This is probably the only blog post that I am going to make, so I better make it count.


  1. The mainspace editing in general. Because of Project Super Merge, A ton of the users on this wiki have been moving to .net. In the mainspace today (Aug. 13th) alone, .net has had 69 edits. There have been 13 mainspace edits on this wiki today. This wiki is HUGE. And the mainspace activity on it has been RIDICULOUSLY LOW for it's size. The users on this wiki have been coming and going, usually at times usually very close to each other.
  2. The small number of staff on this wiki. This wiki is, again, HUGE. And 3, possibly 2, staff isn't cutting it. LA and FR have been working their TAILS off trying to keeping this wiki together. We need to appoint some more staff members.
  3. Anons. Some of them are good, make minor contributions, But most of them have been vandalizing pages, writing curse words, creating pages that are unnescessary, and have vulgar words on them. They also have been starting MAJOR edit wars that has been wasting everyone's time.

These are the three major problems. Thank you for your time.


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