I & II for a long time, since I've replayed both these games so many times. So, here it is!

    There are 9 Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts I, and 11 Disney Worlds in Kingdom Hearts II. So in all, that's 20 worlds to rank. Yes, I'm ranking worlds that were in both games twice, as they appeared in each game, respectivley. The only exception is 100 Acre Woods, which was so similar in both games that I'm counting each appearance as one ranking. As a result, the ranking will be done 1 through 19, #19 being the worst, and #1…

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