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Anime Ep. Review Rating
Soul Eater DONE One of my classic Animes, i liked the concept of the souls and about Asura, great final battle, however Maka's personality change caused a bit of irritation, other than that good anime. 7.9/10
Full Metal Alchemist DONE One of my favourite anime, i loved the concepts of alchemy, alot of comedy and the storyline was intense, epic and kept me going!. Might watch again... 9/10
Lucky Star DONE One of the funnier animes, even though there was no storyline per say. The comedy and the slice of life aspect with the add-on of "Lucky Channel" made it a great anime!

OVA-The OVA was actually pretty funny....and also the Lucky Star OVA was the first OVA I've seen.
Ladies vs. Butlers DONE One of the more profane animes i've really. The ending was funny but intense, the characters were developed but not overly developed. 7.3/10
Dōjin Work DONE This anime even though it was short had a lot of laughs, the characters were diverse even though the storyline was near minimum.

Late arrival extra: Ohh yeah did I forget to mention the embarrassing fanservice brought upon the main lead....hehe.....well what did you expect from an anime with it's name called Dōjin Work?????..another words besides from the gratuitous fanservice a funny anime.
Code Geass DONE This anime is one of the political kind, it got me hooked and it had a great storyline, some very tearful moments. The characters are all very diverse and the main cast being both immense and interesting all the same. The storyline as before is great, the planning, what people's reactions are...and the political elements made it even more intense. Though there was a bit of comedy the intensity of the storyline itself made it great not to mention the MAJOR twists that show up here and there. The drama becomes intense during the second season and on speaking of which...the ending to Code Geass...was well....absolute tearjerker...

OVA (Nunnally in Wonderland): Hehehe...this is a pretty good anime, by incorporating Code Geass lore with Alice in Wonderland (specifically Disney's Alice) making a VERY funny and VERY cameoed OVA, with most of the respective characters from the anime have similar roles in Alice in Wonderland. The comedy was HILARIOUS, not to mention the weird art shifts that arises. This OVA's main attraction would be the characters roles via Alice in Wonderland, not to mention Lelouch's narration of the entire thing..hehe...Lelouch is a bit possessive over Nunnally no?. Anyways...great OVA for those Code Geass and maybe even Alice in Wonderland fans. <LA looks at FR>...
LA: this OVA...tis great!.
Air DONE One of the more depressing animes i've watched, the storyline arced too many times, however the character's plots were ok. However the ending was a bit of a really..the beginning and middle may have been a bit boring and a bit confused, but the ending was a tearjerker. 6/10
Fate/Stay Night DONE A very good anime, liked it very much, good storyline, good character development and was intense all the way. Might watch again... 9.8/10
Chobits DONE Ehh.. this was a good (but not great) anime, storyline was ok, and the ending was also ok. This anime is practically showing us what would happen if humanoid robots would serve us?. It goes kinda deep into that concept, the comedy was kinda...weird as it had fanservice while the comedy was taking place...also the little robot..Sumomono??..I think..well THAT ROBOT WAS FREAKIN' ANNOYING..anyways besides that, not a bad anime..but could have done better. 7/10
Kuroshitsuji series DONE Season 1-One of thee best animes I've watched, simply blown away, the jack of all animes, definitely getting the second season of this as well as watching it again!!! Note:I've watched the first season three times now...

Season 2- Crazy, this season, didn't like Alois one bit also Claude was an obvious copy of Sebby, plot was crazy and confusing, character development was also mixed up, All in all .....Season 1 was better.

Book of Circus - WHAT SECOND SEASON????. Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus was produced by A1-Pictures and Aniplex and ran for 10 episodes...pity anyways and was released in the Summer of 214. The timeline of this arc took place AFTER the Curry Contest arc and before the final arc of the first season. *ahem* WHAT SECOND SEASON?????. Book of Circus completely destroyed and erased the thought of the second season as this season just did itself justice as the plot and new characters were very well done. The plot is about the Noak's Ark Circus and missing children thus Ciel and Sebastian infiltrates the circus to see the link between them and finds some thing from Ciel's past that he'll rather burn out of his memories. The plot is actually interesting for the most part although it takes awhile to get into the grit of the plot as we get to know about the Circus patriot members and given this anime season only lasts 10 episodes, it's actually good in how they give out the character development to the new characters as well as Ciel's and how there is a connection to the Circus, missing children and Ciel. This season had an aura of both comedy and utter seriousness due to the case and how it's deeply connected to Ciel. We do get to see appearances from Grim Reapers (yes, Grell is in this one as well), Soma and Agni as well a bit from Ciel's servants and all of them play some role in this season which is a relief. (Though Soma and Agni has now turned into comedic relief characters), anyways LA was talking about the comedy, well the comedy mainly comes from Sebastian and what he does to Ciel, but other than that this season is very serious as to what's trying to accomplish and doesn't do much filler at all considering the amount of episodes it has. The plot twist itself is actually pretty well done considering the impact and backstories they put into it to make it a legitimate plot twist and the climax of the whole thing makes you wanna both sympathize and want to kill the villains (although seriously, some of them really didn't deserve it). The action as always is done comedic/awesomely mostly by Sebastian's antics and some fo the battles were quite impressive to watch. The ending wrapped up everything nicely, although LA thinks that Ciel's decision during the finale felt wrong, even if Ciel justified himself. Book of Circus is a nice fresh of clean air from the *ahem* fuck up of the second season, the plot will get you attracted immediately and to the fans of Kuroshitsuji you'll get instantly absorbed into the setting of the plot, the new characters within this series have really developed backstories and motives and even gives Ciel some well needed past backstories we didn't know about him, if your wanting to get the stain of the second season away or just want more Kuroshitsuji, Book of Circus will be your lord/lordess.
Season 1-10/10
Season 2 - 9/10

Book of Circus - 9.5/10
D.N.Angel DONE This is a good Harem anime, it had some nice twists as well as Romance being little bit predictable. Either way good anime and it was funny was well. There was however more harem than action in this anime, trust me. 8.7/10
ChäoS;HEAd DONE This anime is like a mindblast in a box seriously, techno mumbo jumbo, but the character...h heck it was just confusing!!. Good storyline though...i think >_> 7.5/10
11eyes DONE This anime had a scary start but as the episodes progressed it went epic!!!.....very good storyline, characters and fighting!!!

OVA-ECCHI..COMPLETELY...I'm not going to detail but it's what you call a errr.....Eroge-WTFudge-22-minutes-of-crude-humor??
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan DONE Season 1- Ok...a very violent domestic anime....the only things that let it down was the grotesque detail in some scenes and obviously Dokura-chan killing and revival(Piri Piri..waaaay too much) Sakura, countless times.. >_>.

Season 2- What the Fudge.....hasn't learned from it's previous season, actually it got worse....the kills on Sakura just got weirder and the storyline...THERE is none, it's just a couple of episodes with no plot, bit of fanservice(if you call it that) and Sakura....being more than 5 times in one all...a weird insanely trolled WTFudge is going on here season.....
Season 1- 5/10
Season 2-4.5/10
Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica DONE Wow..ok, this was a different kind of anime i've watched, such as the distortions, the storyline, character development and the amazing plot twists. It was a very interesting anime. The only thing this anime lacked in any anime was comedy, however the amazing plot twists and the storyline in itself made up for it. The storyline itself was majorly intense though it didn't show up not until like the 4th episode but the rest of the time it was full out twists and angst. The character development was also brought upon alot which LA liked, in all PMMM is a very interesting anime and one which LA vouches as a nice combination of magical girls, huge plot twists and action. 9.8/10
Chrono Crusade DONE Another interesting anime, one about God, Heaven and Hell and the Church, good storyline, the demons were a bit scary. the ending man, CLIFFHANGAR!!, overall nice anime (even with the added comedy) 8.9/10
FLCL DONE This was weird, the storyline was weak but it was funny in a ways, the music was pretty good(all Rock)......the fights were crazy though...... 7/10
Invader Zim DONE Well, this anime/cartoon is another interesting one, loved Zim and GIR, the storylines were crazy and good crazy at that. 8.9/10
DeathNote DONE Wow...just the greatest animes I've ever watched, just great, no awesome, everything was formed right, had everything, even though it was just a mystery anime. Just wow........I would recommend this to anyone, just anyone........the storyline was split into 2 "sections" in which LA thinks, BOTH parts were awesome. The character interactions ESPECIALLY between L and Light was absolutely fascinating, like playing reverse chess inside your mind. The fantasy element to the storyline just forms it perfectly and add that with the mystery and it's golden. It had a bit of comedy, however the overpowering intensity of the anime itself still gives it a great feel to it. However the "second" section of the storyline did hmph hmmph.. "mellow" out, however the ending pulled it together greatly, awesome! 10/10
Ah! My Goddess! DONE do i say this?...ahhh hmmm.. it was a sorta funny anime, however most of it was..well was a Harem as well err... that's all I got to say, Cos I was hard to review this anime....ermmmm 7.5/10
Afro Samurai DONE Ok, firstly it's a gorey anime which one of my family members wanted me to see....ok gorey a bit of good storyline but the gorey part put me off.....ok that's it. 8.9/10
D.Gray Man DONE After Suman Dark Fallen Arc- Wow...just wow...another full claps here, a great fantasy drama anime, and a excellent leading lady to boot ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Lenalee Lee♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ <Stormfall hits LA> Ahhh anyways, one hell of a brilliant storyline, always getting me hooked, even in the fillers and that's not something an anime can do. Suspense, storyline plot, characters all *sniffs*...a great anime and I haven't even finished it *sniffs*.

Ending- *sniffs* Wow...again..just brilliance, this anime is perfection. It was suspenseful, I was crying and laughing.........*sniffs*, thee best anime I have ever saw, just sheer brilliance, I will watch this anime all over again and again, it'll never get old, I love this anime!...also ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Lenalee Lee♥♥♥♥♥♥♥,GO D.GRAY MAN!..ohh god I need tissues......
Suman Dark Fallen Arc- 10/10
Ending - 10/10
Overall - 25/10
Bleach Ep. 112/310/345~ B Up to Soul Society Arc Review(1 ~ 63)- This arc in the anime is very good, the storyline, the fighting, the goofs, the constant arguing of Ichgo and Renji. The only thing that is and will be extremely annoying about this arc was the stupid Don and the "Kakakura Squad" fillers..just kiddish and plain. The plan revealed was ...well wow.... Now character development; very good as it set and explained everything within the arc. This arc gave off a political/fighting/humor side to Bleach which I like(check the rest of my animes why). NEED MORE BLEACH..Kon not the real Bleach...the ANIME BLEACH!!!! <LA kicks Kon> Hmm Hmmmm >_>. (Note:The only reason the Soul Society arc only got a 9 instead of the full 10 was because of the Don and the Kakakura Squad fillers

Bount arc (64 ~ 91)- Hahahaha.....this entire arc is a joke. The battles, the storyline, the VILLAINS are entirely weak, it's as if Ichigo has forgotten how STRONG HE IS ABSENTMINDEDLY FORGETTING HE CAN DO MUCH BETTER!??!?!?!. When I thought the Kakakura Squad were annoying, the new Modified Souls are JUST AS ANNOYING..also one question...why IS THIS FILLER ARC 28 EPISODES LONG!??!?!....LA is not pleased with this filler...FAIRY TAIL HAS BETTER FILERS THAN THIS. Well...this arc is now a COMPLETE MOCKERY OF BLEACH. In all....the characters were absolute dumbasses..ESPECIALLY ISHIDA, the fighting scenes equaled to nil and most were pretty crappy at that, aaaand they pulled stuff STRAIGHT OUTTA THEIR ASSES WITH NO "LOGICAL" EXPLANATION. Screw this arc, screw the Bounts, screw the f**king angst... Ahhhh...where are thou the real Bleach?

Bount Assault on Soul Society arc (92 ~ 109) - Continuing on from the stupid Bount arc...well this arc..........didn't expect LA's expectations one bit. The only part LA liked was the Bount "dropping like flies"...cos most of them were VERY annoying. This arc also had their storyline 5 times. LA found most of them out, even found out that Ishida could just as easily killed the Bount leader making the arc over and done with. Another words, the storyline from the continuation of the previous complete shambles, sometimes the logic not making ANY sense as to why some of the characters do what they did, or more so the leader's true true plans (It was confusing as to what Kariya really wanted to do to the point he HAD 2 ULTERIOR MOTIVES THE LAST ONE SHOWN IN THE FINALE EPISODE)...soo annoying that LA had to point out TO THE CHARACTERS that there were easier ways through all this crap. Also LA points out the gratuitous amounts of THE SAME FLASHBACK...that got annoying as well....(WE KNOW THAT HAPPENED/WE KNOW THAT INFO, WHY BOTHER ADDING IT AGAIN WHEN WE SAW WITHIN A DIFFERENT EPISODE!!!!) The ending?....LA waaaaas confused...seriously. In all...this arc did better in the previous arc, for one sole reason.....the Bounts "finally dropping like flies."

Arrancar: The Arrival arc -
Soul Society arc- 9/10
Bount arc - 3/10
Bount Assault on Soul Society arc - 5/10
Arrancar: The Arrival arc - ??/10
Fairy Tail 2014 S1 - Ep. 175/175

2014 - Ep. 41/?
Pilot to Starting Tower of Heaven Arc-Well what can I say another perfect-action-comedy anime I've watched. Firstly I thank Xion Auora732 for also pointing out this anime. This an is action-awesomeness anime, full of action and comedy (Natsu arguing with Gray then Erza stopping them..Ahhh)...very comically and at the same time it sucks you into the battle or situation(BTW the fights are amazing), the characters are great(like D.Gray's) as well as the concept of magic, the storyline is very interesting is also straight forward and to the point, this anime has potential(just like D,Gray)

Tower of Heaven Arc to Oración Seis Arc - Well more character development as well as more new characters, once again the actionness was great and once again most parts were funny especially Happy, the storyline progression was also good. Finally this anime still has the peaks are just *wow* amazing.....

Daphne Arc to Edolas Arc - Ok firstly I hated the first parts of Daphne Arc, the fillers were funny, as for the Edolas Arc, it was interesting, the character development again was good, the fights even better and of course the plot itself was great and uncovered some secrets. All in all Daphne go, Edolas Arc...was awesome...

Tenrou Island Arc - Wow..the best Arc so far, the fights were amazing as per usual, the comedy and action were just spectacular. The ending......epic...OoOOoohh can't wait for the next arc!!!. Aye sir!!

Key of the Starry Sky Arc - Ok so this filler arc was well....had a VERY slow start...but all the hijinks of FT was still there. However as the arc carried on the its main plot, LA just kept getting more and more confused by its storyline, then near the ending LA though LA finally got some points...then well more questions just piled up. However this was remedied by the ending of this arc...which made much more sense. In terms of plot twists, it was pretty good but the confusion factor was the reason why. The action and comedy once again was there (FOR A FILLER), Fairy Tail filler arc outbeats Bleach's filler arcs!. Anyways LA ONLY annoyance in this entire arc is three words..."Jiggle Butt Gang"...that is all. In all a confusing yet promising filler arc done well. Now onto the exciting GMG ARC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grand Magic Games Arc - This arc was decent. Ok LA has a few things to say about this arc, for one, the starting up of this arc was ok, with the developments set and the rivals and hidden rivals even better at that. Then it starting picking up with the tournament style based storyline in which most of the MAJOR fights were extremely interesting with the few minor ones i which LA wanted those to be done and dusted as soon as possible so it can get to the good fights. This arc did well in the fighting most of the time and the other non vs. battles were interesting and even more with the behind the scenes stuff making it even better...then however LA heard the news which shattered LA for a while...that Fairy Tail was going to be cancelled...this not only dampered LA in real life but dampered this arc as a whole as it ended halfway through...NOT GOOD. From this, LA can say for this "halfway" end of this arc's ending was decent with the finale ending on a CLIFFHANGAR...that in itself was great but not for the cancellation, the finale did state "To be Continued", so hopefully there will be more to come for this great anime. In all, due to the cancellation halfway through it lowers the score of this arc, but did well within the ending anyways and the fighting and plot development was extremely decent which did balance out everything from fighting and developing the plot when need be, in all a decent arc, but if it hadn't been canceled and carried on, it would have been an awesome, amazing arc.....LIVE ON FAIRY TAIL!!!!! <LA points LA's index finger up in the air>...

Fairy Tail 2014
Continuation from the GMG arc - Well with the revival of Fairy Tail in the Spring of 2014, the anime continues onwards the GMG arc conclusion!. The Grand Magic Games second half was actually pretty amazing, all things considered, with the foreshadowing of events to come, DEATHS to some pretty outrageous plot twists. Now LA has to point out the animation has changed slightly, it's still done by A1-Pictures but LA could say that the animation quality has gone lightly "polished" with some *ahem* cutting corners here and there but nonetheless, when those epic events occurs, they do bring in the details very well. This arc by far had one of the most dramatic to some intense plot LA has seen as some of the previous arc's plot lines comes full circle here and the foreshadowing from the 1st GMG arc also brings in the agenda of the villain and his *ahem* complicated plan. It's not hard doing time travel animes let alone theories to make it make sense, but time travel plays a HUGE role in this arc and LA has say that LA was satisfied with the outcome they gave out as well as those foreshadowings to FUTURE events. Now some minor characters gets some major developments, mainly Sting, Rogue and Ultear and by all means LA felt their motives were just. The battles were very intense as some were life threatening and it wraps into the plot twists for some unexpected events to occur and some of the battles were just awesome to watch (as always). Although this entire GMG arc is VERY long, being almost 50 episodes long but the ending results in both a sad but satisfying end to the long long LONG Grand Magic Games arc. It's good to have Fairy Tail back AYE SIR!!!

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc - (Pre-review): Break the celestial globe!

OVA's-Bit of Ecchi, comedy, time travel, school?....hehehe...the first two episodes were just crazy, however "Memory Days" was just hilarious! AYE!. Now the 4th OVA...FANSERVICE HEAVEN (Yeah...though it has lots of fanservice, the OVA's cover it up pretty good through character development...yeah...that actually happens) as well as some heartwarming and well actiony/crazy moments. The 4th OVA takes place, LA thinks before the beginning of the Grand Magic Games arc and man...does the 4th OVA have something awesome......all the female members of Fairy Tail drunk!!!!!!!. The 5th OVA however...LA has never seen so many site gags all formed into one huge chaotic stage, this 5th OVA took the cake seriously, again, the Fairy Tail flavour is still there with many cameos from the GMG arc and some weird interactions. Again like the past FT OVA's, there's fanservice heaven this time....SWIMSUITS!!!!! <LA torpedo nosebleeds> as well as some fan-disservice...thanks alot Ichiya. Finally this 5th OVA amist it's chaotic fanservice heaven there were character development mainly one cameo LA wasn't expecting, and again the FT comedy was in full force in this chaotically comedic OVA...LOVED IT FAIRY TAIL...<LA torpedo nosebleeds and faints>. Fairy Tail OVA's...LA bids you a great set of OVA's!!!.

Overall-Overall?..hmmm...GREAT ANIME!! COMPLETELY RECOMMEND FOR THOSE WHO LIKE ACTION FANTASY ANIMES!!!, definitely recommend it, one he' of an anime parring to D.Gray Man, awesome!, the fight scenes, the plot, everything....brilliance... AYE SIR!!!!!!!

Priestess of the Phoenix OVA: A nice Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix...that being a prequel. It brings up Eclair's story before the start of the movie and how Momon came to be. It was a short OVA but it did tell more about the new characters who appeared in the Fairy Tail Movie. The ending of this OVA was pretty heartwarming though. In all, this OVA being a prequel to the movie was pretty good.

Fairy Tail x Rave OVA - Another OVA and with a know what that means!!!...MORE CHAOTIC BATTLES!!!. With the returning cast back as well as some crossover characters from the Rave Master universe comes to cause mayhem and seriously for a thin plot, they put a lot of crazy fighting into it and it's just awesome and as always, fanservice heaven. The comedy is just as the usual for FT but with the Rave input, and character comparisons well it brought even more comedy as to how many characters were extremely similar to each other. As for the plot well, LA said it was thin plot, with one little evidence going into some more returning characters (and cameos) that turned itself into a huge chaotic mess of fighting and that in itself was great for this OVA. One last note, LA has not watched the Rave Master series a of yet, so LA can't say anything about whether they depicted the Rave characters correctly etc. In all, a fun, crazy and chaotic OVA with a spin on the oVa with bringing in the Rave characters and the ending in itself was crazy......a great funny OVA!
Tower of Heaven Arc-10/10
Oración Seis Arc- 10/10
Daphne Arc- 8/10
Edolas Arc- 10/10
Tenrou Island arc - 12/10
Key of the Starry Sky Arc - 8.9/10
Grand Magic Games arc- 9.5/10
Overall- 30/10
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu DONE Season 1- Well its a good "school" anime, with SUMMON CREATURES!!!!, it had a good storyline as well as a bit of harem.....from both.....errrr....yeah, anyways it had unexpected situations as well as the fact it was a ways...also SEASON 2 here I come!

Season 2 - YES!!!, this season outbeat the previous season, better plot, better summon wars and harem romance gone wrong?'s a great harem school anime, the comedy was extremely funny as well...though slightly perverted at times.. >_>. A Great Season!!
Season 1 - 8.9/10
Season 2 - 10/10
Occult Academy DONE Hmm...another weird one...with occult stuff(duh)....hmmm...weird and complex storyline, plot was everywhere(and a bit messed up)....and the characters were.....errr...diverse???......and had the weirdest ending... 7.5/10
K-On!! DONE Season 1- Ok this anime...LA revised LA's mind with a clear mind...and quite frankly this anime...this slice of just...BORING. Well the characters themselves are your typical stereotypical slice of life seriously. Then we have the plot.....which is......girls drinking tea all day and not having any training for a band and loofing around. However for such a's kinda good..LA say to say. Yeah there are no obstacles in the way for the main cast (that or it gets resolved REALLY easily) but all animes doesn't need to have those kind of things's just...GRRRR...LA can't explain it......ohh's the moe right...but there's no proper developing one...>_>. GRRR...this anime both annoys and confuses LA through the premise alone. For a music anime..there's isn't much of it...just...girls drinking tea all LA's hard to explain. And there isn't much of a comedy...just more like the same jokes put in some episodes but under certain context...but essentially the same jokes. GRRRRR...

Special: A special episode which it has the same formula from Season another words...high school stuff, a dilemma happens which quickly gets resolved, back to normal............yeah watch this special only if you want to, either way it won't be affecting the sooooo called story...

Season 2- <LA sighs>.....another season...ok. Well.....the 2nd season has practically the same formula from the previous season...but has "sorta" a storyline albiet a bit of stronger one than the previous season...but the ending was a heartfelt at the very least...but again...the formula is being used again...which...kinda makes boring...but GRRRR....this season annoys LA to no extent...not only does it make it out that they are trying to put a storyline...but then put needless stuff in there that distracts us from it sometimes....GRRRRRRR....but this season was at least better than the previous..."just"...<LA sighs>...LA knows this is a sorta bad anime in terms of storyline.....but why does LA like this???...why???.....why has LA gave this anime season an above average score???...
Season 1- 7.2/10

Season 2- 7.8/10
Neon Genesis Evangelion DONE Well, this is another "different kind of anime". Firstly the characters were diverse with a really complex storyline(includ. ending). The character development was a bit on the edge (psychologically). It was an interesting anime, though I'm still confused. The best parts of this anime is mainly on the battles with the Angels...hmmm...this is difficult to review...however from this, this is an overall good anime though a bit confusing during the end-ish.

The End of Evangelion - Ok first I got something to get out the way <LA vomits> Ok now...better ending to NGE, however the basis of the plot was confusing, however I did know a bit. The blood and gore was a turn off, as well as the was a bit disturbing. All in all, this ending was better than the previous a bit.

The End of Evangelion - 9.8/10
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya DONE Another odd anime. Though the characters were different, the plot was good, though the Episode line-up caused it to make it a bit confusing. The storyline was interesting especially the ending which was semi-epic. All in all, a good anime.

Endless Eight - ENDLESS EIGHT...just endless eight. Just think of this...8 episodes repeated...over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Yes, the first 2 times is cool to have another episode in, but after feel this feeling of...deja vu boredom...he' even started to recite what the characters were about to say...word by word, the mystery of this was.......predictable considering it being repeated over 7 times. Yes there were small changes in every episodes (narrations etc.), but the main events still occurred thus is still nearly the same thing occurs...the finale...-sigh- obviously was an anti-climax, but was sooooooooo glad when it finally finished...just don't go near Endless Eight...otherwise you'll feel deja vu boredom...
Endless Eight - ENDLESS EIGHT...just endless eight. Just think of this...8 episodes repeated...over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Yes, the first 2 times is cool to have another episode in, but after feel this feeling of...deja vu boredom...he' even started to recite what the characters were about to say...word by word, the mystery of this was.......predictable considering it being repeated over 7 times. Yes there were small changes in every episodes (narrations etc.), but the main events still occurred thus is still nearly the same thing occurs...the finale...-sigh- obviously was an anti-climax, but was sooooooooo glad when it finally finished...just don't go near Endless Eight...otherwise you'll feel deja vu boredom...
Endless Eight - ENDLESS EIGHT...just endless eight. Just think of this...8 episodes repeated...over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Yes, the first 2 times is cool to have another episode in, but after feel this feeling of...deja vu boredom...he' even started to recite what the characters were about to say...word by word, the mystery of this was.......predictable considering it being repeated over 7 times. Yes there were small changes in every episodes (narrations etc.), but the main events still occurred thus is still nearly the same thing occurs...the finale...-sigh- obviously was an anti-climax, but was sooooooooo glad when it finally finished...just don't go near Endless Eight...otherwise you'll feel deja vu boredom...
Endless Eight - ENDLESS EIGHT...just endless eight. Just think of this...8 episodes repeated...over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Yes, the first 2 times is cool to have another episode in, but after feel this feeling of...deja vu boredom...he' even started to recite what the characters were about to say...word by word, the mystery of this was.......predictable considering it being repeated over 7 times. Yes there were small changes in every episodes (narrations etc.), but the main events still occurred thus is still nearly the same thing occurs...the finale...-sigh- obviously was an anti-climax, but was sooooooooo glad when it finally finished...just don't go near Endless Eight...otherwise you'll feel deja vu boredom...
Endless Eight - ENDLESS EIGHT...just endless eight. Just think of this...8 episodes repeated...over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Yes, the first 2 times is cool to have another episode in, but after feel this feeling of...deja vu boredom...he' even started to recite what the characters were about to say...word by word, the mystery of this was.......predictable considering it being repeated over 7 times. Yes there were small changes in every episodes (narrations etc.), but the main events still occurred thus is still nearly the same thing occurs...the finale...-sigh- obviously was an anti-climax, but was sooooooooo glad when it finally finished...just don't go near Endless Eight...otherwise you'll feel deja vu boredom...
Endless Eight - ENDLESS EIGHT...just endless eight. Just think of this...8 episodes repeated...over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Yes, the first 2 times is cool to have another episode in, but after feel this feeling of...deja vu boredom...he' even started to recite what the characters were about to say...word by word, the mystery of this was.......predictable considering it being repeated over 7 times. Yes there were small changes in every episodes (narrations etc.), but the main events still occurred thus is still nearly the same thing occurs...the finale...-sigh- obviously was an anti-climax, but was sooooooooo glad when it finally finished...just don't go near Endless Eight...otherwise you'll feel deja vu boredom...
Endless Eight - ENDLESS EIGHT...just endless eight. Just think of this...8 episodes repeated...over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Yes, the first 2 times is cool to have another episode in, but after feel this feeling of...deja vu boredom...he' even started to recite what the characters were about to say...word by word, the mystery of this was.......predictable considering it being repeated over 7 times. Yes there were small changes in every episodes (narrations etc.), but the main events still occurred thus is still nearly the same thing occurs...the finale...-sigh- obviously was an anti-climax, but was sooooooooo glad when it finally finished...just don't go near Endless Eight...otherwise you'll feel deja vu boredom...
Endless Eight - ENDLESS EIGHT...just endless eight. Just think of this...8 episodes repeated...over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Yes, the first 2 times is cool to have another episode in, but after feel this feeling of...deja vu boredom...he' even started to recite what the characters were about to say...word by word, the mystery of this was.......predictable considering it being repeated over 7 times. Yes there were small changes in every episodes (narrations etc.), but the main events still occurred thus is still nearly the same thing occurs...the finale...-sigh- obviously was an anti-climax, but was sooooooooo glad when it finally finished...just don't go near Endless Eight...otherwise you'll feel deja vu boredom...

Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya - Remember the first/11th episode of the first season where there was that low quality movie made you go......huh??????????????...well this the "Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya" is the telling of the productions and drama's revolving round it. The plot is simple enough but with it's given drama and supernatural elements in play, it can be extremely interesting as to what is going on behind the movie. At first it's played out like any Haruhi episode but as the episodes go by, you start seeing.....well drama and the supernatural under...yes...proof and the characters trying to understand it as well as some strive between characters occurs, at times you do feel for the characters other you feel that they might trick Kyon. This "Sigh" more like a welcome relieve you get after you have seen something great and this "Sigh" is no exception due to the Endless Eight incident LA went through. The "sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya" is a good, funny and intense preview of the production of one girl's passion to make one he' of a movie and it shows both on and offset...onset....errrmmmmmmmmmeh?????'s low budget...M. Knight Shamayalan did worse..*rimshot*. On speaking of movies.........
Season 1 - 8.9/10

Endless Eight - 2/10

Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya - 8.9/10
Pandora Hearts DONE This anime was interesting, what with the Alice and Wonderland (well properly it's Through the Looking Glass) anyways, nice plot, a bit twisting, the character development and characters themselves were interesting. The fights were good as well. Good Anime for Alice in Wonderland fans. 9/10
A Channel DONE Season for this could say it's a bit of Lucky Star and K-On! with a weird "what did she just say!?!?!, and fall over" factor..alot of it, the story was slow moving, though the comedy was great. Hmmm might get the second season....errr.....

+Smile - These 2 extra episodes...was the same regular format with the same slice of life comedy. The storytelling is good in the sense of slice of life and the comedy is good in the slice of life sense and yeaaahhhh...LA didn't say this in the Season 1 review but this series is moe point blank. Once again for a slice of life, it does have some heartwarming moments in these 2 extra episodes. Well...all LA is going to say about these two extra episodes are...slice of life comedy with a bit of heartwarming...

Specials - Well these 2 specials were more or less the same skits as the main storyline but focuses on one little thing, the first special was more canon, the other.....was for laughs...
Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! DONE Ayee...ok this anime had ALOT OF ECCHI AND I MEAN ALOT. The storyline was ok, funny as well, however the fanservicing Ecchi..could have had been toned down to 0. The finale...ehhh..

OVA- Practically the same as the original yet they took the Fanserviced Ecchi...UP TO AN ELEVEN....
DONE Well this is an expect the unexpected anime...seriously. The story was great with twists and mystery...alot of them, comedy came in as well. The finale was a ways..

Special: Ahhh a Camping fanservice special with a mystery section to boot. Ok this special is just outright fanservice, but there are a few jokes here and there, not to mention the "mystery" being at least decent. In all, this special is ok...full of fanservice and for those who don't like fanservice, the mystery will at least be something to watch.
Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka DONE Ok..your typical err....maybe not your typical me >_>..though the comedic romance and the psychological side of it was mild yet not as big, well, the storyline was a bit eerie..or should I say cringe?, the characters and development were ok, nothing big out of the ordinary animes. Finally the final episode..seriously just the weirdest and cringed ending eva...specially for a harem >_>..

OVA- Seriously, eeehhh.....a cringed semi-ecchi OVA.......ayeeee...
Avatar -The Last Airbender- DONE Book of's an ok anime/cartoon. Elemental Magic as it's concept, it currently has a good storyline, the fillers were just plain boring, the fights were ok. Comedy was also ok. In all, Book of ok...nothing great so far.

Book of Earth - The story finally picks up as well as the plot thickening, the character development were ok. The fights...errr..also's just got a bit better from the previous Book. That is all.

Book of Fire - Finally some better fighting!!, especially during the penultimate episode, the character development was.....kinda annoying, the war battle strategies was good, as well as the comedy, the fights were the best out this Book.
Book of Water - 7.8/10

Book of Earth - 8.1/10

Book of Fire - 8.9/10

Overall: 8.7/10
Gunparade March Ep. 7/12 XX I HATE THIS F**KING ANIME I HATE THIS F**KING ANIME....LA had to headesk LA THREE TIMES BECAUSE THIS ANIME IS JUST BATS**T DULL...ARGHHHHH!?!??!?!.... The first half was mecha/action....ha ha ha...more like the first ten minutes..LA is disgraced by this anime...LA didn't even want the Episode to be DONE...LA is still keeping the two XX's and THAT rating. Ok we live in a world where there is an alien invasion, yet...the school is STILL INTACT for the ENITRE TIME OF THIS ANIME...not to mention...I don't know..somehow the ALIEN TAKES BREAKS FROM THERE ATTACKS....the second half is a slice of life/romance...WTF?????? you know why???..BECAUSE THE ALIENS ARE NON-EXISTENT IN THE LATER's like the first half of the anime wasn't even there...just keep the f**king mecha anime for the rest...don't just transistion so fast that LA HAD WHIPLASH because of this. Now here's something LA doesn;t get....teenagers get killed from aliens ok...but with that...HOW IS THE COUNTRY STABLIZED, the ECONOMY IS STILL STABLIZED AND STILL HAS MATERIAL FOR MAKING MULTIPLE STORES, EVEN STILL HAVE JEWERELLY..EVEN THOUGH THERE IS AN ALIEN INVASION...GRAHHHHH!??!?!?!?!??!?...THIS JUST PISSED LA OFF TO NO END, IT'S NOT F**KING the very least NGE had a VERY good excuse/defense as to why the city is still standing...this anime...doesn't give ANY REASON!?!??!?!?!?!?...GRAHHHHH!??!?!?..THIS IS ONE PIECE OF S**T OF AN ANIME....the stupid cliched terms, gossip???...and a storyline that goes NOWHERE, POINTLESS PLOT POINTS THAT DOESN'T GET USED..F**K YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!......don't watch this anime...LA's eyes just melted 12 times....just-just-just...don't watch this piece of s**t. 0/10
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~ DONE Harem, harem, and no I'm not talking about the Harlem Globetrotters.... *sighs*..ok here goes, harem, ALOT of drama as well as some errr...cliched harem aspects with a fantasy twist....a weird fantasy twist. The characters were bland except one, and the ending....well..dullest ending eva. 5/10
The iDOLM@STER series DONE The iDOLM@STER - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, thee best slice of life anime I've watched so far, and it had drama in it, and a villain!!, some great slice of life. The main characters (13 of them + 3 others) are extremely memorable, some of the scenes just gives me vibes as well as the comedy being great in all aspects, the storyline itself was extremely good and memorable as well as the drama sticking to you making you wonder how their going to get through it or what will happen. Now one of the best things about this anime....the music, ohh my god.....I'm just awestruck.....THE BEST MUSIC I've heard. A GREAT ANIME!!!!!. I WILL WATCH THIS AGAIN (AS WELL THE MUSIC!!)

Special Episode (iDOLM@STER): Ahhh nostalgia, this special episode is one hell of a refresher back to the iDOLM@STER, the characters, the new skits occurring from all 14 girls as well as some the music numbers (+ some new ones) are back, this special is just great!!!

Shiny Festa OVA's - Well new premise for the idolmaster gang, this time to an international music festival. All three OVA's comes with an "What If" depending on the group picked to represent 765Pro. Now Iori's group (OVA1) was in all...a bit on the childish side but it's kinda justified, the drama was there but it was a bit...well average, the music for Iori's group was upbeat and again a bit childish but in all pretty good. Now onto Chihaya's group (OVA2), where it was more mature and more on being yourself, the music was more mature as well upbeat as well, there was no drama in this OVA but more or so trying to find that muse. Finally Miki's group (OVA3), as it's central theme then ADD DRAMA towards it...another words very good...the music?...well LA put it something Kalafina would sing but tone it down...another words, awesome. In all an OVA 3 What If's situational basis with idolmaster was a pretty good idea and the OVA was awesome in LA's eyes (Well it's idolmaster!!!!) all a cool musical J-Pop OVA

Xenoglossia - (The non-idolmaster elements review) This anime in a sense was a bit awkward what the premise of the show well...mecha's and girls...trying to protect the world from meteors and all. The storyline was at first calm..until halfway when it dropped a huge amount of angst and too many plot points arose as well as it going darker just like that, leading to some confusing well as ass pulls. The ending was...annoyingly weird. The intensity of the plot was well..."too many things happening at once which leads to the confusion on which one you have to remember it from". This anime was all drama, a bit of action and no comedy...errrr....this anime needed a bit of work.

Xenoglossia - (The idolmaster elements included review): <LA JACKHAMMERS LA's head>...I HATE THIS VERSION OF IDOLMASTER, nearly every single one of the characters' behaviors has completely flipped from their game adaptation that its unforgivable, the storyline is an insult to the idolmaster name and the whole robot x girl "relationship" was a slap to the face to those who are loyal to the idolmaster franchise. This anime shouldn't even bear the name's just another mecha series plastering the name of idolmaster to disguise itself as one...LA HATES THIS VERSION...wanna watch a good idomaster anime? iDOLM@STER NOT XENOGLOSSIA.

Puchimas! Petit IDOLM@STER!: Ahh the iDOLM@STER's with their chibi counterparts. This 64 EPISODE anime short, is it any good?. Yes in the standpoint of an idolM@STER fan. The jokes are pretty funny though the animation has due to this being an anime short being lower quality, but that isn't something to be nitpicky about. This anime short is just funny with it's in-jokes, or more so anyone who wants to pick up on the idolM@STER series. Most of the chibi and the idolM@sters due get their time in the limelight and added with it's comedically bent stance it's some of the skits the characters gives the chibi's their characteristics and errr...adorableness and gives the idolM@STER comedy outright. In all, this anime short is pretty good for the idolM@STER fans and a good start for the newbies...LA likes these shorts!!!

Puchimas OVA - This OVA is just outright giving an intro to all the Puchimas IdolM@STERs...and it's pretty funny..hehe...a funny OVA with all the in-jokes.

Puchimas Season 2 - Puchimas Season 2 or Petit Petit iDOLM@STER is an anime short based on the popular game IDOLM@STER and it's on it's second season that ran for 74 episodes. These feel like a continuation from the first season with puchidol hijinks as well as a few starter episodes that reintroduces the puchidols again which felt kinda stupid as we already got to know them during the first season. They are all there and the comedy is still there for however short each episode it is (2 minutes) and with the huge cast and huge amount of episodes, it's mostly comedy, with some cameo appearances from Heihachi Mishima from Tekken series. There's not much to say about this season, it just feels like a continuation of the puchidol series with the comedy as it main element, watch it if you liked the first season, probably more if you want to watch the puchidols go back to their old shenanigans again.

OVA - Well I've finally watched Idolm@ster OVA Live For You!..and what I think about it?...ABSOLUTELY WHAT THE F*** DID I JUST WATCH!?!?!??!. The main characters for this OVA is Haruka, Miki and Chihaya...though I think everyone had they're voice actors the same, the only let down was the cartoonish feel to HAD A XENOGLOSSIA feel to it...the storyline for this OVA was weak. But the only props I have to say is that even though it had the Xenoglossia feel to it, the voice acting wasn't that was an EHHHH....OVA, it wasn't THAT BAD either....
The iDOLM@STER - 10/10

Xenoglossia - (The non-iDOL ver.) 6/10
(The iDOL ver.) - 4/10

Puchimas! Petit IDOLM@STER - 7.5/10

Puchimas! Petit Petit IDOLM@STER - 7.5/10
Fruits Basket DONE Well...this anime was a good slice of life anime...with supernatural effects. The comedy was fine and a bit hilarious..Shigure...>_>.....anyways, the ending..was a WTFudge just happened moment, (it turned from a slice of life to a drama in one episode!), in all besides from the ending the rest was ok. 8.7/10
[C] - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control DONE Wow...another good but a different anime, with money with it's game and fighting like he'!!. The storyline was fast-paced and adrenalined, though it had to do with economy, the fact that the ending pulled off an epic performance made this anime AWESOME!!!. 9/10
Guilty Crown DONE Ok several he' of an epic anime..from EPISODE 1!!!....the music absolutely divine, the mecha battles awesome, the storyline is one dozey of one of EPIC PROPORTIONS. The intensity of this anime was overwhelming, I was literally at the edge of my seat for ALL THE EPISODES. The character development especially for the main character..BY GOD....Tis the best. The characters were absolutely memorable as well as the villains....crazy awesome. The ending...EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all, this anime got all the points in which I would have wanted in an anime....UP TO AN ELEVEN!!!....

Lost Christmas OVA - this little OVA was a little prequel with a different main characters, but as it is a prequel it kinda set what some of the minor characters motivations some LA means one. This OVA was ok...VERY actiony, also is the little blue haired girl voiced by Kana Asumi???...hmmm...anyways good OVA as it was a backstory for one to three characters...
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai DONE Season 1 - Finally a good proper Comedic Harem with ecchi on the side, it's deconstruction of the Romantic Comedy up to an eleven. A nun, a vampire, a rich girl, a stoic, a maid, a scientist and a delinquent that is what makes up the main characters and they are all pretty funny and a bit memorable. The storyline though small is quite funny not to mention all the main casts interactions are just outrageously funny. Great Harem....FINALLY.

NEXT - THIS SEASON WAS AWESOME. Not only did it succeed the previous season but well, the animation has improved but also it's more heartfelt with that fanservice hint. This season was a bit more serious yet still trying to be a harem fanservice show. The first half of the season did resolve some of the characters and character developments in some way as well as introducing new characters very smoothly, not only that but it still had that Boku wa Tomodachi flavour comedy as always. The second half on the other had gives us more tension with the entire harem, extremely well done character developments as well as their relationships as well as getting serious when it needs to without making it anyways contrived. The ending was just amazing in a heartfelt way and went extremely serious into the whole dynamic of the harem and the storyline. LA really enjoyed this season not only because of it's fanservice heaven but it gives off this harem fanservice show dynamic and really tries to both analyze what happens in this kind of show realistically and slightly tries to deconstruct it, which really did both surprise and amaze LA with this season. In all, this season surpassed the previous and did well with it's character development and relationships, fanservice heaven aside (which LA has proven above which can be put aside), this season was AMAZING, hope there's a third season!!!, cos LA REALLY wants to know what happens next!!!!!.

OVA - about a novel writing gone wrong...this OVA was extremely funny and a bit awkward (Rika takes the cake with her part). The in-jokes are back and funnier than ever...and a bit ecchi as always. Another words...funny OVA...though it really was a bit awkward sometimes....
Season 1 - 10/10

NEXT - 12/10
Steins;Gate Ep. 17/25 Δ Wow........just wow....a great cast of characters, comedy and time travel....SUGOI!!!!!. The storyline itself is a thriller sci-fi, absolutely great. The entire plot itself was pure gold as well as the ending, the concepts and storyline I totally got and it WAS THE BEST. It's like mixing Back to the Future II with Groundhog Day with an anime twist...........just well as the fact I like the main female protagonist.....Christina Kurisu Makise XD......BEST TIME TRAVEL ANIME EVA!!!! El Psy Congroo....

OVA: Egoistic Poriomania - Once again comedy, and a bit of fanservice and a tie in about 7 months after the ending....tis was good, however the ending...made me wonder......!?@#@$&* better not......and can't wait for movie.....EEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
^ It's the choice of Steins;Gate that this anime will have this honorable rank in the ratings!, because I'm Hououin Kyouma!!!!
Working!! DONE Season 1 - Ok first off this anime had NO PROPER character development, though is slightly..I think, the characters are..errr... diverse...seriously diverse. The comedy stood out for it due to it's all not a bad slice of life anime...though it's missing some points.

Season 2- >_> hasn't learnt from it's previous season, VERY slow character development again, storyline was here and there (for a slice of life as it is), however once again the in-jokes were as funny as ever...but that's it.....
Season 1 - 8/10
Season 2- 8/10
Samurai Champloo 行われ This anime was samurai crazy cool, the moves, the swordplay all COOOOOOL!!!. The storyline did tangent a bit however weirdly it kinda connected. One episode however was a filler but WTFudge!?!?!...a baseball game turning into a massacre!?!?!?!?. This anime was unique a sense and the ending was a real tearjerker as well as getting at the edge of my seat, and again the comedy in this one was kinda funny. 10/10
Zero no Tsukaima Series DONE Season 1- Wow..hehe...a funny anime with a cool storyline to boot. The characters development was actually pretty good and the main characters are better as one of them is a tsundere XD. The plot itself was haremly but also intense during the near ending. The fights were great...sorta like...magic vs. sword. In all this season was actually pretty entertaining....

Futatsuki no Kishi - This season was pretty good, the insights of war as well as further character development and minor characters who actually had something to do with the main plot. The comedy was toned down a bit in this season, however the fanservice and plot was in all better than the previous season as there were some twists. IN all it was good season....bring on Princesse no Rondo!

Princesse no Rondo - Well this season was HEAVILY FANSERVICE BASED...and the storyline was a bit weak compared to the other seasons, and ALOT more characters comes into the mix, well that and a few unexpected twists shows in particular which was shocking to LA that LA had to clean LA's eyes to see WTFudge just happened. This seasons only downfall was it's weak storyline as the intro was ok, the ending was action-laden great...but..but the middle..well fanservice for almost 3 episodes straight? get the picture...everything was ok except the logic in some parts just came outta nowhere...I think.....LA is kinda confused with this season...

F - A Well-balanced season here....more twists (which actually makes sense) and the same bats**t insane villain appears. The storyline was compelling even in it's harem sections yes..I'm saying's HAREM sections, the fighting was taken up a notch ESPECIALLY IN IT'S FINALE...and ohh boy was the finale intense. Another words this season did it PERFECTLY in which Princesse no Rondo suffered.....FinalRest watch this season (as well as the rest)...this season in itself is must watch and ties up loose ends perfectly, BEST Season out of all the seasons.

Overall: Hmmm...this anime is and should be for those harem/fantasy anime watchers...but it's largely harem with some good fighting scenes. The fanservice can be both good or bad (due to the overuse of it). The storyline for most of the seasons are pretty good but at times (I'm looking at you Season 3) just pulled logic straight out of it ass. In all, a good anime to watch for any fans of anime or the series itself.
Season 1 - 10/10
Futatsuki no Kishi - 10/10
Princesse no Rondo - 8.9/10
F - 11/10
Overall: 9.7/10
School Days Ep. 11/11/12 XX MY GOD....what kind of harem is this? all the characters (including the minor ones) complete morons?..ohh and DEFINITELY is the main character, the main character is just a heartless relationship "third baser" one night stander.....jerkass. The storyline in itself was slow then went completely ballistic in terms of melodrama. In all I know what the ending is but not going to watch it, and quite frankly the main character deserved what had been coming to him....jerkass. In all in terms of "melodrama" tis was ok...nothing else..ohh and the comedy was no where to be seen....all it was was relationships and school..and the deconstruction of the relationship.

OVA - I cannot believe what I'm going to say but the OVA's are seriously MUCH better than the main story in itself, no repercussions as well as Makoto not being such as jerkass. The OVA's were quite enjoyable...though a bit of fanservice got into them, as well as all OVA's > Main.
Carnival Phantasm DONE FUNNIEST GAG anime I ever seen...Carnival Phantasm practically is Fate/stay night, Tsukihime as well a bit of Fate/Hollow Ataraxia/Extra was well...really it just mainly all of Type-Moon's anime all rolled into one a put with crazy funny skits. The rule of funny was up to an eleven in which some of the jokes didn't even make any sense but they put it in anyways and it was still funny. Due to Fate series as well as Tsukihime having really cruel storyline plot, this anime turns it around and shows all the happy and funny aspects of it....and pulls it off soooooooo well. It was so funny that LA will watch it again. Also Season 4, Season 4!.

OVA: Once again funny again same as the main....good to see more Carnival Phantasm

Special:Huh..I guess this is like the 5th Holy Grail War but in an 8-bit game...with some hilarious live-commentary.....ohhh Lancer died again XD

HibiChika Special: This special is celebrating TYPE-MOON's 10th Anniversary...and in true Carnival Phantasm fashion...THIS SPECIAL WAS FUNNY AS HE'. It brings in 2 new characters Hibiki and Chikagi (These characters are from TYPE-MOON's mobile site) and their rants were also funny, what was REALLY funny was some of the past skits making a comeback and continuing their skits (such as Afterschool Alleyway Alliance) which in itself was GREAT as well as those Fate/Zero shout outs. Ahhh this special was just great...a gold mine of comedy.
BEST GAG ANIME EVA...for those interested watch Fate/stay night and Tsukihime FIRST to get the gist of the jokes...they are soo FUNNY!.
The World God Only Knows DONE Season 1 - Another good anime I've picked for meself...the storyline came in "conquests", as a total of 4, along with some fillers...I think. It follows a boy contracted by a ditzy demon to hunt down loose souls inside girls at his school...another words...hilarity ensues. The comedy was pretty good as well as heaps of shouts outs from other animes. Also the storyline of the "conquests" wasn't to bad, you could call it a harem...with memory erasing effects causing it NOT to be a harem....anyways good anime...bring on season 2!

Season 2 - I really liked this Season, better conquests and BETTER FILLERS...some were just cool loling most of the time, but the conquests were just great. The comedy, rich as always and seriously the conquests though it's only 3 of them...the plot for each were pretty good. Bring on Season 3!, Season 3!

OVA - The OVA...holy crud, the entire thing was a frame off for K-On!, though once again, funny and somewhat cliffhangary...which is good. The comedy once again funny as always. Good OVA and MANY K-On! references.

Tenri-hen - <LA squees>....sorry LA had to do that. So a story about Tenri eh???. This story is mainly based through your "childhood friend" you've forgotten with pretty extreme events occurring within the same time. Not only that but it still has the TWGOK comedy and drama flavour as well as some new mythos on it's universe as well...but it's more or less it's focused on Keima and Tenri's past and present relationship. LA does have to say that Kaori Nazuka who voiced both Tenri & Diana does a great job in voicing them. In all this -hen was a refreshing, interesting and comical take on remembering your childhood friend with that supernatural TWGOK flavour.....and <LA squees>.....THERE's GOING TO BE A SEASON 3!!!..CONFIRMED!!!!!!...can't wai- <LA faints>

Season III (Megami-hen) -'s changes everything. This was utterly the greatest it could ever be...ohhhh LA's worked. Ok, first things first, the starting prologue of this season was a bit in from what LA saw, it past some ok a lot of chapters within the manga and many people thought it was bad, LA however didn't mind it, it IS called the Megami-hen for a reason. From shaky beginnings will start up another change within the harem from the anime, a new dynamic not really seen not to mention the character as well as BADASS developments occur almost changing the genre...almost but still. The harem for the most part have massive character developments as well as affecting the plot to no end and the main protagonist also gets some very interesting ones...this is LA saying this even with the many many oblivious to love main protagonists, this main protagonist's development changes in this season than any main protagonist in an harem anime series do..and seriously it really works. Along the halfway point it gets by far the most interesting and the plot for the most part is excellent and ohhh of course it always has that TWGOK flavour and comedy, but when it wants to gets serious it really delivers in aspects of the plot and somehow adds comedy in the best spots just to add to it and not be affected...again..something you don't really see in harem series and DO IT RIGHT. With the haremettes getting more screentime from the previous seasons this again is like the cherry on top. Now LA said something about changing to a new genre?...well that genre might as well be shounen. Yes, and again it works soo well, considering the plot for this season, it really felt like it and again it works with the plot at hand, so from the shounen there is action and is GREAT not to mention some characters become ABSOLUTE BADASSES!!!!. There are massive plot twists given and really once AGAIN they all work and no "a**pulls or deus ex machina" occur and all the plot twists are just to heartbreaking...yeah LA won't go into any more detail. Now for a finale??? was...HEARBREAKING...<LA starts crying>...<LA tries to wipe LA's tears>...god that's what character development does to ya...<LA sniffs>...a great finale!!!!!!!!!! <LA starts crying again>. In all...well the starting paragraph said it..."This was utterly the greatest it could ever be...ohhhh LA's worked.", for fans of TWGOK this is a MUST TO WATCH, LA is gonna say this but this may be the best harem series LA has seen to date due to this season...THAT IS REALLY SAYING SOMETHING...GO TWGOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Season 1 - 9.9/10
Season 2 - 11/10

Tenri-hen - 9.9/10

Season III (Megami-hen) - 25/10
Fate Zero DONE *Note to users - Fate Zero is a prequel to Fate/stay night

Note to self- After Fate Zero is over, rewatch Fate/stay night THEN go back and REWATCH THIS

Season 1 - HOLY SHADOWS!!!!..Fate stay/night was nothing compared to this....and it's only about half way through....the fights are freakin' ridiculously awesome, the storyline plot is even more awesome, the only one word.....Caster....he scares the **it outta me....just flat out die Caster..your a creepy nightmare fueled nuisance. The comedy is toned down nonetheless the action is what pulls this anime off....very good right now and's a freakin' war!!!!!!!!!! and again..Caster just die...please!!!, 0.0 my god....GRRRR freakin' cliffhangar!!!, in all this season was intense to the core.....Season 2 here I come and the death of Caster hopefully!!!!.

Season 2- <LA starts to weep> *sniff* storyline's plot just keeps getting sadder and sadder, but wow completely unexpected twists as well and its now ramped up the intensity in it's storyline, when I thought the nightmare fuel was over, well it comes crashing back....this's a HOLY CRAP with a TON of nightmare fuel and the plot is just getting cruel *sniff*...................HOLY ONE it it completely changed EVERYTHING. The action scaled up to an eleven and the plot also scaled up to an eleven. This may be the "Holy Grail" of all animes...and the God....just blown away and STILL some twists show up EVEN during the's THE HOLY GRAIL OF ALL ANIME HERE...a MUST WATCH.

Special Onegai Einzbern Consultation Room - These "specials" just tell about the Holy Grail war with surprisingly funny ways, either way Iri talks about how the Holy Grail war functions as if it was a lecture...a funny one at at some point...CHIBI IRI!!!. Now since the next 3 specials...more detail still comedic but the finale was pretty heartwarming, FOR A SPECIAL...comedic yes, heartwarming finale as well...not to mention it does tie up to "Zecchan" as well as Iri. These three specials...was unique in regards to specials. Informative, comedic and heartwarming again surprise LA again.

Fate Prototype OVA - Well this "OVA" if you call it that..more like a teaser trailer was..well weirdly actiony cool, different storyline from Zero and Fate/stay however nearly the same concept..I'm intrigued...
Season 1 - 12/10
Season 2- 15/10

Overall -

Gosick DONE Holy crap...what an anime centering on mysteries on a country. The mysteries are VERY deep and very intense, plus cool to boot. But it doesn't end there, the character development is intense, some comedy is in there and the plot itself is even more intense. At first the mysteries were just intriguing but then the mysteries in itself created a bigger mystery intertwining nearly EVERYTHING. There are no filler episodes so you can guess this is a deep and intense anime. In all, the plot, the mysteries....all a thumbs up. A VERY good anime for mystery-anime-esque fans and also a noteworthy tearjearkin' ending...god I need a tissue.. 9.99/10
Tsukihime DONE It was kinda of a slow starting anime compared to Fate stay night...though it only had 12 was still slow, about in the 6th episode was when it started getting fast-paced and more fights I suppose. The storyline was a bit cruel and also had some twists...but also some unanswered questions sometimes...hmmm..choose one route but not the other huh?..anyways the characters were a bit bland, the only 2 who stood out was Arcueid and the main character Shiki..the others were somewhat dimming the limelight..ALOT (Well except Akiha and Ciel). The ending was soo sad though....SCREW YOU ******?!?!?. Anyways in all...not a bad anime..though the slow start was a bit of turndown. 8.7/10
Yu-Gi-Oh:The Abridged Series Ep. 55/55~ Another funny anime-ish-ish-ish abridged series??. Anyways the jokes for the anime is hilarious and the jokes just fire one after the other and I actually agree with some of the things LittleKuriboh says about the anime (the Real One) as well all in all funny abridged series...hehe...Nyeh!! 8.7/10
Rio -Rainbow Gate- DONE An anime on Gambling..yes you heard it users..GAMBLING...this anime is based on HEAVILY on gambling and TONS FANSERVICE mainly on the main character much to her expense. The storyline is simple, Rio the main character goes into gambling fights to protect of win something called "Gate Cards". ALL the episodes has this. The fights?...NEARLY ALL FANSERVICE...oh yeah trust me. To summarize Rio goes into gambling fights to find all 13 gate cards, with TON fanservice in nearly all episodes. Some parts were a bit cheesy but not as cheesy as ONE ANIME SERIES THAT HAD ME BORED OUT OF MY MIND BECAUSE OF THE STUPID ENGLISH VA's *cough* Gun-Baka-Parade March *cough* I went off track....What I mean is...alright anime, the "Game of the Day" schema and a b**chy villain and I said this already but TONS OF FANSERVICE. The ending....WHAT THE F-......Supernatural much?....and yes i'm serious once again...Gambling with supernatural?...huh? all not a bad anime, kinda enjoyable...hmph hmph..

Special Episode - Ahhhhh.....fanservice AGAIN and and confusing backlassed plots...though 2 are connected..the one...all I'm gonna say is .......HUH!?!?!?. Weirdly for this episode...RIO IS NOT THE MAIN PLOT.....the 2 kids and Mint's..TEDDY BEAR seems to be......and it also turned into a Sentai-esque at some stage...riiiiiiiiiight. Weird special episode is all I'm gonna say.
Toradora! DONE Well well well....a VERY interesting anime...romantic comedy at that turning into a full-blown drama...and no not like *cough* School Days *cough* that way of drama. The storyline was pretty full on, confessions, CATFIGHTS and in denial etc.. the gist for drama. The comedy for this anime was good as well. The characters are somewhat memorable due to their effect on the storyline. But wow...the drama itself rocked me, the situations the two characters were put in just blowed me away. THIS ANIME IS BY FAR BETTER DRAMA THAN ******** SCHOOL least this anime had actual development in its plot and tried to solve it with a discrete manner instead of curving downward to a spiral of BAKA despair.....Ahhh I shouldn't compare but seriously School Days to this....Toradora is BY FAR BETTER ROMANTIC COMEDY/DRAMA. Ok where was I...ahhh right, the storyline was extremely moving at most, especially the characters' reaction..I'd have to give props to Minorin's voice emotional backlash EVA in anime. Now the was good due to well spoilers....gomen...however it left me thinking was all a VERY good Romantic Comedy/Drama...thumbs up! :D 10/10
Infinite Stratos DONE Season 1 - Ohhhh another harem...with one cool twist....MECHA SUITS. The storyline is kinda straight forward leading up to the harem girls appearing and then fighting. The fighting are actually pretty impressive..well duh since it's a mecha anime correct?..but the kicker for what this makes this anime mixing different flavours is it's graphics, they have crisp graphics of it's mecha's and the FIGHTS SCENES ARE EVEN BETTER...and storyline due to it being interesting thus intriguing to me though it's a harem as well. The characters...hehe...well 3 TSUNDERE' LA will be torpedo-nosebleeding ALOT, on speaking of which there were 2 fanservice episodes...which LA going for a blood transfusion for it hehe XD. Anyways this anime had different elements of anime...mecha, harem and fighting..a good combo, a good storyline and impressive fighting scenes and the harem scenes are really funny......

OVA - Ohhh lets see the premise of this episode?...ALL HAREM...funny one at that but the second half was pretty interesting at it went with Houki and Ichika...well very intriguing things occurred...but for the main guy to BE OBLIVIOUS TO LOVE...well you can see where this episode was all a good OVA...I suppose...

Season II - Infinite Stratos got another did it hold up???. Infinite Stratos is now done by 8Bit with better character designs and with better action scenes shown. In animation quality it did itself great. From the CGI mech's to the characters looker crisper than before. Now when speaking of plot...-sigh- here we go. Most of the time it is unneeded fanservice...well not all of them being "unneeded". But for the most part, fanservice is pretty dominant in this season but the action scenes were done pretty damn well for this season what with the better quality given. Character-development wise, only mildly the main harem gets more development but only the newer character the Sarashiki sisters get the majority of character development, the rest of the harem...gets only a small spoonfuls of it from some episodes at a time (though some characters did get their own episodes...mostly leading guessed it more fanservice or filler). Now when it does get to the seriousness, it does it well for the most part, but again fanservice > actual plot, take that like you will. Now to the useless part of this season...yes the main character is the most useless main character in this anime and really this season opened LA's eyes in both showing the main character's obliviousness and uselessness...just..just gets really annoying. The plot even riddled with fanservice, this season at the VERY least had the decency to take this season WAAAAY more seriously than Season 1 so it's not a complete disaster of fanservice, so LA will "praise" this season for taking it seriously when it can at the very least in giving the plot some development that was interesting at best. The finale...was executed well, the finale did itself good and was pretty serious about it which helped A LOT but not to the point of ignoring the past episodes but it was intense, it had great action scenes and plot development in all seriousness was pretty intense. In all, well...with the better animation quality and really "serious" plot given, it did better than Season 1, but LA wished it did better, it had sooo much potential (maybe more episodes?) but it was used on fanservicey episodes to pad it out...with little bit of the interesting plot emerging but with the fanservice (where LA is "kinda" divided as some fanservice was nice, but at times they were seriously unneeded) it really could have done better and seriously Ichika GET A CLUE PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!!!

World Purge-hen OVA: World Purge-hen OVA comprises of 40 minute OVA continuing from the second season's ending and boy did they do whatever they wanted in this OVA. So the plot..well half of it has a program called "World Purge" hacked into Academy and even further into the girl's virtual fantasies...*ahem* considering this is an OVA....ECCHI!!!!...but with the battle action here and there from an unknown villain. OK ecchi element first. The out there with no censors AT ALL and from that LA saw some nips but that was about it, but the fanservice towards many of the ecchi was near "LA about to nosebleed" levels...if you wanna know which girl's LA liked the was Char's and Ling and a bit on Laura's..but Char's the most.....DAMN THAT MAID OUTFI- *ahem* moving on, the ecchi's are bit on the erratic levels, at times it's tame but at flash moments it's extremely huge. Now on the actual plot point, the battles and what the entire point of this OVA was....on meh quality for LA, mainly due to it being an OVA, LA won't think on it too much it for it's ecchi to plot. BUT the plot as a whole if we get rid of the entire "girl's fantasies", we still have a complete plot, BUT LA is gonna say that the girl's fantasies a la Ichika.....LA wanted Ichika to be like that more instead of the thickheaded dumbass...haaaaa....if you wanna see a "fake" Ichika ACTUALLY try to hit on your favorite girl in the series...this OVA might be for ya. This OVA...well LA won't put in comparison to what the second season did, as such this OVA as a whole is decently ok giving both the girl's fantasies and to be frank the fans wanted to see and with the battles and plot being interesting and the plot actually going somewhere...well LA says it's a decent OVA for the Infinite Stratos series. If you can deal with the ecchi or your a hardcore Infinite Stratos fan..go for it in watching World Purge and hopefully this OVA "might" sweep a bit of that disaster of the second season nothingness...NO!, LA still hasn't forgiven the second season!...*ahem* check out this OVA either way.
Season 1 - 8.9/10

Season II - 9.1/10
The -Monogatari Series DONE Bakemonogatari - Well this anime...was something different...seriously..but good seriously. The storyline was split to 5 short stories in which some get intertwined. It had a supernatural mystery feel to it which was pretty good, other than that, the episodes had strange visual cues and instant art shifts that keep my eyes on the screen due to how fast these art shifts and visual cues pops up...and oohh I MEAN ALOT shows up. The storyline itself was pretty good, LA liked the final story the best, though it was more of people talking than fighting (though there were some fighting scenes), the blend of the visual cues and the storyline was like as if I was seeing a fast-pacing visual novel that was trying to mindf**k me at the same time XD. In all with all the storyline, character and it's props (the visual cues) was a pretty good anime that had my eyes glued to the screen for most of the time.

Nisemonogatari - A good season...some unexpected visits (seriously), and again the visual cues were awesome and some of the mindf**k scenes were actually pretty graphically cool. The storyline this time is only 2 long stories...but it's what's going behind the scenes with the previously talked about unexpected visits made it an awesome season. although there were some disturbing scenes...some do I say this... Stormfall:Incestuous?... LA:Yes Stormfall that's the word....some of the scenes were...well...that >_>. The villains in this season was pretty weird, but one who could kick your butt 500 times over....err...don't mess with her. This season also had less of Hitagi Senjougahara...<LA weeps>...but the storyline overall was pretty good anyways. The ending?...EPIC FIGHTING.....I wonder what the next Monogatari will be like?...or to be more precise...what will happen?.

Nekomonogatari Kuro - Well nya...a preqwuel to Bakemonogatari meow???...about Hanekawa Tsubasa nya. This little preqwuel was wery interesting as to how the purrevious time Hanekawa meowas possessed by the meddlesome neko during that Golden Week. The mindfw**kery from the purrevious installments are still there and all the more crwazy imagery. But what this preqwuel gives us is a wromance story.....ahhh errr...let LA purrephrase that...a sad complicated wromance stwory and a stwory of wealisation onto wove and being you nya..which towards the ending was WERY moving for a 4-nya episode installment. In all, with SHAFT's artful mindfw**kery imagery as well as the very moving wromance story as well some dewcent action AS WELL AS cameos from Hitagi Senjogahara and wreturning characters from Nisemonogatari (The Fire Sisters) was wery awesome in LA eyes (however the incest subtext arose during the first episode or showed up in Nisemonogatari so LA will let that pwass)..ohhhhhh~!!! LA can't wait for Nekomonogatari Shiro!! Nyaaaaa~!!!

Monogatari Series Second Season -
When seeing this second season you have to open your well as your mind...
When seeing this second season you have to open your well as your ears...
When seeing this second season you have to open your well as your mind...

Nekomonogatari White arc - The Nekomonogatari White was the more or less finishing chapter of Hanekawa's story arc and all respects it was done very well this arc did show great amount of character development for Hanekawa the most of course considering it's her arc. Although it had to do mostly with Hanekawa's character development, it just had soo much depth that LA really liked the finish...

.backstory of lots ,action of lots...arc s'Mayoi stole who character the to backstory of detail great given and part most the for intense was arc This .yeah...happened it but person this that finally that got LA until LA confused really it but who tell t'won LA ,arc this of limelight the stole ELSE someone ,yet arc s'Mayoi was this that considering, different bit a was one This - arc Kabukimonogatari, Oops LA stuttered... Kabukimonogatari arc - This one was a bit different, considering that this was Mayoi's arc yet, someone ELSE stole the limelight of this arc, LA won't tell who but it really confused LA until LA got that finally that this person but it happened...yeah. This arc was intense for the most part and given great detail of backstory to the character who stole Mayoi's arc...lots of action, lots of backstory.

Hanamonogatari arc - ?????????????????????????

Otorimonogatari arc - THIS ARC...oh LA's god, it was just amazing, from start to end, it's just a great confusion and some of the best performance LA has seen in such a season, especially from Kana Hanazawa awazanaH was This arc was one of the most interesting, intense and outrightly crazy stuff that the Monogatari series has...and the ending done???...just again...WOW...great arc!!!

Onimonogatari arc - This arc is where Mayoisteals the show, kinda right sincethat character stole Mayoi's arc anyways, this arc again delved deep intoOshino's arc and gave a great amount of detail and for the ending of it all it was actually a sad ending, given the intense crazy start...good arc...nonetheless

Koimonogatari - One decisively decievablely great arc, this being Hitagi's arc and allThis being the ending arc of the second season had nearly everyone with one character development that was surprising and did resolve through ONE of the arcs in this season much like how Kabukimonogatari and Onimonogatari resolved themselves with each other...but this was the most interestingly one of the bunch, Otorimonogatari might have been the most intense but Koimonogatari was the best finisher with one ending that is...<static>

Overall - Overall, this season did a lot with it's 26 episodes, had a lot of resolution for MANY of the characters, and just like the previous seasons, the psychedelic animation is crazier and more eye-poppingly crazier than before and it's one psychedelic set of stories to be had. This season was great and hope the third season will finish and *ahem*...KIZU WHEN????? for seriously, this season had many resolutions for MANY of the characters, and just like the previous seasons, the psychedelic animation is crazier and more eye-poppingly crazier than before and it's one psychedelic set of stories to be had. This season was great and hope the third season will finish and *ahem*...KIZU WHEN????? for seriously, this season had many resolutions for MANY of the characters, and just like the previous seasons, the psychedelic animation is crazier and more eye-poppingly crazier than before and it's one psychedelic set of stories to be had. This season was great and hope the third season will finish and *ahem*...KIZU WHEN????? for seriously, this season had many resolutions for MANY of the characters, and just like the previous seasons, the psychedelic animation is crazier and more eye-poppingly crazier than before and it's one psychedelic set of stories to be had. This season was great and hope the third season will finish and *ahem*...KIZU WHEN????? for seriously, this season had many resolutions for MANY of the characters, and just like the previous seasons, the psychedelic animation is crazier and more eye-poppingly crazier than before and it's one psychedelic set of stories to be had. This season was great and hope the third season will finish and *ahem*...KIZU WHEN????? for seriously, this season had many resolutions for MANY of the characters, and just like the previous seasons, the psychedelic animation is crazier and more eye-poppingly crazier than before and it's one psychedelic set of stories to be had. This season was great and hope the third season will finish and *ahem*...KIZU WHEN????? for seriously, this season had many resolutions for MANY of the characters, and just like the previous seasons, the psychedelic animation is crazier and more eye-poppingly crazier than before and it's one psychedelic set of stories to be had. This season was great and hope the third season will finish and *ahem*...KIZU WHEN????? for seriously, this season had many resolutions for MANY of the characters, and just like the previous seasons, the psychedelic animation is crazier and more eye-poppingly crazier than before and it's one psychedelic set of stories to be had. This season was great and hope the third season will finish and *ahem*...KIZU WHEN????? for seriously, this season had many resolutions for MANY of the characters, and just like the previous seasons, the psychedelic animation is crazier and more eye-poppingly crazier than before and it's one psychedelic set of stories to be had. This season was great and hope the third season will finish and *ahem*...KIZU WHEN????? for seriously, this season had many resolutions ˙˙˙ʇı pǝʍoɥs ʇsnɾ uosɐǝs sıɥʇ puɐ ǝɯosǝʍɐ ןןıʇs sı˙˙˙sǝıɹǝs ıɹɐʇɐƃouoɯ˙˙˙sʇoןd ƃuıssıɯ ǝɥʇ ɟo ʇsǝɹ ǝɥʇ uı ןןıɟ oʇ ʇɟǝן ןןıʇs sı uosɐǝs pɹıɥʇ ǝɥʇ sɐ sʎɐʍ ʇsoɯ uı pǝɥsıuıɟ uoıʇnןosǝɹ puɐ ʇuǝɯdoןǝʌǝp ɹǝʇɔɐɹɐɥɔ s,ʇı 'ǝɹoן s,ʇı 'sɹɐƃuɐɥɟɟıןɔ s,ʇı ɥʇıʍ pǝsɐǝןd ʎןןɐǝɹ sɐʍ ɐן puɐ and LA was really pleased with it's cliffhangars, it's lore, it's character development and resolution finished in most ways as the third season is still left to fill in the rest of the missing plots...MONOGATARI still awesome and this season just showed it... dna al saw yllaer desaelp htiw ti's sragnahffilc, ti's erol, ti's retcarahc tnempoleved dna noituloser dehsinif ni tsom syaw sa eht driht nosaes si llits tfel ot llif ni eht tser fo eht gnissim stolp...iratagonom llits emosewa dna siht nosaes tsuj dewohs ti...

