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Organization XIII
Kana パトリシア
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Number XVII
Title Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Attribute Unknown
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First appearance My Mamma's Belly
Original name Tricia
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The Birth of the Oldest ChildEdit

Tricia was born in Cincinnati, OH on April 21, 1994, two weeks earlier than she was predicted to be born. Her father, being a drug addict, left her to keep her safe. Tricia was the "perfect baby," as her mother had said. Two years after her birth, she had a baby brother named AJ. His father, too, was in the drug business, so their mother just stayed away from him.

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The Autistic ChildEdit

Two years after her brother's birth, Tricia and her family discovered that AJ has autism. Up to this day, he still has it. Everyone was slightly scared of AJ's condition, but time went on. Later, Tricia, AJ, and their mother moved to Kentucky, then back to Ohio when Tricia was five.

The Youngest, Bratty ChildEdit

About a month before Tricia had turned six years old, her mother had given birth to another daughter named Julia. The father, who was around ever since Tricia was four, was different. Unlike the other two fathers, Julia's father didn't have a drug problem. Nor did he leave the family behind. She did not appear like one at first, but Julia was going to be a major brat in the future. About half a year later, the family moved back to Kentucky.

Yuffie is Tricia's favorite Final Fantasy character.

Final SettlementEdit

Tricia and her family had to move three other times (in Kentucky) before they could stay in a place in what they could call "home." For Tricia, it was. Tricia was already in the fifth grade when they moved to Independence, a small town in Kenton County. Even though she spent the last two semesters of her elementary school life there, it was worth it. For once in her life, she made friends. One of these important friends was Allie. Allie first got to know Tricia when a frog was in her pocket - literally. Tricia sneaked outside when adult supervision wasn't present to go and retrieve a frog. She had that frog in her pocket for two hours. Wanting to brag about it, Tricia went to the girl, Allie, who rode her bus, and showed her the frog. Strange as it was, that's how their friendship began.

Wisdom Form

Tricia, like all other fan girls, claims Sora as her husband.

In The EndEdit

Tricia goes to high school, taking Geometry as a freshman. She will keep up the hard work so she can become a video game creator when she grows up. Her plans are to make a sequel (or a prequel, or even a remake) of the game called Legend of Dragoon. After that, she plans to become part of Square Enix to help make future games like Kingdom Hearts.

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