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Both myself and Chainoffire run this project.

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"Aren't these the steps you talked about? The ones that count different going up and down?" twobecomeoneright.png — 06:40, August 13, 2011 (UTC)

OathOblivTalkPicThis is the home (HQ) of the End of the JPGs project (The JPG Genocide). I will handle the coverting the jpgs to pngs as gimp is VERY insufficient and doesn't give good results. If however you are able to EFFICIENTLY remove the white backgrounds from these images and give them proper names feel free. By efficiently I mean no white lines remaining. Now what I ask from all the rest of you is to help replace the image links left for the dead (or about to be killed) JPG. Also if you happen to find a stray JPG out there feel free to put it in. If you have any questions ask me or Chainoffire.OathOblivTalkPic

JPGs to be replaced

See this for a full list.

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