Hanamonogatari is the fifth installment to the "second part" of the Monogatari Second Season that ran for 5 episodes and involves Suruga Kanbaru and...well Devil Lord. LA won't go specifics towards the plot as it's more or less Kanbaru's arc and her "resolution arc". This installment dealt with good and evil as well as the messages of good and bad towards the youth and gave it very detailed stories which you'd relate to in many ways and of course had SHAFT's style of animation which felt more than style of substance in many respects, sure many of the scenes were decorative but given the times of "story" telling, it had more semblance of visuals cues of messages brought out even clearly. This arc of Kanbaru's struggle went through schadenfreude (harm-joy) as well as there being no true evil and good begets evil and vice versa very much characterized through Kanbaru and the newest character within this arc Rouka Numachi. now voice acting wise Miyuki Sawashiro as Kanbaru did brilliantly and to frank throughout the series, LA thought of her an invisible character cept in her arc in Bakemonogatari, another words, LA didn't quite see her as a potential character, but this arc changed all that and LA actually gives proper respects to Kanbaru as a character, through her development LA really got know her motives and development thus giving us a more realized character LA hasn't seen since Nadeko Medusa!. As for Rouka Numachi who's voiced by Kana Asumi, well most of the "messages" and "Schadenfreude" were all from her and is the basis of her backstory and development, giving Kana Asumi a "bad" character to deal with felt almost similar to Kana Hanazawa voicing Nadeko Sengoku in Nadeko Medusa and to that LA has to give Kana Asumi props for voicing such a detailed "bad" character and her distinct tones of *ahem* evil shone through at times. This arc came to be LA's second favourite arc from the entire series due to detailed messages hidden in visuals cues as well as the fully realized characters of Kanbaru and Rouka as well as some guests who LA thought had errr.....had been offed. Miyuki Sawashiro and Kana Asumi pretty much drove this arc to be very well well done and watching this arc has a HUGE payoff to Kanbaru fans. Considering that the Monogatari series had been dipping in quality, this arc just proves it wrong and that SHAFT still got it, LA will be expecting the Final Season to be as great as this arc SHAFT...

Tsukimonogatari - Tsukimonogatari is the next story and part of the "Final Season" and is a 4 part episode with a duration in total of an 1hour and 40 minutes long and once again is produced by SHAFT and aired in December 31st of 2014. The premise...doesn't exactly hav to do much about the main poster girl Yotsugi Ononoki voiced by Saori Hayami, but more about Koyomi Araragi voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya and him being a vampire...even though he was a vampire before This story actually kinda goes full circle on what occurred during the Second Season which once again has many cameos as well but more or less Yotsugi is the support in her own story but considering she's one of the minor anti-anti antagonist in some ways LA can see it but it's more Araragi's story although it does give a resolution to Yotsugi as well as giving Araragi "powers" in more detail. Human is human, ghost stories spawn from humans, thus ghost stories exists, thus monsters exist through humans as well. Even though this story is more focused on Araragi (in which LA is both a shame and a bit weird as it's kinda SUPPOSE to be Yotsugi's story) we do however get know know about Yotsugi's behaviour, that statement LA just said, it makes more sense if you've watched it. This story does move the plot across into the Final Season in most respects and gives Araragi some form of a roadblock for the REST OF THE ANIME SERIES and gives Yotsugi a bit of character development. In terms of fanservice, there was....alot of bath scenes mainly with Araragi and Tsukihi voiced by Yuka Iguchi which was during the first 20 minutes...heavily implied but that's it (and by that fact, this story gave Tsukihi the most fanservice outright). The animation is mind-boggling once again it's a given to SHAFT and the animation although it's confusing and mindfuckery in most respects, it the way it show sin this story some of the visual impacts it has on the story actually makes the plot a bit heavier and errrr...the fanservice is really showing it (no actually nudity just skin). Tsukimonogatari is the middle to the start of the Final Season and by all means, LA thinks that this story did let the plot progress, gave Araragi the most character development with the main girl of the story a side-story that has somewhat a connection to Aragi's situation, albeit that the first 20 minutes gave us a bath scene with some near levels of fanservice SHAFT-ian style, nonetheless after that, this story really does pick up and LA enjoyed it throughout it's 100 minute duration, although the only downfall LA have is that LA wanted to know more about Yotsugi but what LA got, LA was still pleased with it in most respects.
Bakemonogatari - 9/10
Nisemonogatari - 9.8/10

Nekomonogatari Kuro - 9.9/10

Monogatari Second Season - 15/10

Hanamonogatari - 10/10

Tsukimonogatari - 9.9/10
Valkyria Chronicles DONE Wow..I've never seen a military anime like this...with the added FANTASY ELEMENT. The anime itself is VERY good with a bit of a slow start (but not that slow), anyways the military parts of the anime is all out strategy and counterattacks, the works.....the fantasy parts..HOLY CRAP....very nice and very good element to the story. The storyline is very good as it balances both fighting and relationships quite well...heck even the villains got THEIR OWN EPISODE. On speaking of which....the villain is bats**t insane.....I didn't expect it from a noble...but's what you get. But with a bats**t insane nobleman....means one hell of fight during the finale....HOLY about mixing fantasy with military rule. The relationship is very good....some angst but gets resolved quickly. In all...this anime will be the benchmark for military animes now...VERY good anime. 9.8/10
To Aru Majutsu no Index DONE Season 1 - Now this is some very good anime right's the funny's part harem, part fighting..part comedy!!!...haven't seen this combination IN A LONG TIME. The comedy is great with the jokes coming every now and then, the fights are JUST AMAZING..magic fist fights you say, and the harem?....there's 2 tsundere's....yeah. Anyways the storyline was VERY good making it...hmm how do I say this....sorta like magic/religion vs. science making it sorta the premise about the entire anime, having EVERY episode have a balance of harem/comedy and some MAJOR fighting making every episode INTENSE and funny all at the same time...there was NEVER A DULL MOMENT IN THIS ANIME...thus is...potentially a VERY good anime to get you wrapped up in...Season 2?..HECK YES!!!

Season 2 - o.o WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW...this season took season 1 off it's rocker and made it UP AN ELEVEN!?!??!. The storylines, the FIGHTS, the character developments, the SCHEMES...EVERYTHING WAS JUST BLOODY BRILLIANT. Ok let's start with storyline...each storyline just kept getting better and better and the chaos got crazier and crazier, not only that but remember in the first season about science vs. religion?..well up that TO AN ELEVEN AS WELL...HOLY S**T. Now onto the fights...I would put the fighting in this anime on PAR TO FAIRY TAIL..FAIRY TAIL!??!?!?!..yes I said it..FAIRY's like it's one on one...but on a CITY WIDE BATTLE, don't even get me started on the penultimate arc fight...HOLY S**T. Now onto the character developments...going to say 5 words... "MINOR CHARACTERS EVEN GET SOME" well as the protagonist of course. The schemes...holy crap I don't know how they did it, but they somehow connected the FIRST SEASON TO THE SECOND SEASON ALL THE WHILE THE SUB-ARCS within this season somewhat connects in a character-wise way. The again on par with Fairy Tail's villains...and some are bats**t insane. The finale?...well the finale was so and so...the penultimate part however...HOLY S**T SOMETHING HUGE WENT DOWN..which caused ripples of awesomeness all the same.... Another words...this anime is like Fairy Tail meets Angels & Demons...and once again well I HAVE TO GIVE PROPS TO THIS ANIME FOR GIVING SUCH AWESOME FIGHTS.....SEASON 3, SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!

OVA To aru Majustu no Index-tan: What can I say?..some of the funniest skits I've seen. Let's see...outtakes...imaginative speculations..and a pint sized Index??... <LA tilts head to a 90 degree angle>...yeah I'm saying it right...a PINT SIZE INDEX....AHHHH KAWAIII....I'm getting offtrack again...hmph hmph..these 2 OVA's are a bunch of funny skits both DURING the anime and some outtakes OFFSTAGE-ish. The funniest parts are DURING the anime's even goes to BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL...mainly talking about the voice actors etc...funniest stuff I've seen in an OVA. But best to watch about 20+ episodes before watching both OVA episodes as it is "kind of" spoilers...(well duh).
Season 1- 12/10
Season 2 - 14/10

Overall - 27/10
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun DONE Season 1 - Picking up where Touma left off, Misaka got her own story..and AN IMPRESSIVE ONE AT THAT. The storyline was very good covering a very interesting story along with like 2 or 3 fanservice episodes...but somehow this series' episodes were NEARLY connected...which is a big ups, also it had some cameos in To Aru Majutsu no Index (Well duh...they are in the same universe). But the fighting....MY GOD...IT'S THE SAME AS TO ARU MAJUTSU NO INDEX....crazy fighting and the villains...well let's just say one of them is crazy and the other one is bats**t insane...and the fight against "bats**t insane one" was AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOMMMMMME. The comedy was all well in good in which most were delivered by Kuroko. The finale?..HOLY S**T....awesome, action filled finale. Season 2! Season 2!!

OVA - A Good OVA...mystery, a bit of fanservice and bit of mind screw (only a bit) was funny at the most, and the final scenes were funny. In all not a bad mystery OVA...with a funny twist.

Specials: Ohhh JC do the best yet they have the same bizzare and crazy sketches as Index specials...hehe...the 3rd special especially is more fanservicey...yet crazy all due to...Kuroko. All in all great Railgun specials.

S - Wow...THANK YOU JCSTAFF. The continuation of the Railgun story and quite honestly...just it blew off the ball park and right into a speeding railgun. This season we have one HUGE arc being the Sisters arc as well as one filler arc. Now first is the Sister's arc...and HOLY. OK although it's a retelling of the Sister's arc in Index, it's a retelling through Misaka's eyes and quite honestly it gives out and fleshes out Misaka even more. That was literally her character development arc and my god does she gets tons of character development. How Misaka deals with her problem in this arc is just awesome, from her dealings to how she copes to her "sins" and wanting to stop fleshes out all the more for Misaka into a character you see as even though she's powerful at some points she isn't and how those with a higher power outside esper powers can crush her down. Since this arc does go through Index's arc of the same name well there are HEAPS of Index cameos and noticeable Touma who isn't a cameo appearance more like a supporting role (again to those who haven't watched Index first you'd have no idea what this season will be like). More or less actually you may see the same events occurring within this season from Index's (well it's obvious since it's set in the same arc and events happening just on differing perspectives). *ahem*, the events that occur are at most heartbreaking to jarringly addrenalined fueled due to the amount of fights Misaka comes across though some fights to drag one for more than one episode, but it doesn't matter due to the intensity, the sudden battle strategies given making the fights extremely enjoyable. Now one thing, since this is "Misaka's arc" Misaka gets the most screentime...more than the main main cast thus from this arc alone we didn't get to see Uiharu, Saten or even Kuroko as much of this arc from previous arcs...and once again this detail can be ignored due to Misaka's character development and overall the plot given. The was awesome...NO DOUBT. Now onto the filler arc, one thing LA has to point out seems Railgun and probably one other anime LA knows *cough* Fairy Tail *cough* seems to have the common decency to re-USE previous filler characters and still make them important to the plot or at the very least KEEP THEM and ACKNOWLEDGE that they are still there, case in point, previous filler characters in the first season comes back, some more than others for a longer time, NONETHELESS...they are utilizing their filler characters well and trying to keep them incorporated in the anime...LA REALLY likes that about fillers that do this...and Railgun S has done it exceptionally well. Now the filler arc is pretty small compared to the massive "Sister's arc", clocking at 17 episodes where the filler arc clocks at 7 episode of which doesn't start the real plot until the end of that episode so essentially 6 episodes for filler. Now compared to the Sister's arc, the filler story was half-decent, still got LA interested but not as much as Sister's arc. Again, this arc also utilized their filler characters well and gave them VIABLE reasons as to why they left as well as those who appear...god JC Staff...again THANK YOU. The fights were actually done decently and the notable upgrade on the animation quality is a plus... mainly due to the Movie released not that long ago and incorporating that, at times in the filler arc some mystery were there but it just kinda felt like a build up till the finale. The ending?????...well just like first season's filler last episode well THEY WENT ALL OUT and the finale is a GREAT episode...adrenalined fueled OHH LA's GOD LA IS DROOLING FROM THE AWESOMENESS finale and the buildup was a great payoff. The filler arc is by no means GREAT. Now seriously, the soundtrack for this season was GREAT the OP's done by fripSide and some of the battle music made the fights all the more adrenalined fuelled, another words the soundtrack for this season WAS AWESOME. In all, S is definitely a MUST WATCH for both Railgun and Index fans, the stories (both Sister's and filler) are done exceptionally well and well made, Misaka gets a HUGE amounts of character development which is something to behold, the fights were all done adrenalined paced awesomeness and even the filler arc of this season was done very well with good payoff...hmmmmmmm the gang's talking about an Arts City huh???...LA hears another SEQUEL HOOK~!!.

S Special - Again...breaking the fourth wall hilarious!!!!!!!!!...LA loves the Railgun and by extension the To aru specials for this fact, the breaking fourth wall jokes goes from sieyuu arguments, to some engrish lessons to Uiharu not showing up...-sighs in glee- LA loves these specials...and their really clever on how they break those walls...ahhhhhhhhhhh...*ahem*, Index specials was hilarious, Ragilun specials was hilarious, Railgun S specials is seriously no exception!!!.

S - 27/10
Baby, Please Kill Me! DONE Well this more like a bunch of skits in each episode...very funny some of them. It has a slapstick comedy feel to it in which Yasuna (The Hyperactive Instigator) is always ALWAYS on the short straw to Sonya (AN ASSASSIN). The comedy is good I'll tell you that..and well that's what the anime is all about, an anime in which Sonya goes into Yasuna's antics in which it leads to Yasuna getting beaten up by Sonya...especially in Episode 8. In all a good slapstick comedy. Those who like solely comedy should watch this. 7.9/10
Kowarekake no Orgel DONE Well, this anime/OVA is a cop out to Chobits...a guy finds a robot-humanoid in the trash and somehow wakes up..ringing any bells? the story is only 30 minutes but somehow puts alot of character developments towards this. However one redeeming factor is that it has a sad story..yeah that's about it. 5/10
Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai DONE Season 1 - Well this anime has well....something unique...well because it's anime about anime otaku's.....ohhh yeah. But don't let this fool you as it turns out to turn into some serious drama. There are ALOT of shout outs as well as well...a bit of fanservice. This anime also borders on "Incestuous" terms...only a bit...which was a bit of a cringe factor. The storyline is ok...I suppose...but sometimes this anime kinda reached me in real life... (LA is insane right now remember?) yeah kinda made it a tearjerker in LA eyes sometimes. Hmmph hmmpph...finale?...was ok...but now for some OVA routes!!!

OVA route - Hmmmm...ok so these 4 OVA episodes...3 of which centers around Kuroneko, the last one Kirino. All of Kuroneko's episodes were we got to see her deredere side more <LA squees> hmph hmph...anyways the last episode was a bit of tearjerker..only a bit...other than that more game/anime talk which was all in good in terms of funny verbal fights.....hehe...

Season 2 - This season was just awesome, everything from a romance backstory which soon becomes a main storyline, to a past recollection, to several backstories about minor characters. This season was just better and greater than the previous season, it becomes both very serious and very funny with alot of romance taking from a different light from which some romance animes hasn't done that much. The romance for the most part are great and tense and just heartwarming at times, yes, sometimes the romance is predictable but for the most it's interesting and from both a normal romance perspective as well as a sibling romance...NO...NO THAT ROMANCE, more brother-sister kinship not THE I WORD. This season again LA is gonna's just better, backstories upscaled check, romance upgraded and developed more check, characters all developed get the picture, this season was just an upgrade from everything the previous season did and this season therefore is a must see if you like the previous season.

True Ending: AAAAAAAND THESE 3 OVA's true ending episode took the cake and ran with it to the heavens.....MY GOD LA HASN'T SEE SUCH AWESOMELY GREAT ROMANCE DRAMA SINCE SINCE....HOLY CRAP NEVER. These episodes are heartbreaking, actually thinks it through with it romances brought about, deconstructs it when needed and AND curveballs us.. such great acting, such a great plot and for a true lives up to what it gives us as a "true ending". The romance or LA should say, the character relations gets developed like no other romance drama LA has seen and it seriously get to you how most of the harem/characters feel. If a character within this OVA cries, you bet you'll cry's THAT GREAT. Most of the character relations were given very powerful dramatic performances.......but LA has to give absolute praise towards the voice actors who voiced Kirino, Kyousuke, Manami and god. Now, for a true ending like this well it did practically everything great, yes some people may have gone for the other haremettes but as a whole, for this "true" ending it makes sense and therefore does make for great drama for an anime trying to deconstruct the relational romance drama genre and again LA has to praise these 3 episodes.........seriously.....bravo Ore did GREAT.
"Good End" route - 8.9/10
OVA route - 8.9/10

Season 2 - 10/10

True Ending OVA - 20/10
Hidan no Aria DONE Season 1 - HOLY S**T...this anime...just wow...words cannot explain this anime..ohh wait it can! :P. Ok it's a mystery gun-totting anime, with a TSUNDERE, along with the main guy's harem. Trust me, the storyline is absolutely EXPLOSIVE at times, the twists, the fighting, the fanservice, the FREAKIN' villains being bats**t insane. Phaw all that in 12 EPISODES. This anime delivered well not to mention, in which I already mentioned one of the 5 tsundere wonders delivered VERY WELL, not mention that the rest of the cast are ALL BADASSES. Another words...this anime was absolutely amazing. If there's a Season 2 , I WILL WATCH IT...Season 2!, Season 2!

OVA - hehe...what would expect from an OVA?...FANSERVICE. But other than that well a mystery appears and towards the end it kinda got creepy....then confusing. Another words...well I don't know, this OVA was just confusing with a hint of fanservice...well ALOT of fanservice to be exact.
Ben-To DONE This anime has three things, rule of awesome, rule of funny and food. heard right. This anime is a special blend of fighting, turf wars within SUPERMARKETS, even "bosses" within certain pacts to Not to mention the food in this anime looks delicious as it is, the fighting in itself is ballistically awesome. The storyline is pretty cool given the fact in spanned only 2 arcs, but man was it cool, with the strategy, the background and of course the fighting which LA had noted down earlier. I know it sounds weird having an anime centred on fighting in supermarkets get food (Bento), but in hindsight, IT'S AWESOME. Another words, a cool anime, with a food twist. "BENTO!" 9/10
Black★Rock Shooter DONE OVA - Well sure went into this OVA blind, LA had no idea what was going on. It had a bit of 2 situational simultaneous storylines which kept on jumping back and forth, it may have been a bit confusing but all the more I wanted to know. One of the storylines was smooth until it went downhill for a bit. As for the other one...ALL OUT ACTION, the fights were crazy. In a ways, this OVA was confusing however it is to be expect since LA doesn't know much about this anime. The music was cool, but the storylines were actually enjoyable at most, with the add suspense. Ohh I forgot, the graphics for this anime was amazing, surreal at times, but at times, had attention to detail. A good confusing OVA!!!

TV series - Wow.....just wow...compared to the OVA, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Not only did this anime get LA in both in terms of fighting, graphics, but ESPECIALLY ON DRAMA, YES EVEN DRAMA. Things started so quickly and soo many things happened within an 8 episode timeframe. Just wow, the fighting scenes are just brilliance especially in the graphical detail and the fighting in itself is just amazing to watch. In terms of drama, well let's just say LA was emotionally invested in ALL THE CHARACTERS. In terms of storyline, it was confusing at first, but it cleared it up soon after, though there were some mindf**k scenes in there, but LA always had LA's eyes on the screen every minute of this anime (meaning no boring parts in this anime...ALL OUT INTENSITY UP TO AN ELEVEN, starting from the FIRST EPISODE ONWARDS), always wondering what was going to happen next. Also the music in this anime just...just divine. LA was very impressed with this anime in terms of well...nearly EVERYTHING. This anime deserves nearly the same praise as Fate/Zero!!!!
OVA - 8.9/10

TV series - 30/10
Ao no Exorcist DONE This was a good anime, though LA did get some Fairy Tail and D.Gray Man vibes. This anime is does LA suppose to say this?..."an anime with proper content, but lacked in it's execution" ESPECIALLY THE ENDING. The storyline is awesome for the first half, however near the ending, it went waaay to fast paced and sometimes it pulled stuff straight out of their ass (albeit it only happened once). LA praises it's storyline for the first half, but it's what the ending that lacked the execution. Now onto the others, the comedy was extremely funny at times, not to mention that some of the fight scenes were pretty cool. The music (OP only) was VERY catchy, the idea, as LA was more storyline-driven for this anime. In all this anime is awesome anime, however the ending was what tipped me off LA a bit... 9.1/10
Azumanga Daioh DONE This quite the weirdest way possible. It's a slice of life....with comedy....tis about it...antics occur, yadda yadda. The characters development doesn't change WHATSOEVER, moreso the plot is MINIMAL. As for the comedy, it has it's moments but sometimes those moments GOES ON FOR 3 MINUTES STRAIGHT, even have a sense of "dead air" during the scenes, that instead of turning into a gag, they turn it into an overly long one which makes LA = boring. This anime is a classic from what I've heard, but LA just doesn't get what all the hype was about this anime...all it is is an anime about several schoolgirls daily life...with some weird comedy. Ehhh... 6/10
Angel Beats! DONE Well well well, another unique anime, this anime had a fast-but-well-upbeat start, with plenty of action, badassery and a bit of mystery. The characters do get development but it's only a little, though with that character development it leads to LA weeping a bit....not telling why but eh. Anyways the storyline plot is very funny, not to mention suspenseful and action filled. The ending?....well <LA starts to weep>'s it's.....ohh god it's too painful to say.....LA needs tissues!??!?!?!?!?....though it kinda went kinda abruptly fast and some of the minor characters weren't called upon for some character development, other than that....well yeah, a painful (In LA's eyes) sad ending.....

Special: Ohhh the special episode was absolutely crazy, not to mention funny as they added a "tension meter" throughout most of the episode.....hehe....this special's ending was extremely funny as well. Not a bad special, though it was chaotically funny.
Ichigo 100% DONE This anime is really something…COMPLETE FANSERVICE is what this anime is…geez, I’ve never seen so much fanservice in every episode….<LA sees Rio –Rainbow Gate-> ohh f**k you…ok but seriously, this anime blows the fanservice ratio..its practically girls flaunting their assets at you and the gratuitous amounts of *anty shots is just insane. The storyline for this anime is just beyond idiocrisy…firstly…there is at least a plot…a thin one…not only that but it’s all harem for the first season…along with the fanservice…the second season?...ALL FANSERVICE…nothing more…no plot, no twists…just blatant fanservice with no overarching storyline plot. The storyline gets worse…there are some episodes which are somewhat linked…but it’s only one or two episodes…all the other are just the main guy going open arms to all the girls. The harem side….is just a gratuitous as the fanservice..actually they go hand in hand it’s actually scaring LA out of the fanservice. This anime is just fanservice-ladden…that’s it…Ichigo 100% is right.. Ecchi-go 100% is a better way of saying the premise of this entire anime. LA is actually bored of fanservice from this anime….0.0…..kowaii….. In all, Ichigo 100% is for those classic romance watchers…nothing more…..harem with tons of fanservice is all your gonna get…geez LA needs a car washer to wash the indecent amount of fanservice LA just saw. Overall - 5/10
Shukufuku no Campanella DONE Excuse me.....<LA headdesks>....and now... <LA nosebleeds>... Ok this anime is VERY VERY lighthearted and TONS of fanservice. The storyline as before is VERY lighthearted, there are some small twists and is somewhat predictable, there's ALOT of fanservice nearly every 5 minutes. The storyline will change from a fanservicey to a drama, then goes back to fanservicey again, the fanservice and moe elements DOMINATES this anime, the drama only takes a few episodes (Therefore quickly going over their angst etc.) The action in this anime is minimal, however it has an excuse...IT'S it makes sense. The character development, well there a bit of it...but well it's only there for some of the main characters...well there is a bit of drama no?. In all, this anime is very fanservicey and moe, the storyline is a bit here and there with it's drama, action and slice of life and fanservice however the lightheartness is there for the entire me.

OVA - word....FANSERVICE....nothing more.

Specials - Ummmm...borderline INTENSE FANSERVICE...I sense a pattern here....
CANAAN DONE Well TYPE-MOON did it again…..this anime was ALL out action, conspiracy theories as well as BIO-TERRORISM…wow.. The character development as well as plot was intense and well this plot had some gruesome scenes, as well as a few mindscrewed ones….as well as some “What are you doing?!?!?” scenes, well in terms of everything, it’s a pretty intense anime, with the storyline to boot. The anime was already hyped up during the first episode and CONTINUED THE HYPE throughout, not to mention the villains in this anime are bloody bats**t insane. In all another great performance by TYPE-MOON type animes….very good, and very intense. The ending however was a bit anti-climatic...and a bit confusing...hmm either way TYPE-MOON's storyline again was amazing to a "bio-terroism" path instead of the supernatural TYPE-MOON usual does. 8.8/10
Saki series DONE Season 1 - Well hehe...this was an anime LA was sucked into....from a game LA doesn't even know!...Mahjong. Yep. MAHJONG. LA hasn't seen an anime about MAHJONG being so intense. Once LA started knowing the rules of mahjong well this anime pretty much got me. The character development in this anime is pretty good as well as the fact that ALOT of the minor characters get them too (as well as backstories). The storyline was a bit of a tournament style with a bit of mix and mash backstories. LA REALLY liked the mahjong matches themselves as well as LA just fainting sometimes at how LUCKY some of the characters are. There is a bit of fanservice in this anime as well as a few yuri undertones from MULTIPLE girls. This anime is really for those who has learnt or wants to learn more about mahjong.....a very good anime (if you know mahjong).

Achiga-hen Episode of Side-A - What can LA say...Mahjong can be quite awesome if taken to the anime route...and this season is no exception...adrenalined-fueled tournament styled mahjong baby!. Now this "side" isn't a continuation of the first original season, it takes place within the same story but under a different school trying to get to Nationals...cept they did...already. Yeah if that comment didn't already tell you, well...the first 3 episodes were a bit rushed and when LA means rushed...LA means by 3 episodes...the new cast of characters are already competing in Nationals. BUT, from that well...expect lots of montages, BUT after those 3 actually got intense with a lot of backstory and some extremely clever mahjong tactics as well as the characters due to most of them having some form of gameplay towards mahjong. Now towards the story, it is laced with HEAPS and HEAPS of backstory considering the amount of characters there are not to mention cameo appearances from characters from the original story but backstory is always great but they do appear while during a match and can slightly be off putting...but it's not a worry considering all the backstory do translate into match or the characters "power" at hand. The gameplay however...well due to this "side", LA gotten to know how to play mahjong more and gotten into more when the intense situations appeared. Now this "side" was quite interesting, this "side" had NO filler whatsoever even due to it's rushed start, if you know or want to know about mahjong or is a fan of Saki, LA says that in LA's opinion that this "side" delivered not to mention didn't make any plot holes towards BOTH stories (this and it's original)...this gameplay is intense, the tactics is even better and the amount of backstory is outstanding...this is probably the only anime series where it's a "sporty board game" type that LA got really into.....hey don't make that look guys...Mahjong is practically the equivalent to professional poker in the don't say it's "kids" stuff...cos LA's earlier statement proves you wrong. LA is looking forward to the original story's next "-hen" very soon...

Zenkoku-hen - It's the nationals and it's full steam ahead of the Kiyosumi team to get to the semifinals!. A Third sports anime is huge. It's mahjong but more intense as the previous season and all the adrenaline is back...sorta. What LA means is, considering Achiga-hen's intensity compared to this season was a bit dimmed down but nonetheless, there still is adrenaline when things got intense within a certain match. With Nationals, this series character roster just keeps rising exponentially and all the more character development from several characters. LA sorta felt like this season was a bit of a filler as a whole cept the finale of it, where it was more or less and re-backing towards the finale of Achiga-hen arc. In terms of mahjong play itself, LA does get some points of the gameplay and the intensity is still there, just a bit dimmer down and some parts are "kinda predictable"..LA says kinda cos, some of LA's speculation was wrong thus "kinda". LA does have one little question, though, for an anime title with the main character name, she doesn't appear till the last half...yeah but that's a small intrigue. Now, LA is guessing from the finale of this season...that LA is speculating that there will be another 3 seasons, or 2 seasons with 4 OVA's..cos mainly this anime series STILL hasn't finished. There's still the semi-finals and finals, the semi-finals which has 2 brackets in them so yeah...and considering how each season brings in even more characters...LA is thinking the character roster will hit 150 in no time. Ok ok back to THIS season, the finale was a good middle ground for both of the previous 2 seasons, the gameplay is still great with that adrenaline punch and the character development really helps still...LA WILL finish this series once it is finished...and this season proves LA's conviction to finish this series...LA is still intrigued by that small backstory during the finale with Saki...hmmmmmmm...expect more seasons awaiting from this series...
Season 1 - 9/10

Achiga-hen - 9/10

Zenkoku-hen - 9/10
Amagami SS series DONE + Season
Haruka arc (1-4): Well this arc was what any romance anime is...though the protagonist does some weird stuff. Now onto the main girl for this arc............SHIZUKA ITO'S VOICE ACTOR WITH LENALEE LEE VOICE <LA faints>.....not to mention she's a total hottie...<LA torpedo nosebleeds>...hmph hmph...carrying on... though it was only 4 episodes this arc was pretty good, keeping the content mostly on the protagonist and Haruka. The romance was just a bit different, it still was romance just in a quirkier way. This arc also resonates with LA ALOT...though nah I'm not getting any further. Note:LA has once again fallen in love with Shizuka Ito's voice...ku ku ku

Kaoru arc (5-8): Well this arc had some good romance between the protagonist and Kaoru. It did get some weird romance similar to Haruka's one, then it took an intense drama for a bit, then...well the romance came back..or more so the drama heightened it. This romance with the protagonist and Kaoru was a bit more interesting as it is a childhood friend that is the chosen girl, Kaoru voiced by Rina Sato...better known as voicing Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Majutsu no Index, did her voicing very well tsundere or not. The ending was a fitting great end to this romance...very good arc.

Sae arc (9-12): Well this arc...was errr...a bit dull. Problems?...well for one, the storyline was at first a romantic comedy with....well fanservice, then it turned into a dull romance..and then the ending...GRAHHH!??!?! <LA headdesks>..what was up with the ending?. Not only that but the main girl's voice annoyed the hell out of LA...her weak, shrill and quiet voice to be precise. The romance was sub-par compared to Kaoru or Haruka's and the storyline in itself was just a bit weak....LA DID NOT ENJOY THIS ARC...the only good thing about this arc was the snarky narrator for this arc...(voiced by Joji Nakata..the guy who voiced KIREI KOTOMINE FROM FATE/ZERO)

Ai arc (13 - 16): Well this arc was pretty classic in LA's opinion in terms of romance, though once again there was some weird crap that occurred however this time the protagonist wasn't the one who started it. The romance for this arc is as it said....classic...and a bit heartwarming in LA's opinion..there was a bit of drama to curve it higher that caused the heartwarming and the eventual romance to "blossom". The ending was also heartwarming and a bit fanservicey <LA slaps LA's cheeks>..hmph hmph anyways, this arc was just heartwarming not to mention Yukana did a great job on voicing Ai. A good "classic romance" arc.

Rihoko arc (17 - 20): Ok this arc...had....just a bit of romance...though some of the minor characters tried to move it along. The character development was also "just a bit", the plot more or less followed the Tea Club's antics more than the sub-plot of the main protagonist with the main girl Rihoko...which in some ways is good but at times kinda pissed LA off...cos the romance was there and pretty good there just wasn't enough of it. The main girl herself "Rihoko" is kinda of the ditz of a character and just carefree as well a childhood friend of the main protagonist (so why didn't end up like Kaoru's arc..huh huh!?!??)...the voice actor also did a good job on voicing her (though she sounded like Kana Asumi sometimes...SOMETIMES)

Tsukasa arc (21 - 24): Ahhh this arc is just soo really, LA won't spoil. Anyways the storyline for this arc just awesome, the romance was upscaled (as well as no weird crap going on). It was clear cut. The drama was just AS INTENSE AS KAORU's arc's drama...and hehe once again LA had become emotionally invested in Tsukasa as well as LA resonating the romance in this arc as well. The ending was also pretty emotionally great, one of the better arc LA has seen in Amagami SS

Risa Kamizaki Special Episode: Well this one episode ALONE gave out some VERY important info on the main protagonist's past...the romance was slightly minimum, but it still had it. This episode just had a little something...with the touch of hmph hmph..."light yandere" love.

Miya Tachibana Special Episode: Well the main protagonist's sister now takes an episode for her own....and she uses it to spy on her brother.....yeah. Minimal romance though it's interesting getting the scope through Miya. Hmmm a funny yet somewhat interesting episode.

+ Season Overall: This entire anime in itself is like a romance story told 6 times..with 6 different girls. The best thing about this anime is the "variety" of romance sometimes the weirdest way possible...and sometimes in some of the most emotional way possible (yes an anime doing both at the same time!). The comedy is here and there, the storyline well you've seen it as yeah 6 mini-stories. This anime is seriously for those harem fans...wanting a different twists to the harem genre (as this anime has a reset button leading to the 6 romance mini-stories). Now onto the + plus Season (yes there is another season!!)

+ OVA - Hehe...funny romance skits with the main protagonist with 6 girls. Somewhat good romance OVA.

+ plus Season
Tsukasa arc (1-2): Now where the Tsukasa arc left off...once again this arc had some drama...a bit of comedy and hehe...Tsukasa's Tsundereness was in full-force. Once again what this arc had mostly the drama and the romance...which in itself for a romance great. Though this only had 2 showed it very well...from it's downfalls to it's highs. In all..another great arc from Tsukasa!!!!!

Rihoko arc (3-4): FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY, this arc did what it's predecessor season arc didn't...a RESOLVED ROMANCE. Ok now from this arc, the culmination of the "hesitation" between childhood friends finally resolved itself which made LA pleased. In terms of storyline though it was light hearted compared to Tsukasa's, there was one tipping point which caused the romance to blossom...another words...romance deus ex machina yay!. In all this arc was great due to the resolution to the hesitating childhood friend romance...once again..YAY!

Ai arc (5-6): Ohhhhhhhhh~!!! this arc is just too cute!!!!! really is!. Ok the romance from the previous arc blossoming as well as going through some external factors causing the main character and Ai to be apart was a bit of a tearjerker on Ai's end, but their romance as a whole is just too cute!!!!. Not much of a twist or drama (the only drama being Ai and the character being apart) but this arc's main focus was the romance while apart and not apart was in itself was great..<LA sheds a tear>...and the ending, all the more of a cuteness heartwarming moment...

Kaoru arc (7-8): Continuing on from Kaoru's arc and well it's gone romantic comedy..which in itself was funny but the romance was sprinkled here and there in this arc...the romance?...ohhh silly the pinnacle of the romance showed up during the end and that as well as played down very well..almost was heartwarming. There was some drama but downplayed a little from the previous Kaoru arc, however their blossoming of their relationship even further from this drama was in itself heartwarming therefore great...

Sae arc (9-10): Sorry Sae..LA just didn't see it...LA saw this arc's romance nothing but puppy love (or even less than that), no proper romance development plot towards the couple as LA could see. The storyline was childish through the romance...there was a bit of drama but in all...not towards the romance itself. Sorry for nitpicking but this time Sae's voice was not the reason why this arc did so was the romance. In did a better than the previous arc..just by a bit..but in all..this arc wasn't to LA's tastes.

Haruka arc (11-12): Wow..perfect love story right here...playful banter love to the quest and confusions of true love..ohh god LA is talking like a romanticist...<LA looks above at the Amagami review>...riiiiiight..continuing on...Shizuka Ito's voice was divine as always and the romance for this plot as LA put it before.."TRUE ROMANCE STORY", there was plenty of drama fueling this arc and did LA say this arc is a true love story? all this arc was just perfect in terms of romance..ohhhh so much...

Miya Tachibana Special Episode - Wow...just wow....full blown fanservice episode and none too pervy at that...there were plenty of laughs...for a fanservice episode and it was mainly an all-girls episode where all the girls from the series goes to the HOT SPRINGS...and man was it fanservicey...but it kept it's limits to it. So another words...<LA torpedo nosebleeds>....that's all LA has to say.....

+ plus OVA - These OVA's happened throughout the main female leads arcs within this season which was a plus (get the pun?) well as some fanservice as well as some decent romance and a bit on the perceptive of the girls instead of the main protagonist....another words...good OVA's!!!.
+ Season

Haruka arc - 10/10

Kaoru arc - 10/10

Sae arc - 6/10

Ai arc - 8.9/10

Rihoko arc: 9/10

Tsukasa arc: 10.5/10


+ Season Overall : 9.5/10

+ plus Season

Tsukasa arc - 10/10

Rihoko arc - 9.5/10

Ai arc - 9.8/10

Kaoru arc - 10/10

Sae arc - 6.5/10

Haruka arc - 12/10

+ plus Season Overall - 9.99/10

Overall - 9.7/10
Mayoi Neko Overrun DONE This anime was actually very which LA had found out. All 12 episodes had different directors direct one episode each. With that the storyline itself was wacky as hell. From drama to mecha to an episode with JENGA!?!?. LA doesn't know..LA had mixed feelings about this anime due to this. However the storyline though wacky tried to keep the storyline under wraps at times...and sometimes well yeah veer offtrack. Anyways there was a few character developments which was good as well as the comedy being very good. In all well...this was a unique anime.

Special Commentary Episode - A COMMENTARY EPISODE about the three main girls talking about clips within this same anime. Extremely funny dialogue not to mention all the shout outs (In-Universe duh..).

Specials - Lore ring it please... <Lore rings the fanservice bell>...hmph hmph.. <LA wacks Lore in the head>...BAKA!!...that is Stormfall's job. Anyways..this array of specials guessed it...fanservice...with some weird order of...well weirdness...seriously some of the mini skits were kinda weird.
Tiger & Bunny DONE Ok ok ok...a SUPERHERO anime...and nice deconstruction of it. Though the first 5 episodes of this anime had some MAJOR superhero cliches, it later became intriguing in a ways....and a huge amount of angst...SOOO much angst. Then later well it just went darker and edgier. However the ending was well.....anti-climatic....VERY anti-climactic. Now onto the other tidbits....the graphics were ok, but LA had seen MUCH better graphics, the plot twists at first was well predictable, then later on the twists themselves were actually pretty good....but still somewhat predictable. The characters were a bit bland what with most of the stock characters you would see in a superhero cartoon... (the "elemental" kind of superheroes). In all this anime is exactly as how much gratuitous amounts of advertising is...flashy but lacks in plot depths...some of the time. If you go for superheroes and advertising this is the anime for you..if not...pick another shounen. 7/10
Mirai Nikki DONE LA's first real horror anime...and weLl..welL..<LA suddenly gains red irises and makes an evil smirk>...The storyline was freaking intense, from the episode one! KILL!...heard of the term Deus Ex Machina??...well this anime have f**king tons of it...with b**ching proof HAHAHAHAHA!!!. Backstories..ohh LA kills them LA means...the characters backstories in this anime is very much touched upon...ALOT... HAHAHAHAHA!!. There is comedy is anime..ohh there is...but the intensity of the plot is just insane that is was merely a plus of the comedy being there and whats more is that there are no filler/boring episodes whatsoever. The music is this anime is just to DIE for...especially the OP's. In all an anime with a structured/Deus Ex Machina plot (In short the unpredictability of this anime is just outRAGEous!!), the characters are very defined ESPECIALLY the Goddess of Yandere, Gasai Yuno, awesome music. Insanity LA is very pleased with the kill count of this anime....heheheheHAHAHAHHAHAAA!!! 32/10
Baccano! DONE <LA is in a black suit with a fedora and says the following in a rough Brooklyn accent> So I saw this one anime right?...rough and tough right?. Badasses left and right, the storyline crazy as hell, the characters were all solid and even the voice casting, nothing LA's 1930's eyes saw. Now this anime...though the gangsters in Chicago told me to keep this secret I'll's very actiony, split section storyline weaving a couple stories together which you'll get the full story later and gore...lots of it, LA isn't lying...very gorey. Now the music in this anime has a rough Americanized 30's tone to it, making it very fluid to it's storyline in general. Ahh I forgot...the plot twists..well you'll be seeing them almost everywhere due to the nature of the storyline format. In all, this rough tough, badassery of an anime is one very interesting anime, with it's characters, storyline, music and even it's character development being utterly badassery great. Now LA must leave......see you soon lad/missy!</Brooklyn accent> 9.9/10
MM! DONE can LA put this.....fanservice...the kind you weren't well as the fanservice anyways. The characters are very standard-ish with a side of crazy, the storyline in itself is kinda weak (as it kinda had a "Status Quo is God" but everyone retains their'll see what LA means). This anime's one annoyance was that the "kind you weren't expecting fanservice" was awkwardly put in nearly every 3 minutes...some to an extreme degree. In all it's like a harem anime with some awkward fanservice, characters were stocked and the storyline was in itself...weird and awkward...most of the time. 6/10
Maria†Holic DONE Season 1 - OOOOOOhhhohhhoohhohooooo~!!, this anime is just great, from establishing the characters, to the comedy. This anime in itself is a comedic drama...emphasizing on the comedic so much. There is a storyline in which most of the events does affect the storyline or develop the characters (very comedically and at the same time greatly), there are some "just comedy" episodes but for some reason Maria†Holic makes this sometimes a plot point in which case makes it comedy GOLD. This being a Studio Shaft production (from the people who produced Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari), the mindf**kery visual cues are there and LA isn't phased by it. In all, a VERY funny anime with ALOT of yuri undertones...wait IS yuri but with the comical sense like no other.....hehe... Mariya play the MEIDO GUITAR!!!!

Alive - season was extremely funny, LA has to say...from the massive yuri tones in the anime to the storyline having plot references/points towards the previous season as well as this season, the overall butt monkeyness of the main protagonist and the "No Fourth Wall" was the main reasons why this season was funny. The storyline was...well unexpected...seriously...from this you can tell this season is another comedic drama with chock full of yuri perversions, in terms of was "breaking the fourth wall" gold, in terms of was light but still had a bit of drama so it was good either way and yes the mindf**kery visual cues are still in this season. In all this season was greatly terms of Maria Holic-ness...need LA say more?...ohh right...the one thing this series had the main protagonist do....<LA nosebleeds>...LA rests LA's case...
Season 1 - 9/10
Alive - 9.5/10
Kami-sama no Memo-chou DONE Well another detective anime...modernized and well dabbling into the darker corners of seriously, this anime goes from money laundering to mafia wars to DRUG OUTBREAKS. As you can plainly see, the drama for this anime is VERY intense and with drama comes character development and it does and the weirdest thing is that it does it to the character in question NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS which in itself is rare. Now being an detective anime, well the mysteries behind the "darker corners of society" cases are pretty interesting not to mention some of the clues given...well sometimes gives you a curveball but still making sense. The ending...well it's one he' of a tearjerker not to mention an emotional end (actually most of the ending of most of the mysteries are these but the ending in particular). In all if your looking for a modernized detective anime with that "dramatic and emotional" touch then this anime is for you!.....well because It's the only NEET thing to do right? 9.8/10
Garzey's Wing DONE What can LA say about this dull f**k of an anime.....something called.....THIS ANIME MAKES NO F**KING SENSE!!!!!. Firstly, the voice acting for this anime is atrocious...from sounding dim-witted to sounding just plain annoying (This is DUB LA is talking about). Next is the storyline...HOLY F**K...has LA never seen an anime's storyline where in the FIRST MINUTE AND A HALF...NOTHING IS TOLD ABOUT IT, NO EXPLANATION AS TO HOW SOMETHING HAS OCCURED...THE FIRST! MINUTE AND A HALF!!!, he' LA got whiplash form this anime a couple of times from how it changes from event to another with NO EXPLANATION!!, from that point on there are action scenes but point's f**king does this anime make fighting scenes where dinosaurs fighting each other with opponents on their back...MAKE IT F**KING DULL...ohh they TRY to bring in exposition to an already confusing plotline...but again...they make it f**king dull and more so..make it THAT even MORE CONFUSING. The ending however...well they pull stuff straight out of their asses not to mention bring in multiple Deus ex Machina into it and well....IT MAKES NO F**KING SENSE!!!. This anime also had some scenes in which LA would say is useless to have...GOD LA just wasted 90 mintues of LA's life...F**K.....another words this s**tstack of an anime had an ok concept, yet the execution was it's falling point to no return. This anime is just f**king dull and makes no sense...just don't watch this dull crap....... 0/10
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi DONE What do you get when you put Fairy Tale characters (Both Japanese and the classics), a snarky narrator who's voiced by Kuroko Shirai (Satomi Arai) and put in the fairy tales into the concepts of a storyline?...THIS ANIME!. Ok firstly the characters were VERY memorable the fact that they linked with their fairy tale counterparts (but flip their personalities and motives COMPLETELY). LA has to praise this anime on character development as for a 12 episode anime, it did alot, MOST of the main cast had some very developed backstories and character development. Now in terms of action, there was a lot, comedy?...ALOT most coming from the narrator!!. Now what else....hmmm..ohh right the ending...well anti-climatic HOWEVER once again character development comes in again and adds more to it!, another words...GREAT!. All those people who wants a decent laugh and some of your classic fairy tales characters do crazy things this is for ya! 9.8/10
Welcome to the NHK DONE <Hysteria LA>: IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!, A CONSPIRACY LA TELL YOU!!!!!!
<LA pushes Hysteria LA out of the screen>
LA: Hehe...sorry about that...
This anime is like an ensemble darkhorse of the slice of life genre...meaning?...take your realistic situations with otaku terminology and darken the tone. This anime has mindf**kery, paranoia, romance..he' even SUICIDES. The storyline was at most an emotional rollercoaster, with MANY of it's plot points mattering ALOT to the overall story. The characters are diverse and in the way that makes you think about them in your own shoes..he' LA got chills when comparing LA to Yamazaki. The conspiracy <Hysteria:CONSPIRACY WHERE!!!> <LA:Urusai you wackjob> plot point is very much a central point and basically a driving force of this "slice of life" anime. If your looking for a slice of life anime with dark tones on REALISTIC matters...this anime has it...and will beat down the messages it portrays with a rubber bat.....<Hysteria LA: Hysteria LA welcomes you to the N.H.K>...
Cowboy Bebop DONE This anime was quite somethin', well for one this anime had a GORGEOUS Musical score, from jazzy blues to techno guitar...ohh yeah this anime has it, for even the ballistic scenes. Now onto the storyline itself...there were several stand-alone epiosdes which equates to either awesomeness to just plain psychedelic, some of the "character development" episodes were impressive especially the ones towards Faye and ESPECIALLY the ones about Spike. The characters were all badass, from Spike's to Faye's femme fatale. Now LA is going to talk about Samurai Champloo for just a little this anime had something Samurai Champloo didn't have...something storyline, why does LA say this?, because of Samurai Champloo's overall linearity compared to Cowboy Bebop's which has much more free range in it's storyline. Ok now with that out of the way...something that got LA a bit irritated about...the ending..ohh yes it was epic...but...some parts...left untold, which kinda irritated LA. In all, the musical score was the main greatness of this anime, character development and the characters themselves are awesome, but the ending slightly faulted. 20/10
Claymore DONE Ahh...<LA vomits>....sorry about that. This anime is disgusting. Ok ok ok...though it has HEAVY AMOUNT of gore and just plain gruesome fantasy body horror scenes...just you'll see what LA means. Ok now to the storyline, this storyline is pretty interesting, alot of backstories were covered not to mention this anime is purely action...HOLY CRAP, as well as there is no..LA means NO FILLERS...therefore this storyline is saying it is serious right from the get go. In terms of character development...well this correlates to the backstories...yeah it means there are ALOT of character development. Now LA has to say this this anime is brutal...serious....forewarned this anime is NOT for the fainted hearted. Ok in all though this is a gruesome horror story, the backstories shown as well as the plenty of action makes up for LA needs to rinse this anime with a slice of life anime. 11/10
Seitokai no Ichizon DONE Season 1 - Synopsis in one sentence: A boy named Ken tries to form a harem within the Student Council...hilarity ensues
Hehe.....this gag parody anime is really seriously. This gag parody anime is really different as it's like parody of the harem genre WHILE HAVING ANIME "GAG" REFERENCES, yes this anime does that, from references to Death Note to Lucky Star to Suzumiya Haruhi to even Dragonball Z. Now here's the twist...this "gag parody" anime has one thing it solidifies at has a storyline...yes it does has mainly through both backstories of the Ken towards the 4 girls as well as development with the 4 girls themselves. Normally gag animes are one cheap jokes about the genre they're wanting to do and forget about it, therefore it leads to no storyline just jokes. THIS...THIS anime however is the exception, as the backstories and character development are actual developed and doesn't suffer from "Status Quo is God" not to mention the last 2 episodes were VERY emotional. Another words for a gag parody anime...this anime did quite well in most fronts. Ohhh and LA terms of comedy...from the harem genre...the characters jokes and subtle remarks towards Ken was some of the funniest things LA heard......hehe....
Recommended for: Any anime fan who wants a good laugh, harem fans as well as those veteran anime watchers
Best aspect:: All the anime references as well as most of the jokes played on this anime
Worst aspect: Minimal cast...but it didn't bug LA that much
Favourite Character: otaku...just SO MOE!!!!...
Note:Also for those who hasn't noticed yet..LA got this format of review from a certain reviewer for the sake of a parody of a review....hehe...

Lv 2. - Synopsis in one sentence:: More antics with the student council, with Ken still trying to be a harem king.
Ok so still it's the same old parody anime but with less anime references...which as a bummer but more leaned into the "breaking the fourth wall" and injokes to put in the comedy department. The still as it should be as this is obviously a continuation of the last season, just with one little change...the animation quality has been changed, whether this might deter first season fans...well that's up to the fans. However there's one more problem given to this leave the impact the first season did in it's finale...where this season's finale more or less made it heartwarming...the first season did leave an impact on both the plot and the relationships of the characters, this season...didn't really achieve that due to circumstances from it's plot BUT still just didn't leave that impact LA saw in the previous season> *ahem*..other than was done well and the comedy is all well in good as well as a heartwarming ending...but.......just didn't give that much an impact it did the first was a shame as it had a great thing going...<LA frowns a bit>...AHHHH let LA not be too down on's still a GREAT gag parody anime series NO DOUBT.
Recommended for: Seitokai no Ichizon and parody anime fans
Worst aspect: Hmmmmmmm...LA can't pinpoint it's worst's too hard to find.
Favourite Character: Tie between Mafuyu and Kurimu
Season 1 - 10/10

Lv. 2 - 8/10
Omamori Himari DONE Well....Stormfall please ring that bell! <Stormfall rings the fanservice bell>...Yes that's right...harem fanservice galore. An anime right from a battle harem genre with a bit of a deconstruction, OK to start off, the storyline itself was given the whole battle harem genre then as the storyline went went a bit dark, however the fanservice shots......the *anty shots and chests shots were loads abound...seriously. Now to characters...well the characters were all stereotypical harem stock know the tsundere, the short one, the childhood friend get the gist, except almost half of them are supernatural creatures. Now the "darker elements" of the storyline were actually pretty good in terms of "bodyguard and master crush" specifics however sometimes fanservice comes in when it really shouldn't be. The does LA say then dark then anti-climatic then ass pull then cheesy...yeah it's a pretty chaotic ending. <LA meows>... 8/10
Seitokai Yakuindomo* DONE Season 1- (Aria beats the drums and Suzu blows the whistle)
Shino: Ousai Academy Student Council Rule #5!
(Drumming and whistling loudens)
Shino: There should be... no overfiddling! with where??
<Opening theme plays>
Ok ok ok..enough of the opening theme...<Shino: An opening like a v*****a>...<LA:>_>...I'll pretend you didn't say that..> Ok so Seitokai Yakuindomo review.......<*stare*>...THIS ANIME A RIOT!!!!. Seriously LA has to say an anime about se* jokes it has LESS fanservice and still plays on it's many se* jokes to some of it's minor ones jokes as well. This anime just thrives on se* jokes...from situations where se**al innuendos are played to just outright funniness in general. Now the characters for this anime are actually diverse.....well it is a gag anime. In terms of's actually more like one hit to brick jokes that comes in often, though it has a minimal storyline the jokes are the things that makes this anime what it is...a plethora of se**al innuendos and plain awkward funny jokes. The ending ohh the ending...was awesome...full of fourth wall and some pretty funny stuff.....ahhhhhh.....this anime is just great <LA: But only watch it when your 18+ fellas!!! *LA winks and gives a thumbs up*>

OVA's (8) - Ohhhh the OVA's...let the se**al innuendos continue!!!, not to mention these OVA's has some connections with it's other OVA's. Once again, more of the craziness and se* jokes pops up and just all the more funny. The ending was good as it was a get together with all the cast (even the minor cast) with even better jokes. In all....a spiral of crazy and plethora of se* jokes again and a funny ending. With the recent one out...the comedic flavour and overall *ahem* se**al innuendo jokes are just better and funnier...seriously just look at the first minute of it...had LA laughing for a while. LA didn't say it in the actual review above but this anime is probably THEE only anime in which it's OK to have that kind of se**alized jokes, IT'S THAT GOOD, also LA has to say all the seiyuu's for this anime did very well, in terms of comedic value, they put emphasis in their wording or their reactions allowing the se**al innuendo's to work perfectly allowing the comedic timing for almost every joke work every time. Overall, the recent one is nice re-refresher to the hectic craziness which is Seitokai Yakuindomo..LA loves it, loves it, loves it...hope for a second season!!!

* - (Dr. C.C beats the drums and Lore blows the whistle)
LA: Ousai Academy Student Council Rule Article 2 Paragraph 1...
(Drumming and whistling loudens)
LA: If you see a person with hands below their hips it means they are doing it!
Dr. C.C: Ehhhh...EHHHH!!!
LA: *ahem*'s the second season in all it's perverted glory. It's the second season and Production GoHands, the people responsible for the previous season has come back and made a more polished animation of this perverted se* joke up the a** season. For it's new polished look, it still looks the same just with a bit of a more crisper look to it and better animation in general.....hehe...crisper look. The jokes are perverted as the previous season with a bit of plot towards it, most of the jokes are very well landed mainly again as LA said during the first season's OVA's review, both the joke and the response towards it is still there and LA cracked up loads of times, not to mention this season had mini character "skits",,,which were also a good perverted change and still funny as he' some times. Now the "plot" is sorta there be it small instances of plot, but nonetheless, the focus of this season and in it's entirety of this anime is about the jokes and LA already talked about that...-sigh-...this is the anime that Chuck Lorre wished he made. What??? makes sense...*ahem*. Seitokai Yakuindomo still goes strong and their jokes overall is still great even if it is just se* jokes...that's the beauty of it...something so simplistic and perverted that nails it's jokes which is the main focus. Hehehehe...."going strong"...
Dr. C.C: Just couldn't let that one slide couldn't you?
LA: LA tried to resist but it works in this review...let LA HAVE THAT!!!...anyways, this season does hint towards ANOTHER season, considering it's we'll see soon...
Season 1 - 10/10

* - 10.5/10
Ikkitousen series DONE Dragon Destiny: F**K this anime...seriously...just f**k it. the story has 3 factions of schools fight- *anty SHOTS EVERY F**KIN' 5 seconds, it's fanservice he'!??!?!?!?....seriously f**k the storyline, it's confusing as he' anyways. Ok ok fine LA knows that this piece of fanservice trash is based on one of the four great Chinese literature Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but this anime just didn't care? didn't it care???...the f**kin' fanservice. Ohh the fanservice isn't just *anty shots every 5 seconds...the girls clothes just rip apart like toilet paper during fights so...yeah more fanservice and even se* scenes....WTF. Think on this you buy a big burger and you proceed to eat it, while your eating it think of every *anties on your wardrobe...then think on a stranger sniffing them.....THAT'S THIS ANIME, you will throw up/turn your eye away from all the fanservice given to you in this anime as it's at most...constantly disgusting and annoying you!!!. Ok LA's's based on a great literature but the f**kin' execution of it is just plain disgusting. The storyline itself would have been better if ALL the fanservice was taken could have average at the most. In all this anime is the skidmark of the fighting/shounen genre. Now next sea-...this series got ANOTHER SEASON....F**K THIS S**T!??!?!.

Great Guardians: F**K THIS S**T...that's all LA has to say about this season...Ok?..problems?...well the previous problem from Dragon Destiny are STILL in this season (per say the fanservice mainly), the storyline is BEYOND stupid and the main villain for this season is a whiny little brat...another words...annoying villian and blatant fanservice that is not needed ticks LA off VERY MUCH SO, however the ending has a plethora of stupid ass pulls it makes LA want to both pull the hairs of the main characters and the main villain as to how stupid they both are...seriously...get a clue main cast. <LA sighs>...LA just hates this season...LA thinks this season has no IMPACT towards the already stupid overladden fanservice premise of the series and thinks this entire season as more of a filler than anything least there isn't anothe- <LA looks below>...F*****************************K YOU IKKITOUSEN...

Xtreme Xecutor - F*****************************K YOU IKKITOUSEN...This season is WORSE THAN Great Guardians. The storyline itself is VERY weak, from pulling ass pulls to deus ex machina nearly EVERY EPISODE, the seriousnessness of the "major" fights are tainted because of the b**b shots or *anty shots every time ANYONE FIGHTS...seriously, that is not HOW YOU CREATE TENSION IN A SCENE. Ok now the premise of this season is just seriously weak and outright bulls**t...LA just wants to throw up, fanservice hell is right ohhhh so right and the villain's goal is also stupid and the moral of the season is even worse...practically.. "If your fighters, your goal is to fight and live so that you can the dream"...cliche to the very last...>_>. In all stupid premise, stupid villain and TOO MANY B**B SHOTS...seriously...tone the f**k down on the stupid fanservice scenes...they are very f**king annoying.

Overall: In all this fanservice pig swine trash hell of anime is...LA will say it..spank material...this has series has no seriousness of it's storyline, of its premise, of its characters and dozens among dozens of deus ex machina and ass excuse LA...
LA: Still not speaking of seasonal, LA couldn't believe that Great Guardians season WASN'T A the face value of that season was WORSE than expected. If LA had to choose, Dragon Destiny is the better of the other seasons, seriously just watch Dragon Destiny...FORGET THE REST...if your eyes wants to subject itself to fanservice hell. LA is going to give this f**king stupid premise of a series the f**king "FANSERVICE HELL" Medal. If the fanservice was omitted and the production of the series was better done in terms of the storyline which was based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms", then this anime series would at least be watchable...but it's not. F**K THE OVERUSE OF FANSERVICE, F**K THIS SERIES...<LA kicks a chair over and leaves>...
Dragon Destiny - 3.2/10

Great Guardians: 2/10

Xtreme Xecutor: 1.5/10

Overall: 2/10
Deadman Wonderland DONE Errrrr.....bloody and gorey to very last. Ok Deadman Wonderland..starting from storyline, the storyline itself just goes from one thing to another though the body horror is there THE ENTIRE TIME, the fights are a bit impressive however the body horror is combined with this and heaps of blood making this storyline one NOT for the faint hearted. The plot twists does come every now and again however the audience will know it but not the main character..which kinda makes it frustrating when more clues appears. The characters are a bit diverse however in terms of character development, the minor cast gets only small snippets and the main characters hardly gets any development except for "training" which doesn't surmount to not much screentime. The ending....errrr.....a truncated Deus ex Machina ending...yeah, oh yeah this anime also has a few plot holes which also contributed to the truncated ending. In all a gorey anime with a semi-rigid storyline but the ending kinda annoyed LA... 8.9/10
5 Centimeters per Second DONE Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan was this short anime a VERY sad love story. A tale of long distance relationships.....and being a sad story you can see where this is going, what's worse is that there's a third wheel whose feelings ARE NOT reciprocated...yeah. LA was a on the verge of tears on the first episode ALONE. The dialogue for this anime is just utterly poetic...ohh so much and the graphics looks moderately good at best. From what you've read the romance is very much the main focus element in this anime and shows up ALL THE TIME...from that the ending in itself...well just watch for sad. In all....a sad love story...a very sad love story... 9.3/10
Eiken DONE FANSERVICE HELL with the side of a non-existent storyline. being a 2 episode OVA...about...about...errrr....yeah...all it is blatant overly gross to absurd fanservice. This anime tries to bring itself to bring in the romance, but like Ikkitousen.......fanservice ruins it to gross extents. The premise itself during the first 3 just whiplashes to the events...yeah. This anime's fanservice is outright he'...from it's b**b sizes monstrosities to it's se*ual visual innuendos..makes this a very hard anime to watch...and the se*ual visual innuendos...yeah..LA isn't kidding about that..forewarn as that combined with the blatant fanservice and non-existent storyline has gotten this anime the "Fanservice Hell" Medal. <LA sighs and facepalms> In anime with no storyline and shows awkward to outright gross fanservice scenes nearly the entire way through all the 2 episodes given...another words, blatant b**b spank material trash. 1.5/10
Koe De Oshigoto! DONE Well....this anime is awkward...the main protagonist becoming a er*ge seiyuu....yeaaahh..that's the premise of this 2 episode anime. LA is very serious as to how awkward this anime is...and yeah this anime is DEFINITELY FOR 18 and up. For one, they censor the "bad words" as well as censoring the lower regions and se* scenes however the it's more like audio er** the most of this anime. There is a storyline but it's more like the job as a seiyuu and a bit of romance all rolled into one with a huge load of awkward. In all this isn't an anime like's the AUDIO equivalent to it...but LA still says this anime is not fanservice heavy. Weird and awkward anime for sure for those who watch this. 18+ only should only watch this, SERIOUSLY. 7/10
Mayo Chiki DONE Well.....this is some harem. This anime is mainly on the drama romance for the most part with comedy sprinkled here and there that and heaps of moderate fanservice. This little formula makes a decent harem...seriously. This anime has a great seiyuu cast...from Mariya Ise to Kana Asumi to Eri Kitamura to YUKA IGUCHI, with that it makes for great dialogue. Now onto storyline...well it's mostly driven by one character at the most but most of the storyline are character development for each haremettes, in which case is great. Now in terms of drama it's a deus ex machina at times however in other times it feels genuine which leads to some of the romance to be genuine as well. The ending was heartfelt at the very most but the tension leading up to it was a bit saddening. This anime has a good mix of romance, character development, comedy and drama, good harem Mayo Chiki!!!.

OVA - This OVA deals with one of the haremettes who didn't have enough screentime in the main storyline, with the character development, this is a good as well as funny OVA and the character development is a plus.
Hayate the Combat Butler series DONE Season 1 - When reading Hayate the Combat Butler review, make sure to read at a decent distance away from the computer screen in a well-lit room. Got it?
This anime, this season...pure platnium comedy grade COMEDY MINEFIELD!!!!!. This is one of thee funniest breaking the fourth wall comedy in general LA has seen to date. This anime just thrives and excels in it's comedy as well as trying to balance the other genre such as shounen, romance (harem) and gag parodies. The charcater development for this anime is great with it's 52 episode length, many of the minor cast has ALOT of character development as well as the core main cast (Not to mention the snarky narrator is funny as hell - even the main characters talk back to the narrator!!!). Fanservice???...ohhh just fanservice heaven. Now onto the extras...yes this anime has extras in the form of "Butler Network" and LA has to say the extras are also awesome and funny as well. Now onto the topic of comedy, the "breaking the fourth wall"...this anime takes breaking the fourth wall into pieces then repairs it then breaks the fourth wall with a wrecking ball...that's the extent of it's comedy (hell the main characters even go Syn**** SP, the same company who made this season of this anime to make ANOTHER anime). The characters = great and even more memorable due to their character developments episodes, the storyline though crazy and outrageously awesome, it was a great comedy adventure!!!, the comedy.....a platnium mine of funny and breaking of the fourth walls!!!!!. Bring on Season 2 !!!!!

Season 2 - Ahhhh this season...this season. Ok for one, all the characters look really polished, not to mention the storyline has both drama as well as comedy and action...balancing it in some sense...the drama mainly on the harem end of it, the action, in the slapstick yet awesome when need to way...and which does make it interesting. Now character development is just like the previous season...both the main and some of the minor cast does get episodic developments whic are good if you wanted to see your favourite character get their day in the limelight. Now the comedy may have been lessened...but it's still there and still funny and it's still a platnium comedy mine in the comedy department. The storyline is both funny and serious when needed, fanservice once again is fanservice HEAVEN, but what LA loved about this season was in Episode 12...mostly because of Hinagiku singing Cruel Angel's Thesis...soooo <LA torpedo nosebleed>..... Now the ending...was good, it had all the cast shown including the minor ones. In all...this season done by JC STAFF was a more polished version of the previous season due to the higher budget JC this season was very good in all fronts.

OVA - A Fanservice beach episode with the whole cast.......<LA nosebleeds>. This OVA was mostly fanservice of the beach kind...with nearly ALL the girls getting the fanservice. However for a fanservice OVA, there was a slight story with this OVA (Yes...yes there was) mostly involving Nagi and an evil ghost. It was outright funny with the story as always (this was JC Staff's OVA thus second season). In all, this OVA was both FANSERVICE HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <LA nosebleeds> and had a good yet funny subplot, making this a funny fanservice OVA.

~ Can't Take My Eyes Off You ~ - Well this is something different from the Hayate series. This season was just different. In terms of storyline it had less comedy (though it was still there), more drama and it was darker and edgier from it's previous seasons...he' it even had a villain was WASN'T for comedic relief. This season was more about Nagi's family history more than anything, even the harem parts were lessened greatly. The animation for this season was similar to the Hayate the Combat Butler: Heaven is the Place on Earth movie style which LA didn't mind. Though this season was serious, at most it held up the serious part very well, making both the plot twists as well as the plot "tools" makes alot of sense as well as making the villain bats**t insane. In all, this season though it had some comedy (some of that Hayate comedy flavor) but throughout mostly it was serious and dark...the storyline itself was very good and the ending...was both heartwarming and AWESOME.

