A bit out of the blue perhaps, but I have for a while felt the need to make a top 10 list! This will be a rare occasion, but for now I present to you, my "Top 10 Most Obnoxious Dream Eaters"!

I have played many, many, many hours of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and have all but completed the entire game. This includes treasures, special portals, Flick Rush... Everything you can think of. (The only things that I have left to do is to achieve A ranks in every single dive in Dive Mode and complete a Critical Mode play-through.) This is the game that I have played the most in the Kingdom Hearts series, the one that the vast majority of my edits on this wiki have pertained to, and lastly my field of expertise in Kingdom Hearts. Having played so many hours, both on Standard and Proud modes, I am well familiar with the Dream Eaters of the game, or "Nightmares" as they are referred to. Over time, I have come to learn which Nightmares are the easiest to defeat and of course, which are the most obnoxious too. Hence, my list!

Let the countdown commence! (Note: This list will contain only regular Nightmares. No major bosses are included here.)

Peepsta Hoo (Nightmare)

Rank X: - Peepsta Hoo

The Peepsta Hoo Nightmare is a pain. Not only is it irritating when you're facing a large bunch of enemies, but it's also irritating when you're just trying to face it by itself. The reason this particular Nightmare takes tenth spot on my list is mainly because of the homing missile projectiles that it fires. When you're trying to attack a specific Dream Eater in a tight battle, the absolute last thing that you want is to be hit every two seconds by a missile which causes you to stop what you're doing to grimace in pain; this allows other Dream Eaters to pounce. The thing is, not only are these missiles frustrating when they hit you, they seem to last forever, as the Peepsta Hoo seems to be able to fire them again and again until you drop... *grumbles* If you're not in a position to block them, then you're stuffed.

Fishboné (Nightmare)

Rank IX: - Fishboné

Now, fortunately for me, you don't see an awful lot of these Nightmares in the game, but man do those that do appear frustrate me to no end. If the disappear "under the water" ...or land in some cases... sneak attack wasn't enough to deal with, then this Dream Eater's extraordinary ability to dodge any regular Keyblade swipe by doing some sort of bone detachment acrobatic display in the air was the worst! Trust me, if these were a more common enemy in the game, then I'd spend a good amount of my time on the wiki ranting about bony fish... You don't want that.

Jestabocky (Nightmare)

Rank VIII: - Jestabocky

Now, I debated long and hard over whether to put this one into the list or not. While I do find the Jestabocky to be incredibly annoying, it also doesn't do all that much damage... However, I shall explain my reasons regardless! Ever hit an enemy so many times that you forced them to topple over and become very much unable to attack you back? Well, with the Jestabocky you will get the complete opposite. Hit it as many times as you want, and it still smacks you as if it never got hurt in the first place. This can of course be very frustrating when you are fighting a large group of Dream Eaters, as the smacks put you off balance. Added on top of this is that the Jestabocky can swallow you. Yes, you heard correctly. You can be "eaten" by the Jestabocky. ...and when you eventually get regurgitated (Erm...), you take some damage for it. Very unpleasant indeed. So, Jestabocky takes spot VIII.

Halbird (Nightmare)

Rank VII: - Halbird

The Halbird takes spot VII on my list. The reason this particular Nightmare makes the list is purely for one reason: the dive attack. This Dream Eater isn't too much of a problem on its own, as is the case with many of the Dream Eaters on the list. However, in a group, this one can be a pain. Diving from the sky to "slice" you (At least, that's what it feels like to me.), the Halbird has an incredible tendency to attack at the very moments that you don't want it to do so. Now this may be just me, but the list of coincidences has grown too large for me to take them merely as coincidences anymore. The Halbird is officially a pain, (It should be noted that this Dream Eater gets brownie points from me for its appearance - I'm very much a fan.) and as such makes rank VII on the list.

Aura Lion (Nightmare)

Rank VI: - Aura Lion

Fortunately for me, this particular Dream Eater doesn't appear all that much outside of Country of the Musketeers and The World That Never Was, and even in the latter you don't see all that much of it. The thing that riles me about this Nightmare is the copies of itself that it's able to summon to jump at you from...nothing. In a one versus one situation, it's a simple case of a ButtonY block to defend yourself against the copies, before launching an assault against the real thing. However, in the heat of an intense battle, the copies are an absolute pain to avoid. Spamming dodge roll and barrier block is advisable, but even then... Aura Lion takes sixth place on the list.

Necho Cat (Nightmare)

Rank V: - Necho Cat

It is now time to delve into the very obnoxious end of the list. I shall start with my arch nemesis from the early worlds in particular, the Necho Cat. This Dream Eater admittedly is one of the "cuter" Nightmares that you come across. However, don't be fooled. While it may canter and skip around playing musical notes, there is a mind of pure evil hidden somewhere deep inside that cat head. The lightning-type bombs, the ability to heal itself and the musical stanza that swirls around and around and knocks you back into the sky each time you hit it on your descent. This is without mentioning the irritating almost robotic sounding meows that emerge from its mouth... Uch... Necho Cat claims spot no. five on the list.

Ranks IV and III coming soon...

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