Cuties - This season was a bit Photo Kano/~Can't Take My Eyes Off You~...what does LA mean?...LA means it has the format like Photo Kano but has the animation and style like ~Can't Take My Eyes Off You~, though it has the entire Photo Kano's "one episode a girl", there are still some plot holes missing from the previous seasons...such as who's A-tan?...who's Kayura?...ok ok ok, at least some of those are explained but still. It's character development for the most part is slightly developed with the new characters and all the main harem gets their own episode leading to maybe a bit of development. The only proper storyline is at the end and the ending was ok.....the premise was weird but the ending message wasn't that bad. The payoff for which haremette you'd want to be with the main character is a bit of a letdown considering Hayate in general soooo...yeah...cornered harem. In all, this season was a bit of a mix, the character development was ok, small but still a bit ok, however the format of the storyline was kinda bad. The ending was ok, but some of the character development didn't lead anywhere cept "they like Hayate"...LA felt this season to be a bit of hit and miss cept for some references to ~Can't Take My Eyes Off You~ during the ending, make a season that tells about the story at hand, like how JC Staff did it...focus on the story while making anime references and otakuness within it...
Season 1 -


Season 2 -


~ Can't Take My Eyes Off You ~ - 9.5/10

Cuties - 8.9/10
Copihan DONE This anime is wierd. For one it's only a 7 epiosde anime with only 5 minute running time for each episode. Second each episode is only about one main charcater with a few cameos of previous characters from other episodes. In all this anime has no storyline, however with it's characters themselves and their desig-. This anime review is really based on characters and graphics. From this LA can say the characters are ok, one or two are a bit wierd and others just normal to crazy. The graphics are ok, however this anime use transition schemas cleverly espeically in the cameos. In all this anime was sorta on the ball, what with no story but characters were ok and so were the graphics, so LA gave this anime a rating of... 5/10
Murder Princess DONE Well....errr.....the name says it all doesn't???. This action-based 6 episode anime was alright premise and interesting storyline....if not for the wierd bouts of "princess slice of life" ( it padding) completely disturbing the good action scenes. Now the villains........LA calls it on crap villains!!!!!...seriously...LA saw what their goal was easily and it domination..OF COURS-...nah it's not worth it. Though the mythos of this anime's world was interesting as well as the final "decision" made during the ending was rather interesting to see, however being a 6 episode anime, it was kinda short-lived. <LA sighs>....the first 3 episodes...was a near borefest in more ways than "HIME-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as at first the villains were ACTUALLY villains...until the next episode and turned into..."Monster of the Week" thing for the next 2 episodes and not even taking a fight against the main character AND FLEEING... it was at most crap villains doing crap things for something so power and world domination...and failing at it, until the Big Bad appears that is. The musical score for the OP and even the battle music were at least decent as it was all metallic. There was maybe one plot twist.......which LA saw coming because of the foreshadowing. Call this anime "a Princess gone badass with the princess annoyance slice of life as an attachment during the first half...then in the later goes badass again."...errr....kinda hard to call this anime then...hehehehe. 7/10
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt DONE What the f***, ass****, mutherf***er...can't you f***in' see LA is doing a bloody anime review about angels..the f**king f***king premise....f***!!!!. Ok...seriously..Gainax...what sick diverted, perverted Powerpuff Girl deconstruction anime of an abomination have you made???. This anime goes through the simple Powerpuff Girl routine...just..completely perverted and TONS of swearing (In Engrish) and massive amout of toliet and se**al jokes you can stick a ***** in the ******* in. Each episode has 2 stories some with pop cultural Back to the Future and Tranformers even..and as said before...make the story perverted and disgusting to outright jawdropping. The story really picks up in the final 2 episodes...and HOLY S*** about a Gainax ending..and by Gainax ending meaning during the ending something completely different arises within the ending, now this anime not only did it once...BUT TWICE in the last seconds of the final episode..WHAT THE F****!?!?!?!??!. All the stories within the storyline were at most disgusting and perverted but again the final 2 episodes.......<LA's jaws falls to the ground>...unexpected...really unexpected. In all LA can only say three words about this entire anime.....WHAT....THE......FU**!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!. 7/10
Mnemosyne DONE Yuri...torture...Immortality...and* get this anime...yes you read right. This anime is one of LA's weirdest and fanDISservice animes LA has EVER encountered. Oh there are se* scenes...mixed with yuri but...WTF still. There is a storyline to this weird as HELL anime with a very convincing villain and sorta a pseudo-detective stories tied in. The cases for the mysteries are's like you have the slightest inclination of the matter...yet the result is almost NOWHERE near it. Now being a 6 episode you won't get much?, WRONG. It's a story where you really do get a connection towards the main characters...yet...this anime is vicious in it's kill count...VERY vicious. This anime feels wrong to watch what with it's UNcensored se* scenes as well's fandisservice..seriously it just is. Ok in all, sorta-memorable characters...a good storyline in the basis of it's mystery detective/character development plotlines about the main character but the se* scenes were sometimes.....yeah fandisservice. Ohh the ending??? was intense...yet the end result was sorta flipped at the last 10 minutes or so...leaving LA wondering... Ohh one minor note, this anime is seriously only for 18+ due to the se* scenes and whatnot..... 7.5/10
Shakugan no Shana series DONE Note: THIS IS LA's 100th ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Season 1 - Wow....LA loves this series already, ok Season 1. For one this season not only had detailed and interesting mythos about the world of Shakugan no Shana, the characters are all diverse and MOST ARE AWESOME, lots of character development from lots of characters, most of the characters are memorable and most are FLAMIN' BADASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, especially Shana and Wilhelmina. The voice acting was very good, especially Rie Kugimiya, Shizuka Ito, Hitome Nabatame and Ayako Kawasumi to name a few. Now this season had balanced harem and action LA is serious, the drama really does add to the plot as a whole and the action scenes are FLAMIN' AWESOME!!!. Both the drama of this season as well as the action are very intense and with the mythos of the Shakugan no Shana makes this VERY VERY AWESOME. The villains for this season...well at the beginning, some of the villains were annoying to disturbing, however near the middle of season, most if not all villains are either bats**t insane or a powerful tactician villains that affects the plot OHH SO MUCH. The ending??? all around, no anticlimactic stuff happens which really does please LA, that and the fact that with the mythos of the Shakugan no Shana...makes the ending as well as the plot twists extremely satisfying and AWESOME!!!!!. In all, this season was pure flamin' AWESOME in all aspects. LA is expecting great things from this series.

Season II - Wow...just wow.....this season BLEW THE FIRST SEASON OUT OF THE FLAMES. The drama, the action, the storyline, the plot twists, the ending, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT WAS JUST AWESOME AND OUTSTANDED LA. This season was beyond LA's expectations. For one, the drama was not only intense, it both worked towards the storyline and it's characters influence throughout the plot. The characters all get their screentime as well as getting most of them get ALOT of development (The main cast). The storyline was at first calm but with the entire "Monster of the Week", to high school drama, to interwined fantasy and school life intensity. The plot just wow...if you think about it enough, the plot twists does NOT come off as deus ex machina...THAT IS SOMETHING HARD TO DO (due to the mythos of Shakugan no Shana), most if not all the plot twists astounded LA in the awesome way possible. The action scenes were also beyond awesome, all intense and adrenaline-fueled and the battle perception of most the cast are astounding making the battles both strategically cool and just purely awesome. Now the ending???...well let's just say it does both a cliffhanger and link most of the plot twists together as well as making it an epic finale battle...another words....AWESOME ENDING. In all, this season..this season was beyond LA's expectation and made LA speechless and astounded to the very end...BRAVO JC STAFF, BRAVO.

Season S - Hehe...this OVA season was a split. The first half of S was mainly on funny to heartwarming situations which doesn't impact the main storyline in any way such as one episode having an entire episode dedicated to Wilhelmina Carmel. The other half of S Season was a bit more serious with a bit of Shana's past with a detective-ish case, which was actually interesting and by the time you know the errr...."culprit" makes sense, however the stinger from the final episode makes hints towards the third season which intrigued LA. In all, this S Season was both funny and serious for a 4 episode OVA and plus we get more insight to Shana's past...can't wait for the third season!!!

Season III - This season outstanded LA is both the good and bad ways. For one, it brought upon the "cerberus syndrome" in the first 3 episodes which both confused and flipped LA off the season due to sudden change so quickly and became a warzone for most of the entire season...then it linked most of the past plot points from all the past 2 seasons making it make sense (which was cool)...then a bit of anti-climax...then..the was a 50/50 hate and love thing for LA. As you read, most of this season was all battles and wars...which wasn't like the past Shakugan no Shana seasons as they were more the villains plan to thwart, which LA didn't like, there were like 5% of school drama...95% war and fighting. However most of the wars and battles were again had that battle perception from the previous seasons just with that extra plus due to the fact it's a war and all. There was drama in it (more than 5% of the school drama) which accompanied with the warzone storyline very much due to the strong connection of the main characters and all (you know whether they may die or not). There was character development...little towards the minor cast (he' some of the "school minor" cast has little to do with the main storyline) but it had MAJOR DEVELOPMENT TOWARDS SHANA AND YUJI...which...was great to Shana but not so great to Yuji. There was an anti-climax near the end of the season which LA didn't like...LA really didn't like it...however the end result was still awesome and had a tearjerkin' ending. So you can see...LA is a bit torn from this season...however LA knows for sure...even though it had it's still was awesome.

Shakugan no Shana Tokubetsuhen Episode - HOT SPRINGS EPISODE!!!!...with unrequited/oblivious love is in the air and errr....Oga-chan....stop thinking yaoi's...yeah. But yeah hot springs episode thus...FANSERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as well as a bit of romance, even if it was oblivious. In all...funny fanservice, laid back episode.

Shakugan no Shana-tan Specials - Funniest injokes EVA. It's like taking all the mythos and serious to some situations within the first 2 seasons of Shakugan no Shana and making fun of the situation which cracked LA up SOOOO MUCH, not to mention Shana being chibi!!! right...this being JC Staff...Index-tan MAKES A CAMEO...very funny at that. In all...these are some AWESOME FUNNY SPECIALS.

Overall - In all...the series...WAS F**KING AWESOME of an anime series. The story, the drama, the battle perception of the battles being INGENIUS, the characters being extremely memorable and just outright an awesome series. The storyline for the entire 3 seasons were awesome, the villains were tactical geniuses as well as extremely powerful foes, the characters were very memorable due to both the drama and romance added to them giving them depth AS WELL AS the character development most of the cast gets (ESPECIALLY SHANA AND YUJI), again the battles were brilliantly done to almost perfection, the first and second season are seasons that give most of this out, however yeah...the third season was more focused on wars and fighting with little bits of drama dropping in. Ohh LA really forgot this for 3 seasons...the OP's, ENDING's and battle music was just AWESOMELY CATCHY and outright adrenaline fueling in the battles. In all...Shakugan no Shana...LA tips LA's critic hat to may have your flaws...but it's still AWESOME.
Season 1 -


Season II -


Season S - 9/10

Season III -


Overall -

Haiyore Nyarko-san! series DONE Season 1 - know H.P MOEIFY!!!!! into a romantic comedy/shout outs to SEVERAL anime references. This anime is a very good "romantic comedy" with the twists of the heroines/heroes being Cthulu based monsters "moe"ified with yuri and yaoi undertones thrown in. The storyline was very comedic, slapstick romance and villains for that "added comedic reliefs" moments. Now LA has to point out something, Eri Kitamura and Rie Kugimiya does crossdressing voices which in itself, they both did very good jobs..however Rie Kugimiya's characters gives off that...ummm..."IT'S A TRAP!" feeling. Kana Asumi does a very genki character being the main character does a fast-pacing dialogue and really does the "comedic value" of this anime very high. The plot twists for this anime was actually funny be it towards mostly the villains or within the episode. In all, this anime was very funny...the characters, the shout outs, the episodes, he' even the villains were outright funny (even their "motives" are outright weird). The ending was at most heartwarming...but was funny at the end of it. This anime reeks of high comedic value, all of it. As Nyarko said "I'm the Chaos that always crawls up to you with an smile, Nyarlathotep!", and LA came out smiling after this anime...very funny anime.

OVA - Way to take the magical girl genre and flip it to crazy proportions...cos well come on it's Haiyore Nyarko-san...and this OVA having many anime references *ahem* Hyouka and Accel World *ahem*...this OVA was crazy to magical girl transformations...pun intended.

W - SHINGEKI NO CTHULU!!!! ORE NYARKO NO KONNA NI KAWAII NAI!!!!!...*ahem*...this season was just a Cthulu chaos again! and all the more funnier and better, LA found many more anime references whilst the season still tries to have a episodic plotline (sometimes more than one episode). Most of the new skits and gags were funny and the plot twists/plot was just funny with the results being both an anti-climax funny or just generally funny. Some character development was both interesting and funny leading to a harem chaosness but some of the character development does become a bit more tense and developed, but like Cthulu chaos Nyarko logic, the logic comes to hilarious ends or just stuff blowing up..seriously...some of the characters break the fourth wall most of the time. In all, though this anime has alot more laughs, ALOT more breaking the fourth wall and ALOT more anime references, it also has more character development. In all, this season just had better jokes and alot more character development...which makes it great for a Cthulu comedy SPACE CQC END REVIEW!!!

OVA - Another OVA and it's a hot springs episode!, fanservicey ecchi hilarity ensues. This OVA is just another round of reference humor, hot springs hilarity, it's only 15 minutes long and there's lots of reference humor and lots of fanservice (It's a hot spring episode!, it's a given). It's funny, fanservice is a bit tame but nonetheless it's fanservice. It's just another nice fanservice humor crazy OVA in the Haiyore Nyarko-san universe!!!
Season 1 - 9/10

W - 9.7/10
Sword Art Online series DONE Season 1 - SAO Arc (Ep. 1 ~ 14): This arc was pretty good at the start, mainly the first 3 episodes with a very compact anime atmosphere and the main character and the gaming elements. However as the arc goes on, the storyline was slanted to either telling a sub-story or actually carry on with the real plot, being both good and bad at times. The fight scenes for the most part was awesome outright and with a bonus for the gaming elements involved. However with the "side-stories", sometimes the minor cast only has about 1 to 2 episode development which wasn't great but Kirito and Asuna gets the most development for obvious reasons of being the main leads. Near the end of this arc, LA kinda saw multiple deus ex machina's which wasn't explained which annoyed LA ALOT. The biggest problem with this arc was it's pacing, from fighting like a badass in amazing fights to laid-back stuff to romance sub-plot the next, it was all over the place. But LA does has to say this...the fights were awesome, some of the gaming elements touched upon was pretty cool, the main leads do get heaps of development (including romance) but it's stinted due to the pacing of the storyline. Overall, this arc was ok, but LA was annoyed at the pacing and confused due to the ending of this arc.

ALO Arc (Ep. 15 ~ 25): This arc was...ok. It had it's flaws but it also had it's great point from the SAO arc as well. The gaming elements in this arc was lessened but was still there, but this time it "kinda" did what SAO arc didn't....go on with the story...with a price that is...the villain SUCKED, he was your card carrying run of the mill villain with some weird perverted tendencies which was NOT ok compared to the SAO arc villain. The story was at the very least had some pacing that was better than the SAO with some drama within it making it better, there was also LESS action compared to the SAO arc which was kinda of a let down, not to mention the characters to get the most development is Kirito and Suguha...hardly any from the minor characters and even Asuna gets put into the Damsel in Distress role.....when she was suppose to be the leading action girl role...yeeaaaahhhh. The ending was well was pretty unexpected but was resolving some of the plot which again was good. But the drama given was...borderline incest...YUP.....but that aside, the drama even if it did have to do incest was actually half-way decent. In all, this had what SAO arc had but it also did what SAO arc shouldn't have done...the "villain" was the worst part of this arc BY far.

Overall - Now this anime is going to be hard to review overall, due to either fandom bases might rip LA a new one for siding with either side. However LA has to say this anime was great on the action scenes (even from the little it had in the ALO arc), there was a bit of forced drama throughout the anime sorta on the romance between Asuna and Kirito, but some real drama between Kirito and Suguha. The story in all was both messed up by pacing (SAO) and also had some structure (ALO) which was ok, the villains were both unique (SAO) and just classically evil (ALO). Due to the differing nature of both arcs...LA will be kinda contradicting LA's self, except for that the minor characters hardly getting character development for their role in the story for both arcs which was not a good thing. Overall...if you want to see action and like gaming at the same time with that bit of romance...this anime is for you.

Extra Edition - Sword Art Online Extra Edition is practically a re-telling of the first two arcs...and when LA means re-telling, LA means a full 80 MINUTES of re-telling with tidbits of fanservice in-between the re-telling to make the narrative...and the fanservice = pool episode = yeah...fanservice like you will. LA WON'T say anything much about the re-telling as it's a re-telling...what do you expect???...LA DOES have one thing to say though...LA found that throughout the re-telling, BOTH arcs had it's fair share of plot holes, deus ex machina's and a**pulls looking back at the re-telling start to finish...<fans flame LA>...IT'S SOMETHING LA FOUND OUT...yes, flame LA, but LA is only telling you what LA sees!!!, the re-telling also gives tidbits of the other characters experience throughout the arcs instead of just "Kirito"'s experiences and how they did the re-telling format was done well, switching narrator whilst still keeping Kirito the main narrator in a different environment altogether. Ok ok now to the new meat of this Extra Edition...the final 20 minutes of this extra edition does have a new "quest" all set in the ALO environment, so we get more time with the core cast from both's good and the ending has two good plot twists, one is purely the quest, the other is in the final moments of this Extra Edition...nudging at that long awaited GGO's short but it's a twist nonetheless. In all, for those who want to get back up to speed for SAO, might want to re-watch this 100 minute special and to have a little bit more on the side...<silence>...ok ok ok, LA was being harsh on that "deus ex machina and plot holes thing", LA DOES see it, but putting it that way was kinda out of lin-...wait was it???...

Season II: Phantom Bullet - Sword Art Online II: The Phantom Bullet is the anime sequel to the "popular" first season, it was released in Summer of 2014 and was once again produced by Aniplex, Genco and A1-Pictres and released 24 episodes. Well thing is this season is in 3 arcs, Gun Gale, Caliber and Mother's Rosario with Gun Gale arc taking the majority of the let's start with Gun Gale arc. Gun Gale focuses on a new character by the name of Shino Asada voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro as well as a new threat coming from a different game called "Gun Gale" where a cloaked man can KILL a player by shooting at the Kirito once again looks into this matter and meets Shino early on. Now LA has to say this about Gun Gale arc, Shino is given ALOT of character development and her development even makes her best girl of the anime material and her badassness with a sniper was better. What was kinda annoying about this arc is with Kirito spouting crazy stupid things while he is in a game where he talks about if your a warrior your prepared to fight!...well this is a game stop taking it sooo seriously. On terms of that, the game Kirito is in is more like an MMO (Pvp by the way) giving the world of Gun Gale a bit of world building and shows what a real MMO looks and feels like....yeah Kirito kinda takes things too seriously to the point LA has to eye-roll every time he says something stupid. On the other upside the battles and the lore and planning of Gun Gale as well as Shino were done great and even the villain's plan are somewhat plausible but it kinda veers into the insanely weird and the final confrontation is pretty good even to the real world repercussions especially to the character evolution of Shino. Onto the second and shortest arc, Caliber focuses back on the main cast with Shino added to the roster where this arc feels one of the most MMO-feel like arc with one grand quest to get the legendary sword Excalibur. There is a bit of game lore to it and with Shino added it makes the arc even better with her sniper switched with a bow. It may have been 3 episodes but the MMO-feel and the questing and action was very well deserving to watch. Now the final arc, Mother Rosario arc is one of the most emotional arcs LA has seen. Well it now focuses on Asuna yeah remember Asuna the main heroine of the first season, she actually gets proper character development this time and by god did she need some anyways, this arc focuses on Asuna and her meeting of the "Sleeping Knights" with another new character by the name of "Zekken" voiced by Aoi Yuuki being one of the main focus, this arc may be outside of the MMO take to it with one small quest in the MMO-world but as soon as that finishes, the real emotional feels comes along and makes the character development of both Asuna and "Zekken" all the more and Asuna was a character who definitely needed it. The emotions this arc has was very deep and had real world effects to the new character of Zekken and LA nearly cried during the finale of this arc. Besides giving such an emotional take on the SAO world, it once again gave development to Asuna, Kirito and the rest of the gang with Asuna being the most developed with Kirito taking the back seat and to be frank LA thought that was a good thing as his "seriousness" of Gun Gale was not needed in this arc at all. The best thing about this arc was both the character evolution of Asuna as well as giving character development of Zekken. The animation done by A1-Pictures is back and many of the battles that were given to the gun to lightsaber battles to sword to sword battles were always great to see and the character designs were very greatly done, even more to what the world looks like in many of the other gaming worlds given. If LA would have to say who's the better female heroine, LA would have to say Shino by the barest of margins as Mother Rosario's arc nearly made Asuna the main heroine back to who she really is instead of the sty that Alfheim arc gave us. This second season, A1-Pictures finally got their head out of the gutter and put some thought into it and DID NOT RUSH IT and LA applauds this entire season for not going down the Alfheim arc, this season is supremely better than the first season and it's 3 arcs although there were some extreme seriousness which weren't needed or some gaming lore which is questionable especially in the Gun Gale arc, the rest were very decently done and didn't pull an Alfhiem arc. If your a fan of SAO, your damn sure you'll watch this season, for those who wanted to get the stain of Alfheim arc away, this season did itself justice. Whether there is any signs of a 3rd season, with it's popularity it just might...nevertheless this season was done right with a few seriousness gaming errors here and there.
Season 1 - SAO Arc - 9.3/10

ALO Arc - 8/10

Extra Edition - 8/10

Overall - 8.9/10

Season II (Phantom Bullet) - 9.7/10
Clannad series DONE Clannad -<LA sniffs>...Key's best work. Clannad is one of those anime you HAVE to see...this being a sad romantic is. Clannad has a diverse set of characters, more so with the ALOT of character development with some heartwarming to some VERY touching sad moments. This anime studio is the people who gave you AIR and Angel Beats...LA thinks that SAYS ALOT. LA praises Clannad for it's heartwarming sad romantic stories ...seriously they were good on the advanced level of a sad romantic story...he' LA even cried a few times through some of the characters development...yeah...that's right...Clannad made LA cry out of either tears of happiness or tears of sadness. Clannad has a very high "romantic sad story" level but it's not just a sad story, there were some comic relief moments and some jokes that were funny to relieve the tension. Clannad wasn't highly expected of LA...until LA got to the bulk of the story...LA's expectation was BLOWN away from it's story ALONE especially the ending...soo heartwarming and emotionally invested to the characters to the very end. Just wow...this is Key Visual Arts' best work (well until LA watches the rest of their works but for now this is their best work).

Clannad Extra Episode - Hehe...more romance and funny summer. This episode adds more to Clannad's epilogue...and yeah this episode has the same Clannad flavour. Good funny episode.

Tomoyo Chapter - Aaaaaaaand this one did even better....foretelling Tomoyo's arc in one episode and did it EXTREMELY WELL...not to mention Tomoyo was LA's favourite yeah BONUS. The romance???...absolutely NAILED IT...the romance not being all lovey dovey...well it did have those moments...but this romance also had obstacles that were very convincing yet also heartbreaking...what's that???'s like the Tsukasa arc from Amagami SS??? it's not (well the premise was sorta similar)...the Tsukasa arc did it in 6 episodes...Tomoyo's Chapter did it in ONE. Very good episode if your fans of Tomoyo...and bravo Key once again.

~After Story~ - If Clannad was only the starting point of climbing a mountain, then this is the journey to the top. What does that means?. It means the advanced sad romance takes 100 points in soooo many ways than one. At first it's the carefree stories of some of the other characters' development which like the previous season was both heartwarming and serious with the comic relief when needed. However it comes around the halfway point where...s**t hits the gets depressing then even more and even more (the depressing is not however not a detriment towards the storyline), it serious takes "heartbreaking" and goes to the stratosphere, LA CRIED AND FELT SOO BAD FOR THE CHARACTERS every time. Not only does this season did make it extremely heartwretching and heartbreaking to no end, it show us a message, about life...yes...this serious does. It takes the bad and good and shows it to us in real life situations, LA is being serious here, through from teenager to adulthood and ALL THE HARDSHIPS it gives at us and pushes it. Yeah, LA calls "The road to life" on this season. Then the ending...well, it was kinda confusing but heartwarming...LA IS NOT GONG TO SPOIL THIS. In all, this season outdid the previous ohhhhh soo much...<LA starts to cry>...LA isn't crying...LA is NOT crying <LA starts to cry>...AHHHHH LA said LA wouldn't be doing this..........the first half putting more of it's character developments to it's minor characters and making it both serious and heartwarming, to it's second half making it just heartbreaking/wretching/warming to the point it reflects upon real life situations, not to mention this season RESOLVING plotlines from the PREVIOUS SEASON as well as resolving this one. This romance just that great...<LA wipes LA's tears away>...THIS REALLY IS Key Visual Art's best work...from this season as well as the previous put together...this REALLY is their best work...

OVA - A blast from the past of Clannad...before the events of Clannad, a year back and the subtle hints towards Tomoya and Nagisa's meeting. This little episode was both a bit of nostalgia and nice remarks on what was to come. In all, this extra episode was a nice extra..

Kyou Chapter - This chapter on the other hand.....just like Tomoyo's just did it...LA cried like no other due to the situation the characters were placed on, yes...LA was also a Kyou fan and this episode moved LA to tears, and the god...LA cried...just cried....thank you Key Visual Arts again...for making Kyou's episode great.....and sad as well!!!.
Clannad - 20/10

Clannad ~After Story~ - 25/10
Accel World DONE Wow...just wow. LA didn't expect LA's expectation to be excelled soo much. Accel world has a solid storyline, character development and the ending is SOO GOOD. Ok let's run down, the characters are all diverse and add that to their "duel" avatars...BONUS..then add to their character developments???..EVEN BETTER. Now the storyline in itself is similar to Shakugan no Shana style of storylining but with that gaming twist instead of fantasy know what that means???...the mythos of Accel World is just is. See Accel World has it's mythos, characters and character development linked making it all the more cooler and add that too the amazing animation and the fight scenes......<LA faints>...yes LA really liked this anime. Now with the mythos it causes the so called "deus ex machina" situations VOIDED and linked to some of the plot twists???...BONUS AGAIN. Now character development does come into play and even sometimes the minor characters do get their own...even if it was small and they aren't just characters being pushed to one side for some other situations...they actually matter. Now the ending???....ohohohohoohoooooooooo..let's JUST SAY it was both heartwarming and SATISFYING in more ways than one...emphasis on SATISFYING. In all, this anime at first may put you off...but by the half way mark you're hooked by the fight scenes and Accel World as a whole...well it's LA's opinion...may change from others however...LA was pleased with this anime even when LA didn't have much expectation from it in the first place...

OVA - Well...this OVA is...not so much fanservicey than you think, but it still has it. This OVA does take it in the laxxed way a going to a hot springs whilst still keeping with the missony style like Accel World still has. We do get to know a bit more about the main well as the character relationship development from the main character and Kuroyukihime. In all, this sorta-fanservicey OVA was pretty good...what with the small character development shown also.

Specials: These specials are...*ahem*...weird...and chibi. Yeah there are some puns and jokes here and there...but yeah...most of the skits they do are just plain randomly weird...but at least it's funny.
Joshiraku DONE <LA in seiza sitting position and then flings out a paper fan and says>:Don't ask stupid questions!...hehe...but these characters do sometimes...leading to plenty of funny wordplay, puns, tongue-twisters and japanese traditional jokes. This anime as ALL COMEDY and very good at it, leading to some very funny moments. Add that with the character interactions with their stereotype niche (Butt monkey, emotionless one, violent yet posh one, childish one and the ordinary one with impossible luck). These characters are Rakugo (落語, literally "fallen words") performers talking about anything that happens which yeah leads to funny wordplay and puns, heck even breaking the fourth wall jokes. This anime is just full of's just if you do get the jokes at times, it can be very funny...for others who won't well'll miss the joke. But in all...this anime is all out comedy in the traditional sense but is cleverly comical most of the time leading to some very funny scenes...ok ok LA knows that LA kinda repeated...but LA really likes the comedy in this anime and the characters were interesting (well their interactions as well). Thank you for your attention...<LA bows down then leaves the stage>

Special: <LA in seiza sitting position and says>: This episode comedy is just great, well...we do know the premise correct, it's all comedy and so...the comedy presented in this episodes jokes was extremely funny. It still got that Joshiraku comedy flavour but taken it a bit further with it's breaking the fourth wall and "realistic Japanese fact" jokes. In all, this special episode was great, all due to the jokes give- <Lore claps>... given out. <Lore stops clapping>. Thank yo- <Lore claps again> Th- <Lore starts clapping again> THANK Y- <Lore claps then LA angerly hits Lore with a paper fan> LA HASN'T FINISHED YOU IDIOT!!!...*ahem* Thank you for your attention...<LA bows down then wacks Lore with a paper fan before leaving the stage>
Rosario + Vampire series DONE Season 1 - Ahahaha...................PANTY SHOTS. Ok this anime has ALOT of fanservice, it was notorious for it, point blank...however before LA goes into the storyline elements...yeah what does LA think this is???...Fanservice Heaven or Hell???...LA is going on a limp here and say..."in-between" cos LA has seen MUCH WORSE fanservice hell animes, ohh yes this anime does show ALOT of fanservice off, but unlike some anime LA has seen before...this anime's fanservice is TOLERABLE to an extent compared to the animes LA has seen before...yes LA just said that the panty shots in this anime.....was TOLERABLE. Ok now that out of the wa- <LA hears a huge uproar>...OHH SHUT watch Eiken or Ikkitousen and then watch'll be thankful for this anime. Now time for storyline, the storyline for this anime was at first "predictable" not to mention some very annoying stock footage that happened ALOT, which annoyed LA to no end...not to mention that freakin' annoying exposition bat talking about something...WE JUST SAW 2 minutes AGO, other than the stock footages, at least there was comedy not to mention bringing in the main cast together within that time to make the first couple of episodes watchable. However near the last 3 had a MOOD WHIPLASH with an awesome bats**t insane villain, as well as pulling out of the whole "Monster of the Week" scenario from the previous early episodes and making the ending in itself very very good. Besides from the first couple of episodes which was pretty predictable...the ending and those episodes leading up to that was pretty good of a storyline. Now for the characters...well...most of the harem cast do get character development...which was pretty good, bonus during the ending character development whatnot. In all...if you can be tolerable to some fanservice to a good harem with cute monsters into the mix...this anime will be.....ok. Now is LA's time to suck on the blood of Capu2...

Capu2 - Ok...LA has a bone to pick with this season. Ok positives first LA suppose...for one, the ending was great, but compared to Season 1...yeah kinda inferior. Next would have to be the new character who appears and does appear in all episodes, now to mention this new character does get some decent amount of character development. What else???......ahh that's right...Tsukune and his harem also gets their character developments as well, not to mention some of the plot twists was pretty good, once again compared to first season...yeaaaahhh inferior, however the comedy for this season was outright better than Season 1, this season just did better with it's jokes and breaking the fourth wall. Now, the negatives............ahahahahaha...let's get the easy outta the way. First is the went up a few doses...check list???..ok. Panty shots check, chest shots check aaaaaaaand nudity check...yeahhhh...the fanservice may have gone up but at least this season had "bat" LA calls "in-between" Fanservice Hell or Heaven...<LA hears uproar but LA shows the viewer a poster of Ikkitousen and Eiken, the audience shuts up>. for LA's annoying thing about this season, yes there is a plot.....around the near the ending part...yeah. LA saw the first 7 ~ 9 episodes to be filler...we get a one time villain, kick his/her ass then onto the next, move onto the next event, rinse and repeat. We get little character development and plot twists from some of the early episodes sure, but it DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE PLOT...i-i-it just doesn't, the only parts that do is around the half-way mark. So you see why LA has a bone to pick with this season, it's both great in terms of comedy, character development and it's ending, but was utterly lazy on the storyline (for the most part) and the fanservice was errrrrrrrr...ok <LA hears uproar but LA shows the viewer a poster of Ikkitousen and Eiken, the audience shuts up again>.
Season 1 - 8.5/10

Capu2 - 7/10
Robotics;Notes DONE Robots, a club, a spiritual successor to Steins;Gate. So is it any good...LA has mixed feelings for this anime, this anime was produced by 5pb and Nitroplus however like their other anime Chaos;Head...has some faults that LA is ticked off about, however this anime does have it's good points. Ok good points, for one, this anime did have some great character developments towards most of the main cast (making some of the characters becoming memorable during their time in the limelight), the conspiracy theory given this time around was also a pretty interesting concept, the plot twists were pretty well done and finally, the ending to this anime was halfway decent. However now comes the faults LA saw in this anime, like Steins;Gate, it had a slow start, however...this anime took TOO LONG TO GET TO THE BUILD UP, most of the build up was from the character developments which were great, however that compensated for the slow start for about 3/4 of the anime. Next, from this "slow start", they RUSHED IT, the "rush" mostly being from the rushed romance between the main leads as it occurred and developed too late for LA too take seriously, yes the ending did help it but yeah, it was too late. Now, for the overall of this anime as a whole, it was a decent anime, however it couldn't stand close to it's predecessor Steins;Gate, as LA was expecting something along the lines of Steins;Gate's great storytelling but instead, it got a less decent version with some rushed storytelling to compensating for the ending. The ending was great but trying to lead up to it was a slow slow SLOW journey however without the character development and some plot twists making up for it...barely... 8.9/10
Durarara!!x2 Shou Ep. 2 Season 1 - LA: This anime AMAZED LA TO NO END.....
---------------------Lore entered chat room-----------------------
LA: This anime is just awesome from the character developments to it's plot twists from beginning to end.
Lore: OK so???
LA: For one, the characters, even the minor ones (LA is serious about this), every character has their purpose in the storyline, if one comes and goes, be wary that they will come back to influence the story once again
Lore: Yeah so???
LA: Next the plot twists.........THERE'S PLOT TWISTS WITHIN THE PLOT TWISTS and yes it doesn't lead to any deus ex machina...and with plot twists that appear for the majority of the means AWESOMENESS!!, come on, this animes many storylines has gang wars and politics with the supernatural intertwined and conspiracy to do with human trafficking??...THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!!!
Lore: Are you fan-errrr---boy/girl-ism???
LA: Then it leads down to the characters are fleshed out, most of the cast, that being roughly 10 characters getting the spotlight in nearly EVERY gets even better
Lore: How???
LA: The storyline format had that similar to Baccano!!'s storyline format, this anime's predecessor and purely for that and added with the massive amounts of amazing plot twists makes this story outrageous awesome, addicting and it's that kind of anime that "you just have to know what happens next". Also the dialogue for this anime does have it's comedic side at times but the dialogue are also insightful in real life situations and it makes you think...seriously...this anime is awesome :D
Lore: Taking too much about an anime LA...geez it's just a sh-
LA: Urusai!!!, anyways this anime is just great, plot, characters, story and even the music compliments this anime soo well...
Lore: Pfffttt...
~ Uragiri No Yuuyake - Theatre Brook

Lore: Lore will shut up now... 0.0
LA: Wow...Lore just totally got an anime opening
Lore: Ju-ju-just...
LA: In all, this anime is just awesome in all fronts, LA absolutely praises this anime for it's character development and plot twists and the format for this anime will get you into it from beginning to end...just an awesome LA needs to eject someone out of a chat room...excuse LA
Lore: Wait what are you...arghhhh!!!!!
---------------------Lore left chat room-----------------------
LA: Well LA is done for today...bye!!!..seriously this anime was pure AWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOMENESS!!!!!
---------------------LA left chat room-----------------------
---------------------No one is currently in chat room-----------------------

x2 Shou - (Pre-review): Shinra the Meta-Narrator

x2 Shou - ??/10
Ai Mai Mi DONE Season 1 - This anime is........mindf**ked up. There's no story what to speak of, well on speaking through that it's only a 2 minute episode, but still...there is NO storyline what to speak of and the "incidents" that occur is plain a girl dying from someone DRAWING MANGA THEN TURNING INTO A ROBO-manga artist then dropping it in the next's that f**ked up. However for an anime short this f**ked up it doesn't mean it sucks, no the mindf**kery is it's ONLY good point. If you want a mindf**kery anime and wanting to turn your brain off for a few minutes this anime short is good enough for ya!.

Mousou Catastrophe - Ai Mai Mi got a second season?...what the f-. This second season goes nowhere in it's plot and feels more like you took dru-. They tease you at as to the plot but goes completely crazy the next as to Ai Mai Mi's previous season but this time with movie references up the waazoo and sometimes it's makes no sense, either way Mousou Catastrophe or Delusion Catastrophe craziness delusional ,says title season second the what exactly is ...sǝɥɔʇɐʍ ɐן sǝʇnuıɯ 3 ʎɹǝʌǝ pǝuǝddɐɥ ʇɐɥʍ ʍouʞ ʇ,upıp ɐן ǝʞıן sןǝǝɟ ɐן 'ʎzɐɹɔ ʇsnɾ s,ʇı this....just CRAZY.
Season 1 - 5.5/10

Mousou Catastrophe - 5.?/10
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood DONE This Full metal Alchemist was AWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME, ok LA knows LA did a LOONG and LA means a LOOONG hiatus on this anime and outright LA regrets not finishing it, but now since LA HAS finished it, LA is just awestruck on the premise of this Full Metal Alchemist. The lore of Full Metal in any canon or spinoff (well this anime being true to the manga which is a plus) is and outright awesome, the past history of the characters mainly the Elric brothers and some minor characters being extremely deep and influences the storyline like it was hugging someone to the point of suffocating. The story starts and ends adrenalined fueled and with the added lore and the villains being dynamic and complex and add that to the character plot twists and plot twists in general which doesn't have ANY deus ex machina so it makes it AWESOME plot twists makes a great storyline. The fights are just amazing and added to the animation making it look crisp and smooth and yeah with the lore adds some extremely awesome fights. Now the dialogue here is very much deep, talking through fighting and some calm scenes but most of the dialogue are very deep, such as talking about others idealism to friendship and sacrifices for your own goals...yeah it's THAT deep. Finally the ending was outright heartfelt and had some awesome fighting to no end. In all, this Full Metal is just AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME, nuff said... 30/10
Sasami-san@Ganbaranai DONE 8.9/10
Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janai n Dakara ne!! DONE This anime is utterly shameless...just f**king shameless. Everything from *anty shots, chest shots, needless cliched fanservice to f**king yaoi and yuri scenarios to se*ual innuendos to siscon incest fanservice which gets more shameless than f**king...........EIKEN!??!!?. LA is serious, most if not all the episodes have needless fanservice hell littered throughout every episode, given little to no storyline at all because the fanservice practically swallows it whole. The characters (this includes the main character and his harem) just can't sympathize or even get emotionally attached to them...why you say???...because either their pervertedly insane or their perverted scum..the later might as well be a COMPLIMENT to these characters as they don't f**king care, they also might as well be f**king hypocrites due to their hidden pervertedness, due to this you really CAN'T sympathize with any of these characters, none of these characters have ANY DIGINITY. Ok there is something LA has to at least say about the f**king incest part of this anime, it's just shameless, comparing this to Nisemonogatari is far off the mark in it's incest subtext, Nisemonogatari's incest given is at least played for laughs, this anime's incest subtext is point blank pushed on your face with the extra punch of fanservice. Now...let's see...a story where the fanservice is more story than the storyline itself, characters you can't be attached to or sympathize with...this is just a f**king bad fanservice anime...just just if you want to try and watch this anime...just just...just get the **** out...just do it, it's not worth it. 1.5 or GTFO/10
Kore wa Zombie desu ka? series DONE Season 1 - Wow...ok...this anime is pretty damn good. For starters, the beginning was a typical comedy then somehow it turned into a harem with a bit of shounen action then it transformed itself into a serious shounen, the finally it turned into a was the transition from all this??? was done pretty good, with subtle hints as to how the transition between this occurred and done brilliantly even with the plot twists given and yes it does make sense with the clues given. For a battle harem comedy hybrid of an anime it does have it's fanservice, however it does more in it's battle than it's harem, though the harem does get major development from about half of the harem which works out pretty well, because of the lore of the Kore wa Zombie desu ka? world and that all of the characters are memorable, weirdly funny and badass at the same time...or just plain adorable at times. For the serious side of this season's anime, it was actually pretty serious and believable and that to the villain given gave a great battle harem anime, on the other side, the comedy given with all it's in jokes was pretty funny most of time with light sprinkles of fanservice. As for the ending given...WTF...seriously...WTF just happened but it did end on a sweet note with most of the plot points being resolved in the PENULTIMATE EPISODE, NOT the ending but yeah, it still stands on the resolution part. In all, this is a great battle harem anime and even the fanservice given can be ignored if need be to make a great time for Of the Dead no???...

Of the Dead - Taking off where the previous season was and a better touch towards it. Again it was a balanced battle harem from both the battle and harem, with all the funny comedy in there as well making it all the more better. Not to mention this time around it had a comic relief villain with a plot twist which was a nice turnaround and funny all the same. It still had that Kore wa Zombie desu ka flavour which LA really liked and again, the battle harem was balanced with a bit of fanservice and at times filler episodes that didn't feel like filler episodes which was pretty awesome again. The ending was also pretty awesome at that however it didn't resolve some things which kinda got to LA however with that "resolution not being resolved", it made hints towards a third season which LA would fully support. In all, this was a pretty funny and cool season, it knows how to balance out the fanservice, the battles and the harem situations very nicely, which is one of the reasons LA liked about this season not to mention the character development and plot twists given by most of the characters were a bonus.

OVA's - Ahhh these OVA's were pretty funny, perverted yes....but with good reasons within the storyline and being pretty heartfelt when needed. These OVa's were either a continuation of a filler episode or just funny skits in general but with some of that heartfelt moments that comes into play kinda dissipates the pervetedness that shows in these OVA's. In all, these OVA's are the same flavour of the previous seasons, just bit more comedic.
Season 1 - 9.9/10

Of the Dead - 9.99/10
Yuru Yuri DONE Season 1 - YURI OVERLOAD...ok LA has..has...hassss...something to say <LA starts to drool>...LA is a yu- <static> <On an alternate universe> Hey you guys, I've just saw this anime and it is something I have to say it a funny yuri anime, as my sidekick Lore called it "comedically decent with some nice in-jokes and yuri...", and I agree. The comedy for this anime is outright yuri as it's in-jokes and all the characters are comedic relief with their own degree, in which I find Chitose being the best one out of the bunch. There isn't much of a storyline, there are little snippets of their past or just relationship developments between many of the characters. This entire anime is purely comedy with that *hmphh hmph* yuri's not a touch it's a hug towards it. The characters are the best things about this anime alongside the comedy given by most of them, though there isn't much of a story and it's more of a slice of life school life anime, the characters and the "yuri comedy" given is more than enough for this anime, even if your not a yuri fan, the comedy in general is pretty funny. A very funny anime if you want a bit of- </alt universe> <static> YURIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <LA faints>...<LA cripplingly gets back up>...good... <LA gets a nosebleed>...anime...<LA then faints again>

♪♪ - <static> Wow, another season, ok let's get this..<static> UNNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVERRRRRRRRRRRSSSEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! <static> What was that???...anyways, the yuru continues in this next season and the comedically bent slice of life yuri continues with more of a comedic punch. Now, though this season didn't have a plot so much decent amount of skits put into each episodes, the skits themselves were awesomely comedy bent to no end that I cried out of shear funniness. Yes, there isn't much of a plot but when an anime has it's comedy all the more better for compensation, THEY MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT. The jokes ranges from one hit wonders to past in-jokes from the previous season with an upgrade or downright funny. Now Lore said that I hates yuri...well...<static> LA LOVES I- <static> what is up with this static???...anyways, for this season, the favourite character would have to be Sakurako, the only reason Chitose wasn't was because of her down-screetime. Finally, the interesting take, I won't spoil but it was both a comedic facepalm to the "main protagonist" and do you get that kind of ending?????....hmmmmm. In all, this season was just better than the previous season as it played off it and really was an upgrade from the previous season in terms of comedy. <static> <LA is seen with an ongoing nosebleed>...LA is sooo happy....yuri heave-
Season 1 - 8.9/10

♪♪ - 10/10
Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko DONE they really exist, or does our society warp to those conspiracy theories to cover that aliens doesn't exist???. Does becoming a hikkomori and believing in these things makes your crazy or is it those in society that are fooled by it??? did made one of the best slice of life, supernatural romance shows. Not only that but it again from the above part shows ALOT of messages foretelling society and their dealt with the supernatural within a normal slice of life setting. Now this anime is mainly based via slice of life with romance twisted around it, with the supernatural wrapping the entire thing, now it is a normal slice of life show, showing the life of a transfer student and his day to day life there...but in a city that "suspectedly" has aliens sightings, along with his cousin who believes in can see how this anime can be interesting. Tripled with it's eccentric characters and their developments as well makes this slice of life anime AS WELL AS the "implied" romance between most of cast, just makes it even more interesting. This being SHAFT work...yes there is mindf**ker images for the most parts, but this being produced by them is a matchmade in heaven...seriously think about it for 0.0000000148 per second. Finally...the has to say that that was the part where they pulled the ultimate stinger in this anime and since it's spoilers you the viewer should watch it. Now...{{{1}}} you believe??????? 9.99/10
Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate DONE What can LA say about this anime???'s got...a harem, chocolate and love...ohh yeah and student polit- <BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!> OHHH COME ON LET LA SPEAK FOR CHOCOLATE SAKES!!!!! Yes it's one of those animes...a harem with whatever topic you want as it's sub-topic and you know what???..the student politics was pretty interest- <BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!> OHH SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO LA!!!. Let LA continue...this anime started off as a comedy harem but soon delves into student politics and we see "some" dynamic towards both the politics and romance given..the character development...ohhhhh~ thats a biggy as the development does go through most of the main cast but hardly touches on anyone else, however for the ones that does get the development....well you'll be pleasantly surprised by the backstory AND you'll cry about it...ohhh yes...the development/drama given is extremely saddening at times. As the anime carried on...both the drama/romance and plot took hold and never held back, from the plot twists to the drama and romance was done extremely well....LA has to praise this anime for it's drama and romance though and a bit on it's plot twists as well as conjunctioning the plot twists with becomes pretty interesting. The ending, well LA won't spoil (of course LA won't spoil as LA has always done) did all the elements of the drama, romance, plot and character development to a satisfying end...that's all LA is gonna say about that matter. Now if the student politics does tip you off into not watching it, then let LA propose another it for the romance. LA very much enjoyed this anime from beginning to end even if the topic at hand was mostly student excelled in it's drama and romance. Vote whether this review got you interested in this anime...
Did this review get you interested in this anime??

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See what LA did there hehe....this anime is about student politics and you just VOTED...eeeeerrr....ok..LA will shut up now... :P
Yama no Susume DONE Season 1 - A 12 episode anime short about a girl who goes mountaineering when she's afraid of heights. This anime short was well..LA is gonna say it...adorable in LA's eyes, it is MOE yes but it does have a storyline for the 3 minutes it gets. It does show some character development mostly from the main character overcoming her shyness and the story though brief was as LA said adorable. In all, a pretty nice anime short showing about friendship and overcoming your shyness in the most adorable way...and LA praises Yuka Iguchi's and Kana Asumi's performances as well!!!.

Season II - Yama no Susume II is the second season and was produced this time by 8bit and Earth Star Entertainment and Tokyo MX and released 24 episodes in 14 minutes long episodes that was released in the Summer of 2014. This second season continues on with the first season and gives more character development to all the main cast as well as bringing up a new character by the name of Honoka Kurosaki voiced by Nao Touyama. The major focus is getting the main character Aoi Yukimura and Hinata Kuranue to climb the mountain they climbed when they were kids with a few smaller and bigger mountains along the way for more experience. Thing is, this season did extremely well with the character development and even developed Hinata and Aoi's past relationship and present relationships even though they have polar opposite personalities. Probably the next focused character from the main cast was Kaeda Saitou voiced by Yoko Hisaka and got to know her better and why she also climbs mountains. Outright this season focused on it's characters and it's friendship element be it the obstacles or how they became friends in many ways through the 24 episodes and to be frank it gave this season a bit of reason to watch. If you liked the first season best to watch this season as well as you'll enjoy the characters development and their love of climbing mountains.
Season 1 - 9/10

Season II - 9.7/10
Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! DONE An anime where your trying to find your soulmate but your SISTER also wants in but she's keeping her identity hidden......can you say incest harem???. Though this is a bit of incest anime without the FULL ON course of action, this anime is in turn a mystery harem series...yeah, LA didn't see this coming. Now you'll all know LA's stances on can have drama but not full on fanservice, much like Nisemonogatari, however there's is something different about this don't know who the sister is thus the incest part is kinda taken off UNTIL we know who the sister is, and with the mystery backdrop and 6 girls to choose from, it'll be an interesting harem series. The characters are mostly stock stereotypes of the harem kind, you know the kind one, the tsundere, the ojou etc etc. During most of the first half it was a harem...with the mystery, however during the final 3 episodes the drama kicks in and makes you keep wondering who the main character is going with AND who the mystery sister is. The mystery was decent, the fanservice...was a bit over the top but has a bit of "dignity" and the romance is.....probably the only thing going for it. In all, this anime covering three genres, mystery, harem and did quite decently, as for the was adorable is what LA is gonna say. 9/10
Mashiro-iro Symphony DONE ............<LA to starts to cry>...this Clannad STANDARDS...just some parts were just soooo heartwretching and LA felt the same way from some of the events that occurred which affected some of the characters...LA freakin' cried!!!!!!!!!!!!...shut up, LA has some empathy here, stop being so heartless. Now this anime just excels in it's romance, at first it was just a situational drama, then evolved into a serious romance story, the romance is around Clannad standards but just off a bit...a few 3 steps behind. The characters in this anime were at least somewhat diverse but once again due to the serious drama romance, character development relationship-wise is crackened up to an eleven, which also contributes to it's heart-wretching factor...seriously this anime gets to you...LA felt all fuzzy in a negative light, LA felt sooo sorry for some of the characters. Since this anime is a "one girl" arc wins anime, it is obvious that the main character and it's heroine of this anime gets the most time, yes that true but.....the build up from all that also leads to some of the haremettes having their own time and development. From all this, this anime is definitely a great recommendation for those romance drama anime fans, it's heartwretching, it has plenty of drama and romance and you'll be crying in tears of joy and sadness, though the starting episode might be a bit cliched, trust LA, the rest is brilliantly done romance. One note, the musical score for this anime is *ahem* pardon the chessiness, like a pure white symphony... 9.99/10
When They Cry Series CONCLUDED Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Season 1

Spirited Away by Ogres arc(Ep. 1 - 4): Paranoia and fear distilled like no other...this arc does it all as well as MOE, yes MOE and horror working together..and quite frankly they do it VERY well, namely the horror due some conversations of playful moe could also be clues to the paranoia and horror awaiting to come resulting in something shocking and utterly surprising. As LA said before the paranoia for this arc was intense as hell, the conspiracies shown not making it any better and the horror...ohhh soo much blood explaining it would cause LA to THROW UP. The ending a HUGE turnaround...MY GOD...

Cotton Drifting arc - (Ep. 5 - 8): MY GOD...this arc did it as well...the fear...the paranoia....the horror...the moe/romance (this time round), but here's the thing, it took a detectively approach (ohhh forgot to mention in the previous arc review, it ALSO had the detective approach) and a confusing one at that...ESPECIALLY THE ENDING. The horror is as gruesome as it seriously...cos you wanna know what Cotton Drifting also means in Himinazawa??...Intestine WASHING...yeah scared yet?? only gets worse from the ending giving us a scare chase of stinger..that is f**king scary. Character development does get touch upon one or two characters but with the confusion of the plot just makes the development all the more baffling and again...F**KING SCARY. Again, like the previous arc, it had both the moe/romance and horror done brilliantly...from calming school moe days to unexplained murders the next and amplified with some of the characters "lying or were they lying" to the main character...gets you paranoid. LA should also note that due to the different arc covering each character as well as the nature of this anime, these kind of confusing plot lines and small character developments are OVERLOOKED for reasons LA WILL DISCUSS in the overall series review later to the Cotton Drifting festival users...

Death by Curse arc - (9 - 13): WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS ARC...this is in a good way but HOW??????, LA is going to give you a bit of can you cover up a murder, but still be in two places at once?, you did the murder but victim is STILL ALIVE...<LA nods>...HOW DOES THIS WORK!!!...again, LA knows that that already has plot holes as big as someone bludgeoning you to death but seriously. This time, the arc was again paranoia for the most if not ALL of the last 2 episodes with the first 3 being moe and some serious emotional character developments. This time however it wasn't the detective style we were used to in the previous was more like...reversing the murder cases...or the opposite of it..if you will, confusing yes but bear with LA. The thing that hooks you into this arc wasn't it paranoia...but how the he' did this all happen!?!??!?!?!, you try to find more information but it leads into more questions that are needed to be answered than answers that needs to be answered!!!. The god...intense as hell and with all the paranoia to was adrenalined fueled and again your kept wondering how this all happened...until the stinger...which made the ending...impossible to comprehend. LA isn't being naive..LA isn't, LA swears, LA is telling the truth about this gotta believe L-!!! <static>

Killing Time arc (Ep. 14 - 15): This arc was a little different...sorta like a recap ar- NO NO NO...DON'T SKIP THIS ARC, LA IS's "kinda" recap...but it foretells more about Himinazawa's "history" as well as some VERY important details...LA thinks. It may have been 2 episodes but it still gave out more information for this series. Yes, there was character development...only to the character arc in question as well as one more character and yes it does have detective style but for this arc, was lessened to make way for some political stuff to occur...ohh yes, it went political..along with supernatural paranoia. But the biggest thing about this arc is- <static> ST- <static> -URDE- <static> SAV- <Computer goes black>

Eye Opener arc (Ep. 16 - 21): THIS ARC...LA's eyes has be blinded by this much horror since MIRAI NIKKI. This being the longest arc for this first season gives out MORE HORROR GIVEN THAN ANY ARC SO's out the window, it's all horror here folks. This arc however is the most fascinating one of the bunch though's interconnected to the Cotton Drifting arc...ohhh yes, answers have finally arrived and at the same time some answers are STILL unanswered. Due to the nature of this arc, you'll find repetition but that all part of it due to it's conjunction with the Cotton Drifting arc...and due to this it clarifies SOO MANY THINGS...but then comes the's is just..just...<LA vomits out blood>...too grue- <LA coughs out more blood>...some. You want an example??? about someone being tortured by a la crucifixion and being repeatedly stabbed until they DIE...and seeing their DEAD FACE or maybe someone doing suicide by ramming a knife into their skull?...yep it's that gruesommmmm <LA vomits again>. This arc just has all the gruesome horror aspects LA couldn't believe, ALOT OF BLOOD SPLIT, NO MOE THIS TIME ROUND and paranoia still there in some respects and at same time some clarification on the plot...but not COMPLETELY, finally...the character development was brought upon quite erratically for this character arc in both good and bad aspects. This arc is NOT for the weak of mind AND SOUL.

Atonement arc - (Ep 22 - 26): What can LA say about Rena's arc...for one it links with the Spirited Away by Ogres arc but only slightly...the wasn't that much compared to the Eye Opener arc...but then again the murders were brutal...seriously brutal. This arc was by the by horror mystery, with some of the answers being answered...but then again just like all the rest of the other arcs...some are STILL unaswered. The plot for Rena's arc was interesting taking a curse and rectifying it into scientific answers but then again, the paranoia due to the curse makes it all the more worse on the paranoia part. What kinda tipped off this arc was it's revelation that occurred which kinda confused LA and mostly the ending...that LA will get to in the Season 1 overall review. This arc did provide some info on Rena's backstory and was pretty sad story...however that was soon dispersed due to....errrr...."that"...occurring. In all, LA was interested in this arc, but the ending was what has LA baffled...

Season 1 Overall review - This season was amazingly gruesome and interesting to watch. Ok taking from the Cotton drifting arc, what this season did was make have an arc for each of the main characters along with a "reset button" like style but the "alternate timelines" are "somehow" linked...for example the Cotton Drifting arc and the Eye Opener arc, with this kind of story structure let's just say you'd think you'd get the questions first and the answers later???...well get ALL the questions and get left wondering...paranoia much!!!. This is what this season and this series does soooo well...the paranoia atmosphere and come on the horror scenes gave Mirai Nikki can run for it's money. This season was just amazing at it's storytelling from it's mystery elements, to moe moments, to it's HORROR...this season was just...bloody awesome.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai

Disaster Awakening arc(Ep. 1 - 5): This arc...solved a few things the previous season did...and once again still some unanswered questions still. Instead of the all the brutality the previous season had (though it STILL had some brutal murders just offscreen), it brought about suspicions and paranoia. This arc largely focused on Rika but through the perspective of another...thus growing the suspicions. It was very interesting with some development on Rika but "vaguely" but once again extremely suspicious as to what Rika knows. The ending??? m***erf**kers...LA WILL KILL YA LA WILL KILL YA BRUTAL SONS OF B**CHES!?!??!?!?!...let's just say what happened very much angered LA on the perceptive of the characters actions, not that LA hated the ending, was more like it was a surprise and everything but what they did...angered LA to know end. In all, this was a suspicious arc, with one whiplash ending with some cases solved but very much more questions are very much unaswered.

Massacre arc (6 - 13): This arc, this arc, THIS ARC...not only did it show most if not ALL the remaining unanswered questions but it gave light to all the entire arcs in the previous season...yeah, this is pretty much THEE spoiler warning arc out of the ENTIRE SERIES. Now it has it's intense moments, it has it's heartwarming has damming OMG MOOD SWING moments, though there were some hints that gave away it's predictability...this arc just HAD everything...yes even the horror but put it in more of a well the arc name says it all. in all, the arc was exceptionally well put together and with the Higurashi mythos...done even better and had LA on the edge of LA's seat in the most dire of scenes in this arc.

Festival Accompanying arc (Ep. 14 - 24): This arc was...AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME!!!. This now being the longest arc from the series and just did extremely well. LA is going to say this but through most of Kai, there wasn't much horror, just more adrenaline and boy was that adrenaline/tension some of the best parts. This arc not only solved and formed the previous season but it's execution was brilliant, throughout this entire arc, the planning, "forming the pieces" as it were and the both satisfying and feel remorse at the same time.....yeah...Higurashi does that to you. Now to compensate for the minimal horror this arc, it was just the action that pulled it just did. Now the ending as it was already stated was both satisfying and remorseful yes..but the LA thinking then realized and was pretty yeah did a triple whooper of an ending for Higurashi there...very nicely done!. This arc...just just feels like well LA is going metaphorical speaking when you bought a TV, and you get a free HOUSE. This arc was very satisfying and had a very satisfying end. LA loved it loved it loved it!

Kai Overall: This season was different from it's previous for three reasons, it's format change of it's storyline, the primary focus and most importantly the minimal horror replaced with action and addenalined tension and expectations. The first two was acceptable due to the nature of what happened at the ending of the finale of the previous season, the horror swap with action was a bold yet "it makes sense to do it" move and again LA praises this season for at least tying up ALL loose ends from the previous season and giving Higurashi the proper send off to this brilliant horror story. This season...well LA just has to recommend this to anyone who was a fan of Higurashi or horror fans in general, it is one of thee most enthralling horror animes LA HAS SEEN TO DATE. Bravo to the people over at Studio DEEN who produced it and a special thanks to Chiaki Kon who directed and made this marvelous horror anime come to light.....ehhh???...what??..your asking why LA is speaking like it's the final season??...there's two more???'s an OVA season???......................................................................................EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!?!

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Rei: This season this has both seriousness and comedy within the same premise of Higurashi, the comedy is all good due to their in-jokes but then comes the that seriousness gives us not only a message but a "alternation" making some of these episodes quite interesting...seriously it's interesting, the plot twists the lore of Higurashi is even extended. In all, this season was a decent having both comedic and serious elements and is a nice scenario for those Higurashi fans.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kira: This season was weird and heartwarming...weird spectrum huh???. Ok first the first 3 episodes...was a Hinamizawa take on the anime genres, that being the magical shoujo, another take on the Spirited Away arc with a perverted twist and finally a take on the harem genre, all of which comes out as a result of weirdness..seriously. Now for the final episode....was the only interesting one, that is because it's sorta linked "kinda" with the main storyline but within the past in the if you think of this season was a WTF, the OP and really the premise of the rest of the episodes gives of the atmosphere of moe but looking back at the ORIGINAL season...DIFFERING SPECTRUM INDEED. LA likes this season...just stay away from the first episode...

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Overall: This entire series is just something, from a horror paranoia of a gorey festival from its first season to it's satisfying and intense drawing of a second season to it's alternation reality of a third season to a weirdness factor and takes on differing genres within the Higurashi format of the fourth season...this series is the entire package. However now comes the praising...the first season even with it's "reset button"-ish format, still did absolutely amazing and the horror and gore was......something you shouldn't see in the dark as the horror mixed with the paranoia just puts this anime WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY up there in the horror levels, PAST MIRAI NIKKI...<LA nods>'s that great!. Now the second season, though the horror was toned down...and seriously it was, it was compensated with the action and intensity, also due to the previous season's plot...the arcs format though lengthen, that was something that had to be done in order for the resolution, and again the resolution and ending was satisfying and great. Finally Rei and Kira seasons???...well watch them, but whether be a Higurashi fan or not, watch them as Rei does give an alternate given premise which seriously was interesting, as for Kira...well whether you were "offended" that Higurashi didn't take the "all horror" route instead of the lovey fluffy moe moe genre takes...LA still says you should watch it, it's actually pretty interesting to see the Higurashi cast in a differing genre take and as for the finale was sooo heartwarming..seriously. In all, the Higurashi series is something of horror, gore paranoia, tension, action and mystery, the supernatural mixed with politics and a conspiracy...Higurashi is an astounding horror series that will have you gripped you and hook you into the world of Higurashi and even leaves you wondering what's going to happen next and with it's paranoia, it'll have you guessing again and again, just when you think you know what will go on, Higurashi will backslap that hypothesis and smack you back with another question and even more paranoia and should be watched whether your a horror anime fan or not and once again...LA has to praise Chiaki Kon and Studio DEEN for bringing this visual novel to anime light...<LA bows down>...

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kaku: Outbreak OVA - Hello Outbreak!!!!...yes Studio DEEN is back with another Higurashi installment and it seems to be in an AU. The premise is very much like the first season in all it's gorey glory and it REALLLLY shows. Well LA can't say much about the plot as it's only one 60 minute OVA but it had the original flavour of the first season of Higurashi and that puts a good check on LA's book, one thing though, they seemed to change the animation styling to the Rei season meaning at the very least the animation quality from Studio DEEN was top notch. Naturally.....for this ending...hmmmm...LA thought it kinda missed something important......resolution. Ok Ok LA knows it's a 60 minute OVA instead of a 24 episode season, but LA kinda wanted a proper resolved ending. In all, Studio DEEN still did great for this OVA with it's animation and for the story (though it's under the same lore as the first season but meh...they can get away with it for obvious reasons)...look into this OVA once you've finished with both first and second seasons of Higurashi to taste more bloody gorey...of Outbreak...

Umineko No Naku Koro Ni
Act I: Taking mass murders to solve it however like this arc is more in the how the murders came to be arc aaaand just like Higurashi's brutal murders ahh yeah......their quite "detailed". The characters are all diverse and there are ALOT of characaters, not only that but some of the characters a either suspicious or EXTREMELY CREEPY. This storyline extremely interesting and has nods towards Higurashi, this arc only started the storyline and it already peaked LA's interest, from the impossible murders to the setting itself, to the characters even. This arc was a great starter and LA can't wait for the next arc......this series is gonna be AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME!!!!!!

Act II - More impossible murders done.....and this just takes the next step into the impossible. The storyline streaming from ACT I and some new material and once again some of the characters are suspicious and extremely creepy. The murders themselves well if you try to think about'll give yourself a headache, though most of the murders are interesting.....and gorey. Now for this arc, there is a bit of lore to Umineko it goes on which was pretty interesting mainly because this series really is a mystery supernatural detective anime. This arc was pretty great in it's mystery and still keeping it's lore...until the finale..........where it all went hell..........LA was still confused as to how this all happened...BUT this arc did give some clues just blank clues which will be revealed sooner or later. Anyways great arc, but was a bit TOO confusing...

Act III - This Act was frickin' many plot twists and soo many twists and about a mental-chess game of impossible murders. The impossible murder theories only got better and even some character development...not some...ALOT. The plot twists really were the best things about this Act, though confusing at first...if you think about it...IT MAKES SENSE...and that feeling of getting the evidences makes this Act soooo rewarding. Finally..the ending???...BIGGEST PLOT TWIST EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...greatly done Act here.....LA applauds it immensely.

Final Act IV - Talk about character development and guess what???...those previous arc's impossible murders???...........get's a mention and even better yet makes the ending AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME....just one little problem however....but LA won't tell otherwise it'll ruin it. Other than the bulk of this arc was both brutal to the core for it's was carnage. As LA said before there are character development which does contribute immensely towards the plot and even "the plot twist" gets something alongside it, however there is something LA needs to say about this arc's character development........holy cr*p.....LA has never been both simultaneously horrified and felt similar towards the emotions one of the character's backstory and related towards that the evil way...AYUP...LA was routing for the bad guys.....seriously anime man. Expect this arc to take lots of detours before it can pickup where it left off from it's previous arc's conclusion but the wait WAS WORTH IT and even the character development was VERY interesting...and heartwarmingly evil. In all, this arc took the chip.....AND ATE IT!!!!!!!!! was awesome..even the ending (soo awesome but had one detriment but again LA won't ruin it by spillin').

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Overall - This anime was outstanding...LA is gonna say that this anime was practically having all the logic and detective skills of DeathNote and all the horror and gore of Mirai Nikki and Deadman Wonderland PUT TOGETHER...this anime is a horror/detective anime fan second best wish (first being Higurashi). Though it is a spiritual successor towards Higurashi they are different fields when it comes towards the genre, yes horror genre, but it's secondary genre are both more different. At first Umineko was a typical horror anime but as the arc's goes along you'll get confused and even plot twists shows up which makes you even more confused but the finale act will clear up ALOT OF THINGS, and again as LA said in LA's finale arc review, there are ALOT of character development to compensate for the confusion at the very least....and again the better compensation being the ending. Also LA needs to talk about VA's a sec.........LA is sure SAYAKA OHARA HAD A BALL WITH voicing Beatrice.....seriously she was hammin' it up!!!!!!!!, this anime had a stellar VA cast......just..seriously. Finally, LA conclusion for this anime of impossible murders?....IT WAS AWESOME...confusing for a bit yes...but still awesome, with alot of characters and TONS of character development and the murders being even more interesting, once again there was one little detriment about the ending but even the ending was awesome...this anime is just AWWWWESOME.
Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Season 1

Spirited Away by Ogres arc - 9/10

Cotton Drifting arc - 9.5/10

Death by Curse arc - 9.9/10

Killing Time arc - 9/10

Eye Opener arc - 11/10

Atonement arc - 9/10

Season 1 overall - 12/10

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai

Disaster Awakening arc - 9.5/10

Massacre arc - 10/10

Festival Accompanying arc - 11/10

Kai Season Overall - 12/10

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Rei - 9/10

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Rei - 9/10

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kaku: Outbreak OVA - 9.5/10

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Overall -


Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

Act I - 9/10

Act II - 9/10

Act III - 9.99/10

Final Act IV - 10/10

Overall -

Nichijou DONE This series really is something, this anime is a comedy MARVEL. This is an anime which was a spiritual successor towards Azumanga Daioh and you all know how LA felt about that dry humor of an anime "This anime is a classic from what I've heard, but LA just doesn't get what all the hype was about this anime...all it is is an anime about several schoolgirls daily life...with some weird comedy. Ehhh...", however this anime...just takes that and completely runs with it at Mach 7 speed, taking the comedy into amazingly weird and some seriously funny antics and comedy. This is a Kyoto Ani work, so in another words, this is their take on Azumanga Daioh, however LA thinks that this also dived into SHAFT territory for it's visuals...seriously...just look at the first episode. All the characters are memorable and even their few quirks leads to some weird funny stuff...and that stuff is pure comedy gold. LA laughed soo much from the mundane to outrightly funny dialogue and scenes, you can tell this anime just oozes of comedy. Now, though this anime is all comedy, for a Kyoto Ani work, there are some heartwarming moments to compensate for the lack of other genres and not to mention most of the skits does have their own resolution.....just again expect it to be mundane and as wacky as possible. Finally both the audio and extras, the audio is just as the anime's radically weird, for it's OP, but then calming for the ending. The extras, well that for the last 20 seconds of each episode where a famou seiyuu says their line.....and their objects within the Nichijou universe...hehe. In all, as LA said before...this anime is a comedy MARVEL and far superior to it's predecessor, you will laugh out loud for nearly all the skits and be WHAT THE HELL???, for the other majority, this anime packs alot of funny and alot of funny extras and LA recommends this anime to any comedy goer or just anime fans in general. Yours and LA's ordinary but a series of miracles.......desu ne????? 20/10
Mangirl! DONE Another anime short, this time about a bunch of girls in the manga collaboration know like Shounen J**p. LA has to make comparisons to Yama no Susume as this is nearly in the same vein of "genre" of a anime short, though Yama no Susume was all adorable and a pretty good storyline, this short however, is more in the comedy range..............but it's a "bit" of a weak storyline..."just", comedy yes, story not that much. We get to see the girl's manga business thrive and grow as it goes along and LA has to say this but the ending episode...WOW talk about Breaking the fourth wall.....seriously. Now we do have alot of characters and with limited amount of time...we don't get that much development from most of the main cast. In all, this short is a good comedy grab to watch as well as those wanting to "sorta" wanting to find out more about the manga business...this short ain't that bad!!!
OVA - Beach episode!!!!!.....and well not much happens but there are some funny scenes....and some references towards the main's a short OVA...with some skits towards the main cast. It's ok for a 10 minute OVA...even if it's for a beach episode...take a quick look at this won't's just funny.
Kiss X Sis DONE Season 1 - .....................................this anime is worse than Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janai n Dakara ne!!...THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING...F**K. This is some of the most horrible ways of showing us fanservice...ohhhohohohoo...chest shots and *anty shots, in EXPLICIT KISSING CHECK!!!?!?!?..."NEAR" H SCENES ...F**KING CHECK!?!??!?!!??!!?!?!??!...this anime is fanservice hell alright!??!?!?!?!?, the characters are your stock ecchi anime know, the ordinary student, the perverted sisters, the shy one, the genki one and the overly protective teacher...YUP...STOCK ALRIGHT..until you add the plot....the pervertedness is off the f**king scales for the SISTERS, the genki one is also perverted as he'...and she's NOT EVEN IN HIGH SCHOOL, the shy one and the teacher has is EXTREMELY ROUGH in this anime...the both of them are subjected to UTTER HUMILIATION THAT THEIR HUMILIATION BECOMES A RUNNING GAG WITH THE SHY ONE BEING THEE WORST ONE..LA WON'T SAY WHAAAAT THE GAG IS BUT expect it to be disgusting. Now LA has to come straight about this animes storyline, yes it's fanservice HEAVY, but in certain episodes there is CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and some tender heartfelt moments which LA found to be a relief BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT...LIKE IKKITOUSEN.....they just had to put a fanservice gag or unneeded fanservice to completely ruin the mood.....F**K YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. If the fanservice and in*est was toned down HEAVILY it could had been a decent decent LA means still in below-average standards. Now excuse LA, LA needs to do something for next 3 weeks......
bangmyheadagainstawall.gif bangmyheadagainstawall.gif

OVA's - These OVA's are the worst...seriously no storyline and ALL F**KING FANSERVICE seriously that's what these OVA's are, and seriously these OVA's reach H range towards it's material...and some of them also reach ped******la and ***e...YOUR F**KING PROTAGONIST PEOPLE. Ok all LA has to say about these OVA's are stay away as it's literally all fanservice and NO story and again the fanservice gets extremely explicit......just...just...stay...f************************************************************************- *ahem*....stay away from this anime series.....if your sanity depends on it...
Season 1 - 2/10

OVA - 1.5/10

Overall - 1.5/10
Tari Tari DONE This anime is a heartwarming slice of life revolving around well as the anime title suggests "this and that". The slice of life are either truely heartwarming or funny or more so at times it is serious within the slice of life context of obstacles in their real life and how they deal with it. Most of the characters have their own quirks and character development, through this the storyline does get tense at times. This slice of life anime has alot of music in it......LOTS of music in it.....HEY K-On! REFERENCE GET IN HER-
K-On!'s cake the very least there's alot of music in this anime, choir based yes but all the more, and all the more being such activities as badminton, horse riding and...errrr.... sentai. This slice of life is a wonder from both it's seriousness of the life obstacles to the comedy quirks of the characters and character development was heartfelt and nearly depressing, however this anime does gives us hope within those depressions. The ending......again was heartfelt and tense, from both standing up for what's right and just wanting to have fun. In all, Tari Tari is musical comedic serious slice of life and any anime fan should watch it.....
Date A Live DONE Season 1 - What can LA say about this anime.....hmmmmmmmm...think of it as The World God Only Knows with Neon Genesis Evangelion (Without the mindf**kery). YUP. These conquests were much delivered with the TWGOK-esque style but with all the action and character development suspense as NGE. Some of the haremette was at the most different form the average stock harem cliches...just, such as the tsundere, genki, the ditz aaaaaand yandere. The romance is sorta forced but all for the price of saving both the world and the haremettes, yes at times both the fanservice and romance does pile up to TWGOK style but at the same time the action scenes and revelations taken place is actually pretty interesting, he there's actually some funny scenes shown from the interactions of the main character and his harem. At first this anime was quite action packed and some really good plot twists but then delved into the harem-style format but with that odd fighting intense style...then all thanks to one crazy yandere caused the plot to go extremely intense. The ending?...was satisfying at the very least with only one or two plot lines missing however...*ahem*...anyways it resolve most of the plot aside from that one or two plotlines and the ending was pretty intense leading to an all out battlefield. In all, this marriage of both the supernatural/militarized and harem romance of an anime was decent enough with the characters at least being very unique for a harem genre, the conquests were also a bit thrilling, the characters having decent to some pretty interesting backstories/character developments and some hijinks within the anime and the ending being both satisfying and intense, this anime is pretty great, for it's fusion supernatural/militarized harem romance genre...grmmmrmrmrmmrmmm.....GAHHH LA CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!...THERE'S GONNA BE SECOND SEASON!!!!!!!!!!....sometime. <LA squees>

Season II - It's the sequel and was released on the Spring of 2014 and did it live up to it's original?. Date A Live II has roughly 2 arcs with one finale episode totally 10 episodes. The first arc has to do with the Twins and at the start it's full of fanservice, the setting is ON A PRIVATE yes, lots of beach episodes. So this kinda has a clash of both fanservice and story, fanservice was kinda overly done and the added harem/supernatural premise well it both works and doesn't. How it works?, well some of the story it works and the overall ending towards the Twins arc is well even with the fanservice, what it doesn't work is having a near full episode dedicated to the beach episode and hamfisting to us. But the story itself felt weak, only giving us the stereotypical amount for a harem series will give us (this is meaning the character development of the Twins), as well as a small amount of plot twists. However the Twins arc was overall well done with somewhat blending itself well with the already premise of supernatural/harem and the added fanservice wasn't that brutal though LA did think they did need to dial it down, like come on, it's a 10 episode run, don't think a filler episode is a good idea. Now come the Miku Izayoi arc...well, Date A Live you kinda outdid yourself. There's tension, good developed character development and bringing in the action and harem elements to it's core. The previous arc girls are added to the mix and well...DATE A LIVE HOW DID YOU KNOW!!!!!, maid fanservice up the ass, BUT <LA slaps LA> beside the point, instead of focusing on fanservice, this arc delves into the main arc girls past, backstory as well as her motivation giving her thee most developed from the entire season, added with the action scenes, ohhh something else to talk about, well the action scenes were more or less explosions and guns a blazing, cool and over the top but LA at times thought it was generic. The final episode was well...take Miku Izayoi's arc and times 2, the entire plot twist makes the entire series interesting and bring sup more questions though with the cool interesting plot twists comes one killing grace, it ended generically BUT LA has to say one good thing about that, at least Shidou took a beating before it happened. Date A Live II can be seen as a polar opposite when it comes to it's arc structure as one is playful and laid back even with a serious plot while the other is all out serious and dark even with fanservice all over the place in both arcs. Overall this season is decent to must watch for Date fans, LA felt polarized by both arcs, however the final episode gave LA's approval to at least watch it, not to mention a certain girl with a clock-eye gets more of a cameo and certainly livened up Miku Izayoi's arc even further. Ohhh by the way...Date A Live is getting a theatrical release...yeah, LA isn't joking, What a Live...

Encore: Encore OVA centers around Kurumi Tokisaki...yes thee evil spirit wanting to date Shidou during the Tanbata Festival. This 30 minute OVA's date with Kurumi is kinda the expected date just with the added festival and errr... wedding ventures and probably one of the only fanservice scenes is seeing Kurumi in a wedding dress.....YEAH. Tohka, Kotori and Yoshino are in this OVA but have a more minor character role. This OVA is more sentimental than fanservicey which is odd as most OVA's are fanserviced too hell and LA has to say that this OVA being sentimental and took a simple premise and gave it that sentimental emotional ending was kinda surprising to see. For those Kurumi fans such as LA, will be pleasantly surprised and satisfied with this OVA. Encore OVA is a definite watch for Date A Live fans even more to Kurumi fans as this OVA hasn't dirtied Kurumi in a negative light, both in fanservice and plot...very sentimental OVA all things considered and once again...suprising.
Season 1 - 9/10

Season II - 9.2/10
Romeo x Juliet DONE ===Latin===
Anime hoc erat ut Anime title admoneri , Romeo et Juliet in Anime de narrantem de lumine , fuit primum inter shounen sorta misce , et Romanorum, tamen in eo quod tardius conversus abiit in shounen tunc Romanorum shounen tum denique ( quod storyline pius ibat mirans somehwre off in medio Anime quod valde est mirandum LA ) . Bene ... alot characterum esset ex eis , et maxime , si nimirum non omnibus Romeo et Juliet moribus progressum erant . Maxime movere solebat, cum aliis rationibus aut rerum gratia quodammodo ante . De aliis personis fuerit aliquantulus molestus , interdum et erat scelerati ... insanus insanum deferentes et politica in hac historia . Postea tamen ad LA invenisset Anime prorsus occlusum et iustus abiit in plenum quasi PROPOSITUS Romanorum bellis proeliisque non existente aut aliquid huiusmodi ... LA obstat , quod altera est finis ... " sorta " et frenum traho Deus Ex machina scriptor aliquam a ** quod trahit iterum pius detrimented finis . Ibi ware supernaturalis haec elementa in aliquo bono anime , plerumque ad malum finem ut vertant in creati in hoc Anime " salvificem mundum " Romeo et Juliet ubi realis - stella iam transisse amatores inter a civilis bellum .... non salvificum mundi . In omnibus , hoc fecit dolor quodvis punctorum vivere Romeo et Juliet sed ad pristinum offenderunt suus eam spatiataque - Anime scriptor fabulam et supernaturalis equed elementa quae valde detrimented terminatione istius Anime.
This anime was as the anime title would suggest, about a retelling of Romeo and Juliet in an anime light, at first it was sorta mix between shounen and romance, however as it went on it slowly turned into shounen then romance then finally shounen (the storyline kinda went wondering off somewhere during the middle of the anime which greatly baffled LA). The characters...well there were alot of them and of course most if not all the character development were to Romeo and Juliet. Most of the other characters were used to move the story forward or influence it in some ways. Some of the other characters may have been a bit annoying at times and the villains was...crazy and insane bringing politics into this story. Later on however LA found this anime to had completely stopped and just went full on romance as if they looming wars and battles didn't exist or something...that kind baffled LA, the other was the ending...they "sorta" pulled deus ex machina's and a bit of some a** pulls which again kinda detrimented the ending. There ware supernatural elements in this anime some good, mostly bad towards the ending as it in turn created this anime into a "save the world" where the real Romeo and Juliet was just about star-crossed lovers between a civil war....not saving the world. In all, this anime did at some points live up to the original Romeo and Juliet but stumbled on it's pacing of it's story and supernatural anime-equed elements which greatly detrimented the ending of this anime.
Binbo-gami ga DONE This anime series is seriously chaotic...WHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAT BINBOGAMI GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA <Hears explosions>. This comedy is truly funny in most ways, from outrageous gags, to anime references to plain character insult jokes, and best yet, this anime has a proper story with it's chaotic comedy. The characters just like the comedy is chaotically diverse, ranging from rich b***ches, to annoying gods, to perverted monks.....LA is being serious. When it comes to voice acting, Kana Hanawazawa just let out the hamminess in this anime compared to playing the role type "calm and shy type girls". The story does feel like it's wandering around but this being a comedy does exempt that, secondly this storyline does have character development for the main character as well a few minor characters and from this, this chaotic comedy does have depth and from depth there are a few doses of lore of this comedy series making it all the more intriguing series. The story does take some serious development and "lessons for the audience etc" which makes you think. From all this, an anime which has seriously chaotic comedy, chaotic characters but with some serious character development makes this anime...ohhh Binbogami ga what are you doin- HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GET AWAY FROM LA'S FOOD CLOSET!!!!...STUPID BINBOGAMI GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!! 9.5/10
Highschool DxD DONE Season 1 - Wow......LA didn't expect this anime to turn out this way...all LA has to wow. At first it's your typical romance anime...until the first episode where all hell breaks loose...LITERALLY. From there the storyline turns very shounen, there's just one little problem...this series is highly's one of THOSE anime. However even with this, it's still great, do ya wanna know why?...the lore and the shounen. Ok onto characters, the characters are mildly generic but when in comes with storyline into play, they surely do develop alot, no backstory but develop from the story at hand, a fanservice shounen...most of the girls get the "fanservice treatment" nearly EVERY episode...but this little misstep can be excused for the brilliant story. The ending was just shounen pumpin' awesomeness, in other mid-way episodes it was a bit filler but from the ending most of the episodes did relate so that was a plus. In all, this fanservicey shounen, even with it's heavy use of fanservice, the story made up for it for being really entertaining and very action packed and some of the lore put into this series was pretty well done..LA thinks this series is a mix of To aru Majustu no Index x Kore wa Zombie desu ka? and ALOT of pervertedness..........but in other words...this series was pretty's getting second season??...WOOHOO!!!

New - DevilLA: There comes a time where strength comes from your pervertedness...................................................what. Yes Highschool DxD got another season and did it get better than last season???...well yes and kinda no. Yes due to the expansion of the universe of Highschool DxD with more character development and awesome fights between devils and fallen angels and the shounen pumping addrenalined pace of this anime series...but that's not what you want me to want me to tell you about the pervertedness of how this season is right???...well it WAS - <static> doing it!!!!! that was the pervertedness in a nutshell.......and seriously lots of it with that added fanservice. In terms of story, it's progression was actually pretty decent.......for a fanservice shounen, from both developing the characters to high extremes molded in the shounen elements, then collaborating that with the plot makes it kinda work for me in terms of matter how perverted it is...well sorta. There are plot twists of course given the shounen elements and most are more or less OHMYGODNEWPOWERSYOURGONNABEATEVERYTHINGUP kinda way or something to do with the characters past, in all the character development is what helped this season A LOT. Now for a finale???...well...was it shounen addrenaline pumping???...again yes and no...yes it was shounen pumping awesomeness...but somehow I laughed from some of the no not in a bad way...the dialogue was outrageously funny...that is all for the ending. In all, this season practically did the same thing as previous season but upped it only a little...considering the ending...we might see another season from this series...
Season 1 - 9.6/10

New - 9.7/10
Λnother DONE This series was f**king creepy and enthralling little horror anime series. For one, the deaths were brutal as hell...the paranoia is even more rampaging and the characters are either insane or creepy. This horror series did do some very good things...for one, the ending had a HUGE plot twist and with the lore of this series IT MADE SENSE which was great, second, the characters are all suspicious even the main character which adds even more paranoia to an already crazy insane brutal horror anime...which in itself adds fuels to the madness. Some of the bad things?...well the main character was a bit stupid during the beginning not taking into consideration the ATMOSPHERE of the situation...yeaaaah...and sometimes some of the characters were a bit stupid. Now...some things that really made the horror series brutal and creepy as it is...for one, the musical score...everything from creaking walls, the shrieking cellos, breaking of glass and the overall "dead" tone of the background music really made this anime creepy as hell. Second, the overall deaths wee EXTREMELY BRUTAL deaths...near Umineko levels...sorta reminded LA of Final Destination...<LA shivers>. In all, though this anime was creepy and brutal as hell, the story and plot twists given and the lore of the series made up for it in every way..especially THE ENDING...LA has to praise PA Works for their work on this. 9.9/10
Photo Kano DONE Ok, LA has alot of things to say about this anime, both good and bad. Ok good first, the beginning of the starting episode to Haruka's ending episode was done well, fanservicey yes, but all the same, second, the romance towards Haruka's, Nonoka's and Tomoe's was done pretty decently. Now the bad things.....most of which will contrast to Amagami SS as this anime is it's spiritual successor. Number 1, NOT ENOUGH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT OF THE RELATIONSHIPS FOR MOST OF THE GIRLS, the fact that most of the girls has one episode of them getting together and in the next, goes to the next girl...yes, LA knows Amagami SS did the same but Photo Kano only did it badly through not enough development of the romance of each of the girls. Amagami SS had 4 episodes that was towards the girl at hand, 6 if you include second season, Photo Kano only had ONE of each girls cept Haruka who had 4 (2 meshed with the starter episodes and 2 fully for her)...THAT DOES NOT CREATE PROPER DEVELOPMENT towards the girl for ONE Number 2, with the ONE episode for each girl sans Haruka the romance feels forced (well cept Nonoka's), finally, since this is a romance anime with most of the attention directed at the girls and the main character, most of the minor characters become either comic.....errrr.... "fanservicey" relief or even they don't have enough development that we forget about them or they become an annoyance. In all, this anime "tries" to be like Amagami SS, but fails in both the developments of the cast, the romance is sometimes forced due to it's ONE episode a girl, if it wanted to be like Amagami SS, then have more episode like Amagami did, instead of 13 episodes with ONE episode per girl. This wasn't a bad romance, but it pales in comparison to Amagami SS due to shear length of episodes and character development. LA does have to say it again though Photo Kano Haruka's arc, Nonoka's episode and Tomoe's episode was done decently, but for the rest of the girls, it needed serious work...ohh yeah..Kanon's episode was done decently as well as there was some development towards both the main character and Kanon....ahhh...LA is going off tangent.. *ahem*. If you want to watch something similar to Amagami SS, this "might" be for you, if not...then Amagami SS is better for you... 7/10
Suisei No Gargantia DONE This anime was just an unexpected turn LA wasn't expecting...BOTH TIMES..from the start to end. First, this was Gen Urobuchi's work and what was it???...a slice of life/militarized but mostly slice of life.......GEN. BUUUUUUUUUUT then, the slice of life merges with militarized trying to protect the world whist getting to know the world and the "getting to know" is pretty interesting as the world is kinda natural human society before modern day...yeah. From there it just just changes...everything about the anime given to us at that point just realizes what's really going on with this...SERIOUSLY....the plot twists in this anime it it it just changes the entire scenario of the anime TWICE. The characters at the most are diverse in a sense with some development towards some of the characters, but however this anime is a more situational development anime not so much a characterized development anime. The action scenes were just amazing from mecha battles to just cannon water battles. This anime at first is just a fish out of water slice of life anime but around the middle.....expect something to sneak up at you via plot twists...this anime will be amazing by the LA and the ending is just.....WOW. 9.7/10
Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku DONE This little anime short is well money-related jokes most if not all the time, this is a spin off from the popular Lucky Star featuring the very minor characters now taking the main stage, it's sorta like if Bora from Fairy Tail actually got his own series yeah like that. However this being an anime short comedy there are some pretty funny jokes mostly to do with one of the sisters taking the mickey or it's related to money most of the time. There are cameos towards Lucky Star but this being a short they don't show up as often. Finally, they do a pretty funny thing during their ending theme...hehe...A- <color-generator lines appear> SERIOUSLY!?!?!??!!?!??!?!?!!?!??!?!, anyways this anime short is pretty funny, whether you know the main series (Lucky Star) or not...if your not in it for the characters and cameos, watch this series for the jokes..can we bring back the screen back PLEASE!!!!! </color generator>...thank you..... 8/10
Amnesia DONE HOLY F*** was this anime just annoying!?!?!??!?!.......ahhh *************?!?!??!!...*ahem* this is LA's first look at the "reverse harem" genre and how did it fair...LOOK UP YOU AMNESIAC!??!?!?!..number 1, the main character is dumb as hell, she can't figure out the situation before the audience does, number 2, the storyline format is a complete mess, number 3, the ending has deus ex machina up the cr*pper. Ok want LA to explain then let you guess remember just REMEMBER, the storyline format is both unhinged and together with it's deus ex machina causes SOOO many plot holes, yes some are resolved but the more the story goes on, the more plot holes that arises. The ending just seriously, it resolves some of the plot but if not more confusing enough all the information about the true storyline arises at the LAST episode giving the audience too many exposition and too many deus ex machina coupled with the main character being a dumbass just causes the storyline to be an absolute mess. The characters...are stereotyped harem characters...the tsundere, the smart one, the caring one and the popular one and the psychotic for the main character...she has no personality cos the plot controls her...ohh wait not the plot LA means Ori- wait's Orion...the Navi exposition fairy...who just says nearly everything which JUST HAPPENED and says stuff we would have already thought of. Confusing and messed up storyline, the ending being a deus ex machina cr*pper and the characters being soo cookie cutter cliched for the harem genre not to mention the main character being such a DUMBASS...this harem anime...was REALLY REALLY REAAAALLLLLLYYYY ANNOYING. The only good thing about this anime was it's mystery......BUT EVEN THAT gets messed up near the ending. Great a terrible reverse harem and LA's first one!!!??!?! (Lore: *ahem* <Lore brings up a sign saying: Heart No Kuni no Alice>) THAT DOESN'T COUNT!!!!!...just....just if you want to watch this anime won't hurt....just annoying and more to the point that even you'll start getting..amn...amn..amnes......<LA faints>.....<LA opens LA's eyes>...this anime annoyed LA to hell though... 5/10
Bodacious Space Pirates DONE BODACIOUS space, BODACIOUS pirates, BODACIOUS SPACE PIRATES!!!...this anime was just full of life!!. For one the characters though there were heaps and heaps most if not the minor cast as well get alot of screentime but with the limited screentime and some points the main cast does well get most of their screentime. LA won't really talk about character development as this anime is more towards the plot than the characters but the plot develops the characters. The plot is full of life thus the plot gives more genki and given the fact that most of the characters have the genkiness down to the T, he' even the first episode gives off a normal slice of life tooo...a shootout in a cafe, LA does have to say that through this sometimes some of the characters go into a story subsection and they get some development (main character included in some way) and sometimes the plot driven character..well drive the plot for their "story section"...however these "plot driven characters" themselves get development, towards the end, the main character develops ALOT, finally...the plot twists well...their just awesome revelations most of the time...just wow on the plot twists...awesome plot twists!!!. Next the fight scenes...ohhh wait...*ahem*...spaceship dogfights...ummmmm LA thinks THAT explains it's AWESOME...the fights in space are amazing to watch and the lore of the spaceship battles with mild space pirating lingo which does makes sense makes it all the more better. This anime does collaborate between both slice of life aspects and it's space shounen aspects, LA means for main character is in between both slice of life school and spaceship piracy, thus the main character herself makes the collaboration between the two. The music..well the OP and ENDING themes are absolute earworms..and LA LOVES THEM, as for battle themes and musical score, well in the slice of life scores it's genki most of the time to comedic tones, as for battle's adrenalined pace with the spaceship dogfights to space shootouts almost ALL the time giving more intensity towards the battles. The ending for this anime was actually really exciting and again genki! but for a light novel anime adaptation some things are resolved some things not...however the ending presentation itself was pretty great to watch. For an anime about space pirates and their space pirating, this anime's world does get many and many lore...and you know how much LA loves an anime with lots of lore!!!!!. For a great anime, there is only one fault LA saw with this's just that with heaps and heaps of characters and with an anime more leaning towards plot than characters is there isn't enough character development towards the main cast/minor cast. This anime is just a wonder and brings something new to the anime table and is a definite"It's time for some piracy!!!!!!" 9.5/10
Tamako Market DONE It'S A K-ON CLONE IT'S A K-ON CLONE OK!!!!!!'s a mixed feeling...a bit annoying. This anime has little to no character development not until the last 3 episodes and all the ones before it is just the build up/side stories. The plot.....well....yeah it zigzags a lot between character development and side stories which again becomes annoying. Most of the characters are sorta community based scenario and in the centre...TAMAKO, there are MANY minor characters but has little to no development towards them and the main characters as well as love interest does get most of the much as they get. LA is mixed for this anime is it does follow the K-On! formula and remember LA felt about K-On!.."ohh's the moe right...but there's no proper developing one...>_>. GRRR...this anime both annoys and confuses LA through the premise alone. For a music anime..there's isn't much of it...just...girls drinking tea all day...GRRR..."...yeah...but at the very least Tamako DOES DO A LOT OF MOCHI MAKING. For a plot that only picks up until the final 3's's just predictable. -sigh- this anime is ok...not much of character development but has some ok side stories, it also could have done more with it's side characters....somehow~...-sigh-...this anime was just ok...wait...why is LA holding a Yosuga no Sora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/10
Hyouka DONE anime is just brilliant...BRILLIANT that LA is soooo CURIOUS about doing this review!!!...Let's get on with it. On the outsets, this anime is just your normal slice of life school life anime, with one awesome great twist...mystery. The mystery element ALONE for this anime is enough to warrant this anime an AWESOME in sooo many ways it's near UMINEKO levels of mystery. The main plot is a series of mundane to really interesting stories but you think from these mysteries it won't give character development and more with the case at hand?? dear Watson...with the proceeding mysteries given the characters grow with you and they grow as well...they show the characters develop as per school life anime with the added mysteries foretold and here's the best FILLERS. Yes the one off one episode mystery maybe fillers to some, but in reality it's more character development disguised as an one off mystery. For a mystery school life slice of life anime, it's plot twists both entangle character and plot development and for the more serious mysteries given in this fine case of an anime not only shows insight to the main characters...but to the many MANY side characters. For character-wise, once you get to know them and through the atmosphere of Hyouka, you grow attached to them...*ahem*...thus great character development and even curbs out of the stereotypical "school student cliches". As for the finale...well it left a very lasting impact and impression on LA...LA won't spoil so....lips sealed. This anime will get you sucked into the mysteries of Hyouka as well as the characters being all the more developed through their interactions and plot given, the plot twists will amaze you and Kyoto Animation you outdid yourself...well it looks like that's another cas- LA means another review done!...GREAT MYSTERY ANIME..WITHOUT A DOUBT <LA applauds> 18/10
Yosuga no Sora DONE LA: Well s**t this is gonna be bad...not to mention it's RECOMMENDED BY Lore!!!
Lore: Hehehhehehe-
<LA punches Lore>
LA: Well let's see...
<One viewing later>
LA: THIS ANIME was decent.
Lore: Eh???
LA: Well, though there are lots of fanservice not to mention explicit ones that could shock most people and the...errrr....controversial about the....."I" word. However for an anime such as fanservicey hell as it is...there's several things done right for a romance anime, for one, the romance is done extremely well for all the girls arc's not to mention drama added to it...makes the romance all the more better, another words, the drama and romance really pulls this anime series from fanservice hell to just fanservice and this series focuses more into the story...than.....errrr...f***ing. Yeah if you haven't notice from the review, the anime has uncensored...ummmm...*** yeah LA is gonna put an R18+ patch on this anime, again...this anime focuses more on romance and drama than....than...that.
Lore: liked this anime!?!?!?!??!?
LA: Yup!
<Hears lightning>
LA & Lore: WHAT THE???
???: Lore you imbecile!!!!...this anime was suppose to break LA like no other!!!
Lore: YOU recommended it to LA not me
???: YES I DI- SHUT UP!!!!...LA!!!!.....JUST WHY?????????...WHY THIS ANIME?????...
LA: LA said before the romance and drama both kinda omits the entire fanservice, grips you into story arcs for each girl and the controversial subject on........incest....looks at it deeper than any other anime LA hasn't seen before...more like what happens after it works..what next etc, LA saw this anime as a breaking of convention for those "playing for laughs" incestuous romance animes LA saw previously. The characters and their backstory are also very interesting, with interesting character backstories...make for interesting characters, not to mention the character relations were also well...very well done. LA liked Akira and Nao arcs for this series the most.
???: My plan failed...ALREADY!?!??!?!
LA: LA sees this School Days (ALL the good parts of it) x Amagami SS
???: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....GRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!
Lore: Ohhh wait your the voice in my did you get out???
<??? slaps Lore>
???: I'll BE BAC-
LA:'s villain it seems.......*ahem* Yosuga no Sora is an interesting anime, it took risks such as the explicit scenes as well as the incest subject, but with the risks they focused on story extremely well and making interesting characters within this romance anime. Whether your turned off by the incest subject stay away....whether your 18 or younger you MUST STAY away, as for those who wouldn't want to try and good explicit romance anime such as this....LA would sorta recommend it...*ahem* sooooooooooo..a villain...should LA be scared or dumbstruck that LA already thwarted the villains' plans???......
Astarotte no Omocha! DONE <LA reads the synopsis>
LA: Well this is gonna be s-
<One viewing later>
LA: That was a good heartwarming romance anime
LA:'s your own doing ya' your recommendations are getting better and better...
LA: That is exactly what you did wrong.....the synopsis lies...he' LA felt weirded out by the synopsis...but after watching it...well for an anime about completely ignores that and again like Yosuga no focuses more on plot but in a more romancy fantasy kinda way than what the synopsis even says...sure there ARE some fanservice, but it's minimal, and on speaking of the plot, the plot is a good romance and there are plot twists and comedic turns here and there...
???: GRRRRR...
LA: Also there's a stellar cast, Rie Kugimiya, Yui Horie, Hitome Nabatame, Rina Sato, Yukari Tamura and heck even Kana Asumi is in this and they all did great. This anime is one of those "don't judge a book by it's cover" anime, it's a good anime fantasy romance, good comedy, heartwarming moments where LA didn't expect for it to happen and the characters do get their character developments...mainly the main girl of this anime Astarotte. As for the ending, well it's again heartwarming and has some plot twists...but for a romance well take it as you will.
???: AHHH ********* **** **** * ************** ***************** *******!??!?!?!!!
LA: Hey Sir Swears A Lot.....GET OUT!!!!!
???: I'LL BE BACK!!!!!!!!
<??? throws a smoke bomb>
LA: Ummm your still here...
<??? promptly leaves angrily leaving behind a piece of paper>
<LA picks it up>
LA: Hmmmm...
"In the medieval fantasy world of -------, succubus princess Astarotte ---ar, the first princess of the kingdom of Yg---land, has just reached the age of 10. 10 years old is a special age for a young succubus, as it is when they are traditionally expected to form a male harem. In order to maintain their body and preserve their beautiful appearance, Succubi who have undergone puber-y must consume male ess----, much like how a vampire must consume blood. Initially a mere kiss will suffice, however as Succubi mature into young adults they eventually need to consume a liquid called "sáðfryma," better known as se-en, to sustain themselves."
<LA throws away the piece of paper>
Aiura DONE For an anime short, it's kinda good. Yes..LA is doing another anime short and from the whole ??? incident, LA needs a breather so LA picked this one out and it was a good breather anime for a slice of life anime about girls doing what LA is doing for this anime...not wanting to do much. The characters though they are the Boke to Tsukkomi act just with a neutral in the mix, the comedy, small as the anime it is...has some funny parts in it. Not much for plot due to the length of each episode...but...considering that it's still good to see how the 3 girls' normal life is like. La has to say for an anime short though there are some more detail than other anime shorts LA has seen, such as 3D objects and some of the backgrounds were eye catchers, so whichever company did this anime short, they did their all into making this anime short colorful as possible. LA only has one minor nitpick, the OP...LA felt it was kinda long but from that, it was kinda of an ear worm. In all, if you need a breather anime with some colorful characters along with colorful artowrk...then this anime short is something to look at-<static><static><static>
???: STOP!!!
LA: Ohhh what now, thought you left for good!
???: I've found it......the anime that WILL break you!!!
LA BRING IT ON!!!!!!!...LA feels pumped..what is it???
???: Queen's Blade series
<LA's face darkens>
Inu x Boku SS DONE This anime........ahhh urusai urusai urusai inu!!!. *ahem*...went tsundere there...but seriously this anime. For an anime like this it has a remarkably a decent plot, completely eccentric characters and to tie it off...well it's a bodyguard romance with some supernatural elements. LA says "some supernatural elements" as for a 12 episode anime, about 1/3 deals with the supernatural, the other 1/3...romance...the last 1/3...comedic zaniness. Yes, this anime got the packages, romance, comedy and supernatural...hmph...LA didn't realize it until LA wrote it. Inu x Boku SS is as a whole, has tons of character developments as well a few plot twists and caters to both fanservice (male and female) be exact.....LA meant it in the outfits and where and what they do fanservice. The comedy for this anime is most certainly the Boke to Tsukkommi act but they REALLY know how to place it, he' they even do that routine before and AFTER serious moments within the anime making for some mood whiplashing comedy. Now the plot...well....there is plot twists but mainly it's character development from the main duo but there are minor character development and the minor characters do appear more and more as the story progresses. As for the ending.......ohh god *LA sniffs*'s really is... *ahem*...Inu x Boku SS is really an eccentric anime with eccentric characters, a decently built plot and overall a decent anime to watch...if you want variety genre anime...this might be for you... 9/10
Love Live! School Idol Project series DONE Season 1 - Ahhh the idol genre how LA missed yoooooooo- *ahem* Love Live everyone. This anime to LA in terms of both LA having not watched an idol series for some time and for it being an idol series in the first place. This anime was made by Sunrise........yes...Sunrise......SUNRISE...SUN- THEY MADE FRICKIN' XENOGLOSSIA!?!?!?!?...yeah Xenoglossia, so LA was surprised they actually did a PROPER idol anime series instead of the bane of idol/mecha of Xenoglossia Sunrise did before. *ahem* Nuff bout Xenoglossia, we're talking about Love Live here...*ahem*...this idol anime series actually did great in terms of storyline and the overall theme of idols and what they do from the ground up. The storyline is typical of any idol series of their characters wanting to become idols and they did great through the obstacles and singing numbers they did as well as the drama given out making this anime a solid idol anime. The characters get a lot of development mainly the main idol group of course and the drama given really gives this anime that one leg up that LA sees in idol animes. The singing numbers....though it looks like Sunrise did CGI cell shading in order for the singing dance numbers, LA was ok with it as it did give us fluid dance numbers and we could see what every member was doing with this effect being done and the singing was great in LA's opinion, not to mention the VA's also did the Opening theme as well making it all the more a great idol series. All the characters were likable (of course), great drama given and a good plot, singing and dance numbers were different but still all the more great and the ending with the added drama gave this anime a pretty great feeling towards what LA already sees in the idol genre thus this idol series...Love Live! did GREAT...ora ora.....there's a second season coming up!!?!?!??!...WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...LA is in!. *ahem* Love Live! is a great idol series whether your the fan of the genre or not and is a great anime on it's<LA looks above>...what LA STILL doesn't hate Xenoglossia...don't be sill- SHUT UP!!!!!!!!...

Season 2 - Love Live School Idol Project Season 2 is an anime produced by Sunrise, ran for 13 episodes and released on the Spring of 2014 and he premise is that the μ's girls are back and will be trying to win the Love Live contest again, it's the last time they can win with all 9 girls together!. OHHH LA'S GOD this season did μ's justice, the characters of many of μ's that were left behind with little development during the first season has their development expanded which helped immensely with the group's dynamic, the reason for μ's is strengthen even more considering everyone's goals and from that the emotional impact of the characters and μ's in general is strengthened twofold. The character development towards those who didn't have that much development during the first season helped immensely for the group dynamic of μ's as members such as Nico, Hanayo, Rin and Nozomi didn't get that much development and in this season they did and also gave some emotional investment in each of them, ESPECIALLY Nozomi's development episode and Rin's development episode help give her a proper reason to be in μ's, as a group dynamic it helped individualize each of the members better giving them more than a one note depth. μ's takes an emotional high and that helps immensely as their cause it just that more emotional (ya'know for all 9 to be together etc.) as well as their initial goal of winning Love Live. The music again is done well as always, giving some great performances to some very emotional performances and the CGI is better blended into the performances this time round with choreography looking fluid and doesn't break immersion from the performances and along with the songs themselves are very well done as it has symbolism towards the plot it has been given. The major impact this anime's season has is the emotional side of μ's with many of the character's development expanding which gives more investment towards the group as a whole and also shows why these 9 girls are together, not by contest but by friendship in good times as well as bad times which alongside it's many comedic moments this season brings just blends well with an emotional idol rollercoaster of music, emotions up the 11 and music along the way. This season outdid the first season in terms of character development and group dynamic of μ's and overall emotional climax of the series. Love Live due to this season in LA's eyes it's up there with IDOLM@STER for one of the best idol anime series out there, THAT is saying something. One final note, it's getting a movie, production has been confirmed, THAT'S HOW POPULAR LOVE LIVE HAS GOTTEN. Say with LA...LOVE LIVE μ's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Season 1 - 9.3/10
Season 2 - 9.9/10
Campione! DONE A God-slaying harem...a god slaying harem...seriously LA didn't expect LA to say this...HONEST. So what happens when you merge Infinite Stratos with Highschool DxD but get rid of the mecha's and devils and replace it with Gods and their lore.............yeah...LA didn't LA to say that sentence either. This anime is very shounen and VERY MUCH A HAREM and WAAAY UP THERE IN THE FANSERVICE SCALE...though it's only limited to kissing...yeah how does that work?????? *ahem*. The story for the most part makes us...well a bit educational towards knowing about the gods, whether it be Greek or Roman or Japanese and somehow merges both the action scenes with the lore at the same time and strangely it works...if you know any lore about the gods...and it applies into an anime and used for a shounen action scene...well COME ON THAT SOUNDS AWESOME...though the most used battlefield resembles Unlimited Bl*** W****s...just a bit different *ahem*, though LA has to say that the pacing of this anime at the first half especially the first episode had a bit of a quick pacing in terms of storyline. Onto the hare- LA means the characters, at most, the hare-...the cast appears in arcs and soon enough join the hare-.....the main character's it the plot's doing or the Gods. The cast is fairly likable though one of them get hardly any proper screentime and boom, she's in the hare- group, the others get better development for it...however this being a hare- harem...???...THAT character development gets completely devoted towards the main characters relationship with him...yeah. The villains at most are probably the second most interesting parts about this anime, the fact that they get their background told and tells which god they are of their respective lore and they use the lore quite analytically, ora?...the first best thing about this anime?...the frickin' battles with GODS OF COURSE. Yes it's a harem, but it does takes itself seriously when needed even with it's fanservice, but at the end of the day, it's a god-slayer harem anime and LA's take on the ending???...frickin' great finale with one psychotic's another harem anime but with just something god-like added it in (and it takes itself serious most of time for a harem anime)...take your pick whether that will dis/encourage you to watch it or not... 9/10
Queen's Blade series DON- Season 1 - There comes a time where an anime takes all the s**ty parts in an anime...say *anty, chest and a** shots, takes in the storyline, copy and paste it within a different plot but same genre and runs with it......*ahem*...It'S A F***KING IKKITOUSEN F**KING CLONE HAPPY ???'!?!??!?!!'s it's f**king ingenius as to what this anime has done...the plot is outstandingly serious for such a vile disgustingly stupid might as well be an H for all LA cares. seriously how does an anime's plot line takes itself soooo seriously that it even undermines that it's borderline to in reality an no fitty doesn't...LA felt that way to and what's worse...for such a large cast....-sigh- they have their own.................fanservice.........serious f**k you ??? for forcing LA to watch this this this a************************************!?!??! (and for point of reference, at LEAST one character has the decency to shy away from all the vile fanservice that being Tomoe however for such a vile anime......they couldn't resist could they....f**k you anime!!). As for the battle scenes...............a mockery of the shounen genre.....seriously....they tear clothes apart soooo easily during battle scenes that it's like f**king tissue paper, the fight scenes are either swordplay or a**play mixed in with supernatural buuuut LA doesn't care about that when all LA sees is someone's b**bs or a**es right up the screen it completely distracts LA from the "serious" fights shown......another words...the battle scenes are S**T!!!!!!! Ok what f**king else???...the voice actors..........<LA just stares for a day>......what??????????...Rie Kugimiya, Sayaka Ohara, MAMIKO NOTO, Eri Kitamura.....AYA HIRANO...........ohhh god.......ok hold on readers LA needs to just.....just.......OH LA'S GOD!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!...SUCH great voice actors used for this???....seri-f**king seriously!??!?!?!?. <LA sighs heavily>...ok ok...LA is fine fine.....fine. LA WILL KILL YOU ???..KILL KILL!?!?!!?!??!?!?!!..KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!?!?!?!??!. <static>. Ok.........LA is fine now. *ahem* Ok..last should be the ending right........and what happens???...frickin' anti climax....thanks guys..........really.......really..........................................................soooo for an anime to give us......characters we care nearly nothing about due to both the serious tone for such a fanservice hell anime AND due to the fanservice as a whole both in the plot and battle scenes, great seiyuu used for this anime who could have done something WAAAAAY better and an ending with such an anticlimax that LA facepalms soo hard.......what do we have???......S**T!!! S**T!!! god does this sucks a**, it's WORSE than IKKITOUSEN due it's nature of trying to be serious.............ok is LA don- <??? points at the last few seconds of the final episode>..........<LA reads: Heiress to the Throne...Season 2>.................................................F**K!

Season 2 (Heiress to the Throne):

THAT'S ALL LA CAN SAY ABOUT THIS SEASON!!!!!!......seriously ??? gonna tell me you name or not???
???:'ll be forever before you know my name you masochist!
???: Ku ku review monkey!!!
LA: This season was........annoying...just like it's fanservice as usual...
???: Ohhh really but I saw you kinda interested in it...especially Airi...correct???
LA: GRRRrrr...
???: I was CORRECT you do like a character in this depraved anime!!!
LA: LA DOES NOT...<LA feels a shock>...OWWWW!!...what was that???
???: Tsk tsk tsk...honest review LA...your audience is waiting...
LA: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrr...fine if it gets you off LA's back!...LA WILL!!!...but first the bad things about this season first. For one, most if not all the characters were the same, or crazy or stupidly annoying from the previous season, secondly the story was most of the time all fights......yes LA knows some other animes does do this as an arc etc...but if the fights all contain frickin' fanservice hell...LA thinks you'll know how this feels...from this some of the battles have gone bit better from it's previous seaso- <LA feels a sharp pain>...OWWW!!!...what the frink!!...anywa- -sigh- -sigh- ys...but it still had those suggestive "poses" to outright n*dity that p*ssed LA off to the point of it really distracting the battle/plot. Next would have to have been ohhh yeah...LA watched the DUB for this...and really it was no different from the Japanese version of the VA was extremely annoying to just feeling a waste of good VA cast (some..........some). Finally, the ending sucked to hell...just outright deus ex machina's, plot twists that came out of nowhere and the ending in itself had a weak ending much like it's previous season.
???: Valid points the gooooood points...hehehe...
LA: GRRRRRR......fine LA will say...for a sequel it did some good things...<LA feels a sharp pain> it did...the character developments well <LA feels immense pain>....SONOFAB***CH?!?!?!?...what was that!?!??!?....-sigh- -sigh-...anyways this sequel did to something right, they made LA actually like more than one character (though the total mass of characters liked is 3, 2 of them being VILLAINS), but they actually got character development......however contribute to the plot...was minuscule....yeah...
???: Also Airi is a maid spirit...kinda makes sense why LA likes Airi now audien-??
LA: Shut up...*ahem*...the only other thing that was gre-ooooooooooooooood....was the ending theme.....dang Rie Kugimiya & Kanae Ito (LA's DUB had Jap ending theme VA's), it was strangely a catchy tone...if LA didn't look at the visuals at all...<LA feels an intense sharp pain>.......GRrrhhrhrhhh...YEAH so this season DID suck, it may had done better with it's character development and did some good tunnnnnnnnnnes...<LA feels a sharp pain>... OWWW!!!...but IT STILL F**KING SUCKED AT EVERYTHING ELSE!?!??!?!...ok ???...this review is done!
<??? points at Queen's Blade: Rebellion>
<LA looks at it in an angry deadpan look>

Rebellion: <LA flicks LA's fingers>...

LA: Seriously why was this made....just...ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!?!?!??!
???: Ohhh come on's not THAT bad...
LA: Really, the weak story, the deus ex plot anticlimax...the f***king actions scenes being no more than H-bait...most of the new characters who shows up to at the very most who doesn't contribute to the plot?????...SERIOUSLY.
???: Ke ke ke...though again just like the Second were interested weren't you??
LA: N-N-NO!!!...shut up!
???: Honest review LA, come on your on your finale stretch
<??? smirks evily>
LA: All the bad things about this "sequel" has MANY flaws and the f**king battle and er***cism scenes are the most jarring and disturbing thing about this and oddly enough they managed to both tone down the fanservice AS WELL AS somehow making the fanservice doubly worse than before. Buuuuut
<??? smirks>
LA: It has it's good points...<LA feels a sharp pain>...GAAAAAAHHHH...this again...why??...some good pooooints are that there are characters who are likable this time A LOT more but again completely destroyed their image throughout the show <LA feels a sharp jolt>....AHHGRRRRR...the plot twists were at "some" actually good twists...for such as f**ed up story as it is...and the battles scenes though jarring and disturbing as they were are a little bit better than the first installments...<LA feels a sharp pain>...GRRRRHH...the other thing would be the was kinda catchy...again as long as you don't look at the visuals <LA feels an intense pain>
???: But?
LA: Finally...LA gets to rip this anime for the finale tim-
<??? throws at a blade straight through LA's chest>
LA: what did you doooo?
<??? smirks evily>
???: IT WORKED IT FINALLY WORKED!!!...HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!...ohh you poor insolent far-sighted fool!!! plan finally succeeded and you'll DIE, you REALLY thought I'd let you finish your rant and screw my plans, no no no...I NEEDED you to hate a series but still somewhat have "some" good qualities from I researched and found a couple of animes that might break you...THIRD TIMES THE CHARM!!!...
LA: I-I don't need your explanation on your plans...just whhhy...
???: HA!...I needed enough "guilt" to encase this blade so that it'll never come off not to mention that that "guilt" is also the only way for me to control you from the inside and take over your reviews and YOU YOURSELF
<LA's eyes start closing slowly>
???: Ohhhhhhh...I was going to get to best part...BUT might save THAT for later.....HAHAHAHHAAHAHAAAAAAAA~ KINGDOM HEARTS WIKI!!!...YOUR NEXT!!!..LORE!...bring me my throne of darkness
Lore: Haaiiiii...<Lore glances at a dead LA>
LA: CLONES PROTECT THIS PLACE FROM ???...LA...LA feels.....alrigh-
<LA's eyes dulls>
<Clones of LA appear and guard off ???>
???: Tsk...
<??? summons and sword and blows away many Clones of LA>
???: HA!...I've already won...KNEEL BEFORE DARKNESS-LEGENDAQUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<lightning strikes>
<DarknessLA creates a shadow version of LAself>
DarknessLA: GO shadow version of me and take control of the original LA...I'll deal with these clones and users now...MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!
<Shadow-DarknessLA goes inside LA's mouth>
DarknessLA: I SHALL RULE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to kill of these annoying clones!!!
<lightning strikes>
<2 shadows appear to fend off DarknessLA's attacks on ClonesofLA>
Chainoffire: YOU WON'T WIN!!!
FinalRest: THIS WIKI WON'T LOSE TO YOU!!!!!!!!
DarknessLA: HMPH...feeble users...those who don't KNEEL down to me shall DIE!!!
<DarknessLA fires dark lightning bolts at Chain and FinalRest>
<Chain and FR block DLA's attack from their keyblades>
<DarknessLA strengthens the bolt sending both Chain and FR off>
Chain: Final...grab LA's body and flee!
FR: But...
Chain: Just do it!
FR: Al-alright...
<FR grabs LA's body and teleports away>
<Chain summons a huge flaming sword and tries to attack DarknessLA>
<DarknessLA fends off Chain's swing by grabbing Chain's blade and crushing the blade flinging Chain off>
<DarknessLA launches a dark stream straight at Chain>
<Chain sees the dark stream right in front of him>
<FR carries an unconscious Chain>
FR: We will defeat you and bring back LA...just you wait!!!
<FR teleports away along with Chain>
<lightning strikes>

To see LA's status click here...
Season 1 - 0/10

Heiress to the Throne - 2/10

Rebellion - 4/10
R-15 DONE Click here for the reviews
Paranoia Agent DONE Click here for the reviews
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun DONE Click here for the reviews
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo DONE JCStaffLA: first review! this anime was extremely entertaining...and heartwarming <JCStaffLA proceeds to cry alot>...*ahem*. Story..story, this anime's story is HEAVILY influenced by both character development and character interactions then couple with some extremely dramatic events and tad bits of romance that can make me as well as probably LA cry their hearts out?...and what do I say about that???...EXCELLENT STORY TELLING...seriously no joke, the characters you first meet gets a boatload of development and the the interactions/relations get it's more boatload of it due to it's character plot influence. Now as a genre this anime's...a slice of life BUT with an underlining theme and the romance is touched upon but it feels as though the anime is more aligned towards it's slice of life roots. The underlining theme does shine through such as never trying to give up on your dreams, or always carry on when things get REALLY gets to you the fact that almost anyone can feel this...deep Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo...deep stuff. Now the needs to be addressed, within the various character interactions romance is very much touched upon even during the comedy-driven scenes and gives hints towards the cast's romance aspects some VERY obvious, some...well...*ahem*.'s rampant here with great Boke to Tsukkommi routines done nearly every episode, another words...great funny comedy!. Now for a character-driven plot, the characters themselves do deconstruct the usual slice of life stereotyped characters you see and in my and probably LA's opinion, they are extremely 3-dimensional characters, with motives, backstory and their own personalities that further the plot in some ways and they are quirky or lovable in their own way...another words, the cast is awesome!, also they have a great cast, with Ayako Kawasumi, Yui Horie, Ai Kayano and even Satomi Arai!. Hmmmm anything else?...the ending? of the best heartwarming endings I've seen and quite honestly I really want a second season for this. Now without further ado...Welcome to Sakurasou... 18/10
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya series DONE Season 1 - Illya as a magical girl...LA KNOWWWWWWWS!!!!!. Ok the latest thing created from the Type-Moon franchise, setting Illya as the main protagonist within a magical girl setting in collecting "Class Cards". Now you'd expect this anime to have the ufotable animation?...well nope......did at least have Fate characters?...well...HELL YES!!!. So many cameos as well as past jokes or references to Fate/stay night and even from Zero. When LA thought saw this, LA had some high expectations, and for the most part it did check in, however there are some points LA needs to get across. A major point would have to be HOW Illya became a magical girl setting the entire was forced and in this kind of situation it feels as though from the forced action, that Illya is just going with the flow or pushing the plot due to the action, it's not THAT big a deal, just something LA is pointing out. Second would be the new characters who appear...yes how they integrate with story is good, but all LA wanted was some more development on the minor new characters...they're mostly stock stereotypes by the end of it (the only exceptions are Lluvia and Miyu). Ok.....nitpicking done? whats good about this anime?. Let's see...the battle scenes are something to be seen, LA really liked it how it kinda deconstructed as well as parodying the magical girl genre, the comedy was excellent with many slapstick to some awkward moments, as well as the Fate/ cameos that appear. The plot was interesting and the battles that occur follow through made the plot flow nicely, even it's plot twists moments, and most of the plot developments are from Illya and Miyu, it's a character-developed/magical girl plot, what can you do?. Finally, well the ending was ok...wasn't as stunning or epic but the finale was decent...what's up with TYPE-MOON endings!??!?!?!?!?. *ahem*, it's great to see TYPE-MOON works coming out...on speaking of which...*ahem* 2wei (second season) is in the works!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!!

2wei! - It's the second season and it's more Illya hijinks with yur- *ahem*...2wei! is again produced by Silver Link, DAX, Lantis and Sentai Filmworks and ran for only 10 episodes in the season of Summer 2014. The continuation from the first season and this season feels like a break from the "card of the week" the first season had instead it gave out new characters that adds to the character development of both Illya as well as the new characters that arises in this season. Ok this season has two climaxes, the first climax had a bit of emotional turnout considering the new character AS well as we getting new character development towards Illya herself and given the Fate lore it's kinda deep and complex and again this season is a parody of the magical girl series but with both a comedic and Fate twist to it and this season REALLY brings out that statement. The last climax comes in form of a shounen converted "out of nowhere" fight and it is glorious!!. The new character who arrived in this climax well by far she's one of the most badass characters in this series and may be one of LA's favourite character due to the action-based climax it gave and she is intimating as he'. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!'s season still has it's parody element to it, but it also brought in new elements of shounen that feels genuine. The comedy arrives for the most part when things cool down in the form of Illya's friends and some of the comedic event are pretty funny although most of Illya's friends are pretty much comedic sidekicks each with their own quirks, since this is a parody there are some intentionally funny moments here and there. The animation feels like it got touched up alot with some shine to most of the animation but again the battles were extremely pretty to see, it's a magical girl series what did you expect when LA said "pretty" and lotza explosions. LA is kinda sad that this season only lasted 10 episodes as it could have brought more, it just felt too short and went with more of the central conflicts more than filler,although that isn't such a bad thing anyways, still this season was too short and LA wanted to see more, at least another 2 episodes would have done it, however LA isn't mad at the ending as it left in some plot lines that are unresolved.*ahem* 2wei! Herz...yes, there's a second season, to a second season so those plot lines unfinished, will be resolved soon and LA is pretty interested. Silver Link knows how to make a parody with it's own content source right, let alone a magical girl series. Sure this series is meant to take a Fate series with a magical girl series, but this season really brought both elements together and again with giving character development to the main character as well as the new character is a bonus as they didn't skimp out on the details and gave them proper investment that they should be there, the only problem was that was too short, but that's a small problem LA can ignore and finally the announcement that the second season or a second season...errr...just call it 2wei! Herz helps immensely...LA can't wait for Herz!!!
Season 1 - 8.9/10

2wei! - 9.3/10
Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou DONE This anime is...flat-chested wie- <gets attacked by scissors> ..yeah. Ok here's the concept...a bookworm guy gets reincarnated as a dog...and is taken in a sadist writer...yeah........ For the most part, the characters are very weirdly interesting, such as an extreme doormat girl, a self-centred idol, a masochist editor, a sadist writer and even a battle maid...ohhh did LA forget to tell you the main protagonist is a dog?????. From the plot, LA could deduce this...the main plot comes roughly in the first 3 episodes, with some weird comedy put in, the rest?...mostly plot development from the minor's an anime that quickly wants to tell the main plot in the first 1/4, then it goes into laxxed then opens up another plot development...rinse and repeat. LA came into this anime thinking it had some decent plot.........not that much unfortunately except the fair few that was...ohh and some of the comedy mostly involves S & M as well as in-jokes...YEAH. Fanservice...was around A LOT OF THE TIME...and this is Studio GONZO we're talking about *cough* Rosario + Vampire *cough*. This outrightly a mess...LA couldn't see it as a defining genre or even as a comedy, this anime pretty much has an identity either more in tune with your character developments and not make them one shot occurrences then we forget them/turn them into gags outrightly making the development more of a joke or be more in tune to your comedy side and due jokes but PLEASE keep them SANE jokes and adapt into the had no idea what it was aiming at and that's what confused LA about this anime. So the final annoyance was that with little development even the main cast gets...or the fact that the development gets thrown out the window come the next development (cept like 2 the main protagonist isn't one of them), such a waste of character development, he' even most of the minor cast can't even move the plot. Ohhh ANOTHER final thing the finale told s***!!!...yes they gave us an open-ended ending...<facepalm>...take this anime like you will. The only good things about this anime is it's insanely weird characters, some of the in-jokes and probably the "sister arc". *sigh*...LA had soo much more expectations for this anime...and it fell...fell...fell.....fell into a pit of weirdness... 6.9/10
Jormungand DONE Season 1 - This anime...seriously. Ok so it's about an arms dealer and her jobs that her and her bodyguards take, going all over the world and her newest recruit is a child solider. Ok first thing is first...YES, this is legit (anime LA know!), second, yes it goes into some extremely touchy subject. Everything from weapon competition to escaping out of a country to dealing with assassins trying to kill you, that is really the main interest in this anime THAT and LOTS AND LOTS OF GUNS. For the most part, the story involves shady dealings of the weapons trade to all out gunfights just to survive, there is character development shown and most of the main cast do get development and most are pretty interesting, though some get told when the plot is convenient enough...most of the time, 3 characters however get more than the rest expanded throughout the 12 episodes. Now there are lots and lots of deaths in this anime and some of the suspense mainly comes from "don't die!!, he/she was my fav character! to HEADSHOTS!!! to OMGLOOKATTHOSETWOFIGHTING!??!?!?, yes, the battles in this anime are amazing and coupled with the techno rigid soundtrack for this anime given, it's addrenalined gun-pumping awesomeness as your in the edge of your seat looking at the battle and whether the characters will survive etc, but yeah they DO show a lot of gore in this anime just as a heads up. Now back to the characters for a sec, they are for the most part some insane way, especially the main character Koko...seriously Koko, but from most of the others backstory and heck even the child soldier you kinda know why they are there in the first place and how they got to be working with Koko. Finally...the ending...had a bit of suspense and some good character all, the ending was decent. Now why do I think I'm gonna leave this open ended???...cos there's a SECOND SEASON!!!...YEAH!!!

Perfect Order - Perfect Order is the continuation of the first same old gun-totting arms dealing wackiness???..yes and no. Yes this season had more backstory towards the rest of the cast which again is a huge plus. This season seemed to have taken the darker route as well as giving out Koko's ambitions and backstory. Yes for the most part many of the backstories and given the plot, it's still about arms dealing and heaps of HEADSHOTS, but come to make it serious enough as it is...Koko's story arises and it all goes into idealism. Idealism of weapons, wars and peace...yes it first gave us gun-serious, now it's giving us war-seriousness. On the offsets, it's actually great and LA kinda figured it was leading down to this considering the anime genre this is in and the entire plot twists given were planned out very well, even if some of the minor cast's backstory were a sort of "filler" just to get to the point, although the "filler" episodes with the minor cast isn't really filler as it does give us development of the characters. The action again is seamless in it's brutality and the planning of it even better. The plot twists and more character development was even better and the finale although it was sort of an anticlimax...meh, this season and to be honest this anime was great. Dealt with some heavy stuff from wars, to soldiers morality, death and living and most importantly, wars and peace. In all, if your into some gun-slinging arms dealing goodness or just curious about's worth a watch, as it's not just some gun-totting anime with no's a gun-slinging anime with one heck of a human idealism and a good plot.
Season 1 - 9/10

Perfect Order - 9.5/10
Kin-iro Mosaic DONE SliceofLifeLA: We have hmmmmm... a foreign Briitiish girl moving into Japan because of an overseas Japanese girl came to the Briitiish girl's home for an overseas exchange. You have Kin-iro Mosaic. Now this is a slice of life anime no doubt, there's skits mostly on the characters with some development but mostly it's glossed over very fast. The skits themselves are very laxxed, anything that may be an obstacle or change is quickly fixed in comical to some heartwarming moments. Now when I first looked into this anime the first episode was actually pretty decent to watch, seeing the culture shock from the characters in both Alice and Shino, then come next episode and in turns into an Azumanga Daioh meets Briitiish. Most of the jokes brought out is either from the characters traits or be it whatever happens at the time or even language barrier jokes. Yeah. Now in contrast to Azumanga Daioh, I thought it was a bit better in terms of comedy as their mostly one shot moments as for the heartwarming moments, they leer to well heartwarming or near yuri moments but taken for laughs I suppose. *ahem* about the voice acting, yes we know from past sources that the producers brought the script over to an English High school so that they can check for any errors in terms of English but the fact that the Japanese VA's are well Japanese...we/I can still hear some Japanese accents when their trying to do Engrish, why do I say this?, well because at the very least even though they tried to proofread through the English and try to pass off it as it is, which is a good thing but still I can still hear that Engrish accent but seriously good job on the Producers on their part. Finally...hmmmmm well the finale ended...a bit weird but still in tradition to slice of life animes the ending in itself is open ended and it was ok for a slice of life anime to do. In all, if you want to see a laxxed anime with few cultural difference jokes to some funny slapstick with that bit of Briitiish...this might? you???...ohhh one more thing considering this is a slice of life...this anime is moe as it can get. 8/10
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi DONE MysteryLA: God has left such world where Ai lives as a gravekeeper. People cannot be born, nor can they die...such is a world where Ai lives as a gravekeeper. This is Sunday Without God or Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi. On the offsets you might thinks of this anime as a shounen...yes and no. Yes on the sets of the world, no in terms of story as it's more inclined towards the mysteries of the world Ai lives in...a 'world where God has left us. In terms of story, the format is in form of short stories with round abut 3 to 4 episodes taking each "story arc", they range from character development focused stories to "knowing about the world they live in" stories or both really. The stories themselves are very interesting giving us a taste of the world and characters given, from an immortal to a school of "super" teenagers with powers to a city of the dead, yeah and from these, even the stories have some heartwarming/wretching moments in most of the arcs finales...seriously they do. Now characters...well I might spoil some of the things through this anime but long of the short is this, the characters are diverse and coupled with the story and development the main cast gets makes them very interesting characters, though for some of the minor cast some of them don't return come the next story arc, however some do re-appear which is a plus at the very least. I do have to say that at one point they did do an a**pull only given the fact it was a rushed episode/arc with only ONE episode for an "arc". For a was pretty great, in terms of heartwarming and heartwretching but the final scenes seemed...well kinda confusing. The soundtrack was decent enough for the anime given, for both OP and ED's...they were very enjoyable to listen to and especially the ending theme is one huge tearjerker of an ending theme. In all, Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi is an anime that tries to tell the story of it's world without God, there is mystery, action and some huge tearjerker moments...*ahem* given the ending...will there a second season???...who knows......................................... 9.2/10
Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui! DONE This anime...just hits it home to some people. Ever been lonely?, never been popular?...well Tomoko - LA can't say it...yes it hits to LA as well. This anime, ok start again. The story for the most part is about Tomoko trying to be popular and through her antics becomes POPULAR!.....or so would think as mostly...GRAAAHHH!?!?!?....seriously LA can't say it!!!. Ok this anime really drives home of unpopularity...we've all been there, with this in mind you have a definite chance to connect with Tomoko with her life and from the lows and ups, some in comedic fashion some in outright brutal fashion as you would have experienced sometime in your life. Now LA did read the manga before the anime was out so LA knew what some of the events were gonna entail...good or bad. For those who didn't read the manga for this first, LA predicts that some of the results of Tomoko trying to get popular to be either funny or outright brutally heartbreaking...yeah. SLIVER LINK was the people who brought you this anime...this was the same company who made Baka to Test and Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA but the animation for this anime was from LA saw kinda influenced via Studio SHAFT as the animation likes to keep changing styles here and there and bring out some deranged animation...heck look at the Opening...
Watamote OP

Remember it's suppose be a SLICE OF LIFE...yeah..makes sense now?. This anime really does hits home to people who watch it thus really LA can't say much about the plot, the characters are kinda minimal even considering it's a slice of life but the characters for the "gags"...are used again driving the point very brutally and for the most part the characters were also relateable on most accounts...of their reactions. The ending......LA just can't say...LA is gonna the very least...depressing with a hope spot. This anime...really gets to you and for those of you who don't like a realistic approach from a slice of life about these matters of unpopularity etc...should veer away...

OVA - So this OVA appeared, this OVA is something different, with some many animation take from Tasogare Otome X Amnesia during the first half and given that SILVER LINK both did this anime and Tasogare LA can see why, the plot is...something outta an anime, you find a mysterious girl on the roof, she says some weird stuff and disappear. HOWEVER it's during the perspective of the mysterious girl (obviously being Tomoko) and you can see why everything became an absolute coincidence at what occurred during her past and what's even more LA thinks that for the first time, it was actually Tomoko who was in the wrong here and she kinda deserved her karma at the "power" she gained. In a ways it really isn't in in an anime given Tomoko's perspective and LA cringed a bit for the most part, the other thing LA have to note is how this OVA's style looks like Tasogare Otome X Amnesia giving it that mysterious feeling trough the first half. Other than that, this OVA makes situations from anime......not what it seems and middle-schoolers with power deserves their comeuppances.
Servant x Service DONE <LA looks up at the title> it's not something ecchi guys. *ahem* Servant x Service is a comedy based anime based around PUBLIC SERVICE thus Servant x Service ok got it?, good!. This anime is from the same person who brought you WORKING!...and for all intend and purposes, the person who created this did try to do something different...just most are the same. The comedy for the most part is the the best thing about it, no doubt, from the character in-jokes to the character interactions make it a whole Boke to Tsukkommi routine, unlike WORKING! where nearly everything is status quo, Servant x Service nearly does the that LA means, yes plot develops...extremely slowly but you do see development nonetheless and you do get to know the cast at hand other than their "character traits/jokes". At one point the plot does develop and does create a good plot...ok did LA really just say that?...*ahem* because of a "plot twist", THAT twist kinda created the plot. yes we know it's a comedy, but some comedies does have a plot and do it well, thiiiiiiiis...sorta did well on it. For the most part again the comedy is the stand out through the character interactions...hmmm it that it???...ohh right, the finale was "ok" but unlike WORKING!, it did develop from the ending...where WORKING! did not. In all, this is a better clone of WORKING!, if your into comedy where you can switch your brain off for a bit and like Boke to Tsukommi routine comedies...this might be for you...other than that....May LA help you???... 8/10
Tokurei Sochi Dantai Stella Jo-Gakuin Kōtō-ka C3-bu DONE GOD DAMNIT GAINAX!?!??!?!?!??!. Ok this was Gainax's block for Summer of 2013 and really, just really?. LA does have to give this anime praise though through shear character development and plot and even the premise as weird as sounds being about a club about survival games (Not the dangerous kind, think BB guns with realistic guns on a paintball field and having tournaments). It's like the answer to Kyoto Animation's K-On! but with guns. Now the characters for the most part are like the run of the mill slice of life anime but slightly different considering it has to do with guns but the staple stereotypes are there, such as the genki, tsundere and the smart one etc. The character development given however is pretty interesting considering the development and plot given and it really shows especially towards the main character and her transition from shy girl to genki and how she wants to be noticed buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut "THANK YOU ENDING"...the ending made out to be all for nothing and even gave us a Gainax ending with lots of fanservice and had nothing to do with the development given to the character at hand, it was as if they didn't know what to do so.....screw it everything is resolved so let's go back to normal!!!...WHAT KIND OF PAYOFF DID YOU GIVE US GAINAX. In terms of animation, through the action scenes it looks great and even in the "slice of life" sections of the anime was decently animated, until LA started to notice about past halfway where the animation started to look lower quality such as chibi versions of the times the animation was great in can see the quality dwindling. You gave us a pretty interesting character transition plot then when it got to the best point you gave up...WHAT THE HELL. Now the ONLY reason LA is giving this a decent score is due to the character development for this anime, as they gave us some very well thought out character development and the development through plot, but it's major downfall is it's last 2 episodes. -sigh-...well at least the action scenes for this anime was also decent LA won't rage as much, this anime does have potential and you can get really into it...but just don't get your hopes up... 8.9/10
Love Lab DONE These kind of comedies don't come often. This comedy just great, LA is gonna put it out there, you don't see that many comedies going for the Boke to Tsukommi routine but link that routine to the plot...ohhh yes, this anime has PERFECTED this. On the outsets, the story seems to balance the comedy and the plot very well, giving both of them equal chances of giving time for each element or even at times let the other shine or more of less complement each other. The basic premise is this, the student council president wants to learn "love tips" from another girl having "lots and lots of experience in love" as the president is hopeless at love...hilarity ensues. The comedy that's punts at the characters, situations and even takes a punt at the cliched romance love tropes. The comedy is standout as even in serious situations it somehow sneaks a joke in and still makes it funny, on the other hand the plot can be funny and very comedic then when times comes for being serious it makes for great use of furthering the plot as well as character development when it's serious. The "council" dynamic thus the cast interactions themselves also complement and does very well in general as they are "not just stereotypes", well yes they are but for the most part they are trying to change some more than others. The ending...well LA is gonna say it, the development paid off giving a rather heartwarming and comedic ending but still giving off the seriousness from all the development. LA is gonna say this, this was LA's favourite comedy anime of Summer 2013 and it really shows...from the well developed characters and plot to the comedic standpoint...*ahem*

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation DONE Ok, think...any video game console...NOW think that console your holding as a personified anime set it all in a video game setting where there's no fourth wall...YOU HAVE HYPERDIMENSION. On the offsets, Hyperdimension is a fanservice anime, the main cast is an all female cast who can transform into their "goddess"...*ahem*...means more fanservice. Now it's not all fanservice............what it really isn't just a fanservice show. The anime does show "arcs" of story given, some petty fanservice episodes to some serious "developing" arcs with the entire "beat up the bad guy" routine. There are "some" plot twists here and there...and some deus ex machinas...yeah.....but when they want to be serious they will and when comedic they will with laces of "no fourth wall". This being a "video game anime with no fourth wall", LA found "MANY" references towards video games (the nostalgic kind) to video game console references to video game news jabs. For example? about a bandicoot with blue pants that somehow got to Noire (aka. Playstation), a box full of GOLDEN RINGS and how about Noire's "lax security" *cough* PSN hacking 2011 *cough*, yeah this anime is referenced overloaded. Now LA can sorta ignore the deus ex machina...only slightly but some of the plot twists were kind saw them coming or not. Since this anime is even genre savvy in it's own anime, the characters are pretty diverse, though there are some stereotypes here and there...main characters more than the villains and for the most part the main cast is likable through character interactions/development and in-jokes given. The seriousness is sometimes downplayed given the villain at hand, sometimes it affects the plot A LOT, the other times...not so much. The battle choreography for this anime wasn't that bad, very high action to melee brute force with huge weapons...just like in a video game!. The voice acting...for was decent the fact that it was done by the same VA's who did it for the video games which does makes sense and is justified. The ending? was decent enough with no deus ex machina's so it was ok enough and the battles were at least decent enough. In all, if your a die hard fan of the Hyperdimension video game franchise or just want an anime with a little bit of action but not taken to extreme shounen style fighting with that dose of fanservice then this anime might be worth a watch. Now excuse LA, LA needs to buy a certain game......<LA looks up Amazon>...£64.60!!! for all games!?!??!?!?!?!?...

Danganronpa: The Animation DONE
Monobear - Accel Aqua
TALK - “Stand! Bow! Good morning, you b*stards!”
UPUPUPUPU~ DA DA DAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!. This anime in which Me, in, is an awesomely beary despairingly great anime!!!!! UPUPUPU~!!. My students, the characters in this anime are all b*stards!! ~UPUPUPUPU DAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!

LA: Although, Monobear...

Monobear - Accel Aqua
TALK - “Stand! Bow! Good morning, you b*stards!”

LA: Your just trying to rep yourself up because your the series mascot?

Monobear - Accel Aqua
TALK - “Stand! Bow! Good morning, you b*stards!”
UPUPUPU~...doesn't that give me more the honor of doing your review? ~UPUPUPUPU DAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!

LA: Ummm no!

Monobear - Accel Aqua
TALK - “Stand! Bow! Good morning, you b*stards!”
awwwww..........fall into despair like all the characters!!! ~UPUPUPUPU DAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!

Monobear - Accel Aqua
TALK - “Stand! Bow! Good morning, you b*stards!”

LA: *ahem*...LA loves this anime. Yes LA said it. Danganronpa is a PS3 game about murders and detective work in order to earn your freedom. Now for a murder/detective genre...well it blew it off the water, the murders and detective work was done very well, from the smallest detail giving some of the best plot twists and even giving us little snippets of character development before those characters are sent to be "punished".

Monobear - Accel Aqua
TALK - “Stand! Bow! Good morning, you b*stards!”

<LA throws the bomb away and it explodes>
LA:*ahem*...the plot for the most part are set in "murder arcs" and the settings change like a flick of bear's fingers......setting the murders from paranoia stricken environments to some weirdly set murders...and the plot twists...does come from left field and it gives off some GREAT plot twists. The animation does give off the crisp shiny animation along with the environment of the characters are in, there are "video game elements" shown in this anime...LA says...all the more to look the video game LA says...

Monobear - Accel Aqua
TALK - “Stand! Bow! Good morning, you b*stards!”

<LA dodges them noticing a penny on the floor>
LA: *ahem* LA has heard that "the anime was bad because it missed parts of the game"...really???...just really?. Ok Let LA put it this way...try to put Final Fantasy XII into a 13 episode anime?...doable?...NO, so course something like had to take or omit somethings down, it's the only logical thing to do...if this anime wanted more content...then bring in OVA's, but not having everything into the anime doesn't make it bad..cos this anime at the VERY least kept all the main plot points throughout.

Monobear - Accel Aqua
TALK - “Stand! Bow! Good morning, you b*stards!”
<Monobear fires a flamethrower and aims at LA's head> ~UPUPUPUPU DAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!

<LA dodges it by diving into a swimming pool>
LA: *ahem* characters, the main cast..well this being a murder based anime...some of the cast will be cut from the equation but for those cut, you do get to why they did it and some backstory, for the rest of the cast, well, some of them are likable, some not, given the nature of this anime the plot does help giving them personalities and how they cope with the "murders" as well as dealing with the "detective work" giving the impression that besides the main character their just not one dimensional...THIS IS A HUGE PLUS TO THE ANIME.

Monobear - Accel Aqua
TALK - “Stand! Bow! Good morning, you b*stards!”

<LA dodges it by seeing a maids cafe down the road and goes into the cafe>
LA: *ahem*... now for an finale? no BEFORE THAT...ONE SCENE...JUST ONE SCENE towards the end of Episode 12...JUST MADE THE ANIME...OHHH LA's was AWESOME!!!...the finale??...even better...given the situation. In all..even BEFORE the ending itself, the ending was AWESOME and gives off an AWESOME resolution. In all, Danganronpa, is for one, a GREAT murder mystery anime and in the anime it really does show, the characters are diverse and not just one dimensional idiots, the plot twists of this anime is the thing that really made this anime as well as that AWESOME ONE SCENE near the end of Episode all this anime was just just AWESOME!!!...flaws in all. This is and was LA's favourite anime of Summer 2013...loved every second of it UPUPUPUPU~

Monobear - Accel Aqua
TALK - “Stand! Bow! Good morning, you b*stards!”
<Monobear fires a machine gun all over the cafe> ~UPUPUPUPU DAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!

<LA somehow dodges them all as LA was in the back washing LA's hands>
LA: MONOBEAR STOP TRYING TO KILL LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LA is praising your anime!!!...

Monobear - Accel Aqua
TALK - “Stand! Bow! Good morning, you b*stards!”

LA: Nope, LA loved this anime and is full of hope for next seasons worth of anime!

Monobear - Accel Aqua
TALK - “Stand! Bow! Good morning, you b*stards!”

<Monobear leaves>
LA: LA REALLY recommends you watching this anime...mystery anime fan or not!'s it's just awesome...UPUPUPU~!!

LA: Eh??..wasn't tha-
Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou DONE's a Puella Madoka Magi Magica clone. Ok...not completely but still. For one it is...dark and edgy within a magical girls series...check. The main character is by a calm, sweethearted girl wanting to protect everyone...check. Murders and deaths...including the main cast?...yes??..sorta. On the offsets, this anime though it does look like PMMM clone, it does have some features that makes it good, not great than PMMM, but...*ahem*...the lores of the anime is by far the most interesting thing about it and it reaches into some human idealism concepts and "emotions" along the way although the lore at times causes some a**pulls and even deus ex machina's just so it can "not try too hard to be like PMMM", although some of the plot twists givne out was pretty great and they DID follow it up and gave us some explanation towards the twists given. During the beginning to end there are endless amounts of sorrow to downright sad moment in this anime including some of the characters backstory giving us at least some context as to why they are magical girls and why they fight. But again since it's dark and edgy, it becomes nearly a heartbreaking endurance to sit through, LA didn't really know whether it caused more character development or the "plot said so". Round the ending or so, it was however very intense, dark and the plot was very interesting but then at the same time at some point it caused some a**pulls although some of them are slightly explained. The ending...well LA won't spoil it but...errrr...the lore of the anime was kinda ignored but was a decent ending. In all, although this is a PMMM clone trying to both make itself to BE like PMMM at the same time trying to be was done sorta well, although the a**pulls brought upon us did deter LA a bit BUT the plot twists given out were done very well. If you want something similar to PMMM or a dark, edgy magical girls series with tarot cards as the main theme...this anime might be for you!. 8.3/10
Shingeki No Kyojin DONE On that day mankind received a grim reminder: we lived in fear of the Titans and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls.
Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan was an anime released in Spring 2013 and at the start it was under LA's radar, until LA heard this...
Attack on Titan OP

LA after that instantly wanted to watch the anime and know about it, was a good payoff?...was it like every other anime LA keep seeing in the shounen genre...the answer?...was it changes the shounen dynamic completely. On the offsets, this anime DOES change the dynamic of shounen we see today, from the all powerful Luffy in One Piece, to the every changing powerfully driven Ichigo from Bleach, Attack on Titan changes it completely. Humans are no longer the top of the food chain, your the prey?...or the hunters?, humanity's last chance of survival. The main character for once in a shounen isn't the "most powerful being in the planet" and is instead a normal human being *ahem* *cough* *cough*. Attack on Titan gives us almost awesome action scenes...heck LOOK AT THE OPENING AGAIN, the choreography is all done great...well until LA saw some quality lowered near the middle of the anime but yeah. On speaking of quality, the animation including the backgrounds, characters and the Titans do look very well done...although again sometimes the quality lowered was kinda showing but nonetheless the animation quality was top notch as it was done by Production I.G a very famous anime company. Now in terms of story, the plot during the first half was absolutely amazing, from getting to know the characters to knowing the Titan-filled wasteland of the world to character interactions and even giving us some messages about humanity, like the weak will always be left behind or even eliminated from the horrid world to those with power etc, the plot twists were outright AMAZING although some aren't still explained...for good reason otherwise it would had ended WAAAAY faster. Come second half however and LA started to notice a bit too many flashbacks as if they were trying to stall on the plot when it could have finished it in less episodes or without it, however it does redeem itself during the finale and that is at the VERY least a good thing, although again, there are still some mysteries unsolved. Now characters, there first are LOTS AND LOTS OF CHARACTERS not including the main cast, it could easily over exceed 30 to 50 in the entire cast, BUT given the nature of the is a horror shounen genre...yeah...heads WILL fall...errrr...eaten. Anyways, the main cast are at the very least not one dimensional shounen characters as some of their backstory gives them A LOT OF proof as to why they want to fight and why they are doing this although sometimes ONE person had to be kept reminding of it, in other words they aren't one dimensional "no personality" characters and they are all thought out and putting them in an environment of dog eat dog and military in order to save humanity...yeah....very well thought out characters, not to mention most are badass...even Armin!, heck even the minor cast gets a piece of it (both the badass and some of their backstory). Attack on Titan...given it's massive popularity from both America and Japan, LA will be expecting another season sometime soon and to be perfectly honest has left a mark on anime, it is LA's favourite anime of Spring 2013...favourite anime of 2013???...we'll see... Now excuse LA...LA has to put a sword up a Titan's a**...<LA uses 3D-maneuver gear and accidentally runs into the camera>

Ilse no Techou OVA - This OVA was quite interesting this was set before the events of Eren and team joining the Survey Corps and their the 50th Expedition outside to Titan's Land and all accounts it was done well including giving us more insight to Titans as well as another solider's life and finding a Titan. Seeing this IS Shingeki no Kyojin...yeah you'd know how that past soldier's fate is. But that isn't wasn't interesting, what's interesting is what occurred with that past soldier and the Titan which makes it one interesting OVA. It arouses speculations as to the Titan's true intent as well as giving mad Titan scientist some development at the same time and best of all, this OVA coincide with timeline of the anime and isn't just separate one story from the anime series and thus for all the hidden parts of this review as well. This OVA was...interesting...VERY interesting.

Ilse no Techou OVA II - Three words...JEAN-CONFIGURED OPENING. Ok this OVA in LA's opinion is a gag comedy OVA with no relevance to the main story, but nonetheless it's hilarious. This OVA takes place while everyone is still in the Rookie Army and we get to see some backstory on Jean know that average dude...yeah but take him into a comedic stance with one hilarious sub-plot. The comedy is pretty much, TAKE TO THE EXTREMES FROM MUNDANE SITUATIONS!!! and that's the comedy, and it's hilarious. Jean is the only to have any development though be it funny at his expense as well. This OVA just cracked LA's comedy, it's butt-monkeying of Jean and the plot given in this OVA is just baffling funny and NOT meant to be taken's just...a what the feck is going on, and why can't LA stop laughing. It's a funny OVA and a nice respite from the seriousness of the main plot and THAT OPENING IS FRICKIN' this OVA is you want some OVERLY HYPED sub-plot with comedy taken itself WAAAY to seriously...

Ilse no Techou OVA III - This OVA is something different, giving a "marching exercise" with one little twist of a band of thieves stealing the main cast's 3D-manuver gear. This OVA has teamwork and LOTS OF SHOUTING. To be frank this OVA is something we kinda needed for both Eren and Jean's disagreeable relationship as the entire situation has the whole teamwork thing going and they pull it off. This OVA's timeline is before the main cast went to the Survey Corps by the way. In all this OVA is very decent with the focus on being the gang of thieves stealing the main cast's 3D-manuver gear and they have to get it back with the whole message of teamwork being crucial if they DON'T wanna get get eaten by a titan. Overall a very decent episode but it's still action-packed as the series.

Kuinaki Sentaku OVA -
Pokemon: The Origins DONE NostalgiaLA: It's like I'm playing Pokemon Red all over again!. No I'm serious!!!...what was I talking about?...Pokemon Green?. *aheeeeeeeem* *cough* *cough*...Pokemon Origins seemed to take Pokemon red and take it into a 4 episode special detailing some events from the game. What???'d expect a 4 EPISODE special...adaption of of of one the most longest gaming franchises???...yeah they had to do some montages of what happened to Red. What was talking about again? *cough* *cough*...anyways, it's still true to Pokemon Red, it still does the Gym fights and Giovanni comes in for more character development...for both Red and himself...if your expecting Team Rocket (aka. Jessie, James and Meowth......errrr...."INSERT WITTY BACKLASH HERE"). So for the most of 3 episodes it does have all aspects of the game, heck the video game elements is a prominent feature in this special giving off AS IF YOUR PLAYING YOUR OLD NINTENDO POKEMON RED...WHY AM I GOING CAPSLOCK!!?????????. Come the final episode and something new happens...and well no spoilers...but it really is something.......what was something again???. In all, this special is a must for diehard Pokemon is obvious and keeps what the original Pokemon Red had...and well during the finale...something REALLY REALLY DIFFERENT. Ohhhh and after the special showed some teaser towards Pokemon X & Y...yay!. Now..*aheeeeeeeem* what was I talking about again??
Kokoro Connect DONE Hearts Connect. This anime is...well LA is gonna say it through only one word "Emotional". This anime somehow...ok not somehow but more or less LA connected with it (haha LA knows pun wasn't intentional) in both a personal level considering the plot and characters...especially the characters. The plot deals with interactions with others as well as human psychology to make the plot given into "arcs". For the most part when things get serious, they can serious bring the emotional output to max with the given elements in the plot and the "so called villain" isn't some diabolic mastermind out to destroy the no this villain is something LA hasn't even seen in a slice of life/romance show in a VERY long time and thus even giving the villain to be interesting. The character interactions is the core focus of this plot and the plot so emotionally investing in both itself and the characters and character developments, well...LA is gonna say that the plot is top notch, character-wise and brings in some unique characters LA hasn't seen in LONG time and some in which LA can relate to (the entire cast sans Taichi). LA utterly HAS to apprise Aki Toyisaki and Miyuki Sawashiro's performance in this anime...seriously. This anime though it's heavy emotionally and seriously even LA cried in some parts, it's both heartwarming to heartwretching to see and again with the added character investment and their similar relations (applies to LA, you who might watch it might not...just as a little warning) it in itself gives a huge boost towards the plot and characters. Comedy is common in this anime just as a little heads up and some of the banter and conversations and even if the plot elements from the character interactions, it does give some comedic light towards the serious emotional parts of the anime as a way to lighten the heavy emotional when it wants to not go too extreme. The plot elements themselves though they were in some human psychological standards were very interesting, LA wanting to know what outcome it'll give to the characters...mostly bad but from the bad some good...thus character development...sweet crying out of your eyes character development. The finale...was pretty intense and interesting and given the villain well some things were still un-answered BUT, the "final arc" given did give resolution so it did do great in certain aspects. In all, well LA is gonna say it again,'s one heck of an emotional journey anime and if your like LA, LA got invested in the characters due to their "psyche" being similar to LA as well IRL...*ahem*...getting too personal now (THAT was intentional). Again, it's a great emotional anime with one great heartwarming plot with some psychology thrown in and LA loved this anime for it!!!!!!!!!! 18/10
Kimi no iru Machi DONE -sigh- ****ing Studio GONZO. Ok, it's a love romance manga being adapted and it's somewhat popular...of course LA hasn't read it (maybe in due course but...), considering it's almost 150+ chapters long...YEAAAAAAAH. *ahem*...considering THAT into play first, it seems from LA's sources that GONZO's plot setup errrrr...for the first episode had skipped several 80 chapters into the plot to start the first episode. Yeah bit of a problem with that already.....when LA first saw the first episode, LA had no ****ing idea what, where, who anything was and left LA in state of confusion as to what was going on...another words, in the first episode...for those who DIDN'T read the manga, they left us in a scenario we have no prior knowledge to...<sarcasm>NICE GONZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</sarcasm>. Well you think they couldn't screw us even more???...well they kinda did, but more on that later. *ahem*...the plot afterwards gave it some decency to clue us through flashbacks...LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF IT -sigh- and giving us some romance plot twists including one very sad moment, the plot, from LA knows after fully watching all 12 episodes, it's a hectic romance anime with various relationship played on, giving a childhood friend and the guy who wants to be with a relationship with her but obviously obstacles are in the way...weirdly, LA felt some of the romance given was from done well to annoying to "JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!!!!!!!!!!", no wonder some people call this manga/anime "A Town Where You Rage". The ending towards this plot was.....GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! non-conclusive!!!...meaning giving us not that much to thread it to a proper ending (again how can make a 150+ chapter manga into 12 episodes? second seasons don't count). *ahem* to the worse matters...LA said that this anime didn't screw us even more??? <LA laughs>...they did. For one, the animation seemed lackluster in most counts, not to mention all the close ups scenes...seriously there were A LOT in the span of 12 episodes and they seemed to give the "world" of Kimi no Iru Machi not even space to see their world, instead "we" are more interested in their face than the scenes at hand. Secondly, again animation at times does this weird thing where they bring in a one shot of a still "storyboarding photo" and just bring it out of nowhere...LA doesn't know whether they are trying to be Studio SHAFT or something, but it was more distracting and felt a bit lazy, Studio GONZO brought those out of nowhere and really felt lazy as it was the STORYBOARD PHOTOS of the scene, like come on!!!, if you want bring a special moment well, do with some flair!!!. Thirdly, once again, the background animation clashed A LOT with the characters, made it seemed as if the characters weren't or couldn't interact with their world...if you watch ONE episode you know what LA means. Finally, the characters designs also felt lazy, considering this was Summer 2013 we're at, it seemed the character animation was something done 5 years ago. all, the animation was extremely annoying and poorly done, the plot was well developed but rageworthy at the same time but it was done decently enough...-sigh- in all...this anime is a MEH for LA...gave nothing awesome or great to the plate...but gave LA a great deal of animation pain and plot rage...>_>. Read the manga, LA heard it's WAAAAAAAY better than this adaptation! 5.9/10
Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku DONE Kitakubu...Katsudou...Kiroku. Hmmmmmmm <false information>did you know that the masked tapir has it's front legs shorter than it's hind legs</false information>
TsukommiLA: Don't tell lies to the reader!?!?!?
LA: was a teaser towards the beginning...
TsukommiLA: Haaaa...
LA: Kitakubu Kiro..Kitakubu Kastudou Kiroku is an anime solely that's well a comedy in the sense of Joshiraku but in school is the easiest way of putting it. Well that's all the time LA's a funny anime :D

TsukommiLA: THAT WASN'T THE END!!!!?!?!?
LA: Ahahahaahaaa...ha. Ok if you haven't already guessed, this comedy anime is solely based on it's Boke and Tsukommi routine as well as some Breaking the Fourth Wall jokes...some that even stems towards the production and plot...yeaaaaaaah. For those who previously watched Joshiraku you kinda know what kind of weird hijinked comedy your getting yourself into, for those who don't, the comedy does have a lot of useless information facts, breaking the fourth wall jokes and overall a Boke and Tsukommi routine that does get off it's rails at times. The characters for the most part are you generic quartet of characters...such as the strong girl, the moe girl, the rich girl, the president of the club and the Tsukommi...ok that played better in LA's head...ok...their not so generic, more like tailor made for the offside weirdness comedy given. LA does have to say one thing though about the comedy, it does have the tendency to trick as well as making brick jokes from previous episodes, those kinds of jokes are pretty good. Along the way you do get to know more about the core cast as well as some few minor cast...although the minor cast is mainly for jabs at their-selves. In all, this anime is an anime solely that's well a comedy in the sense of Joshiraku but in school is the easiest way of putting it.
TsukommiLA: Don't copy and paste something you already said to make an easy finish!!!
LA: Haaaaaaaa...ok ok ok. In all, this anime is full of quirky breaking the fourth wall to some weird comedy, the characters are notso what you expect of them and really this anime solely drives itself from Boke and Tsukommi skits...just really expect the unexpected for the skits though...they can really get ya...both comedically and in the WTF category...this has been Kitakubu Kiroku Kastudou anime review!!!
TsukommiA: You spelled the anime name wron- <static to ending theme of Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku>
Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san DONE Mermaids....................well this anime at least knows it's own genre!!!!!!...<LA pouts as LA looks at Mako Mermaids then says quietly: a*****ks>. *ahem*. This anime is mainly a comedy with mermaids and other mythological creatures to strangely...strange. For the little plot it has (well it does have a plot just snippets here and there and some call backs to previous episodes gives it the plot) it has some decent comedy, not GREAT comedy, but just decent enough for LA to laugh when a funny one appears or a call back is said. The characters...well are hilariously "not what you expected" characters...well come on a mermaid living for millions of years, a YETI and even Leviathan-incarnate!!!!!...diversely weird to interesting characters!, though some of the characters do have their moments either giving some jokes or development (though stauts quo applies). Characters aside, this comedy does go mainly on the character interactions and that is really the best part of the anime and for an anime given it's comedy...IT MADE LA laugh. <LA looks away from Mako Mermaids>...WHAT!?!?!??!?...Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san at least has some decent jokes and has a mild plot given (but hey it's a comedy!!), the writing for for both plot and comedy was done decently, whereas Mako Mermaids gives us unlikable characters, a plot that's been written by a 5 year old on a tantrum and the dialogue given is stock cliched a** that it makes the mermaids from this anime blush with supremacy!!!...*ahem*...what was LA talking about again?. In all, Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san is a decent comedy, out-worldly hijinks to some characters jabs will be taken but it's a decent comedy with mythological creatures added to the mix. Ohhhhhh and this anime does have some fanservicey moments...well the majority of the cast beings mermaids and all. 7/10
Free! DONE Season 1 -
Free OP

Errrrr.....wait a bit, LA got someone at LA's door...<Hears girls screaming>...Ohhhhh get the **** out of LA's lawn you raging fangirls!!! <LA slams the door> Free!. Free! is an anime adapted from a teaser demo Kyoto Animation showed and really that alone from the fanbase was what was brought about this anime...yes Kyoto Animation had perfected their water animation, got the demo out to public and then it just exploded. *ahem*...for all accounts, this anime wasn't in this LA's demographic, so LA might be a little be bias. Ok for characters, well...boys with girly girly traits...not all of them but the main cast sports the stereotypical traits just gender flipped...we have your tsundere, the cool and calm dude, the genki boy and the kuudere and roughly 3-4 characters do get character development, LA didn't expect and it DID get LA interested in the story. Though the story in the first place was.........errrrrr.....female fanservice...for the most part, but from there it did focus on story more than fanservice later on, though the female fanservice is prominent throughout this anime no matter which episode. The development is given at slatted times, some out of nowhere or because of plot had given them the chance, again, the character development is a good thing, just some of the timing was a bit weird. However the finale did give some very well drama and character development, LA normally sees in Kyoto Animation's in other words it was ok. Character and plot in all, those who steered away from this anime due to goes both ways, you either hate it and steer clear away from it completely, or curious enough, give it a go, but the story, though it is a bit off does bring up a good story and plot later on and for some drama as well (a little) it's the only thing LA sees as something very well done from this anime...ohhh and the water animation...of course. People may hate this anime...LA sees that, but LA does see...a....errrrr...ok decent plot given...for the plot and premise it was given, laughable at times, but it does focus hard when it needs to and the finale wasn't that bad...and a little heartwarming...then LA remembered that there is going to be another season next summer..................<LA shrugs>. We'll just see...and be free!
Note: LA is sooooo sorry for that finale remark...god did LA write that???...

Eternal Summer - Free! Eternal Summer is back! and coincidentally in the Summer of 2014 and once again produced by Kyoto Animation along with Lantis, Iwatobi High School Swim Club and Animation Do and released 13 episodes. This season follows the Iwatobi Swim Club as they head into their third and final year and also look to the future after. This season is a VAST improvement from the first season as they actually had grips with the each of the characters motivations and beliefs expanded thus giving them better investment qualities. As such LA saw vast improvements from Rei Ryuugazaki voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa for him wanting to do better, to Nagisa Hazuki's voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga personal and educational problems given to light for the first time to the major character development of Haruka Nanase's voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki as to why he swims. As LA said again this season was a VAST improvement from the "happy, go-lucky" first season, not that this season doesn't have it, this season had a perfect balance of drama and that "Free!" bromance fun times Kyoto gave during the first season. Yes, it's about shirtless guys swimming AND NOTHING ELSE, but Kyoto Animation actually gave this season some thought from the character development to the plot to the animation (which is at most beautiful to look at) and gave the dynamic of a male swimming club a bit of originality with it's messages given throughout the character developments as well as the group dynamic of Iwatobi Swim Club, although some of the elements of "their final year, let's make it great" has been done millions of times in any school animes that has more than a season goes, still the outset premise has that originality especially with something like "swimming club". The plot has the character development which LA said before, but it has the training of the characters, researches onto how to make quicker times to the tournaments...ya'know things to make a club go for the national stage. There's a new character this season in the form of Sousuke Yamazaki voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya and gives more of the conflicts between the Iwatobi Swim Club in which Rin Matsuoka voiced by Mamoru Miyano did previous season and this time in a more serious light of the character development of not only himself but Rin and Haru even, yes a new character within the series who actually contribute more than "just another rival", see why this season is a VAST improvement?. The ending felt like a nice wrap up to the series as we see epilogues of many of characters as well as the main cast after the events of the ending, finally there was a teaser in the final seconds of the final episode, maybe a hint at something new coming along with this series maybe?. Free! Eternal Summer has vast improvements to it's first season in terms of plot, characters and their character developments, originality and group dynamic of most of the cast giving better investment qualities as to why we are following a male swim team (other than looking at them shirtless fangirls), if you liked the first season, more or less your gonna be happy with this season, no doubt.
Season 1 - 7.8/10

Eternal Summer - 8.9/10
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia DONE being haunted...very much haunted. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia gives us something LA hasn't seen before...part mystery, part romance, part comedy, part horror, part slice of life...sooooooo genre busting anime?. Ummm yes. The characters for this anime are also LA hasn't seen in many animes with some stereotyped to some very unique to psychologically thought provoking development and insights towards them. In the mystery department...well the mystery wasn't that bad and it dabble into the psychological fronts of it which was...again thought provoking enough coupled with the characters given. The romance...well...LA thought was done very well, giving us a harem then...well spoilers but given us a clear winner and how it copes...*ahem* given this genre busting anime...some supernatural elements are in play but nonetheless the romance was done very well with some complicated obstacles to bring the the harem/lovers. In the comedy sections...well it poke jokes towards the supernatural side of things and with the given setting it does work hand in hand with the romance at times making both ways....funny or really awkward. In the horror section...well thing is LA is ok in the ghost department, but some of the freaky imagery shown was kinda jarring when all of a sudden with a sweet fun time turns on it's head and some evil entity tries to errrrrr.....well least it's not zombies!!!. This anime's storyline base line is the mystery of it all and through all the obstacles, the horror, the romance, the didn't turn into a outright mess...oddly enough it should have but it really does not. In terms of plot twists and development, the plot twists are kinda predictable but only if your...say an expert in ghost...other than that...some of the twists are genuinely great. This anime's cast is minimal and mainly gives the main central characters the most development, so some of the "main cast" beside the main central didn't really get enough time (LA is referring to the romance harem sans winner). The final well...nearly had LA in tears...that's all LA can comment on that. In all, this genre busting anime did right with it's many genres, the characters are unique (the fair few) and gave us great plot twists and development throughout it all with one great mystery to boot! if your interested in being haunted with a few laughs and a few blossoming romance...Tasogare Otome x Amnesia may want to haunt your screens tehe :D... 9.5/10
UN-GO DONE Mystery, supernatural coming together, LA has seen this A LOT and mostly it's the mystery of solving the supernatural as something plausible in the name of science...but what if a duo of a detective and a supernatural being solved mysteries in an dystopian Japan. This anime for one does give out episodic mysteries but involving supernatural...sorta what LA reminds of from Umineko. The mysteries for the most part are by far interesting to the degree of showing both an interesting plot and also at once confusing the audience until the finale of each episode. LA takes this in ok standards for mysteries...then comes halfway through and near the ending where the mysteries are more intense and some parts giving off cameos towards it's previous mysteries...again akin to Umineko just without all the bloodshed. Hmmm this anime has too many Umineko elements to it...errrr....errrr....ohhh yes!, LA did see character development...mainly from the main character...hmmm the minor cast didn't really get that much cept for the finale mystery which only raises more questions to the character in question. Most of the other characters are there just to move or confuse the plot further. When going into animation, it's something LA sees in most animes and the people who did this anime being Studio bones...well they did ok for the genre in question and sense of immersion of the mysteries given but that may be plot doing it, instead of the animation quality. This anime is still missing some few screws towards it's plot considering it was only given an 11 episode run, but it's complex mysteries took it out of it's plot hinges. LA has to say that considering that over-science and the supernatural are near to the point of it being nearly all possible, the plot twists for nearly all mysteries have no a**pulls...well the finale mystery is near considering towards impossible without the supernatural nudging it, yes plot twists works for the most part...just not all the time, they are NOT deus ex machina's considering all the backlog of evidence given towards each of the mysteries, yes LA is defending this anime's plot twists towards it's mysteries, it works even with it's supernatural elements, even if mystery and supernatural normally doesn't go hand in hand, but the plot twists and the setting it is placed in, it makes it works and the evidence is all the more better and no deus ex machina' is definitely ok with that. In all, if you want confuse yourself in some mysteries that will boggle the mind with supernatural heavily implied in a GO-GO...-sigh-...seriously LA needs a better scriptwriter... 8.2/10
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series DONE Season 1 - Man , LA hasn't reviewed a magical girl series in ag- <flashback not to far to Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou>....ahahahahhaaaa...ok not THAT long but...SHUT UP, LA had to make a flashy starting intro speak. Now listen!. This magical girl series is a somewhat classic in some sense but with a few tweaks...such as mechanical wands, a more insane villain and a errrrrr.....intergalatic peace corp???...yeah. The story is...a bit cliched but again like the magical girl genre, it has some tweaks marking friendship as it's main theme core with some few destructions here and know....classic magical girl series! The characters...well...are he classic stereotypes of the magical girls series...point by point cept one character who gets the most character development and change making this show interesting considering it put into the plot. The fight scenes is again classic fight scenes beam here and there and add it with the dark tone of the season in the later half does make the fight scenes more interesting and any magical girl series!!!. In all, this is just a classic magical girl season?...COOL.

A's - Ummmmmm......yeahhhhh...OHHH LA GO- *ahem*, this being a continuation of the series, well the stakes went up, the action went up...and the friendship goes WAAAAY up. Again like any magical girl has it's slice of life and action-intense scenes. Expect the first episode to be easy-going???..NOT THIS soon as the first episode things already gets tough and the plot thickens with brand new characters and even magical upgrades. Yes...the futuristic elements are still intact and fully well plays a role into this series. What LA finds fascinating is how this series somehow gets to combine both futuristic and magical girls series together and MAKE IT WORK. Onto the's well...great, it has an impressive backstory for one of it's new characters and the plot twists...well...yes, LA didn't expect them, and secondly it MADE SENSE so yay for no a**pulls in it's plot twists...and all the more made the plot all the more greater, the action scenes are far better from it's previous season and the finale is given to some "end of the world" aspects slightly. What LA found fascinating again...was during the finale...well...seriously wow...LA didn't expect it. In all, this season outrightly did better from it's previous season, had more backstory to get through as well as some cool magical battles as well as THAT actually HAPPENED...NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN MAGICAL GIRL SERIES. *ahem*...this season may be dated slightly, but it's plot to it's backstory still makes this season great. Hmmmm...onto the final season...StrikerS.

StrikerS - The finale installment to the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha was...AWESOME...with some flaws in it for obvious measures. LA has to say this for this series alone...the amount of chraacters....almost TRIPLED from the previous season...A YUP...we're looking at almost 50+ characters, some who are still there from the previous season and more new characters. Now coming into this, there's LOTS of character developments...but from SOOO many characters developments, it can go astray from the actual plot...yup. In speaking of the magical girls terms, well it's taking up to an eleven...but it's not deconstructed in any way, more or less, trying to refine and mechanized version of the magical girl tropes...but still taking it up to an eleven. From all these backstories, some are good, but some are entirely flashbacks and your expected to remember it come the time it's brought up again...another words...this is an anime in which TOO much backstory is somewhat a bad thing. BUT on the other hand, the backstories themselves DO have resolve...which means..well it has investment for all the characters that get the character development. As for the characters who isn't the main cast......well.....they're only exposition or only drive the plot along...little by little. Now...errrr....LA has been speaking about the characters more than the plot...the main reason is that, it's the final season, LA can't divulge much on it cept that it's another huge mission that will cause the end of the know..same old magical girl trope again, the characters make the plot. Hmmmmm on speaking of plot, there's A LOT of substories that DO connect towards the main story, but some...really only serve for filler, actually form all that due to many characters some characters even from the main cast do get less screentime than the main character...Nanoha...hmmmmm. Ohhh for those wondering, for the masses of new characters in this season, LA favourite character in this season is.....Tia Lanstar, she's one of most awesomely badass character LA has seen as well as had one of the more interesting character developments LA saw in this season. The finale...well it nearly has the same ending as A's just in a more grander's all LA can say...

Overall - This series as a whole somehow from it's 3 season worth of running time, seem to both cliche the magical girl franchise as well as breath new life into it...yeah, LA knows. For those classic magical girl fans (decontructed exempt), it's a great take on it, really giving it an original take on it, with each season giving it a greater universe, greater character developments and many magical girl tropes that is somewhat LA had never expected. This is good thing to peek at, the story from the start to the end is giving it a fascinating story...with characters (for the most part) get many character developments, the plot being everything from magical girl series just turned up to eleven...seriously, and the main element of friendship and errrr....lots of magical beam victories that goes into OVERKILL. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha something really to look at for any magical girls series...even with it's cliches...
Season 1 - 8/10

A's - 9/10

StrikerS - 9/10
Hanasaku Iroha DONE
Well what can LA say about this anime???'s heartwarming and breaking as feels animes LA seen! <LA starts to weeps then composes LA> *ahem*, Hanasaku Iroha is an anime done by PA Works of the Spring of 2011. For one, for a 26 episode series, it did it itself good, from giving us in depth backstories as well as character developments, to some comedic episodes with it's own developments, the developments many of the characters get are from the slice of life point where characters learns life lessons in form of "tough love" to high school to persuading your dreams with so many obstacles, yes it one of those animes, and in all accounts, it's a great anime to watch from these stuff alone. Now couple it with drama, and seeing the drama itself, it's pretty intense giving it's pretenses.....mainly involving romance (but come on, romance without drama???). In terms of stock cliched they're not, well AT FIRST yes, but as the anime goes on, they flesh out many of minor to major cast to have real personalities with their trials and tribulations from their day to day working at an inn, to school etc. Even though it's a slice of life with "tough love", it's the drama, romance and day to day life that impacts and makes this anime as it is. This anime pulls no filler episodes, seems all the episodes do count for if not all the characters (that are important enough) to have development, it's something LA likes about this anime as it doesn't give any useless plot lines, all the plots do connect and more so near the ending many things do get resolved and that's what LA likes, resolution in an anime otherwise there's no point in getting invested in developed characters. Voice acting wise...Kanae Ito, Chiaki Omigawa, Aki Toyisaki and Takako Honda did a brilliant job in their roles, special props goes to Kanae Ito for her emotional performance as the main character. This is the stuff PA Works are great at doing, those feels animes, such as Angel Beats and Tari Tari, Hanasaku Iroha is by no means an exception, it shows and on speaking of PA Works, they did great in their animation quality, like they always do. In all, Hanasaku Iroha is a great anime to watch, if you just want to relax and see some high school kids trying to live day to day working to their dreams...with romance along the {{{1}}}, mind checking in to Kissuiso?, might be worthwhile...
Ikoku Meiro no Croisee DONE Une jeune fille japonaise se rend en France ... et c'est la fin des années 1900 ... tranche de vie ? ... Vous pariez ! . Cet anime est tout au sujet de tranche de vie dans un pays étranger et le peu " choc des cultures " compte tenu de la fille en question , il n'y a que les faibles niveaux de moe ainsi que arrose de drame et réconfortant . Le développement du caractère est doux en lui-même, surtout centrée autour Yune , Claude et le passé de Camille , pour la plupart ... est à la fois réconfortant et déchirante . Comme le réglage de l'anime dans la fin des années 1900 , bien LA peut dire que la représentation esthétique de cet anime de l'époque est assez bien fait , des bâtiments à la foule de personnes chitchatting sur les coins de rue . Le drame donnée ne donner substances vers la tranche de vie essence de l'anime de donner une certaine vigueur à la fois vers moe et tranche de points de vie à cet anime . Ikoku Meiro pas Croisée sorta comme son prédécesseur vers Kin-iro Mosaïque mais fait mieux en termes de tranche de vie . L'audio pour cet anime ... est bien donné l'époque de cet anime s'installer, il donne deux scores français avec la plupart des instrumentaux de ceux que vous entendez dans les rues de France ... d'autres mots, nous donne plus l'atmosphère de la fin des années 1900 en France , pas LA sait réellement sur ​​, LA dit simplement qu'il dégage l'ambiance d'être dans la fin des années 1900 de la France . Enfin , la fin ne donnent détermination vers le drame / backstory dit donner à cette tranche de vie quelque chose d'intéressant ... l'investissement de caractère vers une tranche de vie . Dans tous Ikoku Meiro pas Croisée est l'un des mieux tranche de vie anime LA a vu , intéressant d'apporter un concept de deux cultures collision ainsi que le mélange avec le drame , réconfortant , moe et l'atmosphère de la fin des années 1900 en France .

Diabolik Lovers DONE Vampires, Romance and lots of sucking on blood and a heroine in the this ain't Twilight well at at least it's a bit better than Twilight as least the main heroine isn't a total dumba- <static>. This anime short series amounts of 15 minutes of a 12 episode of what looks like a better version of Twilight...just with a lot more of errrrrr.....abuse from the male harem to the main heroine...ohh wait Twilight did that too! *rimshot*. Mostly the entire anime consists of the male harem sucking the main heroine's blood...EVERY episode...get the abuse now people???. LA really doesn't how people can really watch this...but this is for a female audience so...LA kinda gets it????????...<LA shrugs>. In terms of characters, there's moody, smarty, creepy, loner, jerka** and LA doesn't give a damn because their as stock cliched as LA sees all wrapped into one anime with AT LEAST an interesting main heroine, THAT was the only reason LA would watch it, but the downside comes to how she gets abused nearly every episode and that puts the cringe factor into play, yes the entire cast has development...only backstory...yeah, that's about it besides one looming mystery but who cares, let's abuse the main heroine again!!! -sigh-. The mystery and the heroine is the only two good things about this anime, however again the mystery gets us a pretty flimsy THAT KIND OF CLIMAX you perv, but all the build up goes into that anti-climax and that kinda p*ssed LA a bit near the ending. LA would say this is better than Twilight...heck IT IS, it has a better backstory and if you ignore the abuse from the heroine, it's better than Twilight...but saying that is saying that isn't much when comparing to other animes that even for a short run have a better premise. In all, if you like vampires and lots of abuse...have a try?????????????...ohhh and at least the main heroine in this anime is WAAAAAAAY smarter and has more personality than Bella Swan...yes LA had to take another pint at Twilight...what?????... 4.5/10
BTOOOM! DONE T-Think...Sword Art Online x Mirai Nikki...emphasis on BOTH. BTOOOM! is all, an anime with bombs where everyone tries to kill everyone tto win their freedom through a "game of death", see LA's emphasis on SAO x Mirai Nikki. BTOOOM! is one of those animes that LA has seen where it felt like they meshed too very popular animes and decided to mesh them up into their own story, for the most part yes it does work, but for this kind of anime it has seemed rushed but performed well. What does LA mean by rushed?, LA means that there's no time for most of the minor cast to even have a bit of backstory but the main cast has the most of it (duh). Character development is something LA has seen in Deadman Wonderland is some sense, where they get their backstory know Deadman Wonderland.......hehe. On speaking of gore, this anime has tons of graphic gore (censored in all sense but the point goes to all the violence) is extremely gorey and don't let LA even get started on r***. Yeah this anime has the tones of r*** very very intense, especially in the backstory and some of the plot gets outrageously creepy to even watch. Ok ok...enough of the intense stuff...onto the bombs, the "game element" is actually pretty good in terms of SAO, tactics used, survival etc. But SAO the romance is also nearing it because yeah romance is in this anime but it just comes waaaay later...just the romance is outrightly toned down compared to SAO. The minor cast having at least some development and maybe to know who the enemies are was sorta done good, only their episode is probably all they get and probably their death...yeah. PLot twists however LA thinks it's pretty neutral, at times it feels like they are a**pulling you for some suspense, sometimes it feels genuine...very on the line plot twists. BTOOOM!...did one thing kinda wrong...the ending wasn't finished...which...kinda...p*ssed LA off...will there be a Season 2??...LA doesn't know but because of this, this put a huge dent on how good this anime would be...if there was a second season...LA might change A's mind but for now...well...the ending pretty much annoyed LA. So a story about a game of death with bombs, romance and plot twists...LA is kinda on the bomb for this anime...LA doesn't hate it, nor does LA love's on the bomb... 7.5/10
Ore No Nounai Sentakushi Ga Gakuen Love Come O Zenryoku De Jama Shiteiru DONE ERABE!
(1)Life is a series of choices...well it's LITERAL for Kanade Amakusa. This anime has an immense amount of originality towards the harem genre just on the OTHER direction that The World God Only Knows a good way LA means. Harem genre is an overly cliched genre in anime right now, but NouCome (this anime shortened title...anyways) definitely made originality towards the harem genre through comedy. Comedy is the central element to this anime with romance "sneakingly" appearing time and again until the finale of it, the comedy for the most part get wacky humour...or perverted humour. Now when LA first saw this anime, LA was hyped about this form the first episode (again the originality and more or less the comedy was pretty funny like come on!) and mostly this series entertained LA for all it's run. Character-wise, they have cliched stereotypes but again some developments or personalities some are not how you think...for the most part as some of the minor cast are stereotyped with some of them being more mysterious than you can think. For a romance comedy focusing on comedy, mystery is there..ohh it's there...and that in itself also makes it more interesting, LA by all chances really liked Furano and Seira, only because one of them is cute as he' with a personality that interests LA...and the just mysterious in all senses. Now in terms of plot, the choices and harem events causes most of plot and again like the comedy, it's wacky and perverted as he', but again it's original, LA can't explain it as it's too hard to explain...SERIOUSLY. When the finale appeared, LA desperately wanted 2 things, a SECOND SEASON because this anime was soooooo funny, the second, something different from all the romantic comedies in the harem genre, guess which one happened?...errrmmmmmm.....there's a chance for a second season??? was vague but the ending showed it...vaguely. In all, NouCome is an original harem genre romantic comedy with a new wacky and perverted twist and it is funny in all means of WHAT THE HE' just happened? scenarios. Now the choice is yours {{{1}}} it?...don't watch it???
(2)Best Comedy of Fall 2013
(3) 9/10
Yuyushiki DONE Yuyushiki is one of those Boke to Tsukommi Routine basic animes LA has seen very often. Yuyushiki has the same Boke to Tsukommi Routine to girls talking about random seriously, just random stuff nearly all the episodes. The girls are your cliched Boke to Tsukommi stereotypes with an addition of one Boke/Neutral in the middle and not much is developed about them, again it's mainly for random conversation comedy. Most or all the episodes really have the girls going to school, random talking and some tones of yuri...yeah. What LA could say is that this feels like Yuri Yuri but with the bulk taken out cept the yuri, taking the bulk out made it one very relaxing and plotless anime. However for such a plotless anime, it's only good thing is for those people who want to watch an anime with their brains turned off. Really, this anime is just about girls talking about random stuff that appears in their day to day life or really just random with some yuri and boke to tsukommi routine thrown in, if you want an anime where you can just relax and switch your brain off, this might be something to watch, if not...well pick another anime. 6.3/10
Kyoukai no Kanata DONE Kyoukai no Kanata, the anime for Kyoto Ani's block for Fall did it hold up, well your reading it now so... Kyoukai no Kanata at first glance is something moe due to the main premise, but it's fastly given the premise of a shounen romance!!...and when LA means fastly LA means 2 episodes in!!!. The premise is very interesting, one part slice of life, one part monster killing with romance entangled in the middle. The slice of life sections has quirky banter to some funny comedy as well, but the slice of life is woven through tons of both the lore of the anime and the the slice of life sections are a both a relief to the "intense HOLY S***" moments as well as the shounen atmosphere given. When it comes to the shounen, it is it's main element, in a world where youmu are hunted for profit...yeah, you can see where that is going. But this anime has just something more, it somehow merges mystery, shounen and romance all into one, when the plot unravels itself. It was by far one of the best parts of the anime and given Kyoto Ani's animation quality, it sufficed even on that. The lore of this anime is deep and from that the plot twist just makes it heartwretching to heartwarming in which several moments LA got that "feels" moment time and again. When going into characters, well this anime was both plot and character related plot, so the characters most got huge developments and many got unique characters though at first you could see it as cliched stereotypes of the shounen genre. Most of the cast got in depth characters, from their likes to dislikes to running gags actually giving them character and with the mystery element taken in yeah...some of their character development were also giving out "feels" at times. The finale??? was shounen awesome with a touch of *ahem*...plot hole...ummmmm how???...HOW???...LA doesn't know but either way the ending was very well done...except for that one finale plot hole....explain???...please???, maybe it's getting a second season??..LA doesn't know. All in all, Kyoukai no Kanata is an interesting anime and Kyoto Ani outdid themselves with this, the characters are interesting with lacings of slice of life, and the plot, lore and battles of the anime is by far one best parts of this's worth of watch for any Kyoto Ani or shounen fan. Now aren't you being unpleasant...go watch it!!!... 12/10
Galilei Donna DONE They are the descendants of Galileo. Galilei Donna is of the Fall 2013 block of A-1 Pictures...and for a starter of the anime it did itself quite well, interesting premise not seen in a while and action packed with a nice mystery to go with it. As the plot went along it had several cases of mystery and some treasure hunting going on...very action packed. Until some weird mood-whiplashes appeared out of nowhere where it shouldn't of been...hmmm seemed like A-1 Pictures wanted to make something different in some ways and to be honest some of the episodes in themselves did kinda deviate from the actual plot and makes a sub-plot to rail in the time of some minor characters but then couple that with the wild mood whiplashes at times and it becomes jarring and also confusing from both the characters, development and even the plot!. At times the "treasure hunting" was all fine, with character development and some plot advancements, but then at times the mood whiplashes just ruined it immensely. When it comes to the plot, it was a "jumbled roller-coaster", at times it was fun and lively, at other times it was just confusing with the character development of "some" of the main cast thrown in. Now when it comes to...the finale...ummmmm...*ahem* was a huge letdown with several deus ex machina's and even giving us a cliched conclusion to the entire thing was a huge letdown on it's own right. The finale had soooooo many "crazy prepared" deus ex machina's and even the finale's atmosphere of the entire thing was rushed...extremely rushed. In all, for such a good premising anime, the finale was it's Achilles heel, the journey was bumpy at times, but the finale was just a mess...and LA can't really say that it can't be saved, no it could have been saved...if it got more episodes, but again, the ending was just a mess...-sigh-, it's not bad!!!, but it has many flaws...just enjoy the journey...just don't land. 6.5/10
Outbreak Company DONE Outbreak Company...ohhh how that name is literal. Outbreak Company is of the Fall 2013 made by Feel studios. Outbreak Company is a fantasy "otaku" slice of life anime based on an otaku going into a fantasy world and teaching the ways of Japanese media to the new fantasy world. It's like Zero no Tsukaima x Haiyore Nyrako-san in a sense...hmmmmmm that's a great analogy right there. Outbreak Company does several things right with little wrong. Firstly the anime references are abound in this anime with subtle changes but nonetheless, the changes are easily recognizable (thus the references even more funny heck there's even Attack on Titan and Madoka Magica references and many more!). The anime centres on society and how they adapt to otaku's actually a fresh new premise if you think about. Character-wise many of the characters were extremely likable as well as having lots of great development from the main cast and seriously some of the development really worked and helped make this anime!. LA has to praise Miusel and Petralka Anne Eldant the Third, Shinichi Kanou and Minori Koganuma's voice actors. LA's favourite character?...Miusel's of cour- <static>
<LA torpedo nosebleeds>
*ahem*...where was LA...later on the anime however it does get serious (and considering the starting really is something)...and delivers it with all manner of the plot and it greatly makes the ending all the more better than LA realize because of the plot twists, another words, the ending was awesomely delivered. Outbreak Company is a fresh new premise LA hasn't seen in quite some time, it's funny, anime referenced like he' and has a serious plot when it calls it for...the characters were well developed and extremely likable and the ending was done superbly considering the material given. Outbreak Company is a great new anime to get into and you won't be disappointed, be it otaku or not!...though being known in many more animes is a greater plus to be had to like this anime even more!. Kei Oikawa (director of this anime), you did great!!!...this anime was fun and had a great story and LA is wanting a second season!!!!!
Note: And yes, Miusel was the best character of this anime.....
Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! DONE Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! or known in English, I want to be the Strongest in the world or as LA likes to say it "The Anime of Screams of Pain!". This anime's first and known trait is that most of the anime comprises of female girls in a wrestling match and screaming and put in suggestive poses for almost half of an episode. Now for such a just tenaciously boring. The main point is that all they do is scream in pain and put in suggestive poses (that or the camera is a bloody pervert) and if you thought you had to put up with it for 10 minutes...then your wrong because outrightly you'd rather have them stop it and leave, but it just continues...and continues. For the better part of the first half of the whole anime, it's just character development for ONE character...that is just it just with the added screams and poses to accompany it. Later on, it does get better with one plot twist that LA DID NOT SEEING COMING...but it made sense and made it well...after 11 episodes, -sigh- nonetheless...the plot twist worked..for the better part of a one hit wonder and even the ending came out...just kinda "off". LA just felt it was outright boring, match after just goes on and on for just one character's development. Now here's at least a bit of unique idol turning over to wrestling??...ohhhhhh....ummm what??. Ok LA does have to say that it's just puts LA in disbelief for the better part of "for the plot", especially if it's shown in "screams in pain" and "suggestive poses". LA found this anime to be boring with little effort on any of the other minor characters having ANY development cept support and with the "scream of pain for 10 minutes straight" and the camera aiming in suggestive angles most of the time doesn't bode well for LA, LA will praise it's major plot twist but that's it. It's a lackluster ecchi wrestling anime, in the same veins of Ikkitousen (but did a little better in some standards) LA is gonna say..."NOOOOOOOOO"... 5/10
Walkure Romanze DONE Walkure Romanze is a harem series anime based on adult visual novel, the anime was released in the Fall of 2013...ohhh and this anime has jousting!. Walkure Romanze like many bleached underpants anime has a harem and it's main protagonist on who he doesn't know who to pick...or doesn't know at all. For an anime like this it does have one main element...jousting. Yeah. The jousting is very paramount in this anime and very central to the plot but with some useless fanservice episodes close to Infinite Stratos standards. The fanservice does bring some filler episodes with only a bit of development from most of the harem. Most of the harem does get balanced development, with fanservice sprinkled around it or when the plot does bring it to the front, it too does the development right, some cliched, some not. For the most part, the plot at first is kinda "meh"...but later on it does make it to be "kinda" interesting, heck, LA was more interested in Walkure Romanze than in Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! considering both anime came out at the same time and they both had sports as a central theme, and really the main reason is that it WASN'T BORING. Yes, for such a harem anime with "jousting" as it's main plot with a harem and fanservice on the side. The characters were cliched yes with many backstories for all the haremettes, made them interesting to watch nonetheless. But again for a harem series, the ending of the whole thing...jousting was a good twist and achieved it TWICE in the same last episode, harem wise???...the only answer to that is..."same old, same old" cliche. In all, Walkure Romanze is mix of harem, jousting worth a watch and tons of fanservice to cater to the people who would watch this anime in the first place, it wasn't boring at all as the characters though cliched were interesting throughout the anime...and the jousting was the best part of the anime which it should have been. So time to joust???... 5.5/10
Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova DONE In a world of a post-apocalyptic world...the Fog Fleets has decimated the majority of the world and one defect will change all odds. Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova is a Fall 2013 anime produced by SANZIGEN and has a differing animation style than some anime companies, it uses 3D CGI. Now at first, LA thought that this use was a bit weird and off as LA is more use to the 2D animes but over time it grew on LA and more so that in 3D CGI it showed more detail and was unique to what LA has seen previously as the animation quality was astounding!, who says CGI sucks???, SANZIGEN says otherwise. Now when it comes to characters, all were given amazing amount of character development and outrightly it makes them all awesome in some respects, most has their running gags and personalities which were all unique and different and again makes them interesting, funny and awesome all in one, and LA isn't saying the main cast, LA is saying the ENTIRE CAST. Onto the battles, since this is in 3D CGI, well the battles were amazing to watch in all respects, the amazing detail, tactics, the lore added to in, it's just...AWESOME! This anime's world is just immense, politics, Fog Fleets, military and lore of the just amazingly interesting and just adds tot he awesomeness of this anime. Now LA should say that this anime has been "distilled and changed" from the novel, but even from these changes, it's still awesome. Finally, should be the ending? was it...what was the word LA kept on saying...IT WAS AWESOME!, this is the kind of anime endings LA wanted, no holds bar, action-oriented and all to the plot AWESOMENESS, the ending was immensely satisfying as it tied up loose ends and just made the series as well. In all, Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova is one he' of a cruise to watch, and need LA say before in explaining, this anime is awesome in all accounts...the characters were done extremely well and were fleshed out, the story was engaging and interesting to the very end, the battles were done amazingly well and the ending was the cherry on the top and nailed the ending as well and the animation quality is extremely high though it's on a 3D CGI and finally something LA missed, the OP is ammmazing!!.

LA is soooooooo wanting a second season as well!
Miss Monochrome: The Animation DONE Miss Monochrome is a an anime short in the Fall of 2013 and hear LA out for's stars Yui Horie...voicing her "animated" idol double during her live concert events into an anime. A YUP. The premise is simple, Miss Mono wants to become famous, she tries and it goes into "what's going on?" territory for the finale. it does have a thin plot for the anime short it is...and it really won't get resolve in the way that you think. The tied in with Christmas for some odd reason *cough* *cough*...given the time this anime finished *cough* 25th December *cough* so maybe???. It's idol antics form the top to middle to bottom the anime really. If you like Yui Horie, or Miss Mono, this anime short maybe a watch...what with her idol antics that she does go through is kinda funny to watch :D

Supporter OVA - This OVA, it may be only 5 minutes long, but do you want to know what this OVA is about?, Miss Monochrome wanting to support the Japanese team in The World Cup by making a really long commercial, through Miss Mono and several of the minor cast joining in and a soccer match. This OVA is just like the main series, has it's Miss Monochrome flair of WTF and pulls it well, not to mention it's Miss Monochrome supporting the Japanese team!, that's patriotism!. This OVA is still a WTF with Miss Monochrome doing what she always does, to be on that "big wave" and to be noticed.
BlazBlue: Alter Memory DONE BlazBlue: Alter Memory is an anime based on the first two BlazBlue games (BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift). What LA sees this anime is a first was utter confusion, mainly because firstly, LA hasn't played the games, second, the anime itself has rushed A LOT of stuff in order to make it through the main story plotline,'s just confusing, yes that counts as a two reasons. The anime is done by Hoods Entertainment and teamKG and mostly the animation was done pretty well with a pretty good musical score, finally the battle scenes were done exceptionally well all things considered. Ok now the good stuff out of the way, now you want to know why this anime was just confusing...well, first LA can say there are many cameos to other characters shown in this anime, they appear once or twice then leaves and never appear again...YEAH, secondly the development was mainly to the main cast...or more like 3 characters that was it, thirdly, many plot lines get brought up to reference the games but then again...gets dropped instantly, fourthly? the ending was...unfinished. Now when LA mixes good and bad together, LA gets's has great animation all round...but the plot was an absolute mess, but LA can't take it out on them, how can they make an anime based on 2 games into a 12 episode show?'s kinda LA can see how they cut it only to the main plot...however LA can say it was a mess of a story as they tried to both condense it from the anime whilst try to fit everything in as a coherent narrative...that is it's major flaw. Yes when it came to character development it worked for the most part but when the plot itself is a mess...everything else also just falls off at some point, while the battle scenes were brilliantly done. LA got the "gist" of the anime story at some point but only after going through about 10 episodes of it. BlazBlue: Alter Memory being a video game fighting game adaptation did itself well in it's animation quality but in it's execution of the plot is where it shot itself in the leg for trying to put sooo many sub-plotlines along with the main story into a 12 episode anime as well as wasting cameo characters for one shot-episodes. LA isn't saying that because of this, this anime is the worst thing ever, LA is saying that even from this, it was WATCHABLE, but be prepared to be confused if you haven't played the games... 7/10
Coppelion DONE Coppelion is a Fall 2013 anime released by Production GoHands. Coppelion firstly does have something to issue in which it kinda hit hard to Japanese people...LA will say which is...nuclear radiation. Is that enough to say about the one of the element to this anime?. Ok now let's move on. Coppelion through "that" element made this anime review kinda hard to go through, so LA will only go through story, characters and animation only, as talking through that is kinda...hard to review. So let's go to story, ok ok ok it does have "that" element again, it's one of the central focus and major plot point as to how the plot gets going, but from others it has shounen and mystery (very little, it's more to shounen), from all the missions the "Coppelion" do, it's very action-oriented, along the way, drama, plot twists and it becomes more intense. The plot twists through it's shounen roots are again very action-oriented thus more intense it it occurs. The drama appears very often mainly due to "that" element again so yeah, it also connects towards character development which again becomes a lot more intense. The characters for this anime have again as LA said, a lot of character development for the most part, with a semi-medium cast that are extremely diverse considering "that" element again and with it's shounen oriented style the payoff is pretty good for most of the cast throughout. Finally the animation done by Production GoHands, has a very detailed background which looks sooo amazingly detailed, but when it comes to characters they look mostly greyed or staticly...just trust LA when LA says this, the battle scenes for the most part looks amazingly done as well. In all, Coppelion is a greatly detailed anime with interesting characters and interesting story...this anime is definitely a watch!!!...wait, LA talked about "that" element more than LA thought...well all the more it it one of the catalyst towards this anime making it a great story! 8.9/10
White Album 2 DONE White Album not a sequel to White Album, it's a new romance anime with new story, all new characters but with one thing in common, MUSIC. Ok first is that this anime is very heavy on romance, mainly a love really REALLY complicated love triangle that is also heavily focused on the relationships between the main core cast. Yes, this anime's character development is only for the main core cast, but this being a heavy romance central anime, that can be ignored. The romance is extremely complicated that is facaded in a normal slice of life music anime, yes LA said that. The characters are heavily developed as well as the relationships between the 3, again...complicated. The music for the most just the background element towards the story but it drives the plot as well as facade the true romance given. This anime is both light hearted but serious when it absolutely needs to and LA has to give it to the main cast's VA for this anime for their intense performances. Now what else can LA talk about???...the ending...or more or less...the penultimate ending...well...WOW...ummm...LA didn't really see it coming, it completely changed and rocks the entire romance plot...just...didn't expect it. The actual ending...was errr...just kinda ended...LA can't really say but yeah...take it like you just ended...ohh it did end, but it resolve it...kinda???...gahhhhh. In all, White Album 2, is an extremely central romance love triangle plot facaded with a music background element to drive the plot of the 3 central characters that really makes this romance anime...just something different...this anime released at the Fall of 2013, is a great intense romance anime, and for those who likes romance central animes...will be quite interested...even it's a not-sequel...heck, LA watched 2 before 1!!!... 8.9/10
Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! DONE Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! is a 2012 anime done by SLIVER LINK and it involves...a younger sister finally meeting her older brother after 6 years of being's one catch...the sister LOVES her brother...a "brocon" as it will. Here's another's a harem...yeah. Now there's another similar sounding anime LA reviewed before correct???...ummm...what was it? Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janai n Dakara ne!!...yeah that. When comparing the two, Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! does it right, Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janai n Dakara ne!! was not taking itself serious in the genre it was in, it tried to portray comedy, instead gave us characters with no sense of the meaning "dignity", in Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!, it portrayed both the comedy even if it be fanservicey as well as giving characters more personality than Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janai n Dakara ne!! characters off the charts!!!, yes this anime's character cast though some are there for the otaku bait, but from all this, the characters has some actual backstory towards the main protagonist, it makes it interesting as to the relationship between the harem and we get to know WHY these girls are vying for the main protagonist. Next should be the comedy, just really?...somehow making both potshots at the harem genre as well as making some ecchi jokes that are actually funny with most of the characters doing up their Boke and Tsukommi routine very well done for such a ecchi-incest anime. The plot may be very stock haremed but with the character relationship development added to the plot it's pretty interesting to watch...again for an ecchi-incest anime. Now in terms of characters in general, again more stock cliche...the sister, the president, the kuudere, the shy one etc...but the character relationship adds to these stock cliche making them feel like proper characters, heck most of the characters have their own episodes! Fanservice-wise...<LA breathes in>...chest shots, butt shots, fanservicey costume, swimsuits etc...yeah fanservice galore...that is all. In all, Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! has done it right within the comedy-incest genre, where Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janai n Dakara ne!! completely pushed the incest to our face, this anime does some good ecchi-jokes, the characters are put in depth through the relationship between the main protagonist and most of them are likable to the comedic level and at least the finale did put a plot twist out of nowhere!!!...really wasn't expecting that!!!... 8/10
Oda Nobuna no Yabou DONE Oda Nobuna no Yabou is an anime set in the Sengoku era done by both Studio Gokumi and MADHOUSE, this is probably LA's first "Sengoku era'd" anime and having to know about one of the foolish yet heroic Generals of Japan in that era........cept he's a Yes this re-take on real life events in the Sengoku era, most if not all characters are gender-flipped, now will that screw up everything within the anime???...ummm HECK NO. One other factor goes into it...a modern day teenager somehow ends up on the the same era and goes to protect Oda. Now this him "Monkey" is extremely central to the entire plot,he's both character and relational-integrally involved very much and gives him a bit of character. When it goes to the core cast...most are pretty badass as they are both skilled warriors/tacticians and this anime does give them personalities and some developments along the plot. The battles the most are beautifully animated, everything from fire of bullets to spear-lunges, heck even ninja moves are pretty great to watch and heck even civil conflicts tactics...are very well done, seriously the tactics within this anime is all battle tactics and the change of hearts. Relationships are also very important in this anime again mainly through the developed relationships for most of the characters, thus we get invested in them plus most are badass warriors/badass tacticians! The plot is very intense due to the initial and huge goal being to unite Japan (Oda Nobunaga's also initial goal in real life) but add it with the tactics, not only through battle, but some political, to some with a bet...tactics is very much blended into the plot, then the battles itself just makes the fight scenes all the more intense. Now it is set in an alternate history but "most" of the history of Oda is accurate so LA has no worries about that. Now what else???..ahhhh...Oda Nobuna no Yabou's ending was pretty intense with a plot twist that was kinda predictable, but the final fight was done good but it ended too quickly and gave us a nudge to a second season maybe?????. LA has to praise Kanae Ito's performance as Oda, she really let out both her tsundere act as well as sounding BADASS. In all, if you want to learn about Oda Nobuna(ga) as well as seeing some awesome tactics and fights with a historical environment and a plot with no filler-type episodes, it's one great Sengoku era anime about Oda!!!...ohhh Oda Nobuna no Yabou...please have a second season!!!!!!!! 9/10
Go Go 575 DONE Anime with haiku, yes LA said it ya, it's extremely short
4 episodes meh, comedy and some yuri?, again it's really short
It's ok in general, the only fault is that it's short, LA gives it a 4
Unbreakable Machine Doll DONE Unbreakable Machine Doll or Kikou Shoujo Wa Kizutsukanai that was released in the season of Fall 2013. At first LA didn't want to watch this anime, but over time, LA just kept hearing about Machine Doll this and Machine Doll ending theme yeah, La kinda picked it up late and was it a good anime to pick up?. Unbreakable Machine Doll is a fusion genre of mystery, action and comedy all in one, but most prominent being both mystery and action. The plot for this anime has 3 arcs spanning 4 episodes each. The arcs all do give the three elements of mystery, action and comedy. The mystery does show up during the finale of each first episode then A LOT of good action scenes are shown with of course lots of comedy laced throughout all the "resting" parts of the anime. It' s a nice blend of genre's even if the mystery and action is mostly prominent. The characters are well it's a harem throughout the anime but it's a "one girl an arc", with the girl in question getting both the mystery throughout the arc. LA does have to say as LA did a detailed summary of this anime, the lore of this anime is very good, akin to Accel World and no "deus ex machina's"..or they have deus ex machina but explains it, so LA is game about that, but throughout this entire anime, the BEST character LA has seen HER NAME IS YAYA!. She's almost what the anime's summary is, she's a kickass character who can hold her own but is perverted as he' thus causing MANY of the comedy in this anime, so YEAH TO YAYA!!!. Now for a mystery anime, there are villains and most are...well cold, calculated and they deserve everything they get!, yes, the villains are pretty much villains LA wanted in this anime. Now the ONLY downfall about this anime?...the ending had not finished properly, yes some plot points have been finished but...the main plot has not finished in this anime...this is the only downfall towards this anime. In all, Unbreakable Machine Doll may be underrated at first, but it's DEFINITELY NOT WHAT IT SEEMS, there's lots of mystery, action and lots of perverted's definitely a watch...and if so...hope it gets a second season!. Try Unbreakable Machine Doll, it's UNBREAKABLE!...ohh LA forgot, LISTEN TO THE ENDING THEME FOR THIS ANIME!...IT'S INFECTIOUS!!! 9/10
Arcana Famigila DONE It's a reverse harem anime, it's done by JC Staff..........and bombed so fast that LA just has to facepalm a lot. Arcana Famigila was a adaptation of the Japanese light visual and Otome game by the same name. Ok it's an Otome which means it's in the same veins as Amnesia...however LA has to say that this anime was worse than Amnesia in several ways. Arcana Famigila started off well giving off the premise of a tournament which means action correct?. But for the bulk of the anime, ALL it is...and means ALL it is, is character development for 3 characters and multiple flashbacks of the past of those 3 characters and some filler episodes that have nothing to do with the main plot and to put things MUCH worse, gaping plot holes and NOT EXPLAINING CRITICAL THINGS THAT OCCURRED IN THE ANIME and the final nail in the coffin, just like normal anime harem standards, they had to go with a "third option" route and completely screw over the audience for an ending. See why LA just had to a facepalm most of this anime. On speaking of plot, well...there hardly was any, it's just more like...Starting plotline then divert to filler and character development for 10 episodes the poof...last bit of plot. The plot DOES NOT CHANGE AT ALL and that is one of the things that really annoyed LA to no end, without a movement of the plot EVEN with character development there is NO point PERIOD, and that's EXACTLY WHAT THIS ANIME DID. Ohhh and speaking of gaping plot holes, some of the crucial points of the anime is just glanced over and never explained. On that topic actually, LA found alarming amounts of deus ex machina's throughout the anime that by all standards is just facepalm worthy and again without explanation just "contrived coincidence eh??". LA didn't hate this anime as much as LA's most hated, but the plot was a mess and all we ever got from this anime was the characters but no plot to follow it along with. LA did NOT JUST hate this anime for being a reverse harem just to point out, LA just found more flaws in it's plot and direction of the anime as a whole than it "just being a reverse harem". LA just wanted a "reverse harem" anime that actually gave what it was SUPPOSE to give with all the action and romance combined in a nice awesome way, not like a plotless, overly ladened deus ex machina and overly character developed anime with no other flair cept for the beginning. 3/10
Houkago no Pleiades DONE A 100px-Subaru_logo.jpg Subaru x Gainax production...wait what?. This is a "spatial" magical girl anime short spanning about 30 minutes within 4 episodes in total. LA does have to admit it, but the animation for even a short like is pretty high, everything looks colorful and the "space" looks pretty detailed. Now it's a magical girl anime right?, so yes there's some fighting involved but it seems to be more in the classical genre of the magical girl phase. Now LA does have to say this, for a short, it's worth a watch from the plot and animation alone, Gainax did themselves well for this. The plot may seem thin being a short, but it's kinda emotional during the end. LA says, if you spare 30 minutes of your time, give this anime a try and if your a magical girl fan, well it's double you should watch it. This short is actually on of the better shorts LA has seen in a while...and that's saying something... 8/10
Plastic Nee-san DONE What happens when you bring in a 12 episode anime short comedy not based on plastic models club but a plastic models club, doing jack-s**t plastic models and more to do with odd ball comedy with boke to tsukommi routine so insane that the punishments themselves causes you burst out in laughter. The characters are brought out very well and doesn't do a one-hit cameos and really the best character of all the cast is the bratty half pint...Iroe Genma voiced by Mari Kanou and really her fast-talking insulting her clubmates, punishment taking overly serious club member...yes, Mari Kanou did a great job in voicing her. This is not just a comedy, it's screwball comedy at one of it's finest even for an anime short. It has NOTHING to do with plastic models...and really the characters and comedy are the main source of enjoyment of this anime. Cameo's?...great and good diversity towards the mocking of others characters, the characters...are da*n funny in all their own ways and the comedy is screwball comedy an anime short!!!!!. If you have 30 minutes on your hands, watch this, it's utterly hilarious-tic 8/10
Mars of Destruction DONE What in the heck did LA just watch for 20 minutes?. Man Chainoffire wasn't kidding, the plot was boring and unoriginal and the "big" reveal given out was outright one of those theories shown in Ancient Aliens...absolutely hilariously stupid plot twist that considering it's run time has no relevance. There was hardly any music given cept some classical music played out...during the action scenes...ummm can LA call a WTF on that one? The "girls" given...were stock...nothing, we hardly know anything about them and the whole anime concentrates on the action of the aliens...who have the worst slow pacing action fights LA has EVER seen...they seem menacing but their behavior towards the fighting seems like "Meh, your firing bullet's into me, I'll just SLLLOOOOOOWWWLLLLLY walk to you and strangle WTF. The plot is just void cept the "big reveal" later and the main protagonist is kinda whiny like Shinji Ikari from Evangelion...actually that's EXACT. This anime...just feels weirdly...nothing. The plot is irrelevantly boring, the characters have utterly nothing and the big reveal itself feels empty. The only thing it has going for it was the slow pacing action scenes which makes the entire anime "soo good it's bad" territory as the action scenes gave some WTF moments. Just hear LA out...stay away from this's boring as the action scenes given in it. 2/10
Tenkuu Danzato Skelter Heaven DONE By the people who brought you Mars of Destruction comes Tenkuu Danza Danzati..ahhh f**k it, it's an near copy and paste of Mars of Destruction!!! Aliens are attacking..."SOUND FAMILIAR", there's strike within the group...SOUND FAMILIAR...there's a big reveal..SOUND FAMILIAR. There are some difference between Mars and this one, it has sh*tter animation, it looks like it's from a failed PS1 animation, heck even the "alien" entirely used with that animation and again just like Mars of Destruction, the action scenes looks laughable just with airships instead of a bio-suit...yeah...they made a dogfight battle against a huge aliens LAUGHABLE in some of the worst ways possible. The characters again has the same problem Mars of Destruction did, they whined, but has no personality...ohh and takes this for one, this anime had the audacity to add flashbacks...from an already laughable action scenes...trying to throw all the backstory to your throats as fast as possible and then hold on to your seats...romance in the last WTF. First action, then slice of life then romance all in 5 minutes, we can't digest all the information and it just ends up in information overload. And in speaking of information overload, the "lore" of this anime doesn't even get mentioned properly, it gets said then the anime just forgets it the next...just wow. Finally, the ending...just feels like a slap to the face and really...makes the plot yeah it's a waste of 20 minutes. Tenkuu Danzato Skelter Nothing is nothing but "so bad it's good" laughable action scenes, the animation even WORSE than Mars of Destruction, the characters having next to nothing of a development (yes, the backstory DOES NOT COUNT) and finally the ending making nothing of the plot and actually causes it to be voided as a whole...again all LA has to say is...just SUUUUUUUCKED. Again...stay away from this anime too... 1/10
Ar Tonelico DONE This anime was based on PS2 Game with the same name. LA has heard of this game before...maybe it was a sequel or something anyways, the story itself is very cliched, a hero falls from the heavens and meets a maiden in order to help him get back home. Ok "kinda" cliched. The story tends to repeat itself even giving some what we already heard 10 minutes ago, but it's more or less to reinforce the previous things said. The animation is ok...a bit flashy however the only thing it lacked was it's lower animation usage on the characters, the fight and only fight scene looks decent enough even for an old OVA. The ending wasn't too bad as it's suppose to be a game adaptation thus MANY things had to be cut out, but it did bring us into the world "kinda" and gave us a plot for 20 minutes and some character development...though it was repetitive as he'. One BIG gripe LA had with this anime was it's voice acting, god the male protagonist's screams sounded forced, the female protagonist had a bit of whiny voice at times, other than that, there was no annoyance within this anime. In all, since it's anime adaptation of a game, LA can let it off for only being 20 minutes as it set the plot well and the ending was done "fast" but well, the only problem LA found was the voice actors, if you want an old school anime adventure story with singing and flying airships, then try it out... 6/10
Boku no Imouto wa "Osaka Okan" DONE Boku no Imouto wa "Osaka Okan" or "My Sister is an Osaka Momma" pretty much an anime short about the southerners in Japan aka. Osaka. The premise is kinda simple and a bit perverted but the ecchi is extremely minimal. Being an anime short it's really short being at 4 minutes each episode with 12 episodes in total. And really the WHOLE anime is to do with southerners puns, talk and ethics from a day to day kinda situation. That's about it...hmm LA swore there was more...well...this anime is pretty much trying to make a Tokyo boy understand Osaka culture in a lot ways. Also again LA has t say that Kana Asumi voicing the Osaka sister pretty much had a bit of fun voicing her..."THAT's HOW IT IS!!!"...yes, yes it is... 5/10
Kamisama Dolls DONE Kamisama Dolls or "God Dolls" is a supernatural romance anime. Umm heavy on the Supernatural. Kamisama Dolls' plot starts with a nice...then soon ascends to God Dolls fighting over the city that has to do with a village conspiracy...yeah. The plot is pretty fast paced, given the situation with the supernatural it's kinda bloody with conspiracy wrapped around it. The action are pretty much gunslinging to DOLLS FIGHTING OVER A CITY WITH FRICKIN' LASER BEAMS AND THE the actions given are pretty cool. The characters are kinda cliched but LA will go into detail later as to how they strengthen the plot and more or less impact the plot to intense levels. LA does feel like this anime, when having a serious moment...they kinda ruin it with a perverted moment...some hit...some miss...mostly a miss. Seriously it happens a lot and sometimes it kinda annoys LA unfortunately...the moments are kinda a must for such a dark story...yes it's the backstory that pretty much impacted both the plot and LA's interest into this anime, as previously...LA just sought this anime to be a rivalry between to friends with murders...but the backstory given later just alleviate the situation even more making more of an impact to the plot and overall seriousness of this anime. The "backstory" occurs round halfway through, but the intense factor UPS it even further when ONE character appears and puts the entire plot into chaos...hey a plot chaos that makes sense and intensity factor UPPED UP?...LA agrees to this. The solved some plot lines but the final scenes just makes it a cliffhangar second season plot yeah...the ending is kinda non conclusive...unless that hint of a second season appears then we'll see. In all, Kamisama Dolls...has a great backstory lining, the action scenes are pretty decent but the characters being cliched until the backstory appears and makes the plot AND characters a solid, until the ending where it becomes non conclusive. Try it out if your into the mystery supernatural with some romance added in it and A LOT OF "DOLL" fighting... 8/10
Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru DONE The Public Service Club, they lay a helping hand to those in need… good ways or detestable ways. Yahari or ……. is a unique societal anime. At first LA thought it was gonna be similar to Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, until LA went into this anime deeper. Yahari somehow knows the “loner’s streak”, of being a loner and some very realistic…societal problems for people given out in an anime form. LA can very much relate to this anime in it’s MANY societal problems…it kinda…ok fine it moved LA in a bad way, mainly from the fact LA pretty much got face first into those situations as well and came out…worse than you could think. LA feels extremely attached to Yukino but at the same time thinks of the “trash” of a main protagonist and can also relate to him, realistically can relate to him. The characters only develop from the situation their put into and more or less will hurt characters, this includes them selves. LA just really “feels” for this anime, not in the sense of Clannad or Sakurasou no Pet Kanajo, but in the sense of the characters own self worth/despair and their views on society and how they treat others. The characters even considering what LA said before are undoubtly smart and likable but detestable in their actions, but even from that..likable. The main “3” characters do get a lot of development even from the sub-stories of the societal problems and branches from that to the main cast’s backstory or their problems at times, from this you can kinda see why LA likes the main cast. In terms of plot, it’s extremely complicated but at first you’d think it’s some “solve someone’s problems” and that’s it, IT IS at FIRST with lots of boke to tsukommi routines, although it’s more like tsukommi to tsukommi routines (with lots of insult backfire or simply showing some comedic wits) but later when certain complicated internal societal problems…that’s kinda the heart of the plot, you become invested, or more or less…predict same as the main protagonist as to what will resolve or what will happen to get their just desserts or success. So the plot has wit, drama, extremely smart likable/unlikable characters and shows messages of societal problems that be translated back into real life, LA says this plot is pretty original and witty to say the least. The only gripe LA has although it’s not much of a bother is the ending as it ends…like there’s no stop button, but it stopped, the ending was kinda open ended, maybe a second season?, cos LA would really like to get re-invested in these characters again. In all, LA is gonna say this, Yahari, is a societal anime basically, with wit and some charm to it, LA only wished LA looked into this anime earlier. 9/10
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann DONE THIS ANIME IS AN ANIME THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ahem*…Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is an AWESOME anime, in its fair basics of it’s beginnings, to it’s galaxy-wide ending. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is an anime made by Studio Gainax, the same people who did Neon Genesis Evangelion and FLCL, so from such an animation studio comes wacky, indie styled animation with “no straight lines” and by all means, it’s all good as the craziness of the premise itself fits with the animation style given. The plot as LA said before from the opening is awesome, what starts out as a simple plan, just expands, expands and expands to the heavens of time and space, for all accounts, the anime’s cast too gets itself upgrades in both numbers and in relationships. The romance for all cases…LA weeped, in terms of cast, the more the merrier, this is an anime where the cast size is manageable even if it’s cast size is over 20…for a main cast…yeah and all of them get their own time on the screen. The character development itself is akin to Shinji Ikari, cept for some tweaks for one character, others do get their own development and “progress” as the plot does in it’s piercing the heavens. Halfway through the plot, it just changes completely…just changes the characters, the plot everything…then it happens AGAIN…yeah double whammy and it’s uncalled for…LA would call this anime “evolutionary” in the state of the plot and characters, not something LA would say about ANY media. In terms of “evolutionary”, the lore of this anime is fascinating to the point LA became bewildered at how huge the lore of this anime is, just…bewildered and…<LA’s jaw hits and CHIPS the floor>. Fighting…it has mecha’s…fighting other mecha’s…and the mecha can combine!, seems simple and clichéd…but seriously when LA talked about the concept and plot of the anime, you’d think otherwise…the fighting is ballistically AWESOME, it’s all LA has to say or would you rather take it up with LA’s drill. This anime really without a doubt, brought LA’s mecha genre back on renewal and given it a new light, it’s everyday an anime can do something like this to LA, and it succeeded. Plot, characters, character developments, fighting and lore all great, the ending…was…no THAT is the only thing LA won’t talk about…it’s…it’s too much. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is an amazing mecha anime with it’s plot-centric format to it’s eccentric characters to it’s evolutionary character development and ballistic fighting…it’s LA’s 200th anime and LA has just been blown away…now since it’s LA’s 200th anime…<Audience glares at LA>…what?...WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK LA IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30/10
Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai DONE Wow, it's like SHAFT meets Clannad meets Bakemonogatari...yeah. Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai or Under the Sky is an anime adaptation of the visual novel of the same name. Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai at the start has many characters with MANY sub-plots and one huge mystery with some romance given, at the start beware to be VERY confused, with none of the characters being remotely connected to far-from different genre-d plots given...which can contribute to the confusion, but come like halfway all makes sense, yeah it's like re-jumbling a barbed wire to a straight line, it hurts...but once it's done it all makes sense. The characters are all likable to some perverted with again a large cast is pretty well done with many stereotypes of the anime genre. But from all that, the main characters are probably the only ones with character development with some minor characters developing them from the plot. The animation has some shades of SHAFT's more like A LOT OF it, thus it's pretty good in terms of animation. The major MAJOR plot twist given out that "figures out" the entire plot is pretty welcoming change and something LA hasn't seen in a while at the same time makes LA relieved of the entire anime and it really makes sense, so kudos to the plot twist! The final thought would be on the ending, it felt really resolved and felt like LA was in a visual novel and with all loose ties solved...makes the ending all the more better. This wacky perverted, confusing plot of an anime is actually decent if you just ignore the fanservice cos it has ALOT of it...try it out and don't stay under the sky, try it!! 8.9/10
Inari Konkon Koi Iroha DONE Inari Konkon Koi Iroha is about a girl who gains god powers and able to transform her body or transform into's a romance. Yeah. If you thought of the premise as being an action orientated anime you will be sadly mistaken, HOWEVER for those who are into romance with some slice of life anime might like this. This anime is really based on what the girl named Inari does with that transformation power to fall in love. It's a nice new concept towards the romance genre and for the story given the romance is done pretty good. Adolescences and love are mingled in this anime and some parts of the plot centre on friendship. The characters are for the most part cliched of the romance genre cept the main character as you know the god powers and everything. There is lore in this anime mainly the god powers and the god world...yeah there's a god world. The ending however, well LA felt that yes, it works but it really could have done better, but it also gave LA some heartwarming moments, BUT it just didn't feel right...LA doesn't know. Inari Konkon Koi Iroha is a 10 episode anime that has a nice new concept towards to genre of romance of the mingling of the supernatural...but the ending to LA felt could had done better. 8/10
D-Frag! DONE D-Frag!, is one insane comedy and lots of gaming references. D-Frag has a way of making the most mundane awesomely insane. Insane being the emphasis. The characters, the oddball plot, the comedy, the minor characters who don't even influence the plot, the plot has insanity twisted onto each other with one poor average delinquent in the middle of it. The comedy as LA said, is insane oddly, it makes sense...hehe...madness within the order of things huh?. Takao...Takao, it's the second coming of Hinagiku Katsura!.
This anime does go into a bit of romance as well as action although it is mainly a comedy, it's a harem comedy with insanity into the mix. LA does have to say that many of the VA in this anime done very well emphasizing both the character and their insanity...and come on Kana Hanazawa and Chiwa Saito of Bakemonogatari fame?...ahhhh LA thinks it makes sense. Many of the characters aren't cliched as due to the insanity makes them all crazy and funny, the good kind. In terms of plot, it's all over the place, but somehow goes through character development and some weird ways. The insanity in a 1 vs. 1 battle...that is all.
Dr. C.C: Oi that's all? what about..
Freakin' awesome Takao...
Dr. C.C: <sighs>...I give up...LA went crazy with this anime...

OVA - This OVA brings in the character development that Sakura Mizukami and protagonist's sister Noe Kazama. This OVA follows Sakura and the gang to retrieve some legendary water via. survival obstacle course and throughout this OVA we get the same D-Frag! craziness and comedy is still golden here. The main point of making Sakura getting character development is very well done as she wasn't focused much at all in the anime series and that in itself was the best pitch of this OVA and again, the D-Frag craziness and comedy still being there makes the OVA very funny and gives the plot relevance (although it's not to the main plotline) via. character development for Sakura.
Log Horizon 2 Ep. 15 Season 1 - Log Horizon...ain't like SAO, no seriously, it's completely different!. Log Horizon is about gamers whisked into a game called Elder Tales and they are trapped there...<LA leers at you>'s NOT SAO!??!?!?!?. Now Log Horizon feels more in tuned to it's MMO roots instead of SAO's romance action oriented, thus strategy is involved. Log Horizon feels more like an MMO, just more than LA has saw in an MMO anime as the lore of this anime goes beyond any MMO or even the characters that's linked to them. The characters themselves is vast some cliched and some in a new light where there's the "villain glasses" type born through this anime. Now the plot is again strategy with the MMO added to it. LA would ummm call it..."Game politics" and LA found some of Shiroe's plans within ALL the story given as just ingenious and given it's in a game, it both connects, makes sense and that "wow" factor of being that ingenious makes this anime pretty good...instead of SAO's freakin' second arc...son of a b- *ahem*...carrying on. Now LA haven't played much MMO, but LA knows the basics and this anime just brings it out from the basic MMO terms out more thoroughly through both plot and plans. LA does have to note that the action in this anime is also pretty good, even if it has to do with MMO strategy, but with that MMO strategy is how it makes it so awesome and you know how LA loves lore in anime especially in-depth lore.
Lore; You called?
<LA punches Lore out of the review>
*ahem*...Log Horizon is all strategy based anime, with lots of lore towards the action, plot and even the sub-plot via. game politics. Is Log Horizon better than SAO?, LA thinks so as Log Horizon in LA's case...has kept it's genre ties stable compared to SAO (*ahem* 2nd arc), whilst still keeping it MMO'd. Log Horizon has much more in store all due to the ending given and LA sees a 2nd season!!!!!...stay tuned for this MMO-buster!!

Season 2 - (Pre-review): Onto a Tour-Quest!
Season 1 - 9/10

Season 2 - ??/10
Super Sonico: The Animation DONE Super Sonico has an anime...Sonico is the mascot for Nitroplus+, she's in a rock band, loves marine biology and is also a model...she also has a huge ra- <Dr. C.C punches LA in the hip>. *ahem*. LA saw Super Sonico as an idol genre's not. It's a slice of life anime all about Super Sonico. It's a nice relaxing anime to watch, ya'know not too much drama, not too much idol, sorta of a balance between both as for each episode, there is some drama appearing and it is heartwarming at some points to some odd the zombie episode.....yeah LA just said that. Super Sonico like another mascot anime LA knows *cough* Miss Monochrome *cough* a nice slice of life anime about Nitroplus+'s front girl Sonico-chan. Fanservice?...yes, drama, a tad...slice of life of a busy girl...yes. It's not a bad anime, especially if you want a nice relaxer with some idol spread through and some comedy added in as well...try this out, Sonico would be happy to see you watched!. 7/10
Tokyo Ravens DONE Tokyo Ravens is a unique magic supernatural anime. First off..

One of thee best choreographed anime OP LA has EVER seen. *ahem* onto business shall we? Tokyo Ravens is an anime which LA didn't have much interest at first until, LA's friend told LA that it was cool and awesome and of course after LA saw it LA was into it. Tokyo Ravens has many genres, supernatural, school life, romance and action via. magic casting with some major destruction in the mix. The mystery for the most part is the core of this anime and many clues appears but it's also layered with romance and slice of life in a magic school. The characters are sorta cliched but for this 24 episode anime, you'll know that they are not what you think. LA does see that the main cast heavily emphasis the plot and whats more the plot twists only causes the plot and characters to be even more developed laced with organizations and betrayals and the plot able to make sense. Now for the case of the action, LA's just people standing round and the magic doing the work, but the magic itself is what makes the action all the more better...we don't always need action a la sword x sword everytime to make action, magic x magic fighting has been done before as well so LA really does think the action/magic battles were spectacular. What else...well the ending itself was executed with all intensity and resolves many of the plot points and the lore of this anime is just great with the magic to plot given, well for one be prepared for lots of info dumping at times and if you don't understand...your screwed. Tokyo as LA said...a unique anime, LA is intrigued and loved it. The plot was complex and suspense laced with magical action and romance. Om Bishi Bishi sou Sowaka! ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Special - A special about the aftermath of the ending of the series?..LA is in and this special..Trigger goes all out on this special as well as brings out a bit of nostalgia (well cept one character didn't show up *cough* Nui *cough*) buuuut it does bring character development towards one of the villains as well as Satsuki's and the Elite Four's own resolve, the action is just like the main series (crazy and over the top) AS well as one more goodbye to the series (maybe). This special was very good, sorry LA can't talk about it much due to this special being the aftermath from the end of the series sooo...yeah. Either way this special is worth a watch if you wanna know what happens to everyone...whether this special is a sign of second season...who knows..never the less...DON'T LOSE YOUR WAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!
40/ 10
Golden Time DONE Golden Time is a drama anime done by JC Staff, released on the Fall of 2013. Golden Time is about a romance and amnesia and as to how the main protagonist Banri Tada goes through. It already sounds interesting?, a yup and with JC Staff flavour given, it's a meaningful romance anime with the amnesia given a unique turn into the romance genre and if you reference to talk about Amnesia (Otome), LA will wack you one. The romance is in very much a unique turn from the highs and lows to the drama given and LA has to say that this anime is the second best drama/romance anime LA has seen in the time of Fall 2013, it's that good. Because the drama may cause a split, cause a friend to avoid's a teenager to adult drama given. The characters feels unique in many ways and this includes the main character and his love interest. Yes the main protagonist is male and the setting for this anime is in university. The setting also feels new and with the amnesia works and really makes the drama and plot very well. Now LA should talk about the drama it a misunderstanding or amnesia kickin' in...the twists just changes the plot and ahhh LA forgot the character development!!!...LA should say that the development for many of the development mainly characters have depth and you can invest in them, as for the romance, it's either Linda or Koko...LA is definitely is a Banri x Koko fan thus yeah, come character development for the main cast was done very well, funny and serious tones and LA really was rooting for Koko in the end. As for the ending, let's say it's a nice send off to the anime. In all Golden Time, is one of thee best drama animes LA has seen and if your into drama and romance or just want a unique romance anime, try this one out, you'll have one golden time!...LA certainly cried in some points...wait LA didn't say th- <static>. 9.9/10
Witch Craft Works DONE Witch Craft Works is another anime done by JC Staff but done in the Winter of 2014. It's about witches...a lot of them. Witch Craft Works somehow works in witches and high school life together with supernatural lore tied with action of magical flamin' proportions. The plot is a mix of slice of life and supernatural comedy/drama at times though the drama is light toned but nonetheless gives drama. The characters are all kinda unique as well the witches and all. The plot given is sorta on a "slice of life one episode, witch craft action the next". LA thought this anime was a bit on the laxxed side, yes it was funny and many of the action scenes were crazy as he', like come on when do you see a giant stuffed teddy bear fight a mech rabbit in the middle of town everyday huh? HUH?!!. The lore of this anime is very well done as it has mystery towards the anime laced onto the characters plot. Yes, there are villains in this anime and many at the start are laughable to just enjoyable, but come the last villain all hell breaks loose and really reels in the plot and plot twists. Also kudos to Rie Kugimiya voicing a villain in this anime and it's also LA's favourite villain in this whole anime. Now in the school life sections, it's all funny with the main protagonist put into situations he doesn't like but tries to deal with it. But this anime knows how to put both school life and the supernatural craziness together in some times of the anime and LA just has to widen LA eyes as to what LA just saw. Halfway to near end of the anime both supernatural and school life does join up and heck many of the characters appear to other characters you'd didn't expect. The ending was pretty well done as it was mostly supernatural action with a bit of lore from the anime though it did have some comedic points even in it's seriousness so that's also a plus. Witch Craft Works is a lovely combination of school life and supernatural clash with lots of comedy and romance added in as one of it's main focus, the characters are interesting, the plot is interesting with comedy helping immensely (as seriously, the comedy is pretty funny) and some interesting lore. Ohh LA forgot...this anime does have some good development from the characters although that only helps to both the mystery and lore of this anime. It's an interesting funny supernatural/school life and expect many awkward funny moments... 9/10
Noragami DONE Noragami is about a girl moving onto the other side via. god's verse and finds a lowly god to bring her back to human...hijinks ensues. For a comedic start, there is however lots of drama and action added to it. The characters for the most part are unique, something Winter of 2014 has a lot of right now. But the plot is something LA has to put in it's uniqueness, merely the fact that from it's comedic start leads into character development in horrific ways as well as it's dense drama and action given in the later half almost making the first comedic half look likes childsplay. For an anime to transition into comedic to action has been done, yes, but none so brutal LA has sorta seen. The lore of this anime is pretty intense and has some very hard consequences for the protagonist as well. Not to mention the outer layer of most if not all the characters have that inner turmoil making both the plot and characters quite interesting. As for action, it's all monster hunting a la Bleach style and sometimes god vs. god fights making it pretty good action. Noragami's comedy is pretty funny as it's mainly focused on the mainly protagonist god being the butt monkey. Noragami is an interesting story for it's transitioning into comedy to drama action and it really was interesting...if your into the comedy and action along with many Japanese god folklore (minor..really minor), along with the massive character development come halfway through really drives the drama, making a nice balance of drama, action and comedy. Noragami or "Stray God", ain't knows what it is doing...for 5 Yen... 9.5/10
No-Rin DONE No-Rin is major hijinks of an agricultural school, with an idol disguised enters their ranks. No-Rin as LA said is pretty much a comedic insane anime with a lot of character development. Yes you just heard that...character development. LA thought most of the comedy given is well insane and also perverted as he' just put agricultural theme into the mix. There is plot as well with the idol appearing, although well, the majority of agricultural knowledge with pervertedness added in for good measure. The characters are...cliched...what you expect, but nonetheless, the characters are more through comedy than their clicheness, as the insanity comedy really makes them really expect the unexpected...really. Now comes the character development, for such an insanity agricultural anime, it somehow puts the main cast into some deep character development and makes for some heartwarming drama. So, yeah LA has one weird feeling, insanity comedy then halfway through some episodes it changes to a character development drama-fueled second half, LA thought LA got mood whiplashed sometimes. Nonetheless, the character development in the spite of plot was done pretty good. LA doesn't know...LA thought that this anime tried to give us laughs then instantly get us into the characters. Nonetheless, No-Rin is a pretty good comedy anime and if your one of those people who likes to know about these eccentric characters with some pervertedness, go for it. Tama No-Rin Agricultural Academy will be welcoming you...and Becky will be se*ually harassing you.
Becky: Oi...
Wake Up, Girls! DONE Wake Up, Girls! is an idol genred anime released in Winter of 2014 and for it's own prequel had a heard that right..prequel. Now LA does have to note one thing about that movie, the movie is only bringing the idol group together, nothing more, we got no character development from the 7 girls. Now the anime series does get into all 7 character developments with some high tension drama to make up for it. Ok LA will say this about it's plot, for an idol anime show, it's drama is good towards the characters it has towards the character development and plot yes, fine but for an IDOL SHOW, there are the highs and lows within this kinda of genre but this being a 12 episode anime it really REALLY rushed the character development thus as soon as one drama ended, another pops up without giving any of the characters any "happy time", there should be some high points so that the character can be more invested but for a plot where it's mainly a depressing character development with no breathing room for happy points (not until near the end anyways) feels like a depressing idol show, don't get LA wrong, the development for all the characters are pretty good and has some heartwarming moments, but come on, give them some happy time so that we the audience can too, not to mention during those drama, it more or less focuses on that than...ohh LA doesn't know, the genre this anime was suppose to be in! *ahem*. Now LA should talk about the ending, well the ending pulled through and made it into the idol show LA wanted to expect...if only the last 10 episodes was like that (ok ok...LA will stop with that), it really pulled through for the essence of an idol show but kinda left us hanging. Nonetheless the ending made LA to an average fan towards WUG girls. LA still thinks iDOLM@STER and Love Live did better than this offence audience. 6.9/10
Strike the Blood DONE Strike the Blood is like To aru Majustu no Index with a lot more pervertedness. Strike the Blood is about a vampire with an observer watching him. Yes you heard right a vampire and pervertedness up to the roof...of blood sucking. If you say the T word, LA will impale you with Yukina Himeragi's spear. Strike the Blood's plot is very formulaic, each arc has it's villain, plot with a new girl and new powers and more lore towards the world of Strike the Blood. Yeah, but from that, the plot is riddled with lots of lore, info dumping a la Index ways sometimes, but come on, the action is great right...<LA starts nosebleeding> NOT THAT KIND SHUT UP!!!. Ok fine this anime does have lots of ecchi-ness but it's only skin not the chest area etc. but nonetheless it's a vampire supernatural anime about protecting the city from various foes and the main protagonist vampire gets blood from the cast girls to get himself more power and supernatural a**whipping to the villain. The story is pretty intense at times and again the info-dumping at times is a bit far off, nonetheless the story is pretty interesting, although LA keeps getting reminded of To aru Majustu no Index at times. The characters do get a lot of development, well the main cast. Now come halfway through the story sorta goes..."Gen Urobutcher"'d on some of the characters for some massive tension. Cept the story sorta protects some of them...yeah. But considering LA was very invested in most of the La Folia and Asagi Aiba, the development in terms of plot in each arc does give a lot of characters a lot of screen time. Each arc does do the action great, the supernatural a**whipping is pretty cool and the soundtrack to back it up makes it even better, in terms of plot, it is kinda Index formula. LA is expecting a second season mostly due to the last arc given... 8.9/10
Sakura Trick DONE <LA and Dr. C.C both falls unconscious from the boatload of yu*i fanservice...with a pool of blood and drool all over the place...errrrrghhh...>.
<Day later>
LA: Sakura Trick is..
Dr. C.C: Is a yuri filled slice of life anime and it's all YURIIIIIIIIII
LA: Yup...and it's story is...
Dr. C.C: All about the 3 couple of girls, 2 of which that get intimate as their school gets closed down soon and wants to have the last precious days together.
LA: Hmmm oddly...the animation is very SHAFT-ian
Dr. C.C: Actually that's true...hmmmm did Shaft animators just take that on because Studio Deen offered???
LA: Maybe...but the SHAFT-ian animation is pretty vibrant and colorful.
LA: There's a kiss every episode...
Dr. C.C: LA your bleeding...
LA: Dr. C.C your drooling. *ahem* For a yuri anime, LA is a huge fan of yuri and this is more yuri than Yuru Yuri!!!. For it's SHAFT-ian animation and with it's plot of just girls kissing in situations in school, it does show the relationships and effects it has between the three yuri couples in differing situations but having the same goals of being together in a fluffy, slice of life comedic light towards the yuri genre. Yes the show focuses more on the main couple (of course) but at the very least the other 2 got development but with no resulting effects come the ending of the anime but it's still nice to see the yuri in differing angles The premise although it's a yuri genre does make use of the relational effects on together as well as trying to hide it from others as it's their something "special". It just touches on the yuri fan cliches and sorta makes use of it to best it abilities, if your a yuri fan, well sign LA
Dr. C.C: And me
LA: up to this anime as it's just yuri fanservice up to an eleven...even if it's just LA needs to clean up with bloody me-
<LA faints>
Dr. C.C: Yeah LA was nose bleeding throughout this entire review.............that's a lot of blood...just from LA watching full-on yuri...
LA: It's one of LA's guilty pleasures and there's a waterfall on LA's head?...
pupa DONE you sonofab****.....why was this an anime short. Seriously what happens when you try to make a full fledged anime movie, then budget got cut and now is replaced to an anime short at 4 minutes long running for 12 episodes. The plot is a mess...ya wanna know why?, half of the plot consists of "eating"...flesh, and seriously if there are so many sub-plots and none are consist makes it really confusing for the plot. The characters are highly...creepy and investment due to how long each f***ing episode is. For such a plot-confusing vignette of flesh eating and creepiness...there is only one thing this anime short did right. The f***ing horror and flesh eating is utterly horrifying and creepy as you can literally hear the flesh eating fro mouth to's grossly creepy. Other than that...pupa sucked, LA wanted that full movie length...this short is pretty much a human without it's limbs...-sigh-...just stay away...unless you go for some horror flesh eating in all it's anime glory...seriously the flesh eating is f***ing creepy. 3/10
Mahou Sensou DONE Mahou Sensou is one of your cliched magical war animes LA has seen, at first. At first LA saw it as a bit of strategic magic anime set in a magical school. Yes magical school. But then drama mainly through the basis of romance and bit of backstory adds to this magical war anime and it really started getting better although some of the romance was a bit of change for a magical war series. The romance is very much a love triangle, with well really LA going for Takeshi x Mui. (Damn Nao Touyama, had to make her voice sound so cute)..*ahem* *ahem*. Anyways, in terms of action it's very magical cliched although still from that the magical warfare (hehehe..) is pretty da*n good at times, especially for the finale. The characters are kinda cliched for the most part with only the main male protagonist and Mui Aiba being slightly different from the rest, although the main male protagonist does transition into the hero cliche. Now the plot twist is pretty good and does kinda change the plot as a whole although the plot itself kinda holds it back but nonetheless the twist is still a good twist. Now a big problem with this show LA found was the kinda ended...non-conclusively. The ending gave out even more questions than answers leaving out some plot that NEEDED to be answered but didn't. all for such a cliched magical action anime, the addition of romance and drama does add a good tone to this anime, but the ending felt really like a letdown as not everything was resolved. Try it if your into the magical side and drama, but be warned of that ending...seriously... 7.8/10
Nobunagun DONE

RESPECT FOR THE DEAD MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN *ahem*...had to get out of the way. Nobunagun is about a young meek teenager able to wield the soul of Oda Nobunaga in a form of a gun and fight extraterrestrial aliens in the bid to save the world. It sounds like an interesting premise and with it's wild action and strategic battles not to mention it's animation style is very crazy in itself just like the OP did. In terms of plot it's more or less military alien fights and missions with some moodswinging characters via. pervertedness. The action and fight scenes are coupled with it's crazy animation in a shade of a SHAFT...a shade not complete SHAFT-ian animation, it has it's own style mainly with reverse coloring with lots of green, red and black to set the mood for the fight scenes. The fight scenes are pretty well done and with the strategy involved makes it even better, and even better when the characters goes bloodlust crazy to kill and defeat the aliens. There is a bit of backstory in this anime but again fight scenes and a bit of lore dominant over this anime. The first episode alone made it awesome and just wanting to know more awesomeness, but then somehow this anime went a bit normal via. mission of the day as if it's more a buildup to the finale. The buildup isn't that bad but it kinda went on for a bit longer than expected with some bumps on the road for "relaxing". Ok ok LA knows, some relaxing time for some anime is needed, but if it's leading to some buildup...ehhhhhhh..LA will kinda ignore it. The ending itself was pretty well done, good action scenes with a bit of backstory and resolving the plot. It was kinda of an adrenaline fueled gun-totting anime with some quirky animation style and the OP is just metal...
Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil DONE Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil is about magic law. Or to be more precise, think about it as British jurisdiction law with magic in the mix. Wizard Barrister is about Sudo Cecil being the youngest Benmashi (Lawyer) and trying to save her mother from a death sentence, but more is behind the scenes than you believe. The animation style is very vibrant and has CG mecha fighting which looks great in some respects, although having mecha's in a law anime is a bit of weird mix, nonetheless it works. The lore of this anime is very linked to LAW with some backstory of the main character Cecil. The first few episodes is mainly the "case of the day" with some sprinklings of hidden backstory, it's not that bad as it does emphasis the cast other than Cecil giving them some investment. The backstory with the link to the law is kinda interesting and with court trials do make an emphasis on the entire plot and as soon as the story picks up, so does these elements that linked to the main character. Ok LA said this before in Gailieo Donna, but this anime focuses on law, therefore such court trials are actually pretty entertaining. The buildup via. "case" for the main plot is very interesting and even has a villain that is kinda worthy of this kind of anime. The pot twists themselves also makes it very good even if it is in a cliched court room trial. Now LA should talk about the action. Ok lawyers with magic fighting to get the suspect or's magical fights with law as the result, LA kinda likes it, makes it unique. Now finally...the ending, the ending does wrap up everything well cept for one little thing (that being having to do with a certain character), and the finale court room trial is well as a certain ROn Burgundy says it..."that escalated quickly", yes and kinda feels rushed but nonetheless had a good finale, yes, LA should also say that this ending "court room trial" did WAAAAAAAY better than Gailieo Donna's, only because of the action and fluidity to wrap it up, where Gailieo Donna did not. If your into ???law???, with some magical & mecha fights maybe try this...if not try it for the initial premise about Cecil's <LA makes a sigil>..."Ending review Diaboloid" GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! <static> 7/10
Nagi no Asukara DONE Nagi no Asukara was an anime released at the Fall of 2013, running for 26 episodes and was an original anime done by P.A Works. Nagi no Asukara follows a couple of sea-dwelling humans who had to transfer over to a land-school, and drama and romance ensues. Nagi no Asukara, LA should warn you, that this anime is extremely heartbreaking, heartwarming and has the emotional "feels" UP TO AN ELEVEN, something P.A Works is extremely well known well as their impeccable style of HD looking scenery that makes even the snow and sea look realistic. This anime feels and is original, in terms of both romance and in general, yes this anime as a whole feels extremely original, from their plot twists to the romance given and very much the entire plot looks at a lot of things romance and a different look. Yes, supernatural is involved and does play a part for the entire romance. LA should note that this anime's romance is a love dodecahedron and you just want to know who goes with who and again with the supernatural lore and everything it makes it all he more speculative. The characters...very unique and even with the plot twists, it makes them have even more depth towards the plot and the characters themselves. LA should note also that LA cried a lot in this anime...A YUP, LA didn't say it was a "feels" anime for nothing ya'know. Now the plot twists...they ARE HUGE and emotional as he' and LA will say it, there's no deus ex machina thus these plot twists are entirely justified thus...holy cr*p heaps and heaps of romance drama. Now LA did talk about the animation right...ya'know, the "impeccable style of HD looking scenery"...well LA HAS to give props to P.A Works for the animation as it is just GORGEOUS. Finally, the ending.....the ending was...LA just can't say...but LA is gonna say it's one dramatic emotional ending..damn it P.A Works...LA didn't feel this much "feels" for an anime since CLANNAD. In all, this anime is one rollercoaster of drama and romance, it feels original even in terms of anime standards and it's just a gorgeous looking anime. Be it the drama, the romance or the high animation quality, P.A Works, you've definitely exceeded all of LA's expectations... 15/10
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga DONE WHAT THE FUCK JAPAN. No this review won't censor because THIS anime is soo crass and crude in itself. Ok, Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga follows a girl who is possessed by a ghost, in which the ghost has to make the girl fall in love with her step-brother..............yeah incest up the ass as if LA hasn't heard of it. OK the premise is simple, the girl has a chastity belt on her. <silent>...BECAUSE FANSERVICE and need to get it on with her brother so that the ghost can leave and depart from this world and seriously, the plot is laddled with situations where the girl's rear end is showing...and some groping scenes...A wonder LA said "WHAT THE FUCK JAPAN" for a reason. Now there is some good things coming from this, the incest drama isn't that bad, well the drama has...if the girl doesn't compel she dies, thus she must MUST do it...and then it becomes a sort of a drama on the main girl herself on whether she herself loves her brother or it's just the ghost. Now LA has no problem with this ghost...well...she as a character has a few problems...story-wise, character-wise, she the entire problem with this anime mainly her perverted nature is profoundly insane and she both causes the mends the problems she gets into, finally the ghost herself has some plot holes mainly because we have no prior backstory on her, so we see her as much as annoyance than a help. Oh yeah did LA mention this anime is laddled with fanservice in the incest level?...yes?..ok moving on. LA has to say that the ending.........was a tease of an seriously....that was kinda backhanded...what a sequel???...-sigh-. Ok, some of drama was kinda of good, but the overall experience LA had in this anime was cringeworthy in terms of the fanservice, kinda predictable with some mindless romance situations leading to fanservice heavy nonsense. Drama good...ruined by the fanservice. Just...LA doesn't know what to say.....cept.....WHAT THE FUCK!?!??!?!?!? 2/10
Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru DONE Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru or OreShura or My Girlfriend and Childhood Friend Fight Too Much, it's a harem comedy anime released in the Winter of 2013. OreShura has some promising factors within the harem genre, mainly for the fact the the main protagonist isn't some idiot clueless dense harem protagonist and DOES have some sense on the harem genre and the harem dynamic feels different especially if one of the harem members is in on it. Now from this LA did feel like it did give off a lot for a plot and backstories for the entire cast (minimal but still gives out a lot nevertheless). Can LA say this anime is like Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru but with love and romantic situations?...yes, VERY. The plot feels unique and with the harem situation given throughout gives this anime some really good high points and even some of the "feels" in many of backstories mainly from 2 of the harem members which LA does have give props to, it really moved know the feeling of love and not reciprocating it but you still do it anyways...*ahem*...where was LA?. In terms of characters...unique though some does diverge into stereotype, the plot, it just feels unique, the format and the "wackiness" given sometimes are pretty hilarious. Romance part...ohh boy...romance plays a BIG part in this anime and this anime "sorta" gives out lessons in "some ways" to deal with it...and again as LA said, when given from the plot, LA felt "heartbroken" to heartwarming many of the times especially with Chiwa Harusaki's backstory and to be frank, she's LA's favourite character BECAUSE of it. Now the ending...ohhh boy, does LA have a bone to pick with the ending...IT HAD SOOO MUCH POTENTIAL AND IT WASTED IT WITH THAT?!?!?!?!?...seriously!???!...well it's a harem anime what do you expect?...ohhh...ahhh...ARGHHHHH <LA sighs>...just...think what all that meant and you have your ending...LA was REALLY disappointed in that ending. Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru is a harem anime with one unique harem situation and really breakthrough with it's backstories and overall wackiness given for the comedy, it gave lessons in love in retrospect and had some touching moments for such a harem anime and both ruthless and comedic as it was...but that ending...come on!!!!!...this anime had soooooooooo much potential!!!!!...WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...nevertheless...the bulk of this anime still has it's many strengths to "kinda" make LA ignore "that" ending...this anime is not wasted potential, it KNOWS it's genre well and the heartwarming and "feels" moment alone gives out more development than the ending gives in.
<Producer brings up a cue card saying: So you cried during Chiwa's backstory and climax didn't you?>
LA: Shut up
<Producer brings up a cue card saying: And you felt heartbroken and oversaw your own disastrous love life to this anime as well didn't you?>
LA: LA SAID SHUT UP! <LA wacks a camera and leaves both angry and depressed>
<Producer brings up a cue card saying: HEHEHEHEHEEEE.....>
Kotoura-san DONE Kotoura-san is a psychic...with a tragic past. Kotoura-san is a dramedy anime released on the Winter of 2013. LA says dramedy as well it's a drama/comedy anime, the comedy is sprinkled everywhere and the drama just appears when it needs to. However this anime does have as you know it, a supernatural element a la psychic abilities but the supernatural element is taken to the drama slice of life stint this time...again "dramedy". The cast for this anime is minimal (it was adapted form a 4koma so that makes sense) and they all have their own motives and character developments even if it's just for laughs or seriousness. This anime KNOWS when it needs to be serious or not as the plot does take it to some really "heartwretching" moments...although it's peak at that was the first episode of the first 10 minutes of it...yeah. That first 10 minutes gave out such an impression on LA that's a huge amount of angst and dread and fear within those 10 minutes. Buuuuuut the rest of the anime just cannot compare to that first 10 minutes...LA did say it peaked there didn't LA?. Now for plot, ok LA did say it's a dramedy, but LA does have to give the bulk of this anime credit though as it did give out a good drama plot line with societal impact to having such an ability does to a character and the "overcoming" of it, bringing out a great message of "great power, means great responsibl-"..LA can't believe LA just quoted Spiderman. Comedy's a mix of pervertedness on a slice of life scale with some slapstick added...and for such an anime with a dramedy it does feel weird and a bit generic. The ending...well, LA is going to say that at least it wrapped up all the plot as a whole which is good, but a bit rushed. In all, if your in for the first 10 minutes or a show about the societal impact it has on a psychic or just for the perverted slapstick comedy, Kotoura-san is decent enough to get you hooked in. 8/10
Koitabi: True Tours Nanto DONE Koitabi: True Tours Nanto is a 6 episode anime short divided into 3 short stories covering the landscapes of Nanto and showing us 3 short romance stories and done by the studio P.A Works. OK the three stories, the first is a will they break up or won't they?, the next one is about a school romance blossoming, the finale is about a "stranger" love. The first story DOES tug at your heartstrings but the premise is simple enough and some symbolism is there, it's not bad, but the next two are better in LA's opinion. The next one is about the school romance and there's a love triangle and some again heartwarming moments with some romance cliches sure, but the execution was done very well and definitely felt some heartstrings tugged with that story. The final story, LA is LA's favourite, be it a stranger love but reading between the scenes makes this story really heartfelt and really makes them both perfectly "right for each other" and best part is the finale of the finale story...just...the finale kinda made LA cry a bit, ya'know reflecting back to LA's own past disastrous love life and how it would be like...if only for a little bit to be where they are and actually have someone who knows you and can find time for you and you to them instead of LA contemplating if there is ever anyone for LA...*ahem*...LA just went personal right there...*ahem*. A note about this anime short is it's marvelous made backgrounds done by P.A Works, it's done beautifully and the scenery is GORGEOUS at times and for that, if you see the credits for each short, it has some pictures that the REAL LIFE counterpart of the adapted scenery so LA definitely have to give props to P.A Works for the attention to detail. Be it for the scenery or romance...this short is definitely a watch...LA was really in it to watch BECAUSE of the romance... 9/10
Psycho Pass series DONE Season 1 - Psycho-Pass the "measurement" of someone's mental state, personality and probability of that person will commit a crime, anyone above a certain number will be deemed a threat and will be treated or in an extreme case, killed by the MWPSB (Ministry of Welfare Public Safety Bureau). This is a Gen Urobuchi creation...expect lots of gore and blood. The anime was produced by Production I.G, the anime company that will make the Shingeki no Kyojin adaptation a year after this anime and yes, the animation quality is top notch. Psycho-Pass is a futuristic neo-noir crime thriller anime that focuses on a unit within the MWPSB and focuses on a myriad of cases within the futuristic Japan 2113. The cases within these anime are first, very brutal and again it's a Gen Urobuchi anime and has lots of murder cliches but with the futuristic aspects and along with the Psycho-Pass it adds depth and intensity in a CSI-style way with guns that talk! But no joke though, when you see some of the crimes these criminals within this show has done...LA feels like vomiting and two, it's gorey as hell. Later on, the story shifts to huge climax that leads to a "mastermind" and the climax...well...Gen Urobuchi you did it again didn't cha...broke LA's heart over a character. From this huge climax, ANOTHER one arises and leads to some social stigma issues, such as for one "flaws within a society and how to deal with it" and "who properly has the right to judge criminals". This anime really likes to make you think about society and LA sees that it was Urobuchi intent to show that within this anime. Max Weber once said "It is not true that good can only follow from good and evil only from evil, but that often the opposite is true." One final climax (there's a LOT of climaxes here) appears and pretty much rocks the very foundation of this anime and again makes us think about freedom or the force of will through "perfected systems for society" and leading from that, the ending in itself...LA won't spoil at all, but it's both a sad and "encouraging" ending. Now since LA talked about the plot, characters. The characters are well rounded and mostly likable, cept for the criminals themselves. The main focus comes from the newbie Inspector Tsunemori and one of the Enforcers Kogami who LA sees that has the most development, while the mastermind villain gets a huge amount as well. There is a bit of dis-arrangement with the amount of development each character gets, like we don't get much on Shion but gets a full episode on Yayoi. Nonetheless, with an anime as climatic and jarring as this, LA is ok with Tsunemori and Kogami getting this much development as THEY are the main characters. The character development LA sees is for one, events occurred towards them and how they deal with it both for their sake and for the sake of society as well. The plot twists given, really flesh out this anime and gives weight to what each character's decisions be it for themselves or for others to not suffer. Seriously, this is very great script writing as well as careful planning on the plot, which not only affects the characters, but the entire society. LA just have to give this anime a big fat approval rating to watch it, Urobuchi knew what he was writing and wanted to convey the messages he wanted very cleverly and honestly. In the cinematic sense, many of plot twists had LA on edge as to what will happen and had multiple times as well as giving very living proof of no a**pulling. Script and plot in general is golden. Character development a bit focused on the main characters, but nonetheless and the ending was a nice "encouragement" and helped with the characters developing even's great material. Psycho Pass was released on the Fall of 2012 going for 22 episodes, it also has a prequel and a sequel in the works as well a Movie to go with it. Psycho-Pass is one he' of a ride and a look at society, be it perfect one or on the verge of a dystopia. Aristotle once said "Suffering becomes beautiful when anyone bears great calamities with cheerfulness, not through insensibility but through greatness of mind.". One final notes, LA really should had watched this anime when it was initially released and LA will be looking forward to the second season very in October 2014 soon...

Season 2 - Psycho Pass 2 is the obvious sequel to the hit police anime, this time it is an 11 episode anime produced by Tatsunoko Productions, Production I.G, Dentsu, Fuji TV, Nitroplus and TOHO animation. Now LA should note right now that these are LA's honest opinions and if you wanna judge LA, make Sibyl system judge LA for all LA cares. Ok, let's start with the change of production companies from Production I.G (even though they did supervise) to Tatsunoko Production and the animation element here for this sequel, the animation is almost pitch perfect replica of the original series so great effort in that. The next best thing about this sequel is the plot being more violent and gorey, yes LA said it, it gets gorier and this time Gen Urobuchi is only supervising!. Now let's talk about the overall premise, the premise is the continuation of the original, with new members to the MWPSB into Akane Tsunemori's squad, that being the tech savvy Shou Hinakawa voiced by Takahiro Sakurai, Sakuya Togane voiced by Kenji Fujiwara and newbie Inspector Mika Shimotsuki voiced by Ayane Sakura and they face a new monster in society that might rock Sibyl to it's core. Now shall we sorta get to the issue of this sequel?. Ok. Here's the thing, LA already stated that Gen Urobuchi is only supervising the sequel now, the reins have now been taken to Tow Ubukata (for directing Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Border:2 Ghost Whispers) and it's kinda like giving a criminal a gun and telling them to point it at innocents and saying that YOUR the pacifist even though you gave him the gun in the first place. Here's the thing, Tatsunoko Productions are more in the sensationalism element of things...Gen Urobuchi was more in the psychological impact on society of what Psycho Pass gave us. This sequel had ALOT of problems. From it's reinterpretation of what the original gave us, to the villains to even some of the new characters especially Mika. Some of the elements of Psycho Pass was now leaning towards the BIOLOGICAL aspects of society and how the "new monster" cheats the system, whereas the actual original gave us as a villain more suited to the psychological and more or less neutral "evil" given to us, the "new villains' given to us besides the new monster, although they did bring in the emphasis of the corrupt and unaware society of what Sibyl system really is, the major villains are more or less petty and outrightly cliched and for the "lulz" of doing what they did, the "new monster" called Kamui voiced by Ryouhei Kimura at the very least had a motive besides blind evil. Now the problem with Mika is that she is outrightly a useless character, believing in the Sibyl system and when given plot twists she outrightly doesn't inform Akane about any of this and either way, most of the information passed around Mika and the things she does becomes useless. Mika was suppose to be Akane's junior and instead we see her consistently trying to get Akane fired...WHAT A GREAT HELP, it's not just Mika either many of the other characters like Shou and even Akane's character development get little to ruining their character development respectively with Akane, the MAIN character of this sequel pretty much giving us a change of ideology of what the original series gave us of Akane. There are problems with this sequel and LA doesn't point the finger at Tatsunoko Productions as they did a great job in mimicking the animation. The blame goes to Tow Ubukata and the resources already laid out and completely ignoring the basis of what Psycho Pass gave us. LA gets it, taking in the reins of an extremely popular anime and a new director is given the reins with different beliefs and how he sees things for what Psycho Pass is. Using the resources of Psycho Pass is decent, he' a proper good sequel will outrightly be perfection, but to ignore and try to make Psycho Pass your own and completely ignore the original goes to far as we get a divergent from the source material, useless characters with potential to blind evil villains. LA wants to love this sequel but every time LA finds an error to the original it just feels like a slap to the original and to LA. LA can still praise it for it's great animation and it trying to touch upon it's own messages and statements about a corrupt society, but the few errors nearly kill the buzz of what it was trying to achieve. For what it does for it's plot twists, although some are discrediting it's original, most of the plot twists are exciting yes, but at times LA questions the plot twists in itself whether it works or not, yes sometimes it makes sense, sometimes not at all. As for the ending, it was kinda left on an open rushed note for LA, somewhat LA has more questions than answers and one of the major factors of the climax was merely rushed in a ways but still concluded what happened with this sequel albeit for it's compensation for the terrible villains and making it clear that Mika was a useless character and ruining what Psycho Pass, the Sibyl System and even Akane's character derailment...yeah sure. LA doesn't know whether to hate or love this sequel anymore. Is it better than the original?...NOPE, does it try?. Try is the best word to describe it. -sigh- having a blind yandere villain, with Kamui with a killing the ideology of what Psycho Pass really does...really kills this sequel. People may still like this sequel merely because it's a sequel but to LA, LA can see it's major flaws and to that that this sequel does not make the original justice. JUST PLEASE...make the Psycho Pass Movie be better written and better directed than this monster of a sequel. Judge LA or not, Sibyl?...whatever the case, Sibyl...judge this sequel for what it is. An abomination of the original series. (Just to be saying, this is still not the worst animes sequels LA has seen, but it's closing in for all it's flaws it has and completely discrediting what the original series had).
Season 1 - 40/10

Season 2 - 7.8/10
Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. DONE Alot can happen in one's childhood, be it playing "Nokemon" with your friends, or making a group called the "Super Peace Busters" and making peace in a small quaint town and even..and even...<LA starts crying>...ohhh god LA said LA wouldn't do this...<LA sniffs>. This is Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, or Anohana, or Anohana: The Flower that we saw that day for the extended version. Anohana was released on the Spring 2011 and produced by A-1 Pictures, and man if you didn't already get form that intro to the review, this just amazing. Anohana has a simple setting...about a guy's childhood friend's ghost appearing and let's just say alot of complicated things arises from both the group of friends who have now distanced themselves from one another and how they are still coping with the errrr..."loss" of a friend some years back and the impact it has it now. Anohana has a great amount of backstory that is leading to the lives of the group of friends, the backstory itself is one story that you'll cry over seriously. This anime is heavily character developed centred, not to mention again the emotional impact it has on the plot and characters. The plot is centred on the characters...soooo the characters it is. The characters are very unique, both childhood version and teen version, LA has to say one more thing, for such a "ghost" of one of the main characters, she "feels" real even if she's a ghost/hallucination in the story...ahhhhhh that's saying something. This anime shows lots of childhood memories just like what LA mentioned in LA's intro, the childhood memories are very many ways. LA can't really remember any childhood memories...why can't LA *ahem*...anyways. This anime is very emotional with the connection towards the childhood and one huge memory that all the characters are connect towards it and mainly the central focus. This focus also has a romance element to this plot and that just adds to the drama and again the central focus and gives even more impact towards this anime and it's character development for the group of friends. Anohana is one he' of an emotional rollercoaster ride, like you WILL cry for the finale, YOU WILL CRY, so yes..the ending was...just so emotional, near on PAR with CLANNAD...CLANNAD!!!!..that is also saying something...seriously, ohhh and if you even make LA CRY YOUR DOING SOMETHING RIGHT. This is a modern classic, be it it was produced in 2011, like come on!'s amazingly emotional throughout the entire anime and that finale...just <LA starts to cry again>. This anime is emotionally great, without a doubt, you want a bit of nostalgia with drama and romance, Anohana is your ticket to it 20/10
Kyousougiga DONE This is a story of family and rebirth, where the line between gods and humans are vague. This is Kyousougiga. Kyousougiga was produced by Toei Animation and was released on the Fall of 2013 and had 10 episodes under it's belt, with 3 recap episodes, one containing a commentary from Kenichi Suzumura and Rie Kugimiya. However bit of history was that shorts of this anime was released 2 years before that. Kyousougiga is sorta a literal allusion title towards it's translated title so LA won't tell it's translated title, but Kyousougiga follows one girl's adventure to find her guardians in "The City of the Looking Glass". Now this anime has A LOT of Buddist and Alice in the Wonrderland reference and the first 3 episodes will be confusing to you, trust LA, it was to LA as well. Now this anime has lots of character development especially for it's main "family", at first it's a character development episode for 3 of the brother/sister and their "quirks" and they get some tragic to sad stories about how "they came to be" or "how they are now", then the story quickly dissolves into something much greater. In the latter half of this anime, it just gets crazier than it already is with a well........."END OF THE WORLDS" scenario and drama revolves around the family as a whole giving the tension of a mere end of the world look small compared to the family matter, yes you just heard that right. This show's core theme is about family and it shows within the crazy family given here and how much they want to be together and given the drama was pretty tense, it really shows that this anime wanted it's core theme to be about family and it's really heartwarming with a tint of slapstick funny. LA should say another thing about this anime, it's animation, it's animation is cartoony yes, but it's style of animation is very much akin to SHAFT, fast moving animation, quick transitions and just all out quirky animation, the animation is very crazy and fits with the Alice in Wonderland motifs within this anime. What else about this anime?..ahhhh right. <LA breathes in>...IT'S ONE OF THE MOST ORIGINAL ANIMES LA HAS SEEN IN A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME, and to a person who has watched a lot of anime, this is really saying something, yes it may have those Alice in Wonderland and Buddist themes, but LA saw the plot, the plot twists, the overall plot, the characters and even character developments given to be original. Crazy animation, an original plot and a theme about family, that is Kyousougiga and that is an anime to be seen... 9/10
Nisekoi DONE This is the story of how 150px-Raku_Ichijo.PNG and 150px-Chitoge_Kirisaki.PNG had to make a fake relationship. Nisekoi is a Studio SHAFT production, released in the season of Winter 2014 and ran for 20 episodes...shame it couldn't of been 24. Nisekoi is an anime with lots of harem/romance cliches, no doubt but with Studio SHAFT's it's good right?. Yes and No. Yes on the visuals as it has well obviously that Studio SHAFT touch making us always look at the screen to get our attention. No is where it is on the story. Now this is talking into manga territory as this is NOT an original anime, the story has lots of cliches but cliches with bit of twist not to mention various "situational" scenes that has "some" twists to the story itself. For example, the main reason 150px-Raku_Ichijo.PNG and 150px-Chitoge_Kirisaki.PNG are "faking" their relationship is because if they tell the truth to their families about this, they will both start a gang war and cause both of their lives to be in utter mess, cliched but with a twist see?. Now other characters within this harem appears such as 150px-Kosaki_Onodera.PNG and later on 100px-Marika_Visual_Key.png to spice things up and it makes this anime bit more lively along with several more harem cliches that comes with it. Now this show does have aspects of mystery mainly about the main harem's backstory and it's interesting to know this mystery of who gave 150px-Raku_Ichijo.PNG that promise to and it's played with a lot for the sake of the plot. This anime has it's comedic highlights, yes it's harem cliched but the deliverance of those said jokes are pretty funny to over the top most of the time even if they are harem cliched. LA knows that this anime has faults, mainly the story being cliched, but comedic and character-wise it's a decent show as you get invested in some of the characters and even the minor characters are either comedic or at least puts some emphasis to the story at hand, be it coincidence or not and with Studio SHAFT's touch it's always visually appealing to watch. Plot twists in this anime works but also causes the plot to get more complicated, yes it works in terms of romance, but even from that considering this is a romance/harem anime, having plot twists isn't exactly a must and at the very least the plot twist works within the romance with proof. The ending, well it's a nice & wacky way to end but the ending itself is non-conclusive and not many plot lines gets resolved. LA would really want to have Nisekoi have a second season, it's a decent harem romance show and you do get invested in the main cast with the "will they, won't they" mentality throughout the show. Ohh LA ships 150px-Raku_Ichijo.PNG and 150px-Chitoge_Kirisaki.PNG by the way. Nisekoi is a decent harem anime, yes, it's cliched but the story, backstories and characters given, kinda wants you to be invested in them to see if "they will or not" and the comedy is great in this anime as well. Hopefully this anime gets a second season to wrap things up, but considering the manga...we just might need a 3rd season.

OVA - This OVA comes with 2 parts, one which involves Ruri's glasses the other is Raku's harem hijinks. Let's start with Ruri's glasses, the premise is Ruri lost her glasses. Yeah Raku, Ruri and Onodera are trying to find them and along the way we kinda get to know more from Ruri a bit more which Nisekoi's main series desperately needed as well as putting it blatantly as she is an audience surrogate character of some kind to bring up points which the audience having being wanting to say to Raku and Ruri said it perfectly if not for THAT INTERRUPTION. LA really liked this segment as it delves into the mind of Ruri and her worries about the entire situation with Raku and Onodera. The last part has to do with Raku and his "bad luck" needing to be exorcised and giving way to some Shrine maiden fanservice to Raku's haremettes with some harem hijinks with that twist Nisekoi has. LA especially liked Marika's "exorcism" and to be frank some of the scenes in this part gave LA a bit of a chuckle as Raku's haremttes are fighting over who will "exorcise" a la kiss Raku first. Another thing LA should note is that LA is pleased Chitoge got a bit of focus in this segment. This OVA has one part serious, one part hijinks and all Nisekoi...take that like you will but overall LA enjoyed the harem hijinks and Ruri's purpose and development for this OVA.
Tonari no Seki-kun DONE Tonari no Seki-kun is...the Master of Killing Time. Yokoi sits next to Seki-kun during class, Seki-kun wastes time in class by to various crazy things and Yokoi tries to stop Seki-kun for wasting time, instead Yokoi gets in trouble. That is pretty much the entire premise of Tonari no Seki-kun. May seem quite simple, but with Seki-kun's antics and "Yokoi's imagination" as well, this anime short can be quite fun to watch. Many of Seki-kun's antics he does is just amazing, examples?...Chess vs. Shogi, a mailing service...WHILE IN CLASS and even mini golf on HIS DESK. Seki-kun's antics well some are impossible...seriously they are but even with that, the craziness along with Yokoi's reaction towards it is just funny as hell. This anime short does have episodic format, but with lots of diversity through Seki-kun's antics and sometimes Yokoi goes out of the format at times. This anime short's animation is sorta on two sides, on the generalized term, it's pretty basic to the character designs (it's an anime short so LA can see why it is like this), but from some of Seki-kun's antics, some have better animation giving emphasis to trying to get both Yokoi's and YOUR attention. Seki-kun and Yokoi are pretty likable and you kinda get invested in Yokoi's goal of catching Seki-kun in the act, simplistic goal, but may be harder than you think, Seki-kun has some investment as well, as some of his antics, WANT him to succeed, because what he's done is pretty awesome to insanely impossible. Tonari no Seki-kun was released in the season of Winter 2014 and released 20 episodes as well as 2 more specials and ran for 7 to 8 minutes each. This anime short is creative, funny and "maybe" simplistic but look in depth from can see the silliness and awesomeness from this anime short...............only to be caught in trouble by your no Sensei, LA is finishing the review, LA didn't get distracted!, it was Seki-kun!!!. Tonari no Seki-kun!. Ohh right one more thing, the opening & ending theme for this anime short are pretty catchy! 8/10
Senran Kagura DONE Senran Kagura is an ecchi anime that was released on the Winter 2013 and ran for 12 episodes and focuses on ninja's. Yin and Yang is the theme of this anime..and fanservice, anyways, the theme is yin and yang, with not everything being good or evil giving off the mentality that not everything is always evil as it has some good in it and vice versa. Ok to the fanservice...yes, there's a lot of it, but it's mostly mild that being "panty shots" to "girls in revealing fanservicey clothing", that is about it...this fanservice is nothing to the stuff LA watched <LA looks at anime covers of Queen's Blade, Kiss X Sis and Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!) <LA shivers>'s mild OK?!?!?!?!?. In terms of story, it's a pretty simplistic plot but with that complexity that arrives comes halfway which is quite interesting...cept for the mild fanservice in some scenes where it kinda kills the tension. Thing is, the story is dark and with the ninja setting it's a given, but with the mild fanservice (aka. fighting in bikini's/lingerie) both distracts as well as annoys you towards the more interesting plot. Character-wise, there are roughly 10 main cast as well as 3 or 4 minor casts and the plot has lots of character development from the 5 main "light faction" with the other 5 "dark faction" getting some motivation as to why they are doing it, the plot helps with the character development, but LA wished that the 5 "dark faction" characters got more development as some of them had more interesting backstories than the 5 "light faction". Plot twists are...actually interesting, no proof needed as it's within this action-packed/fighting genre and more or less evolves the plot and characters. LA thought about this anime as sorta the opposite to Queen's Blade: Rebellion in some respects, as Queen's Blade was overly loaded with fanservice with a complex story where LA didn't really care till the end whereas Senran Kagura is an overly mild fanservice anime with a "preemptive" simple story where LA only cared about it during the start and maybe middle of the series. "Decent" is what LA calls this anime, within the fanservice/ecchi action genre it's "decent", the plot is simple at first and with ninja's and dark faction entering the plot it becomes complex, characters are decent but could have done better in the character development department and that ending, although it was left non-conclusive so kinda annoyed LA, no no don't worry, the main story plot thread was resolved, but what came after that, THOSE plot threads are NEVER mentioned at the ending.....JUST ARGHHHH just tell us!??!?!. Senran Kagura did decently in blending action/fanservice and drama into a world of ninja's and was decent in LA's eyes for such a anime...but that's just it decent, Yin and's not bad but it's not as great either, well plot for fanservice and character to it's development anyways. Now what's next for LA........High-Hi-H-Highschool of the Dead!??!?!?!...<LA runs for the hills> 8/10
Highschool of the Dead DONE Zombies...LA hates them, LA is scared of them. LA would rather take on curses, ghosts or even vampires!, Zombies on the other hand...LA is batshit scared of them, LA can't even watch The Walking Dead let alone ANY Zombie outbreak movies. LA is facing LA's fears by even watching THIS anime, so with that "facing LA's fears" intro out of the way.....this is Highschool of the Dead. Highschool of the Dead from the intro has to do with a zombie outbreak THROUGHOUT THE WORLD and the end of the world is near with a cast of students battles the zombies to survive and HEAPS OF FANSERVICE. Fanservice-wise well it's above average with many fanservice tropes, underb**bs, a**shots and b**b physics a la on crazy levels to the point of any motion giving the b**bs jiggling like crazy. So yes, there's lots of fanservice and A LOT of skin. The story is very hectic as well "worldwide zombie outbreak" and surviving it, you'd think there's no character development?..WRONG!. The main cast has lots of character development and some very sad in conjunction with the zombie outbreak setting, some are tragic, some are bloody awesome! There is a villain in this anime for such a genre such as the zombie outbreak setting as well the "zombies" should be the main villain but there is one villain, and he's outrightly "LA WANTS TO KILL THAT BASTARD" levels of villainy and he obviously pulls it off. Ok from that rant your wondering "hey, LA aren't you scared of this anime?", "why are you getting excited by this anime?"...with both those questions?..the answer is...well the plot quarter of the way through "yes it's still in the zombie outbreak setting" LA got really invested in both the characters (their development and LA means the main cast) and the plot, yes the zombies are still scary to LA and they still are to LA in real life, but the plot just gets better due to the intensity int he scale this anime takes it, he' tactical missiles!, controversy to the zombie outbreak and again in conjunction with some the character development adds to the intensity and just makes the plot watchable...this is coming from someone who is frickin' scared of zombies, watching a zombie anime. Action scenes are...well...HOLY SHIT..adrenaline-fueled to the max, just those over-powered main character kicking some zombie ass is just amazing to watch. The ending is...NON-CONCLUSIVE, so yeah...LA wanted to know more in a ways, LA wanted to see whether the cast will survive the zombie outbreak, it being is non-conclusive is not a big issue but that will be explained in the OVA section. Highschool of the Dead has a heavy story, heavy fanserviced, bloody scary (In LA's opinion) and one he' of an intense zombie outbreak asskickin' ride. LA still hates the zombie outbreak setting but this anime helped slightly in LA's view on the zombie genre, but it's an intense, character-driven, action-packed zombie ass-whoppin' anime. If your a zombie fan?..WATCH THIS ANIME, if not, just try it?...maybe?. Kick some zombie ass Highschool of the Dead!!!..and go **** yourself villain!

Drifters of the Dead OVA - Fanserviced HOLY CRAP Beach OVA...cue... <LA torpedo nosebleeds>. yes, it's fanserviced up the ass and even some yuuuuuuuuri scenes, it's just a hallucinated WTFery fanservice for 20 minutes, yes it follows after the finale of the anime, but it's only a rest stop. It's a skins-show all OVA and fanserviced as he'. Now LA said something about the non-conclusive ending from the main anime?...well the enidng towards this OVA had a slight hint that there might be a second season?...whether that will come to pass who knows, but from that LA wouldn't mind a second season. MOAR ZOMBIE ASSKICKIN' AND MOAR FANSERVIC- *ahem*
Ijime DONE Ijime or Bullying in English was an anime released on 2012...wait...2012!?!?!?!. Ok when LA said that, well the animation quality felt more like a 1990's anime style, NOT a 2012 animation. Ok this is a short OVA is only 12 minutes long and is about bullying. The plot?'s just bullying within a school THAT IS ALL. But the message of this OVA is trying to portray is "don't pretend to not know that someone is bullying as THAT is also bullying"...yeah but then there is also something this OVA is also missing from this message "People who bullies ALSO needs to repent for their actions". Execution is lacking from that main message and the OVA for the plot as well LA's second message didn't get through and kinda lessen this OVA and the animation style isn't helping even for a 2012 anime OVA!. Ijime does show a traumatic view on bullying and how to stop bullying but the execution to the message is lacking which is kinda the point with these kind of heavy themes that nearly everyone has experienced. 4/10
Kanon series DONE 2002 - Kanon 2002 was an anime adaptation to the Visual Novel of the same name and released obviously in the year of 2002 and had 13 episodes by Toei Animation. Kanon tells the story of Yuuichi Aizawa coming back to his hometown after 7 years and meets a variety of girls that he wants to help. That is the basic basis of the plot, granted obviously there's more to this simple plot as Yuuichi Aizawa delves into his own past of his hometown as well as the girl's past. Ok the animation quality did not age well for this adaptation but LA can't blame much...because for one it was done in 2002, secondly it was Toei Ani's animation style so, LA can blame it for it not good for the present time, but animation-wise LA can't blame it. Story-wise, it does focus on many of the girls as well as the main protagonist although at times he was being a bit of a douche...anyways there is a lot of focus for some of the main cast giving them character development, biggest problem about this character development is that there are lots of plot holes of sudden turns of events that resolves many of the girl's development...yeah kinda put it bluntly it hurt and confused LA's viewing on this anime adaptation. LA did get some investment to some of the characters, but with LA just said about the plot holes within the character development, that also hurt LA's investment towards some of the characters as not much gets explained within the plot it just happens. The ending was ok, yes some plotlines were resolved, but with the sacrifice of one character development line...yeah...again explain plot EXPLAIN. LA felt like the story was rushed although some characters got more screentime than others, some not at all or expanded, yes it was a 13 episode anime, it kinda had to be rushed for such a visual novel anime adaptation, the pacing just felt rushed nonetheless, but in all, the story was ok, not decent or great, just ok as the drama was still good but rushed at times and the character development was well done even for a 13 episode anime. It's not a bad anime adaptation, bit of a old school anime style and all because Toei, but the story is still ok to watch it. Ok, LA doesn't usually do this in reviews, but LA will be doing 4 more anime reviews, before LA attempts to watch the 2006 Kyoto Ani seeya then!

2002 (Kazahana) - This special is a pre-ending to continuation of the 2002 adaptation aaaaaaaaaand it leads nowhere. It's just an epilogue of all the characters and what their doing, LA says continuation but it's just an epilogue but this 20 minute special just leads no where in terms of plot and the relationships, if you want the true ending to the 2002 adaptation, watch it LA suppose.

Prelude to the 2006 adaptation - So after the oddly voiced Marimo no Hana, to the horrendous Honey X Honey Drops to the heartwarming Dareka no Manazashi to finally the world conquering antics of Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda comes Kanon 2006

2006 - Kanon (2006) is an anime that has been remade from an already existing anime by the same name done by Toei, this time it's being produced by Kyoto Animation and Key Visuals and released 24 episodes. Kanon follows Yuuichi Aizawa who transfers back to his aunt's hometown where he meets many girls with problems and quirks about them. The story is definitely more expanded giving every girl of each of the girl's arc more detailed explanation about the plot twists given that the 2002 version did not. It's also more emotionally investing as you get to know them better as most of the girl's arc take roughly 6 episodes each. Animation wise, it's definitely crisper and more detailed than the 2002 version however LA will not make this a reason why the 2006 version is better than 2002, mainly because it was a 4 year gap between each version and it's also because of Toei's style back then, it's just inappropriate to compare the two, however still the 2006 version had a better, crisper design and detailed animation in general. Now in terms of story, yes it's a longer remake thus giving the story more detailed events and the plot twists as to each of the girl's arc are better explained instead of 2002's version of "this happens, so deal with it" mentality and the plot twists and explanation just gives more sense in general. Kanon means a melody that is repeated, which is very much how each of the girl's arc starts and finishes, LA got invested in Mai Kawasumi's and Ayu Tsukimiya's arc the most, Mai for her badassness and Ayu for the emotional investment. All the girl's arc are emotional especially when it comes to the plot twists or mere emotional climax of each of them, it gives all the characters along with Yuuichi more character development and thus gives them more investment although Makoto was more of an annoyance until her story climax *ahem* anyways. Kanon (2006) is in LA's eyes is a better version of the original 2002 version, not because of the animation quality, but because of the story being better explained and more emotionally invested characters. In general, Kanon (2006) just feels like a emotional rollercoaster ride about telling girls problems in the quaint town that Yuuichi lives in and expect to cry...a lot, is it the best KyotoAni/Key Visual anime they made?, no that honor goes to Clannad and Clannad After Story.
2002 - 6.8/10

2006 - 9/10
Marimo no Hana DONE Marimo Nogami is a shy quiet fourth grader girl, until one incident makes her show her full strength. Ok, this is a 11 minute OVA released on 2012 aaaaand what the hell was up with the voice acting in this OVA, the main protagonist needed to speak up and felt like she was trying to emulate Mamiko Noto but kinda failed as again she NEEDED TO SPEAK UP and sounded like she was monotoned throughout the 11 minutes...even when FIGHTING, one of the boys sounded like an underage girl and two of the voice acting sounded sooo un-enthused that they didn't get ANY emphasis on the script. This may have been one of the WORST voice acting animes LA has ever heard and it even trumps Gunparade March's DUB, yeah LA said it. BUT LA heard that the main protagonist's seiyuu Yuki Kashiwagi has done better. Ok enough about the voice acting, the story for a 11 minute OVA is about well "some fifth graders picking a fight with a fourth grader girl"...YEAH...ummm...pick someone your own size???...also the main protagonist only goes full magical girl fighting when the leader tramples on some ants....ummmmm ok?...but there is a message?..LA thinks?...about not having people sacrifice/use others as they will stop listening to you and that having people's back is better (another words teamwork)...but LA has to say that the entire ordeal with this story felt disjointed and weird in all sense of the word and felt like the 11 minutes was 30 minutes. The ONE thing LA has to say they did well for this OVA was the animation quality, it was consistent and gave the atmosphere during the fight a nice change of tone and some of the fight choreography was average at best. This is a weird bullying OVA, though the animation was ok at best but with terribly horrendous Japanese voice acting and added weird out of character moments this OVA is just something to be heard and seen. However the message of the story is still there...just try to see it after marveling the mundane craziness this OVA presents... 3/10
Honey X Honey Drops DONE WHAT THE HE' WAS UP WITH THIS OVA. Honey x Honey Drops or Mitsu X Mitsu Drops in Japanese is a 2 part OVA anime produced by Radix and Soft Garage and was released in 2006. Ok this hour long length OVA has a plot, it's a "romance" as a love triangle between two Masters and a Honey, and a honey is someone who has to make her/his Master graduate and the reward? to pay off debt, anything to do with money will be resolved, yeah one obstacle for this story, the Honey keeps getting se*ually harassed, again for MONEY JUST COME ON!!. One master se*ually harasses his Honey, the other is just as worst and the Honey is a clumsy moron. Another words, their unlikable characters and all the more their character motivation takes 180's AND BACK, like why would the Honey want to be with a master who se*ually harasses her daily, WHEN SHE ALREADY REALIZED IT BEFORE and WANTS TO BE WITH THAT SE*UALLY HARASSING MASTER?!?!?. Seriously ALL the character motivation just hits moronic levels when you just see what occurs in this 60 minute nonsensical plot. There is hardly any investment in any of the characters as their personalities are one dimensional and STUPID and cliched, their motivations comes across stupid and voided as some of their motivations goes AGAINST LOGIC. LA just felt pain and hurt every time a character did something soo idiotic to some "rules" within the story about being a Honey that just appears/made up to make the plot longer to just feeling bored throughout this 2 part OVA as because if we have cliched characters with no sense of their own character motivation it's predictable and the end result even doesn't satisfy it as again both Masters are douchebags so whoever wins, LA doesn't give a damn. So, Honey X Honey Drops has cliched stupid moronic characters, hardly any romance as it's replaced mostly by forced se*ually harassing "romance", stupid, nonsensical plot and all the character development is just voided by the characters own logic and reasoning and the end result of this so called "romance" OVA leads to LA not giving a damn. LA has heard the manga did better at the story, but in the anime, this anime OVA tripped..........HARD. 2/10
Dareka no Manazashi DONE This short 6 minute anime is about family and how "if" they weren't there...there will always be that void. This may be a 6 minute anime short, but it portrayed the message of losing the ones that you love very well. Characters are defined instantly and even developed (even if it is slightly, even in it's 6 minute length). This anime short has that family "feels" vibe and that only adds to this anime's quality of storytelling. Animation-wise, everything looks vibrant, cyber-slice of life and some artistic sense with some artwork in some scenes making the "feels" vibe even more prominent. Dareka no Manazashi or Someone's Gaze in English is another gem in the anime short's department produced by CoMix Wave Films (LA thought it was produced by P.A Works since they do this kind of genre A LOT), it's a "feels" anime short about family, short and sweet and LA is amazed that this short developed a homely family feels anime even at that length of 6 minutes. 8/10
Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda DONE May the light of Zvezda shine throughout the world!. Jimon Asuta is an ordinary boy who fled from home, until he meets Kate Hoshimiya who tells him that it's her dream to conquer the world, little he knows what this girl talks about is VERY real. Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda or World Conquest: Zvezda Plot is an A-1 Pictures original anime released on the Winter of 2014 and ran for 12 episodes. Plot-wise, considering the starting premise LA has already told, it's a pretty all out "conquering" something one thing at a time with both a comedic and oddly serious atmosphere. There are plot twists and odd coincidences taken for comedy at times and even more it's really enjoyable how the entire anime pans out, it does delve into most of the cast's backstory as well as character development and since the premise is "world conquest", someone or even SOMETHING is a villain. The cast's backstory and character development heavily effects the plot and even more towards the character development of Jimon Asuta as he becomes more confident, as for Kate Hoshimiya on the other hand, she doesn't need much character development and she hardly gets any, as she herself is one, a badass on her own right and two, her own character development IS the plot, she's the one who pulls the punches throughout the story no matter how mundane the conquest is. Now as for the other main cast, they get a decent amount of character development and backstory to make them likable, heck even some "villains" gets backstories and character development. Now with the whole "villains" and their character development it actually dives into the concept of true justice and not everyone is a villain and they have their own motives on what justice is, thus making some of the villains likable as they too have some morals about justice within this anime. Action-wise, well the fight scene are pretty colorful to absolutely outrageously done, from huge "fluffy monster" battling it out, to sword/gun fights to even a little girl "conquering you" by punching you with a huge mecha fist. Now the ending gave itself to a second season "maybe?", but the ending was satisfying as it dealt with the all if not most of the plotlines and wrapped it up into one final showdown. LA really liked Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda in all regards, it had an original premise and even the atmosphere of the anime felt unique, plot was eccentric throughout, characters were well developed to the point of it spreading to some of the "moral villains" and the action scenes were pretty awesome to mundanely crazy and finally the message of finding your own dreams and seek it through as well as the concept of the sense of justice was given the emotional treatment. <LA breathes in> May the light of Zvezda shine throughout the world!, It's CONQUEST TIME!!! Hope for a second season :D

OVA - This OVA takes on the tries to conquer the idol genre!, LA is being serious. This OVA is being more focused on Roboko voiced by Erii Yamazaki which she wants to join the BBK88 and this directly conflicts with Kate's conquering as she ALSO wants to create an idol unit with the BBK88 being the main rival. This OVA has hints at several other idol animes (AKB0048 and IDOLM@STER). Through this OVA, pretty much it has the same Zvezda hijinks with Roboko being the main plot and she gets developed and knowing that her role in the main story of the anime..well we didn't get to know much about her, in this OVA at the very least we know that she wanted to be an idol. This OVA is ok by the most part, more if you liked Roboko during the main story and with more Zvezda hijinks and conquering...this OVA is decent with some funny idol anime references.
Selector Infected WIXOSS series DONE Infected - Selector Infected WIXOSS is an anime that was released on the Spring of 2014 and produced by JC Staff that ran for 12 episodes and is about a card game called WIXOSS where only girls can become "selectors" and have their wish fulfilled if they win enough. Sounds familiar? Yes, this anime has taken notes from Puella Madoka Magi Magica, but with the card game setting. LA was surprised by this anime that it focused more on the original story and characters (and development) than the card game. The card game is merely a setting for the entire interesting plot. At first it's just getting used to the characters and the game (Do note, that even if this is a card game anime, it doesn't tell us anything about how the WIXOSS game plays which has a good benefit as it let the story take centre focus instead of the card game basics rule etc.) but later on some "rules" are discovered and they are plot twists which shake the very foundation of the many of the characters and character developments, plot twists in this anime is very much AWESOME and HOLY CR*P DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!, again FOR A CARD GAME ANIME. You get A LOT of character development through most of the cast and you get to know them and what their wish are, add that with the plot twists and the story is deep and complex, again for a card game anime. Several of the plot twists just made LA drop LA's jaw tenfold, leading into a Puella Madoka Magi Magica vibe to it (but with a card game setting) and it just made sense with no a**pulling. Just holy cr*p JC Staff!, you out did yourself, LA was blown away by the plot, the characters feels intricate and had depth to what they did, not to mention some emotional to some traumatic experiences throughout the plot, the plot twists were soo unexpected and just shook the entire foundation of the anime and that ending just...LA was speechless. Let's just say it didn't take on the Puella Madoka Magi Magica route for the ending. LA is still speechless from that ending like HOLY ****!!!!!, this anime outdid itself for a card game anime, ohh and if you can already has a second season called "Selector spread WIXOSS" in the works, sooo LA NEEDS TO KNOW!??!?!?!?!...just this anime , you might be traumatically or surprisingly invested by this anime's plot and characters.

spread - Selector SPREAD WIXOSS is the sequel anime to Infected WIXOSS that ran for 12 episodes and was released in the Fall of 2014 that was once again produced by JC Staff. This being the sequel gets straight into the action of what occurred in the Infected first season. Ok plot-wise this second season got completely shounen crazy with the huge lore via. character development of the major villain of the series and given the lore is extremely dark and the series itself is interesting and intriguing with it's dark elements with a card game. LA has to make some huge credit to three seiyuu's for making this sequel all the more interesting and action-packed, Risa Taneda, Chinatsu Akasaki and Rie Kugimiya. The character development for this sequel puts many of it's minor characters as well as villains and their character evolution made characters draw focus as well as giving those villains either sympathetic or outright monsters for what their true natures are. The main protagonist although she gets a bit of character development, the plot and character development focuses more on the major villains of this sequel, although that's not a bad thing in this sequel as we didn't get to know the villains much in the Infected season and we get some in this sequel. The "shounen" is given in the card battles and the stakes are taken up a notch and by god, the battles given in this sequel just went to an eleven with the "winning and losing stakes" and even the real world repercussions becomes even more dire. The lore building of the WIXOSS series for this sequel not only gives the card battles more focus, but the character development of Tama, Iona and Mayu and even Ulith are intertwined by the lore building and character development and this blend is one of the few reasons why LA watched this series. Albeit that the first few episodes were a bit slow but considering the Infected ending was actually such a shock, LA can kinda see why it started out slow for the first few episodes, but even before the halfway mark it picks itself up pretty quick. The plot twists also converge with the character development and lore building of the WIXOSS series and the plot twists makes much more sense when you think about it due to all the blending of lore building and character development. The ending was given a great climax although LA was sad that it ended and although the main focus was resolved, some of the minor character endings were kinda left out of the dust, such as Aoi Akira and Fumio Futase, even though BOTH characters were major focuses to getting the plot going or the character outright getting the plot moving herself, but we do get small scenes of what happened to them (but never explained)..ermmmm...LA is still ok with the ending nevertheless. If you liked the original season, the sequel is the resolution to what the questions given out of the Infected season, with major character development and lore building of the series expanded and even given the darker tone than ever before. LA wasn't expecting JC Staff to make THIS dark tone of an anime series but they pulled it off and LA became such a fan of this series, LA will miss this series of being a unique take or more or less a deconstruction of the card game genre with mixture of Puella Madoka series but with it's own feel and element added to it and this sequel pulled it off amazingly. Spread this anime and Infect it to everyone, this series is grimly dark and amazing for it's unique story of light and dark, self-identity, sorrow and hope and what kind of story it gives us with the card game genre.
Infected - 9.5/10

spread - 9.9/10
Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin DONE I'm going to build a place where young people can challenge to reach any of their dreams!
Juugo Yama is a transfer student to an artificial island called "Nanae Island" where he meets a ghost in his dorm room where it leads into an adventure in collecting the ghost girl's treasures called "Nanana's Collection". Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin or Nanana's Buried Treasure in English is an 11 episode anime released in the Spring of 2014 produced by A-1 Pictures. Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin has a simple but complicated plot, it's mainly a mystery anime similar to Hyouka but with a action twist, the characters feels unique as they are ALL capable in their own way, the plot feels like a "treasure arc" in which each arc has a puzzle, betrayals as well as huge amount of character development towards most of the cast as well as a "villain" that both changes the arc as a whole. LA said that characters can take of themselves right?, this is no joke. The main character isn't as you think you think he is and many of the major cast gets "badass status" as well as them being unique due to it, LA was very much invested in the ghost girl Nanana Ryuugajou as well as the "master detective" Ikkyuu Tensai. The puzzles are...just great, the CG and the puzzle solving is just amazing that is all, if you want to know just watch it. The action?, for a mystery genre, there's a fair amount of action, mainly punches and the "treasures" at work leading into a supernatural fight scenes at times, yeah. Ohh right this one is obvious but the plot twists are pretty well done for a mystery genred anime but one plot twist just amazed LA as "that" plot twist just changed LA's perspective of a certain character, yeah if a plot twist changes someone's view on a character completely, THAT is a cool plot twist. The ending leads into well still some plot lines that is needed to be resolved but still the ending was still great with some more "red herring" minor plot twists and ohh boy yes, LA soooo wants a second season, with the several plot lines and characters that were still unused or unresolved...LA WANTS A SECOND SEASON!!!! *ahem* Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin is a very intricate, mystery & action & character driven plot, characters are very unique and are badass in their own way, the puzzles are just amazing, the plot twists are just soo unexpected and unpredictable and the betrayals even more which just makes this anime even more awesome!!!. Ready to join the Adventure Club now? {{{1}}}?
Akuma no Riddle DONE Akuma no Riddle or the Riddle Story of Devil is an anime released on the Spring of 2014 and produced by Diomedea which ran for 12 episodes which has a basic premise of 12 female assassins in a class of Myoujou Academy where someone within their class ranks is a target and a recent transfer named Tokaku Azuma decides to protect that target. LA says "basic premise" but considering the last part of the sentence LA said, it's a yuri but with assassins aka. action along with a bit of yuri with the target named Haru Ichinose and Tokaku Azuma. Most of the episodes are more or less the 12 assassins going after Haru while Tokaku protects her within the episode's end, it's like Mirai Nikki but more retrained with yuri. As each assassin goes after Haru, they get their character development as to what wish they want granted for killing Haru, be it backstories or it explains their "unique" behavior as well as giving more emphasis towards the relationship towards both Haru and Tokaku as well. Yes, most of the assassins including Haru and Tokaku are stock cliches of the strong badass or psycho killer stereotypes, however with their backstories it gives them a "bit" of depth until their "transferred out". This anime however puts more emphasis round the action while the relationship takes somewhat a backseat until it is emphasized. Plot twists wise, some are predictable while others are not, it's a hit or miss most of the time but considering the format of most of the anime, it's predictable but still the action, the animation it's still decent enough to watch. Come the ending, well several twists arises which is unpredictable (mostly) and the action is also decent for the climax and it also brings a resolution towards Haru and Tokaku's relationship. Yes this anime does cater towards those audience who likes those badass girls with a bit of fanservice and along with the setting might bring in more viewers. It may be a formulaic "assassin of the week" anime towards the early episodes but it does add depth to the characters and has some mysteries that is not quiet as it seems which makes LA interested in this anime, but it was mainly towards character development to some of the assassins as well as Haru and Tokaku's relationship that got LA invested in this anime. LA knows that this anime is trying too hard, with the addition of yuri and action blended together and trying to balance it out with the many assassins, but it's still a decent anime in LA's eyes as again LA got invested towards the assassins character development/backstories as well as Haru and Tokaku's relationship. Time for a riddle..."The World is Full of _____"

OVA - Well the gang is back in this time a maritime class event a la Battle Kiddie Royale with a similar main event that occurred in the main story. What?..LA said maritime, that means the entire cast are in fanservicey bikini's!!!...yeah...and also the yuri is decent in this one. La has to say that Ysohino Nanjo voicing Nio Hashiri has a ball voicing the commentator of the entire event and she was hamming it up as well as having some witty comments at times. Since this is an OVA, this "new event" is just played for laughs and it does, although this OVA undermines the entire premise of the actual main story, this OVA still was pretty funny and kept with it's themes but in a comedical sense with again Yoshino Nanjo just loving her role in being the commentator of the entire OVA. The ending makes the entire event to be in between the ending of the main story and the "graduation" and the whole ending of this OVA although it comes outta nowhere (although it's predictable), the message is hammy and again makes with the entire comedical sense of the entire event. This OVA may not have closure, but it has comedic closure from an anime taking itself too seriously and the yuri was nice for LA...god damn it Chitaru and Hitsugi, overall nice fanservicey comedic relief beach episode with a "Battle Kiddie Royale" twist to it.
Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou DONE Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou or The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior in English is an anime that was released on the Spring of 2014 that ran for 12 episodes and produced by Brains Base and the premise is about an ordinary guy likes a soft-shy bookworm girl, where when he transfers into a boarding house, there the bookworm girl is the landlady's daughter..romantic and perverted comedy ensues. NOW, LA said perverted correctly?, but LA is going to emphasize this very boldly, the perverted comedy is only through verbal insults with some soft errr S&M jokes however this anime is not completely riddled with these kind of jokes and comedy as the main plot resolves round the ordinary guy named Usa Kazunari and the bookworm girl named Ritsu Kawai, the comedy is just in-between for the most part. There are two major plot lines, that being Usa wanting to close to his crush, thing is his crush isn't some bishoujo hottest popular girl, she's a shy anti-social bookworm who only loves to read books, that kind of crush for anime standards is kinda unheard of. The other plot lines more delves into Ritsu trying to warm up to Usa as well as showing us some life lessons from such a girl as she is. The minor cast which has a masochistic 30-something old man who's roommates with Usa along with Mayumi Nishikino who's a bodacious office woman who along with Sayaka Watanabe a stuck up college gal who often teases Usa about his relationship with Ritsu. Along with the landlady those 4 creates the minor plot lines, be it their character development of comedic insults. Throughout most of the episodes it's a slice of life anime with some comedic as well as "messages" given out to the audience be it little remarks or just plain messages about life (philosophical or not) as well as developing and getting to know the Kawai Complex residents, it's not until come past halfway mark where some tension comes along and sorta rocks Usa and Ritsu's "relationship". LA did say this anime had the major plot line with Usa and Ritsu's relationship and it dives deep into what kind of tension or mishaps occurs with the rest of the Kawai Complex residents taking snarky commentary stage. LA gets why so many likes this anime, it's unique in it's relationship building. LA said before again didn't LA that Ritsu herself is unheard of, She is the one driving the plot forward with Usa at the helm. Comedic-wise even if it cracks jokes to insult Usa (for the most part) not to mention the various thought bubble humor all over the place which makes the comedic stylings even more funnier, it works well as the comedy isn't the main focus, it's mainly with how the anime views and the audience views Usa and Ritsu's relationship, the other being the life lessons brought about. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is a quaint slice of life comedy anime that dives into the romance waters, it's unique with Ritsu and Usa's relationship alone and the comedic antics of the rest of the Kawai Complex residents are just icing on the cake, it's an interesting anime, definitely something to be recommended to those "not-so shounen styled" anime viewers and to those who wants to see a unique relationship blossom. 8.9/10
Kenzen Robo Daimidaler DONE Kenzen Robo Daimidaler or Daimidaler the Sound Robot, Midara or DAIMIDALER: PRINCE VS. PENGUIN EMPIRE is an anime released on the Spring of 2014 and produced by TNK and Genco that released 12 episodes and the premise is.....your not gonna believe LA but it has to do with a robot that can only be functioned and used for battling other robots using "erotic particles" or Hi-Ero particles through "erotic" practices, those being anything from kissing to fondling b**bs. Why yes it's a gag comedy anime based on the mecha series just taken to ecchi extremes. There are three parts to this story, the first two involving different pilots and the finale as well the finale. The first part has to do with an ordinary perverted guy called Kouichi Madanbashi who became an excellent pilot through the means of fondling one of the scientist b**bs who works on Daimidaler, Kyouko Sonan. LA REALLY didn't like the pilot for one simple reason, even if he was an excellent pilot ALL he had in his character development was being perverted or finding more ways to be perverted, not much character from someone who only loves to fondle b**bs all day, however from this the story was kinda funny and interesting to the focus of the "Penguin Empire", the "villains" of the anime and the penguins are...humanoid penguins with err..."front tails"...phallic symbols all round heheheheeeeeeee <LA falls silent>, anyways LA says the Penguin Empire is interesting as they well drive the plot forward better than Kouichi's perverted goals due to "their own goals" using penguin "front tailed robots". The second half, LA was kinda relieved due to two new characters taking the spotlight out of perverted Kouichi, and this new pilot during the second half had kissing any se*ual affection make her perform better...yes LA said "she", LA felt the second half made the anime a little bit easier to watch as Kouichi doesn't take the spotlight and the new pilot named Kiriko Kiyuna and her "relationship" Shouma Ameku make this anime have a bit more substance. Come the finale however let's just say that everything just came into place as well as all plot lines from the previous 2 parts resolving itself kinda nicely. The comedy throughout is seeped in phallic jokes as well as anything ecchi, the comedy is funny as the anime itself self-recognizes that it is an ecchi-gag parody of the mecha genre and takes it and runs with it in making jokes about itself (as well as ecchi jokes in general). Kenzen Robo Daimidaler has oddly some weirdly good plot twists that LA didn't see coming and LA said before during the finale part of the story that ALL plot lines are resolved, so are the plot twists' explanation although ONE is particularly rushed. LA hate to admit it, so LA will give Kenzen Robo the benefit of the doubt but even though this anime is purely driven by ecchi and Kouichi did get in LA's nerves at times, LA can't hate it, it has a story, be it lewd as it is but it still has a story, some of the characters even the villains become interesting and somewhat invested and this anime knows itself it's a gag-parody ecchi anime with the comedy being funny for what it is, ecchi and that ending, LA was on the brink of laughing as to how serious yet baffling crazy sane the ending turned out, LA can't hate this anime for the life of LA. Midara Midara Midara Midara Midara Midara Midara Daimidallller!!! 7.5/10
Kamigami no Asobi DONE Kamigami no Asobi or the Mischief of the Gods is an anime that was released on the spring of 2014 and produced by Brains Base and had 12 episodes and it had the premise of one Yui Kusanagi is transported to the realm of the gods where Zeus transports 9 gods as well as Yui and tells them that they must learn about the human heart otherwise they will be trapped in the realm that Zeus created forever unless you do what Zeus ordered. It's a reverse harem anime ...A YUP just with Gods, the gods are from Egyptian, Greek and Japanese Gods and errr...this premise is kinda off isn't it? as the gods feels like they haven't seen any human interaction at all let alone human items or traditions and they for the most part feel like a fish out of water when it to anything human-related, question they're gods correct, so can't they see humans do stuff?, their gods aren't they?. Ok ok anyways sidetracked there but see what LA meant but he premise being a bit off?. The harem for the most part do get their own character development cept for a fair few who get less screentime than others, although most of the plot until it focuses on the gods properly is blatant reverse harem "event" cliches. Apollon, Loki and Balder got the most screentime and had the most focus throughout the anime while the rest only got an episode development or for the minor cast, none at all. Now some of the character development were actually interesting (mainly Apollon, Loki and Balder as well as Takeru was pretty interesting) giving them some depth besides their sterotyped behavior given during the beginning. Now it's a reverse harem correct?, so what's wrong with it?..not much actually, the main heroine is competent, the main harem isn't abusive at all and they all have their own quirks, although LA kept getting vibes for the harem being akin to Free!'s buddy-buddy relationships. Yes, finally LA found a reverse harem that knows it's genre and doesn't go to the stupid extremes in making a**pulls, well...errr...the ending felt like it was changed from a reverse harem genre to a shounen in the finale, seriously see the finale you'll know what LA is talking about and the ending results in one little explanation that was kinda unexplained, yes the ending turned into shounen considering the story but that last scene kinda brought up more questions. Kamigami no Asobi may be something weird considering it's premise and the characters being both interesting and off-putting for beings gods and all, but the plot was decent for the most part and that ending just...seriously it turned shounen which completely threw LA off. LA has tried many bad reverse harem animes but Kamigami no Asobi?, is actually decent for the most part and does take some twists reverse harem cliches but still has some cliches lurking around. 7/10
Seikoku no Dragonar DONE Seikoku no Dragonar or Dragonar Academy is an anime released on the Spring of 2014 and produced by Sliver Link and Media Factory that released 12 episodes and is well about a one Ash Blake who is a problem child in Dragonar Academy who doesn't have a "dragon parr" yet until one day, he gets his dragon! form of a little girl. Hmmmm why does this premise sound soo fam- it's Zero no Tsukaima with dragons, no seriously, Ash's dragon parr is a pink haired girl called Eco who also tsundere and pushes Ash all round *ahem* LOUISE *AHEM* MUCH *AHEM*. But this anime is trying to be Zero no Tsukaima but also not, as the fanservice in this anime is up to an level everything from *anty to b**b shots to furo scenes to dragons with tentacles and you know where THAT is going. Plot wise it does have a serious plot just plastered with lots of Zero no Tsukaima fanservice cliches as well as harem helping arcs, it's not until the last 2 episodes it takes itself seriously, although some of the arcs finale also does the same but those finales always end with the villain fleeing. Character-wise, well it also feels like many of the Zero no Tsukaima cliche characters are there he' LA already gave an example about Eco, while the minor cast are stereotypes of the anime characters for the supernatural setting and for the most part about 3 characters within the main cast gets character development but that's about it, even in times where the character development is round some of the characters that aren't Ash or Eco, Ash and Eco hardly gets ANY development and is entirely focused on the character arc at hand. Thing is LA would rather have Ash have a relationship with the 4th Princess Siliva Lautreamont than Eco as Eco and Ash's relationship doesn't expand not until the finale, Ash and Silvia's relationship had more depth than Eco and Ash's!!. LA feels like this anime is trying to Zero no Tsukaima with a twist but it felt like it was putting every harem cliche and heaps of fanservice in there and the plot taking a backseat, until it is emphasized or needed. The ending was decent buuuuut the result, yes it does resolve some mysteries for the most part and helps with Ash and Eco's relationship but considering the buildup and all the stuff LA had to get through to the ending, was kinda tedious. Seikoku no Dragonar is trying it's hardest to become Zero no Tsukaima but LA felt like it didn't know what to do for the better part of the anime, like it was stabbing in the dark with fanservice and harem cliches all round as the shadows. Seikoku no Dragonar, your dragon tentacles are offplace and so are the many fanservice that gets in the way of the serious plot that it already has. 6.5/10
Nobunaga The Fool DONE Nobunaga the Fool is an anime that was released in the Winter of 2014 and produced by Satelight and had 24 episodes under it's belt. The basic premise is Jeanne d'Arc and Leonardo da Vinci escape from the Western Planet and take refuge to the Eastern Planet where they meet Oda Nobunaga who with a "Giant armour" named "The Fool" will become the Saviour King! Ok let's talk about the history of Oda Nobunaga through this anime, it works and is accurate and at the same time it's not. It's accurate as some of the major events of Oda occurs just the only reason it isn't accurate is that well if you looked at the basic premise LA just said...the West's infamous characters comes into play and ohhh and the mecha elements also makes some of accuracy of Oda Nobunaga's history a bit of anachronism stew. Character-wise, ALL the characters are from past infamous people, LA already said Jeanne d'Arc and Leonardo da Vinci, well there are waaay more both in the West and East, character development wise only the main cast gets the majority of development while some of the minor villains gets the more or less one episode development, but the majority of the character development comes from well obviously Oda Nobunaga's history as well as Jeanne d'Arc's prophecy that drives the plot forward. Plot wise, well LA hates to admit it but the pacing was realllly slow not until the half way point where plot twists are abound. The first half is just getting use to the characters, the setting and plot itself whilst trying to add in Oda Nobunaga's history at the same time. The second half?, both worlds collide, plot twists goes crazy, characters goes ballistic, human sacrifices, cats and dogs living together, MASS HYSTERIA!!!. LA DID get invested into the plot and some of the characters, the plot does however has a sorta red herring foreshadowing due to EVERY episode where da Vinci allows one character to pick a tarot card pretty much foreshadowing what happens nearly each episode, remember LA did say red herring foreshadowing, so even that concept works and kinda makes it predictable. The characters LA got invested in was mainly Himi-
Lore: Jeanne d'Arc RULESSS!!!
LA: Shut up <LA punches Lore and knocks Lore out>
because the character development towards most of the characters have their own motives towards helping Oda Nobunaga and LA really liked Himiko's tenacity. The plot twists during the second half works out quite well considering Oda Nobunaga's history as well as many of the Western characters history at times as well and again the "tarot card" predictions are either a hit or miss when it comes to the plot twists. Action-wise well it's mainly mecha fights with supernatural elements added to it making everything CRAZY AWESOMEEEE!!! and they go all out during the mecha scenes, there are a few sword, gun and supernatural fights put in as well that adds to most of the climactic fights.
Lore: Jeanne d'Arc RULESSS!!!
LA: SHUT UPPPP!! <LA knocks Lore out with the back of the sheath of a sword>
*ahem* the ending was well it tried to take everything to a climactic finale and again tried to make it accurate to Oda Nobunaga's history, plot twists are VERY much abound during the finale. Nobunaga the Fool is an interesting anachronism stew of Oda Nobunaga's past and tried to make it "MOAR AWESOME" with mecha's and a "grand plan", the plot twist during the second half are great and got LA even more invested, no doubt giving the story and characters depth towards those WHAM plot twists, the first half may have an extremely slow pacing but watch past to the halfway point to finally deciding if you'd want to continue or not-
Lore: Jeanne d'Arc RULESSS!!!
LA: Ok seriously SHUT UP!!!, you win anyways you loud a**
<LA throws a penny to Lore>
Lore: What's this?
LA: Your reward for winning the bet, although doesn't no one win anyways?
<Lore shrugs>
<LA throws Lore out the room> *ahem* LA knows Nobunaga the Fool is trying to be something of a climactic anime and yes it has succeeded, but the first half with it's extremely slow pacing, LA calls it more as a build up for most of the plot twists and climaxes towards the second half but LA knows the pacing is an issue and at the very least many of the mecha fights are pretty awesome. As Oda Nobunaga "The Fool" says "There is no end to the path that I take! It will take me to the infinite heavens and earth!", that you will Nobu that you will...
Ishuukan Friends DONE Memories are a fickle thing, we lose them but also wants to cherish memories those that are most precious. Ishuukan Friends or One Week Friends is an anime released on the Spring of 2014 and produced by Brains Base & TOHO Animation that ran for 12 episodes. Ishuukan Friends' premise is about Yuuki Hase who wants to become friends with Kaori Fujimiya, however there is a catch, she says that she loses memories of her friends every Monday, Hase shrugs it off as a bluff however as he is going to find out, what Kaori said was true the next week. This anime is clearly a drama in all sense of the word, with Hase trying to cope with Kaori's continuous memory loss by trying to be-friend Kaori time and time again trying to help her. More characters arises trying to befriend Kaori, be it a friend of a friend or a hyperactive forgetful friend and builds up the dynamic of Kaori as well as the main cast around her. Kaori is the centre of this anime and her appeal for both her situation and her character herself makes her one of the most developed characters in the story even if she's the one losing her memories, LA can safely say that the character development is done very well. There is another development factor should talk about, relational development. As time (episodes) passes we get to see Hase and Kaori and by extension another beta couple (who are those friend of the friend and the hyper friend LA talked about) called Shougo Kiryuu and Saki Yamagishi develop, even if the development for the most parts comes from slice of life "friends" type events to some obstacles that both "couples" go through strengthening their relationship and in Hase's case that drama of Kaori having again lost her memories. The drama is fairly on the heartwarming to heartwrecking levels from Kaori's triumphs over her memories to her losses of it and it resonances towards Hase and her friends as well and to be frank many of those drama both made LA happy when Kaori won over memory loss and near on crying levels when she lost it. YOU WANT Kaori and Hase's relationship to move forward and find out why Kaori's memory loss happened in the first place, it's that kind of investment that makes the drama work tenfold. The ending does have a solemn heartfelt end with resolutions towards many things and no LA won't say about what caused Kaori's memory loss, that is something you have to watch to find out, the ending was heartfelt and resolved alot, that is all LA is gonna say. Ishuukan Friends is a great drama anime with the notion of memory loss being one of the better factors that adds to the drama, the cast is fleshed out and obviously Kaori is the best character in this anime and the dynamic of having a relationship like Hase and Kaori is something unique and both heartwarming and heartwrecking to the watched. 9.3/10
Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation DONE Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation or The Comic Artist and His Assistants is an anime short that runs for 12 minutes that was produced by ZEXCS and released 12 episodes during the Spring of 2014 and the premise is....well about a Comic Artist and his assistants...duh. This is an ecchi/comedy genre catering towards that genre of viewers and for the most part the comedy lands it pretty well, everything from character revelations towards the cast that is played back at them to boke to tsukommi routine with the comic artist mainly at the boke end and finally just small snippet insults towards the comic artist. Ecchi-wise it goes both ways, it's in ok standards with the basic *anty shots to some outrageous ecchi situations. Characters are well fleshed out throughout the anime and sometimes gives the cast backstories as to how they come to meet the comic artist as well as their own motivations in the manga business. LA doesn't know this anime has a bit of flavour towards it, it does have substance towards the main setting and the character backstory and slapstick insulting comedy also works in it's favor even if it has some outrageous ecchi moments here and there that makes LA cringe at times, but this anime really works nonetheless. Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation is a nice funny, comedic, ecchi-filled anime about the manga business but it has that charm to make it likable, thank the fleshed out characters and the chemistry towards the characters that makes the comedy fling off together very nicely. 7.9/10
Hitsugi no Chaika series DONE Season 1 - Hitsugi no Chaika or Chaika the Coffin Princess was released in the Spring of 2014 and produced by Bones and ran for 12 episodes and the premise is about Toru Acura a retired saboteur meets "Chaika" who carries a coffin on her back at all times, but it doesn't have a corpse, it has a huge MAGICAL RIFLE, where Chaika tells Toru that she needs to gather "his remains" and hires him and his younger sister. This is a "journey type" anime where we both get depth from Chaika's world as well as the main cast, as well, as Chaika's gang travels around finding "his remains", we get to see many towns and villains with their own motives as to why they are using the remains, it gives depth to the world Chaika lives in and her goal adds to that. LA keeps saying "his remains" and "his remains" are well if you want's Chaika's dead father's corpse, all scattered throughout the world and even "his remains" has a major relevance to the plot and character development on Chaika as the story keeps finding more of his remains. There are other minor cast who follows Chaika's gang and even them (at most 2 or 3 characters gets development) and even they get development just on the "other side" of the plot. This plot though be it a journey type anime, but it has two sides, Chaika's gang with the public view on the world and the minor cast with the governmental view on the world, again giving the world more depth. Chaika herself is very likable, she has certain moe elements making herself unique such as strange way of speaking (not annoying at all due to her style of voicing) and her appearance and she has her badass side with her huge magic rifle, and obviously her being likable is kinda the point if you want to get invested in this anime, and they did pretty great. There is a bit of romance but it's mainly a shounen fantasy genre. Action-wise, there's lots of knife fight to magical gun battles to something even bigger action elements and employs very nice fights that are very fluid and mostly badass. Now the ending itself, well it opens up more questions than answers but the ending for the final arc for this anime's season was pretty grand scaled as it leads nearly to the brink of civil war however do you want to know why bringing more questions than answers is a good thing?, because there will be a second season and it is CONFIRMED, thus those questions will be explained and make us more anticipated for the next season. Hitsugi no Chaika is a nice unique journey type anime, bringing the world as well as Chaika and the cast lives in more depth, the action is very well animated and awesome to watch and the confirmation of a second season just gives more anticipation to the story, LA will be awaiting the second season in Fall of 2014.

AVENGING BATTLE - Hitsugi no Chaika -AVENGING BATTLE- was a 10 episode anime continuing straight from the first season, produced once again by Bones, Kadokawa Shoten and flying DOG and was released in the Fall of 2014. As LA said before, it continues on with the first season and yes, this season does wrap everything up and this season is the end of a series. The plot gets extremely interesting with the culmination of the finale wrapping things up. Let's start things with the bad points, there weren't many just that Chaika, the main Chaika although her "destiny" was developed ALOT as it was on of the central focus of the plot, but Chaika as a whole was underdeveloped (although LA has to say that it's due to that it's the major mystery of the entire series, so it's a bit of compensation LA suppose) and it got worse during the finale. The next problem were all the other Chaika's character development had the same problems as the main Chaika as they too are inflicted with almost no character development and were more cogs to the plot, which was a shame as the other Chaika's having their differing personality was something intriguing considering they also had their own motives as well. The ending was also slightly rushed in a way as the major villain although it did take a huge fight and the villains' master plan being "taking over the world FOR ETERNITY" which was detailed planned FROM THE START was taken out kinda quickly however considering that it only had 10 episodes (and 22 episodes as a whole), LA actually can't blame it for rushing it's ending too much. The good things are that this second and final season gave us more lore to the major focus that being the entire quest itself, as well as world-building as Chaika, Toru and Akari travels round the world finding the items. The battles were excellently done bringing in very fluid movements as well as those magical runes being detailed, also from the battles and magic even the magic gets a bit of lore as they need incantations to release their magic etc. The animation as a whole looks crisp as expected from Bones and the fight scenes as LA said again along with the animation looks amazing. LA is sorta gonna contradict the ending but the episode BEFORE the finale was excellently done bringing in many of the plot line all to one spot and considering all the world-building, questing and meeting rivals all centered to that finale, the plot and plot twists towards the ending was superbly done and was well worth the wait for all the build up towards that ending. Yes, LA still thinks that the ending was slightly rushed but the buildup to it all was seriously all worth it and sure the minor character developments as well as Chaika herself was extremely vague but since this kind of anime is a world-questing type with an amnesiac Mary Sue as it's main lead, once LA, LA can't blame the little character development. The buildup was amazingly done and the action, battles and the world-building was decently done. For those people who have only watched the first season and want perfect closure, WATCH THIS SEASON, it's a must and majority you will be pleasantly pleased (even with it's semi-rushed nature of episode 10), even with that this season was done brilliantly and concludes mysterious story about a girl named Chaika who carried a coffin.
Season 1 - 9/10

Season 2 - 9.8/10
No Game No Life DONE No Game No Life is an anime that was produced by MADHOUSE and released 12 episodes in the Spring of 2014 and the premise is about two brilliant NEET's called Sora and Shiro are transported to a world where the games are the rules of the world, so will Sora and Shiro become the Saviours of Humanity of this new alternative world? Ok, firstly LA should note that MADHOUSE has made the world look very vibrant using bright colors to add sharpness towards everything round atmosphere of the anime and at times it takes the cartoonish take when Sora and Shiro explains things and when things are comedic or serious, the atmosphere is instant (not to mention the slew of anime references are quite funny). This anime is funny, it really is, from the witty remarks to Stephanie Dola that merges into a boke to tsukommi routine to character interaction that's just comedy GOLD. Again, characters are vastly developed from the main cast and even to the characters that Sora and Shiro has fought, from the battles it develops both the main characters and the "opponents" from their own motivations to their own interactions towards both Sora and Shiro. LA does have to say, LA got hugely invested with Jibril, Stephanie Dola and Shiro, as they are all quirky in their own ways that gives them that unique feel to an already quirky different world that Sora and Shiro has been transported to. Now to some of the best things about this anime, the GAMES, nearly every episode, they do fight using basic games, everything from rock paper scissors to Chess. The games that Sora and Shiro play just makes the games THAT much awesome mainly because there are always a few tricks towards each game that is at a disadvantage towards Sora and Shiro, however considering they are the main characters, they always find a way through or more or less, they KNOW already and planning before they explain it later on, making the basic games seem legitimately awesome, the thing is even if you know they will win as a likely outcome it is not the result, it's the journey which LEAD them to their result which is one of the more satisfying things about the games they play. The best game LA saw in the anime was the shiritori (word game where when you say one word, the opponent MUST say a word starting with the last letter of what you said), it was up to a big bang levels of awesomeness. This anime is intellectual, it knows itself better than anything else, from the games and "pieces in place" during the game to the characters themselves with Sora and Shiro at the helm that creates the very act of the plot twist themselves legitimately proved and even more awesome, not to mention Sora and Shiro explaining it all destroys any chance for the plot twists to be talking out of their a**, it proves also that Sora and Shiro are badasses outright. LA ADORES this anime's intellect thus LA loves whenever Sora and Shiro goes into game mode. The ending was done very well, LA was invested in the final game and even the crazy prepared plot and again just the awesomeness of Sora and Shiro, there is one more thing that this ending ended on a cliffhangar. Characters developed well as well as all of them being comedic and quirky in their own ways, the games being even something so simple to complex and awesome, the animation very vibrant and atmospheric and the anime itself is very intellectual and that ending, LA is HOPING TO TET *ahem* GOD that this anime gets a second season, since it ends in a pretty out of nowhere cliffhangar. No Game No Life...that statement has never been ohh so correct, so let's play the game shall we?. 25/10
Blade & Soul DONE Blade & Soul is an anime released on the Spring of 2014 that released 13 episodes and produced by GONZO...uhhhhhhh DID IT AGAIN!. The premise is about an assassin named named...ummm ohh right Alka and she's on a journey to defeat Jin Varrel who killed her master. So it's a basic revenge plot however this anime has done something very very very wrong, for a "journey type" anime it goes into fillers a lot not to mention alot of the time, characters die left and right so we can't get invested into their stories making those pointless thus filler. The main character Alka herself doesn't have much going for her as well, she's like a blank slate with only one backstory that's repeated and beaten into our heads until we say "WE GOT IT MOVE ON", yes there has been those stoic emotionless heroes at times and they have been badass and likable, however Alka, since she has sooo little development and she hardly shows any emotions...we can't get invested in her at all, he' even some of other main cast members as better development that she does. Now this anime is an anime adaptation to a Korean MMO by the same name -sigh- GONZO you failed again at making another anime adaptation *cough* Kimi no Iru Machi *cough*. Now the animation is decent, with little details here and there, but also some off model moments, he' there was one scene where the flames looked more like yellow splashed everywhere to sometimes the face size (along with eyes etc.) looked smaller or even larger than usual. Ok back to the plot, since many of it is filler, the action scenes are decent as well however small amount of fighting there are especially with the supernatural elements as well. Thing is the villain Jin Varrel and her organization has better development that Alka does but her overall goal is very very very vague or very simplistic to the point LA didn't care about her goals. Seriously the other main cast has better investment quality than main character does!. The filler episodes however does have tragic stories but again it's just filler. The final episode is nothing but a fanservice-filled filler episode that has nothing to do with the story, the climax of the story however is in ok standards. Blade & Soul has a problem, it doesn't know what to do with it's plot and Alka herself, she's a blank slate so that we can't get invested in her and her story and her "journey" is nothing but filler until she reaches her goal and the climax is decent that's it, it tries to convey emotions within it's filler episodes but in LA's eyes, LA just couldn't get invested at all and thought they were just stalling until the climax and ohh one more thing GONZO, you could have just kept it at 12 episodes, the final episodes was sooo unnecessary! 3/10
Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san DONE Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is an anime short released on the Spring of 2014 that released 12 episodes and produced by DAX Productions, Seven and Dream Creation. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is about Suzu Nekoyama a tsundere shy girl who loves dogs who meets Yachiyo Inugami a genki friendly masochistic girl who loves cats, yes it has that air of yuri about it as well as comedy is abound with dog to cat puns all round. The comedy also bounces with witty remarks towards the two girls as well as their circle of friends who also has animal motifs. The animation style is similar to SHAFT-ian only slightly but the rest of the imagery mainly the characters themselves look crisper for an anime short that it is. It's a good slice of life yuri comedy with again the relationship with Inugami and Nekoyama working very well considering that they have a dog and cat motif sooooo it's kind of ironic that they like each other, as for Niugami and Nekoyama's other friends, they have their own motifs that works on their favour and mostly are recognizable due to their motifs and the comedy given to them are similar to Inugami and Nekoyama's. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is a decent yuri comedy anime short and LA had lots of fun watching it and LA just loved all the witty remarks and puns! 8/10
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? DONE Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? or Is this a rabbit? in English is an anime released on the Spring of 2014 and produced by White Fox that released 12 episodes and the premise is about Cocoa Hoto who transfers into a quaint little "french?" town where she dorms in a cafe called Rabbit House where she also helps the Rabbit House along with the daughter of owner of Rabbit House named Chino Kafuu. Cocoa also meets other girls there such as the soldier-otaku Rize Tedeza, the Yamato Nadeshiko but quirky Chiyo Ujimatsu and the ordinary yet "ojou-like" Syaro Kirima. Together they experience the cafe and school life as well as the slice of life quirks on their quaint little town. Yes, it's a slice of life anime just with a cafe twist, it's similar to Kin-iro Mosaic but it has that sense of the "cafe" genre along with school life here and there. The plot itself is just Cocoa and Chino doing things related to their cafe and their friend's wacky cafe antics to some cliched slice of life event such as pools to festivals, however for this anime being a slice of life anime anyways, it can be ignored that it's filler, because...THAT'S what SLICE OF LIFE DOES. The animation is very vibrant, in the sense of watercolors were incorporated for the background imagery and some crisper animation were used for the characters themselves. The comedy is COFFEE GOLD, from simple remarks towards conservations to visuals puns to even the dialogue being very funny and again from the chemistry the girls has the witty remarks does bounce off very well. LA has taken a great liking to this anime mainly because you don't need to get invested in the plot however you can get invested in the characters, it's laxxed and don't need to worry about any plot twists, it's just really a relaxing anime to watch. Now LA said you can invested towards the characters that is because obviously they themselves are likable and have their own quirks about them and the thing is LA can't pick a favourite character because of that too, but if LA had to pick, Rize is pretty cute and funny in her moments, along with the minor character Aoyama Blue Mountain a novelist for her absentminded quirkiness that makes her appealing even for a minor character. Not every anime needs to be shounen or action-packed with plot twists, sometimes we need to take a breather and watch a relaxing anime about girls in a cafe doing cute things. Now LA thinks LA will order...can LA have... 8.5/10
Sidonia no Kishi DONE Sidonia no Kishi or Knights of Sidonia is an anime released on the Spring of 2014 and ran for 12 episodes and produced by Polygon Pictures and the basic premise is about a strange alien race called the Gauna that has been known to destroy the solar system, Sidonia, a mothership of the last of humanity has found a way to destroy the Gauna using mecha's called Gardes with weapon that can annihilate them and one ordinary guy named Nagate Tanikaze becomes a pilot to save the last of humanity. Does this sound familiar?, yes it does sound like Shingeki no Kyojin IN SPAAAAAAAAAACE, however LA won't call this anime a ripoff mainly because, the manga of Sidonia was released on April 25th of 2009, while Kyojin was released on September 9th of 2009, the other reason is that Attack on Titan was a sleeper hit, it wasn't popular at the time, so Sidonia's author wouldn't try to ripoff something that's not popular right?. Ok, let's get to the plot, the plot is focused on Nagate Tanikaze's view on the mothership Sidonia and the pilot's life of Sidonia, it's a space opera anime with romances blossoming as well as many deaths throughout this anime and many of them brutal at that, the many times in life in Sidonia there's also political debates about the Gauna that causes uprising towards the public to the government to romances from Nagate and his "harem". The romance given towards this anime at first is a short romance then it soon grows into a harem as Nagate becomes a famous pilot and considering the genre this anime is in, at times it can devastate the harem and pile up the drama tenfold, other than that the romance are very much has a harem cliched element. The Gauna themselves are an enigma throughout the anime though we do get to know about them as little about as possible thus giving why they are trying to kill planets and trying to destroy humanity all the more mysterious. There are plot twists here and there as well as backstories towards Sidonia's past and the plot twists are mainly from the battles against the Gauna, as for Sidonia's past has some links to Nagate, but does explain things. The action scenes are adrenaline-fueled with mobile mecha's fighting against huge aliens and the animation from this just get to LA to the edge of LA's seat as knowing the genre, you don't know whether they will die or survive the mission, the fight scenes are amazing for what animation style it uses. On speaking of which...the animation is akin to Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova, as in it uses 3D CGI on everything including characters and they did it very well, the characters are very well recognizable, the battle scenes look impeccable and detailed, it actually felt like you were in space and you were with Nagate kicking Gauna ass!, another words just like Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova the 3D was an ADVANTAGE not a disadvantage to the experience of watching it, nice job Polygon Pictures. The ending, was given the climax it needed, awesome fights against the Gauna, however even with that, many plot lines aren't explained, but there's a reason with that...YUP there's gonna be a second season...LA is soo excited. Great 3D CGI, great battle scenes and a great story about the last of humanity in space and those mysteries both about Sidonia and the Gauna that are still untold...LA is soo anticipating the second season. Once again, great job Polygon Pictures! 9.2/10
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii DONE Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii or The World is Still Beautiful is an anime released on the Spring of 2014, produced by Studio Pierrot and VAP and ran for 12 episodes. The basic premise is the 4th Princess of the Principality of Rain named Nike Remercier is engaged to marry the Sun King named Livi Orvinus Ifrikia (Livi for short), however Nike gets a surprise of her own when she learns who the Sun King really is. It's a unique relationship by both Nike and Livi as we both see about Nike's backstory as well as Livi's backstory throughout their time together as well as many obstacles both from third party characters as well as Livi and Nike's behavior and motives that causes many of the obstacles. From these, we do see the Sun King's motives to have Nike here, to call forth the rain, but what motive?. This anime also relies heavily on emotions including some singing and drama to further develop Livi and Nike's relationship, LA says singing because it occurs nearly every episode with almost all the time being the same song *cough* It's a tender rain *cough* and yes it's emotional the first time but having it consistently makes it become dull but the emotions are still there (especially when there are times when it is truly emotional it works wonders for some odd reason). This anime is purely about the relationship between Livi and Nike and the family and friends around them, thee is a bit of comedy here and there, mainly some insulting remarks to some running gags, it works considering the genre this anime is and lightens the mood a bit when it becomes serious, as it has romance elements yes, but it has some political elements in there but it's only in small details. The romance element does work considering Livi and Nike's unique relationship, you see why they want to be with each other and vice versa and even in good and bad times (or plot twists really) of each other they are also there giving each other support, so you can kinda support their relationship in many ways. There are many other side characters who are either supporting or against Livi and Nike's relationship and some are just comic relief characters as well. Those who are against Livi and Nike's relationship it works in two ways as we see why they have the motive of destroying their relationship be it personal or political and this one is obvious but the obstacles they give Livi or Nike, it only strengthens their relationship further. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii is a nice unique drama romance, the story is centrally focused on Livi and Nike's relationship and their trials and tribulations with singing with emotions, and sometimes it's a real tearjerker at times...cos it's a tender raiiiiiiiin 8.8/10
Mekakucity Actors DONE Mekakucity Actors is an anime produced by Studio SHAFT and released on the Spring of 2014 and released 12 episodes and the basic premise is one confusing one (。ヘ°) but it's about members of a group called Mekakushi Dan or Blindfold Gang who possess powers using their eyes and they try to solve the incidents as to how they got their powers and find the truth. It's a SHAFT-ian production and yes it is confusing at first but SHAFT did it soo well, the story is in anachronic order (⌒.−)=★ however as the story continues it bring sup many plot twists and many plot "making sense" (•̀o•́)ง as well as developing most of the characters through SHAFT-ian's crazy animation as always @.@. There are lots of tragic stories through many of the characters as well as motives towards many of the characters although as red herring as many of them are ( •̀ω•́ )σ which gives them many investment qualities and given many of their quirky behaviors and their "powers" it becomes easy to like many of the characters. There is many plot lines with many of the characters that seems unconnected but you'll realize they are connected in some odd way, there is even a short story at the end of the credits giving a story about the lore of the "power of the eyes" through talking about a "monster" that has major relevance to the plot giving the world the characters live in more depth and symbolism \(゚ー゚\) Now LA's opinions is that LA really enjoyed Ene, Ayano, Momo and Marry due to their bubbly personalities (´ q ` ” ) and LA always loves SHAFT's animation quality and one more thing LA should note was Mekakucity Actor's soundtrack was just jammin'! (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●), seriously LiSA and GARNiDELiA should be a mention to the soundtrack quality d(-_-)b. The ending was just a mesh of everything coming together with a huge ʅ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡(Ɵ۝Ө)ʃ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡ (WTF) moment, however it does make sense and went out like a BANG. Mekakucity Actors maybe a confusing story at first but SHAT managed solve the puzzle making those plot twists everywhere make sense and making it one complexingly awesome anime with that SHAFT-ian touch, the characters are well likable, the music is just GREAT (★^O^★) and the animation quality is just like SHAFT-ian...crazy ʅ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡(Ɵ۝Ө)ʃ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡ ery and that ending climax was just awesome. OMEGA GOOD JOB SHAFT in making a complex, awesome, intriguing and wildly crazy animated anime about teens with "powers of the eye" 9.7/10
Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi DONE Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi or Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky is an anime produced by Studio Gokumi and ran for 12 episodes and was released on the Spring of 2014. The premise is about a young man named Logix Ficsario meets Escha Malier, Logix (otherwise known as Logy) is a researcher of alchemy who was recently transferred, Escha is an alchemist and local resident of the town and they both start working in the Development Department along with fellow workers helping around their little town. This anime is based on the PS3 game adaptation of the same name, and of course LA hasn't played it, however LA will be purely reviewing this anime on it's anime version alone. This anime is heavily character-driven with lots of slice of life elements incorporated into it, it's laxxed for such a game adaptation, now not every game adaptation needs to be shounen, LA is merely pointing it out although considering there a few battles against ruin monsters does look similar to a regular JRPG with a swordsman, cleric, mage and berserker etc. but the fights are extremely rare in general in this anime and again LA did say this anime feels character-driven. There are many of times when plot revolves round Escha and Logy are doing errands to help towns as well as their own, other times it's character development for the characters that didn't haven't that much of a focus but does give those minor cast members some development and more depth and personality and of course throughout the anime Escha and Logy's past comes into play as well. The entire concept of an anime about this is an ok enough story, as we carry on watching we get to see the characters and the town in general grow and develop, yes it's slice of life however there is that depth to characters that gives that sense of saying "we don't need battles ALL the time, we can have fleshed out characters to compensate". There is a theme of reaching your dreams and many of the character's dreams and motives comes into play and with the backstories of the main characters as well as few minor characters makes the "dreams comes true" with the help of the town or "those who want to a dream granted", gives those characters some depth. Come the "actual goal" of the plot, the random acts throughout many of the slice of life parts of the anime does come into play (thus kinda making it into a surprising plot twist) and actually helped with the character development of many of the characters at once. The ending was a bit of a tearjerker with a slight hint of romance *cough* doesn't happen *cough*, but it was a tearjerker but with a battle beginning that works in favour of making it have those JRPG elements again. Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi would have to be one of the most laxxed game adaptation animes LA has ever seen, however to compensate with that, it gave out a good character-driven plot with a slice of life feel which leads to a well explained story about the characters and the town's lore in the process, just bear with the paperwork guys. 7.8/10
Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara DONE Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara or If Her Flag Breaks is an anime produced by Hoods Entertainment and ran for 13 episodes and released on the Spring of 2014. The basic premise is about a boy named Hatate Souta who can see different types of flags on people who symbolizes the future events, despite this he retrains in using his ability due to an incident, soon girls starts flocking towards her out of force. This anime is a harem no doubt, at the end of the anime, there is roughly 13 haremettes at the end of it and throughout the first 1/2 there is many harem cliches as well as many haremette's development by the halfway point. There are lots of characters and lots of haremette's no doubt, however they do spend lots of time developing the huge cast again using harem cliches, it reminds LA of NouCome just with a bigger cast, he' it even has the supernatural aspect on it, instead of Multiple choices, it's flags this time. This anime being a harem has comedic moments NOT in the aspect of the main character being hurt because he was peeping etc. but in some very funny elements of misunderstandings to outrageous situations and everyone not caring etc. and also character quirks is also a bonus, another words, there are A LOT of comedy throughout this anime. The plot for the first half is mainly about building the harem along with the flag element put in, sorta like a basic psychology element to the plot, anyways come 3/4, a serious plot does start appearing and it starts to look more of a shounen anime, seriously it feels like it, with serious plot that has connection to Hatate's ability and several plot twists only enhancing the serious plot, it sorta feels like a moodwhiplash at times when those serious plotlines at times. The finale is just a climax to Hatate's past as well as some very supernatural fighting, it has a bit of a tearjerker ending though, that is all LA is gonna say. Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara feels like a two-face anime, it's disguised at first as a harem anime with LOTS of haremettes and lots of harem cliches everywhere so we can develop the huge cast, then near the ending along with THAT plot twist it turns into a supernatural shounen for the finale and a tearjerker along the way. Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara is a really funny harem anime come a serious shounen, weird twist but its still a decent harem anime and an even more hilarious comedy harem anime. Hopefully your flag doesn't break before you watch this! 8.2/10
Gokukoku no Brynhildr DONE Gokukoku no Brynhildr or Brynhildr in the Darkness is an anime produced by VAP and Studio Arms and was released on the Spring of 2014 and ran for 13 episodes. The premise is about a child named Ryota Kurakami had a crush on a girl named Kuroneko who loves the stars and has "seen and met aliens" until an incident occurs which leaves Kuroneko wounded in the hospital. Years later, a new transfer arrives at his school, a girl similar to Kuroneko arrives BUT she's named Kuroha Neko. The story is a story of survival, from Ryota wanting to keep witches alive, yes Kuroha is a witch as well as many of her fugitive friends who all want the same thing, to stay alive and stay together, this story has lots of horror elements into and very much expect people to melt to people cut in half...yes seriously that happens, from horror to slice of life. Yes this anime has slice of life elements to it, mainly about Ryota and Kuroha as well as many of her witch friends trying to have a normal life for as little time all the witches have left. You will get invested in the friendly witches who have the same goals as Ryota and Kuroha and there are other witches who are ordered by a secret organization to find and kill the friendly witches in Ryota's company and some of them are...terrifying as considering all the witches has...well powers and Ryota's friendly witches has powers to take the advantage to that to both the plot twists in order to survive. The plot twists...are well it's mainly through the witches powers to get Ryota's gang to safety whenever the plot demands they are under threat and lots of main and minor cast members DIE at any time in this anime to ramp up the drama element. There is a central villain that is one of those "ends justify the means" villain and that he also pushes the plot forward that is all LA is gonna say about this villain. The relationship between Ryota and Kuroha is there although drenched in many harem elements with the other witches coming in and disguising the anime as a harem anime with "girls with powers" genre who wants to protect the ordinary Ryota, although he himself doesn't always leave it to the witches, he himself is strong in the terms of wit, so he's not a clueless guy, which LA sees as something good about this anime. Although there is a huge amount of fanservice from naked bodies (censored for the most part) through bath scenes to b**b shots during the slice of life/harem elements which kinda put LA off just to make "fanservice for the sake of fanservice"..considering what this anime's genre is in, it's kinda offputting. There are a lot of plot twists in this anime, whether it be about their survival or about the villains and it comes in fast, yes it has pacing issues when it comes to the serious plot, slice of life parts are kinda slow but the serious plot is taken too fast for LA to properly know what's going on, however the plot twists are explained and you know that LA loves plot twists that are at least decently explained...UNTIL THE ENDING PLOT TWISTS HOWEVER. Ohhh no the ending climax and battle was decent, it was pretty good and some plot lines were explained with lots of bloodshed along the way, however the final scene in the anime just doesn't explain explanation at all, besides that the ending made the climax da*n adrenalined to watch, if there is a second season they BETTER explain that unexplained plot twist. Gokukoku no Brynhildr is a decent mystery harem anime mainly based on horror and slice of life elements, characters can be invested in as not many are annoying, more or less just tsundere, psycho or just terrifying, the plot twists are developed well except the final plot twist and the mystery and "survival" elements does help to keep you invested in the plot, although the slice of life elements and sudden action battles which causes the pacing for this anime to be a bit moodwhiplashing at times. The horror elements are extremely gruesome so with those who are squeamish best not to watch, the battles are kinda well executed especially when merged with the plot twists and many of the plotlines by the end of the anime are resolved...again cept for the finale plot twist.

Special: This special is between episode 11 and episode 12 in the timeline of the series and is your standard fanservicey episode with hadaka aprons to fully uncensored steam baths to perverted massages. It's only 20 minutes long and is mostly from Kazumi's perspective of things as to the entire "wife contest" to Murakami. Yes, it's major fanservicey but the perspective to Kazumi is a good twist as she's the trickster and most perverted of the entire cast. LA was kinda unexpected that they uncensored that bath scene though...just wow...Arms, but this is kinda expected from a Special episode to have it uncensored. The "plot twist" is kinda cheap but the harem hijinks and comedy is abound and is kinda funny for the most part mainly due to this special playing to the classic fanservice harem "seducing" tropes. Well this special is just to see your favourite witches go at it in the fanservice "wife contest" and just let the light hearted harem hijinks let loose. LA went for Kuroha or Kazumi cos favorites and all.
Soul Eater Not! DONE Soul Eater NOT! is a spinoff to the main story of Soul Eater which was released on the Spring of 2014 and produced by Studio Bones (the same company who made the main original anime) and released 12 episodes. The basic premise follows Tsugumi Harudori who finds out in one odd normal day that she's a weapon, thus she's automatically transferred to DMWA, where two meisters named Anya Hepburn and Meme Tatane wants to become Tsugumi's meister, slice of life hijinks occurs. All three are in the NOT Class (Normally Overcome Target) and in comes the school life, yes it's a softer, fanservicer and slice of lifer version of the original story. However it does have an entirely new cast with cameos from the original anime's characters appearing here and there, it's ok, but it's cameos, that's about it, although Maka and Soul gets the most amount of screentime within all the cameos with Liz and Patty in second place. The slice of life parts are well school life just within the Soul Eater setting, again it is the softer and lighter version of it and there are lots of minor characters who do get character development mainly Kim Diehl and even Liz and Patty gets development during their earlier years. Yes this spinoff is set several years before the start & from there some timeslips that leads to some plotholes of the original story so we get to see some backstory towards many of the cameos, now how about the the main characters?, well it's just slice of life/school life throughout the anime with some development towards the main characters, but it's mostly the first elements LA said. It's not until 3/4's of the anime where the tension and the story builds up to this big climax to try and save Death City with a pretty psycho villain and a very good plot twist that came out of nowhere which surprised LA. The plot twist was well built up and it did change the aspect of the slice of life and into the element similar to the original stories genre element. However LA did want that element to be there throughout the entire anime. The ending was pretty good but had a sorta "semi-anticlimax" feel to it, it felt good but could have done better. LA is gonna say that this anime spinoff is similar to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun's first season, they both had the slice of life elements and school life elements to it, it's mainly the girls getting to know each other and the climax is fighting a villain who's trying to destroy their normal lives, however in Soul Eater NOT!'s case, this isn't filler. This is a decent spinoff with a good story but swallowed but fanservice seriously it did, other than that the character development towards many of the characters including the cameos, that major plot twist was done very well and the ending was done decently buuut it could have done better. If you want a softer and lighter version of Soul Eater with cameos abound takey a lookey, but if you don't want to tarnish the reputation of the original badass anime, ummm best to steer clear, this anime is really fluffy and friendship makin' NOT? 7.5/10
Black Bullet DONE Black Bullet is an anime that is produced by Kinema Citrus, Orange and NBCUniveral Entertainment that was released on the Spring of 2014 and ran for 13 episodes. The premise is about Gastrea, monstrous insects that invaded Earth, where Gastrea infects humans and those humans becomes Gastrea. Rentaro Satomi a civil officer living in Tokyo along with his partner named Enju Aihara being a "Cursed Children", children being able to kill the Gastrea, where the cursed children are ALWAYS girls and they always stop growing by the time their 10, one more catch one these cursed children, these children were infected by the Gastrea through birth, so are these cursed children the only hope in saving humanity?. *ahem* yes it does sorta sound like Shingeki no Kyojin with the last of humanity and the monsters trying to do it and the only hope is with one guy and all, but LA says it's focused more on the political side of things within the last of humanity's society, but yes, LA does see the similarities to Shingeki no Kyojin, but it's only similarities as there are lots of difference as well. This anime, is one of LA's guilty pleasure of Spring 2014, it really is, as LA sees it's flaws to the story. The story has some major flaws such as why are there protests about the cursed children, trying to run them out of the city, if *ahem* THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN KILL THE GASTREA's, LA gets it in terms of the story and lore of the cursed children but LA can see through this plot hole, there are alot more plotholes here and there with some stupid mistakes by some characters. There are some characters who pulls the idiot plot or the cliche plot mainly the villains cept for the first villain. The pacing are very zigzaggy from slice of life moments in living in Tokyo to outright Gastrea horror action scenes and yeah this anime is also pretty bloody, but the pacing is very moodwhiplashing. The plot twists are also hampered by the idiot decisions although the only time it works are when...someone dies or during the battle scenes which were pretty impressive, anyways the plot twists are hampered as again the villains leads plot twists kinda cliched in any shounen last of humanity cliches, them being "EVILLLLL" and all, besides the first villain because he's just batsh*t insane so LA won't call his sanity into question but for the rest villains, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO CAUSE THE END OF HUMANITY FOR YOUR OWN PITIFUL PRIDE YOU A**HOLES. The story are split into 3 arcs, the first arc was actually pretty cool, getting used to the environment, politics and lore of the world with one psycho awesome villain to boot, the second takes a detour from the Gastrea and goes more political and the final arc takes the KILL THEM ALL switch and plot twists are abound and lots of battles, albeit some are very short. The ending was well what LA said about the final arc although LA has to note one more thing, this ending brought about one characters development a full 180, HOLY S***, that kinda makes the ending pretty decent. Black Bullet has lots of flaws from story plot holes to pacing to some villains being soooo god damn stupid, but why does LA like this, why does LA think this is LA's guilty pleasure?, well the battles and the story although serious though stupid, it's a good kind of stupid, you can laugh about it, it's not sooo stupid that you get frustrated but you can still be entertained by both the action scenes which were very impressive and some of the villains are laughable's a guilty pleasure and LA enjoyed the bloody Gastrea world-filled and loli's who kill them of an anime. 8/10
Chu Bra!! DONE Chu Bra!! is an anime produced by Zexcs and GANSIS and released 12 episodes and was released on the year of 2010. The premise is about...your not gonna believe LA goes. Nayu Hayama is an awkward girl who...likes underwear and loves to talk and spread the merits of wearing comfortable underwear by making a club called.....the Underwear Club. LA is frickin' serious, that is the plot. This anime is one part underwear ecchi with tons of ecchi (mainly panty shots and bra shots) and considering what the premise has already been said...THAT'S A GIVEN and one part talking about girl's bodies development and their own problems be it big busts or *ahem* pettanko problems to how the underwear makes them more feminine, thing is LA both gets kinda invested to "can't take this seriously" towards many of the problems the plot shows. The story does show many of the characters problems about their bodies development which relates towards Nayu Hayama's skill on underwear and more or less gives both Nayu and her friends some development about themselves, but most of the dialogue given just makes LA say "LA really can't take this plot seriously", LA is sure this anime is catered towards teen girls as it's mainly about girl's body development, their woes and problems etc. so it can relate? maybe?. Buuuut then there are the tons of fanservice that makes some of the situations cringeworthy, development (story) yes, but fanservice sorta diverts the seriousness many times. LA can say at the very least the character development towards this awkward plot is decent, with some problems with their appearance to some drama on Nayu herself especially near the ending where the drama is ramped up and fanservice is nearly gone makes you invested to Nayu the most, as well as Nayu's friends, so the character development is very nicely done, although how awkward the problems are for most "non-anime" viewers. The fanservice though is extremely high, panty shots are a must in this type of anime with THAT type of premise not to mention the amount of times Nayu or other characters saying "underwear" to "bra" to "bust" what kinda makes the serious dramatic situations "roll your eyes". LA can see it's potential as fanservicey and the already awkward plot, but where it shines are with the characters, we even have a male audience surrogate and even he gets character development. The character development towards many of the characters have done this anime justice as awkward and "lewd" the fanservice is. Chu Bra!! has an awkward plot with fanservice abound, but it's character development especially the ending does give the characters depth and gives this anime that little bit of justice from the already awkward, lewd plot. This is an anime about a character wanting to have people's underwear to be comfortable and help their body development and it shows but it also shows a huge amount of fanservice. Clashing elements of both fanservice and characters development makes this anime for LA really hard to say whether this anime can be watched by girls for Nayu and her friends friendship as well as some info on underwear in general, but also for boys for...fanservice. Chu Bra!!'s saving grace is with the character development and at least that make it at least a bit interesting. 6.8/10
Valvrave the Liberator DONE Season 1 - Valvrave the Liberator or Kakumeiki Valvrave was produced by Sunrise and released on the Spring of 2013 and ran for 12 episodes. The premise is a long one...the world is divided into 2 powers, the Dorssian Military Federation and ARUS (Atlantic Rim United States), a third nation declared neutrality between those two nations called JIOR, in JIOR, Haruto Tokishima has an ordinary life in a student division of JIOR called Module 77 where one day he finds the mysterious mecha named "Valvrave". Valvrave the Liberator is a mecha genred anime along with LOTS of drama and plot twists abound. The characters are mostly developed although the cast is mighty huge considering that the entire SCHOOL as well as many teachers are part of the main cast then we have the villains which pretty much add in 1/3 of the main cast. The main cast at most are developed the most with many of the minor characters getting screentime and that's about it and in LA's eyes the main driving force LA saw throughout the show was also LA's favourite character Shoko Sashinami. The main cast also gets affected by the plot twists abound effect and changes the plot and many of the character development...or more or less the plot twists allows the main cast to move forward. Many of the characters are cliched to the shounen mecha genre as well as a main hero syndrome character who wants to protect everyone, be it that they are cliched considering the amount of the main cast it has most of the characters are likable either way. In terms of plot, yes be it being a mecha series, there are A LOT of battles as well as A LOT of plot twists and LA noticed that in the mid part of the anime the anime just happened to take a formula of "villains are attacking", "take defenses and use our Valvrave to pummel them" "PLOT TWIST"..then "END"..rinse and repeat, however LA should note that the character development for the core main cast was developed well even from there as well. The plot..well be it it's over the top, it really is...a vampire Valvrave pilot trying to "Liberate" JIOR from the Dorssian Federation and the plot twists from then on just make it even more greater heights be it from political strifes to the mecha fights themselves, however LA likes outrageous situations, this is no exception. The mecha fights are most definitely very intense with beams of light to mecha's weapons pummeling red shirt mecha's to those annoying Dorssian Upgraded mecha's fighting against the Valvraves are pretty intense, however considering the intensity, we need to bring up L-Elf's predictions. L-Elf is part of the core main cast and he predicts EVERYTHING to his whim and to his plan as well, however he only predicts what he he plans only AFTER it has happened, this adds into the battles as "it was all according to plan", it both works and doesn't. Works as L-Elf is the mastermind and he has his own ulterior motives, it doesn't because it make the plot twists' explanation somewhat lacking cept for "L-Elf's prediction". The ending has such a HUGE cliffhangar and many plot lines unresolved although that is explained and the climax is very intense and considering the huge cliffhangar's it just makes it more jaw-dropping. Valvrave the Liberator maybe an outrageous mecha show with heaps of plot twists but the show was still decent to watch..ohh and that ending with a cliffhangar?..this series has a second season.

Season II - Season 2 continues where the first season left off, it was released on the Fall of 2013 anime ran for 12 episodes. THIS SEASON...just soo many huge plot twists, ok let's just get the good things out of the way for now. Good things were again the battle animations of the mecha fighting were amazing as always and the many plot twists that came with the battles just made the mecha fighting all the more intense and that really helped drive in the intensity of all the fights, it let's you get invested in the fights due to your investment in the characters who pilot the Valvraves, the plot twists up to the point of the ending was very well done, not to mention gave much lore to the Valvraves and tied up lots of loose ends and most of the plot twists hits hard and expect MANY MANY deaths and due to LA liking most of the cast well.....the plot twists pulled LA's heart and rage strings many times. Another thing they did quite well was the red herrings due to L-Elf's predictions which in connection to the plot twists gives the plot twists more of a surprising impact as he's not right every time this time. The final thing it did well was the many characters who were developed well and most of the main cast who were important to the plot got that development cept for LA's favourite character Shoko as she didn't get much screentime til near the finale of the anime, however still it was very helpful that this season gave out better character development to characters other than the main character. Now to the bad things...ok remember when LA said LA's favourite character was Shoko??..well this season completely put that to dust by this season and LA wants to latch onto Rukino Saki as a last's it's just one of the plot twists just made that happen, LA was completely destroyed when that happened, Shoko had a character derailment however it really wasn't her fault....-sigh- ok offtrack...back to topic, what else was wrong with this season?, the ending most definitely sure it tied up loose ends for the most part, it still left things unresolved due to the ending's resolution and that REALLY ANNOYED LA, it could have done with ONE more episode to tie up the rest of it but no just left like that and put the audience on limbo, the ending had no clear resolution not to mention it was rushed slightly. Ok in all respects, Season 2 was better than Season 1, Season 1 was mainly survival and running away, Season 2 was resolution with many clever plot twists and death to ramp up the drama (again cept the ending). LA can accept that but the thing LA is most torn about is...Shoko..just ARGHHHHHHHHHHH??!!?!?!?!?..this season could have dealt with her development better just just...this review feels soo polarizing, LA likes the mecha battles and most of the plot twists were very well managed but then they did a hit and miss on the ending and completely screwed LA over with Shoko's character development and for the worse part being leaving some things STILL unresolved..just just ARGHHHHH!??!?!?!!? ARGHHHHHH!?!???!!?..LA feels soo broken by the end of this season. Valvrave the Liberator is still a great mecha anime, absurd as it is, the plot twists (cept the ending) and many of the character developments were done great (cept Shoko's) and the fighting were brilliantly intense and animated and the story was well told with political struggles to personal endeavors to secrets about the world they live in...just one little tip so you won't end up as broken as LA did, DON'T GET INVESTED IN THE CHARACTERS TOO MUCH.
Season 1 - 9/10

Season II - 9.35/10
GJ-bu DONE GJ-bu was an anime released in the Winter of 2013, produced by VAP and DOGA KOBO and ran for 12 episodes and the premise is about the GJ club..or Good Job club and their various members and their undefined activities. We have the "forced member" Shinomiya Kyouya affectionately nicknamed "Kyoro", the Napoleon-equed eccentric club president Mao Amatsuka, her younger sister with a heart of an angel Megumi Amatsuka, the genius with a lack of common sense Shion Sumeragi and the mysterious cat-girl Kirara Bernstein. Ok really this anime of genre is one of those "highschool club where the club doesn't do much" but it has something more, yes, it has comedy, some very funny moments that even transition into running gags. Many of it comes from random moments as well as character behaviours that also get mentioned more than often. The random moments also comes off as running gags the more you think of it. The comedy is very diverse, from boke to tsukommi routines, to random conversations that lead into some character revelations to just plain running gags that are really funny. LA's favourite characters were the president and Shion personally and really LA liked the entire cast as the GJ-bu group dynamic, if any of the members were gone or missing LA would of felt it would have missed something. Even though this anime doesn't really have a plot, some new plot lines comes in and it just makes the dynamic of the group better. Character development-wise, it's mainly on the comedy and quirks of the characters and at times the "plot" of the episode gives some coincidences that lead into the characters development (as much comedic development they get anyways, still it's development nonetheless). Now the ending of this anime...was something different, somewhat unique itself from the anime of this kind of genre and added that heartwarming touch and then add in the running gags that are more like references to past running gags but in an emotional subtle was unique of an ending most definitely. GJ-bu may be "just another" anime that does nothing, but the core focus on this anime is on the group dynamic and the comedy given and they gave those elements the full swing and it worked, add in the ending that was given, it's not just another anime that goes nowhere as at first it may look like it, but by the end, you've been with the club and their members as they develop along with their antics as well and saw those characters develop in their own quirky way. Be it a slice of life comedy anime to do with club members that do undefined activities, this one did something unique, GJ-bu...GOOD JOB!!! 8.8/10
Cosprayers DONE Cosmopolitan Prayers or Cosprayers is an anime that ran for 8 episodes and was released in 2004 and was produced by the stupidly ironic name m.o.e (Masters of Entertainment...masters is really pushing it m.o.e). The premise...confused the f*ck out of seriously, LA had to research this in wikipedia to properly understand it and with more research LA got it...and even THAT didn't help the confusing plot holes, mood whiplashings and extremely fast pacing that doesn't give us a lick of proper information not until the 4th..FOURTH episode. Yes no s**t this anime has lots of problems and that name of "Masters of Entertainment" already feels like a cheap ploy in saying that they are terrible at making anime. This anime HEAVILY uses Power Rangers themes and add that withe massive amount of fanservice (mainly on the characters being in different costumes to outright longing *anty shots and one he' of a confusing plot. Sometimes the characters do stupid things even when the audience knows first hand that it's not the best thing to do, to characters doing odd things only because we're quickly given a battle scene with them then change to the main character and expect the other character to have character development. Sometimes the plot changes the battleground for no god da*n reason to deus ex machina new powers that appears outta nowhere only to never be used again. The beginning of the anime is like an instant plot dump without the plot and your just given that at the start and just left there utterly confused as to what the frick is going on, sure more information is given.....HALFWAY through the anime but even with that there's lots of big plot holes many of which are blatant, the actions scenes are very fanserviced up the roof then add it with the bad animation quality of the fights let alone some of the "Monsters of the Episode" being outright weird designs in general and the villains are one-dimensional and some are very very stupid on their own right as well, the plot twists helps but the execution on how they did that make LA be focused on how stupid the main characters/villains are instead...just WOW and then THAT ending it just comes off as a non conclusive ending with a stupid way of ending that big battle. The only good point about this anime is that the animation is a mediocre ok, it's shows some sense of animation quality and that's seriously it. With all reason, this anime sucks. It has extremely poor pacing, the characters are stupid to little to NO development and what development we get is extremely one-dimensional, what else, ahhhh reusing animation aaaand again with the fanservice is rampant to the point of "WE GET IT, IT'S A *ANTY SHOT WE CAN SEEEEE IT" and the ending is plain stupid in how they handled it. This anime is in the league of sooo bad it's horrible anime, it's up there with Mars of Destruction and Honey X Honey Drops and it got 3 specials and AND A MOVIE...WHAT THE FFFF-. <static>. m.o.e you should REALLY change your name...SERIOUSLY...Cosprayers is a bad anime and LA implores you to STAY AWAY FROM IT, if you don't heed LA's prepared to say "what the f***" lots of times...LA warned you!

Specials - So these specials are pretty much side stories and parodies within the main story and some character development to some minor main characters and a ramp up on the fanservice, LA does like the fact that they tried to give character development to some minor main cast members but thing is, it hardly affects the already adismal plot it had during the main story, the fanservice is just rampant and amped up and seriously annoys the supposed "plot" these specials have and what's worse is that the parodies doesn't even make a sense in IT'S OWN CANON therefore you feel more wierded out than saying "hey it's a parody!". The only good things about these specials are the useless character development on the minor main characters and that it got LA to chuckle a bit..YUP...other than that the parodies of the specials if only they weren't CANON LA would have approved of it as good fun but it doesn't and contribute NOTHING to the main story (yeah that's right these parodies are pretty much canon to the main story...IT MAKES NO F***ING SENSE).

Movie - This movie should NOT have existed, it's pretty much a sequel to the already abysmal story and this movie is RUSHED, being only SEVEN minutes long, it shouldn't even be called a movie, having "new characters" to show up only for them to be at the end utterly useless and the villain of the movie showing up and being killed as soon as he arrived, best part is, it rushed on ALL explanations to tie up loose ends and failed in it's execution although LA got a laugh out of it for being soooo stupid, but nonetheless....this "movie" shouldn't have even existed as it explains everything rushed, stupidly and clumsily...just...WOOOOOOOOW...

Movie - 0.1/10
Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! DONE Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinsai! or Seriously Fall In Love With Me! was an anime released on the Fall of 2011 that was produced by Lerche and Sentai Filmworks. The premise is...complicated. LA will make it's about a close group of friends, who all the girls are attracted to the strategist named "Naoe Yamato" but one of them rejected him..TWICE...however they are still are close knit nonetheless, ohh did LA forgot to mention they are fighters AAAND lots of fanservice harem hijinks and LOTS of battles ensues. Ok let LA get some things straight..the battles and action were amazing, in terms of shounen based, there's lots of rapid supernatural/mech fighting and lots of the battles were crazy to their only students who pretty much are in GOD levels of fighting. Now the harem aspects are very seriously, as in it's UNCENSORED but it doesn't go any further than that...LA doesn't know whether it was LA's copy or not but it was uncensored for LA's and the harem are very much is a typical harem where the harem are fighting over Naoe and considering it's a battle harem, it gets..explosive when the haremettes butt heads for attention although the haremettes have all their quirks and given their quirks, we get backstories for all the haremettes, so PLUS for character development!, LA liked Christiane Friedrich, Yukie Mayuzumi and Miyako Shiina (what, their quirks are funny). Now errr...comes LA's negatives. OK thing is the beginning had a cool opening in the form of a class WARS and again the battles and strategies was pretty cool and LA wanted more...but then came the haremette's backstory episodes, ok LA does have to note that character development is ALWAYS good to have however, if that character development HALTS the plot that's when your focused too much on character development thankfully after...maybe 4 episodes things starts getting interesting...yes focus on character development but NOT TOO MUCH guys. The main villains for this anime was...well for one they are well developed and has proper motives and backstories and the fighting in general towards the main cast was....crazy awesome...the villains were well developed with the villains' own beliefs, reasoning and motives as to why the villains are doing what the villains are doing and finally THE VILLAINS ARE BOTH INSANE STRONG AND SMART!!!. The fanservice LA will note that yes, it's uncensored but all it gets to are topless...that's about it until someone else interrupts...if you don't want to watch it because of that, watch something else, simple as that, now in terms of fanservice some of the plot revolves around fanservice and politics yeah LA said the terms of p*** magazines and some phallic symbols...did LA mention this was adapted from an adult visual novel?, now makes sense?. Ok from the huge amount of fanservice, LA has to point out one little annoyance, there's a character named "Ikuro Fukumoto"..he's a photographer and is only there for when fanservice appears...that's ALL he does..yeah useless character. Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinsai! also has some messages, mainly about believing in your country and thus yourself (which was cliched slightly) as well as political struggles about "Politicians are evil" in it, but oddly LA felt the messages executed was done very cliched and out of place coming from an adult visual novel anime adaptation about super powered students protecting Japan. The leadup to as well as the ending was actually done well in both terms of harem and the battles, the harem as a whole got development but with some comedy sprinkled in and as for the battles were completely broke the crazy meter, chaos everywhere, lots of fighting and the ending felt right to end it as it was...cept again..the finale of the harem terms...everyone say it "non conclusive winner"...-sigh-. Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinsai! has it's faults and it's coolness, the too much focused character development and overuse of fanservice for it's faults and the utter crazy battles for the coolness and the messages they gave out were pushed and executed clumsily and cliched, LA's seriously ok's ok, it's seriously ok, LA enjoyed watching it and didn't necessarily bore LA so, it's ok...nothing more, just if don't like too much fanservice and forced messages thrusted into your throats...well try this one out...the battles are madness... 7.8/10
Mitsuwano DONE Maiko are apprentice geisha's especially in Kyoto Japan. They perform songs, dances and playing with the shamisen. Three girls dream to become true maiko's. Mitsuwano is an OVA that came out in March 2014 and produced by Starchild Records and Zexcs. Mitsuwano does portray the maiko life...ok to be frank mainly a third of the stuff maiko's do. This OVA mainly focuses on the dance that the three girls are gonna do during a festival, actually most of the bulk of the plot has to do with a drama focused plotline about which of the three will actually perform during the performance, as LA was intrigued with this OVA about the maiko's everday life, LA will first talk about the good things, the drama was actually decent enough though a bit predictable, the bad thing is that the drama totally focuses on the plot instead of maiko's everyday life which was the intended purpose of this OVA in the first place. Ok the plot overall was ok even with the unexpected drama and the ending wasn't that bad and helped with the three girl's group dynamic and the friendship theme as well. The characters were...cliched slightly, with one of the characters having the "determined to be the best" cliche as well as the kind hearted main protagonist and the shy-ojou best friend...yeah cliched right?. This show only has slight amount of a maiko's life with drama slabbed into there for good measure and the ending was ok enough to go through, also what's the landlady from Hanasaku Iroha doing in this OVA?. 6/10
Blood Lad DONE Blood Lad was an anime produced by Brains Base, The Klock Worz and flying DOG that ran only for 10 episodes on the Summer of 2013. The premise?, about a vampire named Staz who in one demon's day finds a human girl...a fantasy for him as he is an otaku vampire wanting to go to Earth, however this human girl named Fuyumi Yanagi...errr... has an unfortunate event a la she dies, and Staz declares that he'll bring her back to life!. This is a comedy shounen by the way. Ok this premise is cliched..*ahem* Twilight...but it's done MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER, sure the premise is cliched but the investment you get from this anime, everything from the character's backstories to motivation to more mysteries about the demon world and the main characters. The characters feels unique, although the only exception would be Fuyumi who is a typical damsel in distress, while on the other spectrum, Hydra Bell is one of LA's favourite character within this anime purely because of quirky yet mysterious motivations (not to mention she has MORE screentime than Fuyumi..yeah.) and her demon power. The plot in all intents and purposes,yo get invested, be it a bet for Fuyumi or shady deals to again all the investment towards many of the characters make the plot very interesting and makes a twist from the cliched base premise of "damsel in distress, vampire will save her" concept. Ok LA said it was a shounen as well right?, well the shounen are all demon fighting and the fighting is very vibrant and quick...LA really liked some of the fights really bringing in the genre of shounen in the first place, such as the main character about to beat up a powerful opponent and he makes a badass speech before kicking his butt...very shounen and the action was very well done. Comedy?, LA doesn't know but they nailed the comedy as well,for such an intense plot of shady deals, the comedy comes through, mainly through insults or cliche comedy tropes given a twist. Now with both shounen and comedy elements, there is one more element, LA said "otaku" correct?, yes there are lots of anime references in this anime, not as much as say Haiyore Nyaruko-san, but LA saw a few anime references here and there that criss cross both the comedy and shounen genres. Now with all that done, how's the ending?...well...many of the mysteries and plot lines were resolved, however the ending just brought in MORE plot lines than resolving them and guess what?...they just left the ending as it definite ending with MORE plot lines unresolved..-sigh-, LA can guess why because of their limited amount of episodes, but this was a good anime, but they just left it like that..COME ON!!!. SO how is Blood Lad?, well it's an anime with a cliched premise with a quirky shonen comedy twist, the plot was interesting throughout and it knows it's genres very well (Shounen and comedy), but the ending might get you angry as it's not a complete story, nonetheless..the anime as a bulk is a good entertaining watch with crazy battles, shady deals, hilarious comedy and a vampire who just wants to resurrect a human girl, but goes into one crazy demon world adventure to do that. 8/10
Non Non Biyori DONE Meowning!, Non Non Biyori is an anime from Fall of 2013 and produced by SLIVER LINK and Lantis and released 12 episodes. The premise is a simple one, there is a country school, the school has only 5 students, the Koshigaya sisters and one brother, Renge Miyauchi the youngest one and the newest transfer student from Tokyo...this is their tale out in the country. Now your already gonna say, youngest? the school?...what?...well the thing is all 5 students are in one class within this school and the teacher is the older sister of Renge. This anime has a nice play with age group difference interactions, from the oldest Komari Koshigaya voiced by Kana Asumi, who looks like younger than everyone thinks to Natsumi Koshigaya voiced by Ayane Sakura who's the aloof annoying sister to the newest transfer student Hotaru Ichijou voiced by Rie Murakawa, who happens to really really like the short statured moe Komari to the youngest Renge Miyauchi voiced by Kotori Koiwai, who's smarter than she looks to Suguru Koshigaya...who does things...yeah he doesn't speak much and the teacher, Kazuho Miyauchi voiced by Kaori Nazuka who ALWAYS SLEEPS. Now when thinking of who's the best character is, well in LA's eyes, Komari is pretty funny and likable and with Kana Asumi's voice acting, although the other characters aren't without merit as the other character create those appeal to the entire cast, as many of the character interactions causes many of the funny moments within the anime thus there are never any unlikable characters and with the added character development to the main cast, the entire cast are just likable outright. There's an episode within the anime where the Koshigaya sisters run away, whilst they run away they find their old hideout and they sorta bring in character development towards both sisters and as to why sisters as polar opposites as they are, they have some common ground. Another example is when we have a flashback to Renge's past where Candy Store or Kaede Kagayama voiced by Rina Sato had to babysit a much younger Renge, we find out why Kaede is soo attached to Renge and that gives character development and some heartfelt moments in there, this anime knows when to bring out the heartfelt moments to comedic streaks very well. The comedy works well as again with character interaction as well as some of the characters running jokes pulls it off very well and alot of the times the characters interactions, how they bounce off soo well it strikes well with the comedy as well, as they are subtle jabs at the character to just awkward moments. The voiceover work was done very well with veteran seiyuu's such as Rina Sato and Kana Asumi, LA again has to commend Kana Asumi for her method of voice acting (eccentric but she has her moments also) BUT LA also has to commend Kotori Koiwai for doing such a realistic kids voice, seriously she sounds like she's 9!!, LA felt like Rie Murakawa could have done better, but her voice acting grew on LA over time, as for Ayane Sakura, she was very much doing her Marii Buratei voice acting from Joshiraku just slightly reserved, although both of them had their moments too. The plot...well it follows the seasons...everything else is just with the characters interacting within many events, so yes slice of life, but as LA said the above, it's more than that. It has airs of striking heartfelt moments and the many character interactions works magic to such a simple slice of life comedy anime. This anime is very laxxed, but many of the moments to events gives off either two effects, comedic heartfelt character developments, SILVER LINK knew what they were doing, be it a slice of life anime and it works and is effective in both it's comedy and heartfelt moments. Non Non Biyori, a character-focused comedy anime out in the country?...LA wants more...and LA already knows that a second season is LA hopes to see more in this anime very soon.

OVA - We're going to Okinawa!...well more or less the gang are and this all happened because Suguru won a mall lottery and got the tickets. This OVA has some simple things happening such as the gang getting supplies for their trip, to knowing what to do in an airplane since everyone cept Hotaru hasn't flown in an airplane, to Renge's dilemma about going to Okinawa is going to change her "mindset" on the world. This OVA brings alot with these events but the main one LA has to give but to is about Renge, the sentimental message and the simple yet well executed message that that event brought out was heartfelt for such a situation about a kid wondering about her "change in view about the world" just because of a trip, the rest of the situations given gives some comedic backdrops to the entire trip to Okinawa with LA having to say that Komari's situations being the most comedically eventful. If you wanted more Non Non Biyori, watch this OVA, you'd be pleasantly surprised what one trip's prep to Okinawa can give you in this OVA.
Myself;Yourself DONE Myself;Yourself is an anime produced by DOGAKOBO, Happinet Pictures and Maiden Japan that released 13 episodes in 2007. The premise is one Sana Hidaka transfers back to his hometown and meet his old friends again, that's about it, no seriously. This is a rather slice of life drama show more than a harem romance comedy. Good points is a good starter, some of the drama given especially from the Wakatsuki twins and the backstory towards Nanaka Yatsushiro was very well done and the drama was well thought of even as to going for the Wakatsuki twin's drama to revolve around an incest subplot (it's not incest by the way, think of it as more as a strong bond between siblings...that's done RIGHT) as well as Asami Hoshino's story was actually a surprising twist to the plot. The only characters LA gravitated to was Aoi Oribe voiced by Tomoko Kaneda and Shuuri Wakatsuki voiced by Yukari Tamura and later on Asami Hoshino voiced by Mai Nakahara. Now for the bad points...and are there are ALOT. First the pacing is abysmally SLOW with pretty much everything leading up to those drama point being just filler or build up. LA can tolerate a bit of filler but again just like Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!, if those fillers HALTS the story too much it becomes very slow and VERY dull especially coming from a drama series!, next should be the repetitive running gags that aren't's rather predictable of their level of comedy their trying to portray it (typical harem hijinks cliches) and what's more is the plot actually leads into those harem cliches "events" as well we have the main protagonist having *ahem* "clueless" antics which at some point pissed LA off that he's that thickheaded in not getting the clues (even to the point of completely ruining one of his love interests progress). Finally should be the payoff towards the ending, wow...the payoff of trying to watch til the end of the series is JUST NOT WORTH IT. LA went through this series with some expectations but LA soon realized (somewhere round Ep. 3) that the pacing was slow and will continue to be dully slow until the actual plot kicks just made the experience of watching this series even worse due all the bad points LA pointed out, it's a drama series and they just didn't know what they were doing cept the Wakatsuki twins, the backstory towards Nanaka Yatsushiro and Asami Hoshino's story, other than that LA hardly remembers what happened throughout the entire anime and with that ending it makes LA never have wanted to see this series in the first place. A drama series with an extremely slow pace and a bad payoff towards the end?...there is no point in trying to watch it. This series had YUKARI TAMURA, AMI KOSHIMIZU and MAI NAKAHARA and sure their performance were decent enough but even their performance couldn't save this anime. Myself;Yourself is a poor attempt in trying to make a drama series with all the cliches and foils of a harem anime going nowhere with potential towards the drama aspects but the execution towards the overall story is severely lacking in content that's worth anything and the ending is more or less a slap to the face. Myself;Yourself has a case of identity crisis, are you a cliched dull slice of life?..or a serious drama romance show? can't always have it both ways. 4.5/10
Gatchaman Crowds DONE Gatchaman Crowds is an anime released in the Summer of 2013 and produced by Tatsunoko Productions, VAP and Sentai Filmworks and ran for 12 episodes. This anime is a reboot to the really old Science Ninja Team Gatchaman in 1972 where superheroes with "bird" themed costumes and fought evil where Tatsunoko Productions also produced it, however this reboot has something not much superhero "sentai" animes currently has making it one unique "specimen" especially for this age, the "leader of this reboot" is a girl.....yeah that in itself is rare and this main girl has a few screws loose of a brain. The rebooted Gatchaman team consists of Paiman, an anthropomorphic panda alien and the leader of the Gatchaman voiced by Aya Hirano, O.D an eccentric Gatchaman voiced by Daisuke Hosomi, Utsu-tsu who has a negative image about herself always giving her catchphrase "I'm gloomy" voiced by Kotori Koiwai, Joe Hibiki, a public servant worker voiced by Daisuke Namikawa, the highschooler swordsman Sugane Tachibana voiced by Ryota Ohsaka and the main character of this reboot, the eccentric genki Hajime Ichinose voiced by Maaya Uchida. Ok since we're already on the topic of Hajime Ichinose, LA really needs to talk about her, she as a character is a catalyst to the entire anime down to her personality given off the "happy go lucky" to extreme levels, but that doesn't mean she's a klutz with that personality, she has that aura that "everything will be ok, even in chaos and you can whoever you want and do whatever you want and it will be ok" but with that, she has a strong sense of justice in a bizarre way. In contrast, the main villain of this reboot, Berg-Katze voiced by Mamoru Miyano of Death Note fame voices a psychopathic shapeshifting eccentric alien who *ahem* wants the world turned into a big red blaze, it itself has a happy go lucky personality in the wrong way. Now *ahem* let's talk about the plot, at first it's a newbie recruitment of Hajime but it soon evolves into a mystery anime along with the themes of heroism and what powers can used for, for good or for evil? which evil takes on that "selfishness" route of things and along with the psychotic eccentric villain it takes evil into new levels of thinking as such as, "if you have this power, do you use it for your own selfishness" or is it "forced obligation to do good without reward?", however the underlying theme LA got was that anyone can be hero, if they could, although there is another message LA got for this anime, the media is a powerful tool too for good or for the evil intents. The ending left it on light note but still things felt a bit unresolved in some ways buuut LA will talk about that later. The animation works done by Tatsunoko Productions were a bit reminiscent of Sunrise' Tiger & Bunny animations as the transformations into Gatchaman were mecha suits and to be frank the mecha designs were very awesome to look at as the level of detail as well the "vibrancy" towards them almost look alien to the animations (which LA kinda saw as the point), the animations on other such as the GALAX (which is the equivalent of the Internet in real life) gave out like it was the Internet and the CROWDS themselves looked like static aliens, the character design were decent and the bright colors used on them distinguished the humans from the human aliens quite well...the animations as a whole looked unique especially the mecha suits where LA loved the design of Hajime's. Ok let's state this for LA's view, Hajime Ichinose however eccentric off and genki as she is, she is the best character and Maaya Uchida voicing seems like the best fit as she nailed down her out of the world personality and LA really has to commend Maaya Uchida for taking on this role, she was the spark that made this anime memorable FROM EPISODE 1, personality and all, she's THAT likable and memorable. The the rest of cast themselves had their own awesome moments as well but whenever LA remembers this anime, Hajime is the first thing LA remembers. This anime recently announced that this anime was to have a second season in 2015, so that ending...LA hopes for more and LA can't wait for it and to resolve some light storyline points. Ohh LA should note that LA hasn't watched the original 1972 adaptation and LA isn't comparing the original and CROWDS, LA is merely looking at CROWDS at the face value it gave during this series. Gatchaman Crowds is not only just a show about good vs. evil, it looks at what makes a hero? as well as basic heroism themes and puts them into question on the outset of the anime's premise and LA finds that a unique take on the superhero theme and Tatsunoko Productions should be proud they got to reboot such an old anime series and turn into this and not afraid to put a twist to that. *ahem* GO BIRD! GATCHA, GATCHA, GATCHA!

OVA - This OVA is more like the "true ending" to the end of the series AND we get that TRUE ending. This ending has bits from episode 12 thus giving us the timeline for this ending and it gives WAAY more details especially to the vague ending episode 12 gave us. The ending was...unexpected...that is all LA has to say about it as it involves Hajime and Katze...and's unexpected what Hajime does. This OVA does gives precepts to a second season and with that announcement along with this OVA, makes it somewhat believable that it will get a second season and to be frank, LA wouldn't mind seeing more of Hajime and this OVA just brings in that vague ending of episode 12 that justice it needed and clear up some details.
Bakumatsu Rock DONE Bakumatsu Rock or Samurai Jam - Bakumatsu Rock in English is an anime adaptation of the video game with the same name produced by Studio DEEN, NAS and Sentai Filmworks and ran for 12 episodes and was released in the Summer of 2014. What's the premise of this?'s about pop singers and rock stars in the Bakumatsu era fighting over dominance...yeah YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Ok let's get some things out of the way, the anachronism stew is very much a thick slurry as there are elements of instrumental equipment to live stage props now what makes this thicker is the very existence of supernatural elements into the mix...and by god is this anachronism stew god damn thick, it just puts you in a suspension of disbelief that during the era of SAMURAI'S, there are ELECTRIC GUITARS TO LIVE CONCERTS during this era of time. Next should be the *ahem*, the music has a nice concept to it but it completely felt out of place most of the time as the music mainly rock has been suppressed and pop which is controlled by the government is everywhere and can ONLY play pop a la "Heaven's Song" with the main protagonist saying "we can listen/play whatever music we want", but the message of this and especially during the ending lacked the execution to bring this message forth even further. However as LA stated the supernatural element added to this "Heaven's Song" has some *ahem* deus ex machina properties towards the plot ESPECIALLY TOWARDS THE ENDING, the other supernatural element LA would like to mention is the "Ultra Souls" in each of the main cast which when they have enough "passion" they go half naked (their tops fangirls..their tops) while they rock...*ahem*..what the f-. LA knows LA isn't in this demographic but still they MENTION THAT AT ALL. The plot felt VERY mismanaged giving filler episodes here and there and even some episodes have the main characters do something with no payoff and as if THAT episode never happened, the ending well it pulled a HUGE deus ex machina and completely screwed up it's message during the beginning of the anime. Now LA should get talking about the most they stereotypical within the anime genre, we have the hyper passionate guy Ryouma Sakamoto, the tsundere Shinsaku "Cindy" Takasugi, the leveled minded Kogorou "Sensei" Katsura, yeah really typical. The "villains" are very cardboarded stereotypes of the "wanting to suppress for what they they were thinking they doing good"..ok LA can say already?, the show bored LA for the most part, why does LA watch something that bores LA, well LA was thinking there were parts that might intrigued so LA cept going...nothing did,LA tried to get invested in the characters even with the obstacles with clashing personalities but thing is, even THAT didn't sway LA into liking any of the characters and that ending pulled a deus ex machina so hard LA just had to do a facepalm when it finished COME ON!!?!?!?!. The animation is in decent standards but the glaring problem would have to be the concerts, as the CGI is used on the main CHARACTERS...this is a no no, if you can make them more human instead of making the CGI stand out more then you got a problem and LA could blatantly see that Studio DEEN used shoddy CGI within those scenes. Bakumatsu Rock has a nice concept going, ya'know with the whole "we can play the music/listen to what we want", heck, LA listens to Japanese anime OP's for a good chunk of years! and eg. with everyone else listening to American popular music LA can get a bit isolated, but it lacked execution very much to the point of saying that "pop is evil, let's rock as that is good!", the characters were really bland overall even in times of disarray to the point LA felt like they were trying to do the "Free!" method of getting the main characters together and kinda failing as in the first place, LA wasn't invested in any of them throughout the 12 episodes..Bakumatsu Rock, needs more passion?..have more passion in your god damn plot so LA can give a damn about it in the first place. 3.7/10
Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita. DONE Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita is an anime produced by Studio Feel and TBS and ran for 12 episodes in the Summer of 2014. The premise is one Nanako "Nanyako" Usami voiced by Miku Ito gets tricked by her uncle into working for the Locodols or pretty much "local idols", where she along with Yukari Kohinata voiced by Sachika Misawa and the mascot wearer of Uogokoro-kun Yui Mikoze voiced by Maya Yoshioka and later on her backup Mirai Nazukari voiced by Inori Minase becomes the "Nagarekawa Girls". it's a simple idol show and it's really light hearted all things considered with obstacles for the cast to go through be it minor to some character development scenarios. As a dynamic, the Nagarekawa Girls are a likable group of idols as they help each other as well as their personal dynamics towards each other are very much strong as Yui and Mirai have good chemistry and helps each other faults, Yukari and Nanako also has the same thing..pretty much the character group dynamic is very strong. The comedy is there mainly coming from the main protagonist Nanako as well as a few running gags. There is a bit of fanservice and a bit blatant such as their manager putting them bikinis and singing, to either Yui or Mirai take off the Uogokoro-kun costume and only shows them in swimwear, as LA's blatant. The plot for the most part is just getting to know what it's like being a local idol and all the good and the obstacles that might come your way, yes it's a bit filler-y however those times do manage to bring in the group dynamic better as well as getting some character-centered episodes. Several of the episodes bring in this element (the Nagarekawa Girls group dynamic) and you'll also see why they do this, to help Nagarekawa get noticed. The ending to this anime kinda wrappe dup nicely bringing in both the aspects of the group and the TOWN dynamic and each other supports each other, not a bad ending to end on LA says. LA kinda found this out, but this anime's seiyuu cast list seems to have many previous idol seiyuu's LA has noticed such as ahhh Asami Imai from iDOLM@STER and Emi Nitta from Love Live School Idol Project and even Asami Shimoda of Vocaloid fame...just something LA noticed. Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita is a slice of life look into the life of local idols, be it the fun times or the hard times you get to see it in a light fluffy tone and sure the fanservice is somewhat blatant and even Yukari and Nanako's *ahem* yuri undertones are even classified as such but if you can ignore this local idol anime is a nice relaxing ride to the life of a happy go lucky Nagarekawa local idol girls and their group dynamic is one of the better aspects of this show, no doubt, the comedy being the second best thing. 6.5/10
Tokyo Ghoul √A Ep. 2 Season 1 - Tokyo Ghoul is an anime produced by Studio Pierrot and ran for 12 episodes and was released on the Summer of 2014. The premise is a grim dark one, where one Ken Kaneki voiced by Natsuki Hanae has a crush on one Rize Kamishiro voiced by Kana Hanazawa, well he somehow gets a date with Miss Rize and errr...Rize tries to kill him and then for some unforeseen events, Rize gets killed instead and gets Kaneki fatally wounded, however Kaneki gets transplanting Rize's organs, mind you Rize is a MAN EATING GHOUL so KANEKI BECOMES A HALF-GHOUL HIMSELF..Kaneki is now thrusted forcefully into the world of the ghouls and has to survive by eating humans. On the outset, this kind of premise is an intriguing one merely for the fact this anime looks at both sides of humans and monsters and how to co-exist, if they even can. Like how would you even think that?, if your a man eating monster in human form, would you eat humans like lifestock or find a way through without eating humans?'s an interesting concept. Now be warned this anime is drenched in gore and blood though be it censored in some scenes, you can still HEAR IT and those *ahem* crunching of bones to ghoul eating flesh is very prevalent and clear on screen. Kaneki gets thrusted into many scenarios with other ghouls (who also wants peace with the humans) and we get to know more about the ghoul's world as well as Kaneki's half-ghoul, half human dynamic and for the most part, lets just say many of times, it becomes very gorey and very dark all things considered. There are no specific villains as Kaneki himself is a ghoul...a human eating ghoul and many of the humans themselves are a bit villain like, killing peaceful ghouls, but the villains themselves have their own motives as well as beliefs that are really genuine, 2 villains who are just batshit insane that they have no morals..let alone any human dynamics that they might as well as be ghouls in human flesh. We get early on a character named Touka Kirishima voiced by Sora Amamiya also gives us more of the ghouls and humans dynamic, such as what if you kill a human?..they must have families right?...people who love them?'s that kind of aspects of this anime's plot that makes you think twice as it could also work on the ghoul's side as well, it's never one sided to what's good or what evil to the point this anime will have you look at the real life aspects in some senses. the plot, well the basic premise gives enough sources to bring in a lot of high tension stakes to despairing moments to some pretty brutal action scenes LA has seen...and by god is it bloody amazing to watch it, gets your adrenaline going and again with the human and ghoul dynamic, you can't really pick who to choose as they both have their own motives to survive or to fight for. The ending one of the most brutal to self-serving and good to evil aspects reasonings as well as some adrenalined fueled actions fight scenes LA has seen this season as well as one of the more gruesome and bloody detailed torture scenario's to a main character's psyche LA has seen in quite a while , although as awesome as the look into Kaneki's intentions into his psyche and that amazing bloody action scenes, it ONLY focused on him and not any of the other characters throughout the time of the anime as while many other things happened while the ending was happening...again LA felt that the ending was too focused on Kaneki, but it can be ignored due to that brutal pulse pounding an be forgiven...also because this anime is based on a manga sooo LA can kinda see why they did bloody awesome ending. Tokyo Ghoul is an intriguing look at the co-existence of humans and ghouls and how they would or would not work out as well as looking at the aspects of good or evil as they are both of level ground in terms of motives. That's a bit double sided but still it's a great ending to the point now LA gets a bit frightened when you crack your finger's joints...yeah THAT frighteningly memorable. Tokyo Ghoul..may be one of thee best in the Summer of 2014 and should be watched, LA doesn't care if your not into blood or gore, this anime should be watched as the concepts towards humans and ghouls to it's brutal action scenes and again that ending is something amazing that must be watched...Bloody amazing anime.

√A - (Pre-review): √Akira
Rail Wars! DONE Rail Wars is an anime produced by Studio Passione, Lantis, Pony Canyon, TBS and Sentai Filmworks and ran for 12 episodes and was released in the Summer of 2014. The premise is this, one train nut Naoto Takayama voiced by Jun Fukuyama is training into becoming a train driver but instead gets put into the D4 or Civil Defense Squad where there is the always hungry & one of the physical brawlers Shou Iwaizumi voiced by Satoshi Hino, the brains of the group Haruka Koumi voiced by Maaya Uchida and the man hating red headed badass and the other brawler of the group and LA's favourite character in this anime Aoi Sakurai voiced by Manami Numakura along with the leader of the D4, Nana Iida voiced by Yui Horie takes on civil duties within many trains. So...
I like trains

that clip is like this in anime form, where many of the characters talk about some Japanese train trivia and to be frank LA got kinda into it and was kinda fascinated at some of the trivia given out, however..
LA: just wait you half-brained a**hole...*ahem* LA seems this anime has more to going to it more than the trains, it actually has another focus...a harem aspect. Yes the train nut main protagonist gets a harem by the end of the series with many bickering and arguments and some harem help formations and of course plenty of fanservice just to attract you something else besides the tons of trains...
LA: shut up Lore we already did this in LA's Nobunaga The Fool review and you more or less tried to distract LA from reviewing..GET OUT...*ahem* the fanservice is VERY blatant with the main harem having *ahem* big buxoms to many of the characters having their own fanservice moments, which at times can be grating as if the anime couldn't think up anything besides fanservice to get our attention for an anime about trains, but at times it was ok a la LA's favourite character fanservice...sometimes.
LA: GET OUT *ahem* the plot just follows many adventures with the D4 squad to what they do and situations which are less than intense (at times, depending on the character in danger) with some character building though LA saw the main protagonist be in square one by the end of the series with not much development from him as for Aoi Sakurai, she got some character behavioural changes along with Haruka Koumi as well.
LA: GET OUT or LA will do it by force...*ahem* the animation, done by a newly formed Studio Passione did an ok good at the animation department, cept for some minor errors, such as mouths not moving at times when they suppose to to some animation errors such as characters' face proportions felt a bit off at times, other than that, the trains animations were actually very well done, LA couldn't tell whether it was CGI or not...still overall the animation was decent even if there were a few errors.
LA: GET THE F- OUT...*ahem* LA should note that the Opening done by Minori Chihara and the ending theme done by ZAQ are very well done musical scores making this anime something LA wanting to get pumped up to watch.
LA: OK WHAT IS IT!?!?!?!?
Lore: Haruka duhhh
LA: Uhhhh the ending left it as a harem ending, a non conclusive ending...nobody won...
Lore: Awwwww.....
LA: now...
<LA boots Lore out of this review>
Rail Wars! is a bit of a guilty pleasure for LA for Summer of 2014, LA KNOWS this anime shouldn't have that score, but LA can see what they were trying to do and with the anticipation of the premise being somewhat false, again like any guilty pleasure, LA just can't help but like it even with it's flaws, character development was decent though the fanservice was kinda in your face and the plot was kinda non existence but LA thought of it more of a relaxing non-investment style anime, just "get on" and have some train trivia harem fanservice fun with some sweet music to go with it.
Aldnoah.Zero 2 Ep. 2 Season 1 - Let justice be done, through Heaven's Fall.
Aldnoah.Zero is an ORIGINAL anime produced by A1-Pictures and the newly formed TROYCA as well as Nitroplus and Aniplex and ran for 12 episodes and released on the Summer of 2014. The premise is a big one, coming from Gen Urobuchi once again of Fate Zero and Puella Madoka Magica fame, there is was a hypergate to Mars on the Moon, where many of them have relocated to Mars, they later find something called "Aldnoah" and have adapted and are now "Martians". The Princess of Mars, Princess Asseylum voiced by Sora Amamiya later on attempts to make a treaty with the Martians and Earth, however early spoilers but she dies in assassination and thus the Martians launch an all out extermination of Earth for this using their Aldnoah. Now when LA is expecting something from Gen Urobuchi, some things needs to be stated, he makes great attritional anime about the good or evil or mankind, however we lacks in a bit is the characters, as in some of the character development lacks a bit of personality, look a bit at Madoka Kaname for example, however Gen always knows how to grip viewers with the stuff he brings out and he STILL brings it out in this anime...he' LOOK AT THE FINAL MINUTES OF EPISODE 1, ONE!!!!!!!. Most of the plot is sorta like an "Aldnoah of the episode" with military tactics from Inaho Kaizuka voiced by Natsuki Hanae and he is sorta like a military Kirito it isn't until the last 3 episodes the plot becomes a mesh of plot twists, even though there MANY plot twists even before that and the ending itself gives us one of thee BIGGEST plot twists LA has seen this season of Summer 2014. Ok let's talk characters, Slaine Troyard voiced by Kensho Ono is one of the most developed characters in the series giving him many beliefs on BOTH the Martians and Earth's side, along with that Darzana Magbaredge voiced by Ai Kayano, Kouichirou Marito voiced by Kazuya Nakai, Rayet Areash voiced by Sachika Misawa, Count Cruhteo voiced by Show Hayami and Count Saazbaum voiced by Tooru Ookawa gives many character development as well as the elements of the military pasts as well as the element of racism towards Earthians/Martians towards many of these characters, Inaho doesn't get proper development, not until the end of the series. The animation uses very detailed CGI on the Aldnoah's as well as the Terran's robots and the CGI obviously looks very well done, the character designs are ok and makes some distinct differences towards the Martians and the Earthians as the Earthians has more modern clothing while the Martians has some late British clothing. The battles against the Aldnoah were very much done to near perfection as it gripped you everytime they get into an unexpected battle against the Aldnoah, LA said that Inaho is like a military Kirito right?, well Inaho at times KNOWS when to retreat as well as times where he himself is weighed down under battle, so he kinda strays a bit away from that (even to the point that even under his direction people still die around him). The music is awesome to listen to, as the music composition is done by Hiroyuki Sawano, if you haven't heard of this guy, look at his work on Attack on Titan, Guilty Crown and Kill la Kill, the battle music gives off that air of despair as well as tons of adrenaline in some of the musical scores, his work is AMAZING to the ears, the opening "heavenly blue" done by Kalafina and the ending "aLIEz" done by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki is also a great addition to the musical score of Aldnoah.Zero. Is this one of Gen Urobuchi's greatest animes?..yes, but it's not quite there, like yes, it's awesome in all respects as the elements of racism of Earthian's/Martians are very much prevalent in this anime and the military aspects is pretty interesting as well as some of the character especially Slaine, but LA can see it to be greater. The ending in LA's opinion might make your jaw drop at the turn in plot they did, it's such a unexpected plot twist ending...a cliffhangar. Yes if you haven't noticed by now, but this anime is going to have a second season in the Winter 2015 season..yeah. Aldnoah.Zero is another great anime to see in the Summer of 2014 and with Urobuchi at the helm, always be prepared for plot twists and amazing story telling or more so in Aldnoah's case, world building and beliefs...LA hopes the second season will do better from this season and gives us more of this alternate universe as well as giving us an aftermath of the plot twisted cliffhangar of an ending of that first season just.....Let justice be done, through Heaven's Fall?...hmph..LA couldn't have said any better...

Season 2 - (Pre-review): Orange vs. Gull
Season 1 - 15/10

Season 2 - ??/10
DRAMAtical Murder DONE DRAMAtical Murder is an anime adaptation from a BL Visual novel with the same name produced by Nitroplus, NAZ and Dive II entertainment and ran from 12 episodes and was released in the Summer of 2014. The premise is about Aoba Seragaki voiced by Atsushi Kisachi who works in a junk shop and living an ordinary life, until rumors circulate about gangs and people disappearing threating his ordinary life. Ok to be make things straight this is based on BL (BOYS LOVE) visual novel however don't expect any se*ual acts within this anime as it's all bleached underpants (no se*ual scenes) however all the conatations are STILL there and some are VERY VERY blatant. For example, the most used phrase this anime uses "'I want you inside me" and uhhh what else were there?..."something is flowing into me"...yeah it's overly blatant about it. The plot for the most part feel like it's is shambles as it's either taking too long for anything to happen or that things are happening so fast you can digest it all. The plot concept ain't that bad, the concept of *ahem*..spoilers but the main character has the abilities to go into your mind..hence "I want you inside me", the concept is a decent enough one, however they kind lacked anything else to do with it, the villain is VERY one-noted villain of trying to take over the world and he's given no sympathy whatsoever, actually to be frank most of the characters in LA's opinion were lacking in anything for investment mainly because they only one character development episodes and then they were left to their own devices. LA would have to relate this to what Bakumatsu Rock had wrong with it, the characters didn't give LA any kind of investment on them even with their character development episode, like yes some of their character development episodes gave some closure to them but investment qualities were still nothing to LA, they were mere minor supporting characters. The plot has some very bad pacing issues as LA stated earlier, however it took at stable "minor character development episode of the week" turn during the later half which was ok. The animations were ok to a bit sub-par in some respects although there were some flashy scenes here and there. The ending for the most part, pretty much was the generic final boss then epilogue with everyone else...AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED cept a few changes..but still saving the world then automatically go back to your everyday life...come on. DRAMAtical Murder's concept of the whole anime was ok enough, but it's the ONLY thing that held LA any interest in watching it, everything else were either generic or boring or had boatloads of se*ual conatations... 4/10
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun DONE Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun or Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun is an anime produced by DOGAKOBO, Media Factory, TV Tokyo and Sentai Filmworks and ran for 12 episodes and was released on the Summer of 2014. The premise is about one Chiyo Sakura voiced by Ari Ozawa really liking Umetarou Nozaki voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura and Chiyo decides to confess her love to Nozaki, however after a blunder, she gets his autograph instead. Later on by coincidence Chiyo gets invited over to Nozaki's apartment and works they work on Nozaki's shoujo manga...unbeknown to Chiyo, Nozaki-kun is actually a shoujo mangaka..hilarity ensues. Yes, this a comedy based on the shoujo manga as it's basis medium for it's jokes as well as the making of a manga as it's central comedy and by god it's funny. Nozaki has other assistants helping him as we later find out (Chiyo obviously becomes one of Nozaki's assistants) such as Masayuki Hori voiced by Yuuki Ono who works on backgrounds, while Mikoto Mikoshiba voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto who works on special effects. The assistants also have their own high school lifes to deal with and it's funny how, they along with Nozaki uses their real life or other people's romantic events as references towards Nozaki's manga, with Nozaki being the most prevalent at doing this which stuns and soon enough becomes the norm to Chiyo. Nozaki also uses Yuu Kashima voiced by Mai Nakahara who is actually a girl but has the looks of a bishounen and Yuzuki Seo voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro who's the brash ignorant friend of Chiyo's as references and makes many comedic events, either in their manga counterparts or in real life. This anime breathes comedy and knows how to deconstruct the shoujo stereotypes and twist them to make them funny, which is kinda unheard of...and all the more to make the comedy even more apparently funny. This is pretty much an anime about a shoujo mangaka and his "references" in real life and how it transitions into manga and whether it sticks and Nozaki comes up with some funny scenarios. The entire seiyuu cast did an awesome job at conveying the characters even more is their responses to when a punchline appears and their responses are HILARIOUS. There are bits of romance here and there (but do remember this is an ALL OUT COMEDY) with many of the events or scenarios given the standard shoujo route but expect at the last minute to have a twist and make you laugh at the result, this anime is in every sense of the phrase comedic romance. The animation done by DOGAKOBO is done very well, with the character designs to be quite eccentric although there are times when some of the character models looked the same (LA is looking at Hirotaka Wakamatsu & Mikoto Mikoshiba), however the manga panels they did look very well done and looked like they took some time to do and it "obviously" looks like a manga with voices to go with it!. The ending is what you expect from a main character such as Nozaki-kun (however LA will say this, he may be a bit obsessed with shoujo manga scenraio's BUT he has a bit of heart making him stray away from the "clueless main protagonist category") but has a bit of heart and makes you go "awwwwwwww" followed with a laugh. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is a terrific romantic comedy, mostly in the comedy category (may be on of thee best of Summer of 2014), DOGAKOBO knew what they doing with this comedic anime and knew how to land those romantic but twist of comedy scenario's very well and most of the character development although it delves into comedy and mangaka stuff (and some of the characters are a bit one noted however the comedy helps them be likable and funny nonetheless), it gave the character a bit of development and nonetheless your laugh your a** off with some of comedy in this one...DOGAKOBO should be proud of getting this anime out and making us smile at an comedic-driven light hearted comedy about a shoujo mangaka! 9/10
Hanayamata DONE Hanayamata is an anime produced by MADHOUSE and Dive II Entertainment and released 12 episodes in the Summer of 2014. The premise is about an ordinary girl named Naru Sekiya voiced by Reina Ueda who wants to do something in her life, like a fairy whisking her away into a new world, well coincidently she meets that fairy in a moonlit night by the name of Hana F. Fontainestand voiced by Minami Tanaka where she wants Naru to join dancing yosakoi!. Now LA kinda knows what yosakoi is, it was mildly shown in Golden Time so LA had a vague recollection of what Hana wanted Naru to do. Yosakoi is a traditional Japanese dance with naruko's and flag bearers out in the streets or parades now in modern times. Hana wants to make a yosakoi club (which is obvious for these kind of anime) where 3 others join later on, those are, Naru's friend Yaya Sasame voiced by Kaya Okuno, Naru's childhood friend Tami Nishimikado voiced by Yuka Ootsubo and the student council president and Tami's friend Machi Tokiwa voiced by Manami Numakura. Now you'll think of these kind of slice of life anime that it's all fun and no work a la K-On! style, thing is MADHOUSE knows how drive the drama into the group (as well as the recruitment into the yosakoi club) and by god is the drama brought on the characters extremely well done, as we given motives towards the main cast as to why they to take up yosakoi be it due to character development or character evolution the drama is greatly develops the entire cast (especially the main character Naru, as she changed the most throughout the entire series). The character development as LA said is vast and rich as well something that moves the plot along, anything from the characters getting into the group (as reluctant they were at first) to personal obstacles most of the cast has to break away from, the plot isn't all fun and giggles of wanting to dance and slacking around *cough* K-On! *cough*. Another thing LA has to note is that the opening theme Hanaha Odori Reya Iroha ni Ho (花ハ躍レヤいろはにほ) is used extensively throughout the series as well as the main group's opening act. The animation done by MADHOUSE has something unique they did to their character designs, mainly being the eye designs of the all the characters, as most slice of life moe animes has the characters has BIG eyes, MADHOUSE made their character eye designs to look almost realistic which is something unseen before, the "bloom" and brightness of the backgrounds look gorgeous to look at and the yosakoi dances look even better with the choreography (maybe the same choreography due to only one act throughout the series, but the yosakoi dancing looks gorgeous), overall the animation quality is amazing even if they tweaked the character designs. Hanayamata is a very well done anime about cute girls wanting to do cute things and that added drama added the character investment qualities of the entire cast as well as the group dynamic itself to make LA want them to succeed and see where else they go, the animation is very well done especially on the backgrounds and the choreography of the dancing. Overall Hanayamata is an anime you can get invested at, even if the main cause is something mundane to some people...cutezy with the drama to reel you in and might make you shed a few tears along the journey of 5 girls doing what they want to do...yosakoi. 8.2/10
Ao Haru Ride DONE Ao Haru Ride or Blue Spring Ride in English is an anime produced by Production I.G, Sentai Filmworks and TOHO Animation and was released on the Summer of 2014 and ran for 12 episodes. The premise is a romantic one, that being of one Futuba Yoshioka voiced by Maaya Uchida years ago had a crush on Kou Tanaka voiced by Yuki Kaji, however she was ostracized by her friends for being too pretty, now in high school she's unladylike as possible as to stop her friends from being jealous of her, later on she meets Kou once again under Kou Mabuchi and says that the things can't be the same ever again. Will Yoshioka pursue Kou again like it was years before or not?. So we have bit of a complicated romance, it gets even more complicated when Yuuri Makita voiced by Ai Kayano comes into the picture and forms a *ahem* love triangle. Ao Haru Ride gives some very well messages brought up, such as you can just be yourself and don't fake something your not, your only pleasing them, not yourself, sorta like high school issues brought up in real life and the drama for this anime is extremely heavy on the romance given that Yoshioka and Kou used to be childhood friends and Yoshioka wants to go a step further, then there's Yuuri into the mix. Outside of the romance drama, there's other personal drama given, such as Yoshioka's dealing with her own self-image and how it's reflects onto Yuuri as Yuuri is how Yoshioka used to be like when she was younger. This anime knows how to do their drama both in romance or drama as a whole as LA said above with the "complicated" plot and drama given. The most character development this anime gets is by the main duo Kou and Yoshioka but we get a bit from the 3 others that join "Yoshioka's group", being Yuuri, the genki Aya Kominato voiced by KENN and the shy Shouko Murao voiced by Mikako Komatsu. Aya and Shouko and *ahem* Kou's older brother and the teacher of Kou's class Youchi Tanaka voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa become a beta triangle which bring sin more of that drama this anime has. This anime is driven by it's character development and they KNOW HOW TO DO IT, LA got extremely invested in Yoshioka, Yuuri and Kou the most as LA felt that LA had similar experiences to those 3 in real life sooo it's helped immensely to get invested in them and kinda made them feel real due to their realistic character developments. LA has to say that TOHO animation knows how to do drama quite well since they did Isshukan Friends last season. LA has to say that overall Ao Haru Ride is probably one of the best drama animes LA has seen in the Summer of 2014 and it shows, due to the vast character and romantic development most of the cast takes in. Now the plot setting for most part does take place in a high school with high school events, but isn't that kinda the point?...realistic characters in a realistic setting?. LA has to commend Maaya Uchida, Yuki Kaji and Ai Kayano did exceptional in this anime and it's not easy to do such a dramatic anime and express those emotions so realistically, even more when those dramatic moment of tension arises. There is one character development *cough* Kou *cough* that arises near the end and the tension arise a lot as well as knowing why they turned into that and their past really brings in the tension as well as justified reasonings as to why they turned into that. The ending in all things are left in a non-conclusive however we did learn a lot throughout the entire series but it's still ended as a non-conclusive ending as well as a new character getting brought up, this is based on a manga so LA can see why it stopped there, but either way LA was satisfied with it as most of the major plot points were resolved. Ao Haru Ride...well your in for a ride of "feels", very well done drama and realistic characters, if your a huge drama fan, this Ao Haru Ride is definitely for you and in LA's opinion, sorry for saying this again but it's one of thee best drama anime of the Summer of 2014...

Unwritten OVA - The Unwritten OVA is in two parts, present and in the past during the flashbacks Futaba had during the main series. LA was interested in both. The past flashbacks has a better fleshed out version of Futaba's past of Kou and very detailed which made Futaba like to ultimately love Kou. The present episode, is based on the festival event where Yuuri tries to get closer to Kou and it kinda shows her results in the *ahem* one-sided love, it's kinda a romantic tragedy and it once again shows Futaba and Kou is the better main couple. It's shown in both episodes that Futaba and Kou are meant to be together but the resent festival episode also gives Yuuri one he' of an emotional character development. Both OVA's pretty much gave LA wanting more episodes or better yet, a second season as it NEEDS IT. If your into the Ao Haru Ride or just romance animes, these OVA's are a definite watch and your gonna shed a tear during the festival episode.......god damnit Yuuri, too cute and too tragic.
Momo Kyun Sword DONE Momo Kyun Sword is an anime produced by Sentai Filmworks, flying dog, Tri-Slash and Project No.9 and was released in the Summer of 2014 and ran for 12 episodes. This anime is a "retelling" of the classic Japanese folktale of Momotarou as a buxom girl...yeah...already expect this anime to have tons of fanservice, *ahem* it's where Momoko voiced by Ayana Taketatsu and her fellow animal friends named Inugami (dog) voiced by Wataru Hatano, Sarugami (monkey) voiced by Showtaro Morikubo and Kijigami (pheasant) voiced by Asami Imai alongside the Celestial Maidens help find the Michiru peach fragments scattered throughout Japan against the evil Oni's (demons). When LA first saw the first 3 episodes, LA thought "'s like a historical magical girls show with ecchi", LA wasn't that far off though. This anime's plot mainly has to do with "Fragment of the week" along with some sort of sub-plot to go alongside with it, either character related or filler related. Momoko however has a personal rival throughout the series in the form of Onihime voiced by Minami Tsudaand LA to be frank is that her alongside Momoko has some of the major character development throughout the series mainly to do with who they really are and the MAJOR plot twist has to do with that character development. The "transformation sequences" occur with when Momoko "fuses" with one of her animal friends, where LA actually liked Kijigami's transformation the best, however LA did have a small theory about the transformations and LA was right on the money when it came near the ending. The all over the place everything from the character designs to some of the events given (yes typical for this kind of series the beach and hot springs episodes are a GIVEN), it most of the time gets in the way of the actual potential plot given but yes the fanservice can be grating when they aren't pushing it to your face. This anime's plot can have potential but with those filler episodes and the fanservice can get in the way of what would be a decent anime as the plot has some heart to it, mainly with the character development of Momoko and Onihime, some of the messages of wanting to know who really are to being yourself has that heart to the plot of a simplistic historical magical girl's show about the good vs. evil. The plot twist, there is only one and it really brought about those messages and character development towards Momoko and Onihime. But again...yeah the fanservice brings down the plot to some pandering. Like yes, Momo Kyun Sword was decent to watch even with the fanservice and the plot had potential, but this is what we got. LA doesn't hate this anime, LA thought it was ok, not great or decent but ok, this anime could have potential and the character development and plot twist given was where it really shined especially the last 2 episodes, but the rest was buildup and filler, LA just wished we had something like the last 2 episodes. 6/10
Majimoji Rurumo DONE Majimoji Rurumo is an anime produced by JC Staff, Pony Canyon, Kodansha, AT-X, DAX Production and Bushiroad Inc and ran for 12 episodes in the Summer of 2014. The premise is about one Kouta Shibaki voiced by Makoto Takahashi who's in the Occult's Club and also the pervert of the entire school...yes you read right. One day, him along with the president of the Occult's Club decides to do a ritual to summon a witch...and makes Kouta do it, they are unsuccessful until an actual witch by the name of Maji Mojiruka Rurumo voiced by Suzuko Mimori appears before him and tells Kouta that she grant him one wish, Kouta however helps Rurumo and then she refuses to take his soul. Kouta later wishes to see Rurumo again and she crash lands in front of him saying that for punishment for not taking Kouta's soul, she has to "train" to be a witch again by having Kouta spend all 666 tickets (wishes with magical properties kind of tickets) as her punishment, here's the catch...those tickets are his life force, if he uses them all up, HE DIES. On the outsets of this premise LA got interested in this anime however it's also slewed with fanservice filler....ughhhh. This anime does have it's good points although as episodic as it is, it diverts away from the harem ecchi genre many a times such as when Rurumo transfers into Kouta's school, she's not a transfer student, instead she's working as a cafeteria apprentice and when she moves into Kouta's house, she becomes Kouta's sister instead of a girlfriend (don't worry, none of the characters think it's incest soo we dodge that bullet) and probably the major thing that diverts from this anime is that even though Kouta is a pervert most of the time, when times comes and goes we see he's got a heart of gold as he cares for people, even to the rivals of Kouta such as the Disciplinary Committee who hates Kouta for being a pervert, he's not just a pervert through and through, he has a bit of heart into giving characters a bit of respect as perverted as he is and following for that there are some heartfelt to heart stomping episodes that has great storytelling without any hint of fanservice that really stands out, whether it be about a bunch of abandoned kittens to one of the Disciplinary Committee character developments about cosplay and opening herself to the world about her secret hobby. Now the major problems for this anime, the fanservice, it's rampant in this anime and by god does it distract LA away from the plot to the point of distraction annoyance, it's needless to have it, if the fanservice was gone, this anime could have been an underrated hit, but the fanservice sticks out like a sore thumb and it gets grating to "Why is it even here?". Yes, LA is critiquing a JC Staff anime properly like any critic, LA had problems with other JC Staff works before..*ahem* *cough* Gunparade March *cough* so you can't say that LA is a raving JC Staff fan (even though LA is) and ignore this review. Majimoji Rurumo has this episodic like format (after the first 2 or 3 episodes of story building and setup) like a slice of life anime with some very good character development, even to it's minor characters such as the Disciplinary Committee to one of Rurumo's friends gets episodic character development and helps immensely towards the overall plot and bulk of the story mostly as it has impacts to either Rurumo or Kouta or he' one of the minor characters, although for the negatives, there's a slight chance that some of the character developments won't work and LA easily forgotten who they were or what their character developments were by the end of the episode...yeah that happened (but that was just on LA's part, maybe you'll remember it better than LA and make the characters more memorable, the characters LA forgotten were Maaya Sawashita voiced by Juri Nagatsuma and Tanako Kujirai voiced by Yurika Endou). The animation on this anime felt a bit lackluster from the other works JC Staff worked on, using somewhat a colorful palette to some simplistic character designs but with somewhat detailed backgrounds and anime "emotes", but in some parts LA thought they were cutting corners as much they tried to hide it, but LA can sort of ignore it, although LA KNOWS JC Staff can do better than this. The ending was decent enough with some callbacks to previous episodes and gave out a good way to wrap up the anime and had a bit of heart to it so LA didn't mind that kind of ending. Majimoji Rurumo is what LA likes to call an underrated anime with some wasted potential to do something better, the character developments to it's minor as well as major cast members were a 70% hit with a 30% miss rating and with some originality to the dull harem-ish genre gave something to look at to some of the heartfelt or heartwrecking episodes that almost gave LA tears because of it but it's harshly discredited because of it's overuse of fanservice to unneeded levels...LA can't hate this anime but at the same time LA can't love it or praise it to it's fullest but LA can't call this a guilty pleasure either, it's just a little underrated for some respects it has. 6.5/10
Glasslip DONE Glasslip is an original anime produced by P.A Works, Lantis, Pony Canyon and Sentai Filmworks and was released on the Summer of 2014 and ran for 13 episodes. The premise is about the daughter of a glass artisan by the name of Touko Fukami voiced by Seria Fukagawa who can "the future" by looking into anything made of glass, she is also in click of friends, such as Sachi Nagamiya voiced by Risa Taneda, Yanagi Takayama voiced by Saori Hayami, Yukinari Imi voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki and Hiro Shirosaki voiced by Daiki Yamashita, the beginning of the plot doesn't start until a new family arrives and Kakeru Okikura voiced by Ryota Ohsaka slips into the mix of Touko's group of friends. Ok LA will get the good stuff first. P.A Works makes great animation, their precision to detail is something to awe at even in this production and the character designs are at par with that, no doubt P.A Works has their own style in animation and they do one hell of job at those detailed works. The next thing LA would like to discuss would be the beat couples of this anime, Yukinari and Yanagi along with Hiro and Sachi makes some of the better beta couples LA has seen, yeah LA said it. To those who might think why this is unusual is that it's due to Hiro and Sachi's beta coupling as many people call her *ahem* pardon LA's french but "Bitch" however LA feels like she's one of those characters who's more to her than she seems, and what if she's a "bitch", at least she caused the plot TO GO SOMEWHERE with her motives. As for Yukinari and Yanagi, they have good chemistry once the "romance triangle" smog clears and you could see them as a proper couple even with their faults. Now for the problems with this gorgeous looking anime, the plot is too god damn slooooooooow, not much happens as it's mainly to do with Touko's group of friends and a bunch of sitting and talking, however on the flipside LA can say that it's kinda realistic if you think it that way, but the plot's pacing is dismally slow to the point your nearly nodding off to sleep status, but when the "confessions" pop up they do put a bit of interest especially towards Yanagi and Sachi's. He' the thing is, LA's favourite characters in this anime are Yanagi, Sachi and Touko's sister Hina Fukami voiced by Nao Touyama!. Now to the core problem of this anime more or less, is the main duo who can hear or see the "future" Touko and Kakeru (affectionately called "David"), they have no chemistry, their relationship is entirely brought up on their future seeing powers and many of their "future seeing powers" doesn't even correlate to the ACTUAL PLOT and hardly has an impact, yeah a supernatural element has LESS impact than the beta couples motives.....weak. What's also weak are the two characters individually, LA felt that Touko's only personalties trait was that she a bit up in the clouds and her foresight powers, that was it, Kakeru is more like a doormat with NO emotions, sure we find out later WHY but it TAKES soo long to get to him. The main characters in Glasslip has less personalties than the BETA COUPLES. You know the term "chewing the scenery", well due to P.A Work's animation quality, it feels like the scenery is CHEWING TOUKO AND KAKERU. What anime makes their BETA couples stand out more than their main couple?. LA really wanted to like this anime, he' it's done by P.A Works for god sakes, they did Nagi no Askuara and that is a near masterpiece of a romance supernatural anime done right. Glasslip is not a guilty pleasure for LA at all due to all it's flaws nearly putting LA off this anime. The ending?...felt like it just stopped, no implying that the couples ACTUALLY gets together...-sigh-. Glasslip had Sachi, Yanagi, Hina along with the gorgeous animation being the only good things about this anime, the rest was chewed by the scenery and that's a REAL SHAME for what potential this anime could have had with it's foresight element. 6.8/10
Zankyou no Terror DONE Zankyou no Terror or Terror in Resonance in English is an original anime produced by MAPPA, Aniplex, Dentsu and Fuji TV and was released in the Summer of 2014 and ran for 11 episodes. The premise is a grim dark one about an alternative present Japan where a terrorist duo by the name of "Sphinx" leaves cryptic hints throughout the Internet about bombs being planted throughout Japan leaving the entire population in paranoia. Sphinx, the mastermind behind the terrorist threats goes by the names of Nine voiced by Kaito Ishikawa and Twelve voiced by Soma Saito where they will "pull the trigger of the world". Now automatically this premise is dark but also a fresh of clean air as we don't usually see this kind of show at all, not even to the "terrorist" point of view and they have immense amount of character development about them along with Lisa Mishima voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki who's pretty much our audience surrogate for this entire anime series. Now with terrorist on one side,we have the Japanese Police on the other, with one standout character form this side, that being the retired now in the "archives" member by the name of Kenjirou Shibazaki voiced by Shunsuke Sakuya who is clever enough in solving Sphinx' cryptic hints. If LA would have bring up similarities, Kenjirou and Sphinx are similar relations to L and Light from Death Note, as both L and Kenjirou are in the enforcements side to thwarting Light or Sphinx' plans. Now to the many of cryptic hints, the hints goes as far as going into mythological relations and they themselves are bloody clever especially when Kenjirou explains the hints and finds where the bombs are, Kenjirou also delves into the inestgation of Sphinx further making him probably one of the smartest characters in the entire series. The plot and direction this anime takes it as the audience is smart to the point where there's no exposition needed, once again this type of show has the HUGE appeal to it even from that, subtle hints as to hidden scenes happening to even scenes with no DIALOGUE given and yet we know what happens, this anime is clever no doubt about it and with Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy Bebop fame directing and with Yoko Kanno on the music composition makes this anime very lively and intense. The music has impact to the scenes it conveys, much like a building blowing up and you can feel the intensity through the music, very well done Yoko Kanno. Now most of the cast feels like they have depth and to such an intense premise it is a given especially from such a touchy subject. Sphinx and Kenjirou's relations is unique much as a cat and mouse chasing each other we find more about both of them through Sphinx' acts. Lisa was an approachable character as she is shy all round and a typical bullied highschool girl but when she is whisked away by Sphinx, it brings in a new dynamic although yes, she has become more of a damsel in distress, still as an audience surrogate character, kinda makes sense for her to be as she NEEDS to be the thick of it for us to see. The anime later on changes focuses as one of Sphinx' "friend" comes into play, LA won't say the name but this character is voiced by Megumi Han and mainly causes Lisa to be in the damsel in distress as well as causing Sphinx to be the scapegoat to what this character does, leaving Kenjirou wanting to find out more about Sphinx. The animation done by MAPPA, LA found they used ALOT of monochromed palettes but also some vivid animations towards the characters designs giving them a more realistic design and many of the action scenes were done with great detail. The plot twists comes quick and hard in this anime specially towards the end and the major plot twists are obviously linked with Sphinx' character development but once again probably the biggest plot twists arrives near the end of the anime. The ending...all LA is gonna say is it's one he' of a sad ending but it wrapped up completely leaving no plot lines or holes. Zankyou no Terror is probably another great anime for the Summer of 2014 it's up there in the Top 5. It engages us to an intense plot from a different perspective, with dimensional characters with their motives explained with the action and mysteries being very cleverly done and best of all, this anime doesn't think the entire audience are idiots!, it's an intense thrill ride with mysteries and a sad but satisfying ending that wraps itself up very neatly. VON 18/10
Tokyo ESP DONE Tokyo ESP is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name, it was produced by Xebec, Lantis, Rakuonsha and FUNimation Entertainment and was released in the Summer of 2014 and ran for 12 episodes. The premise is about Rinka Urushiba voiced by Ibuki Kido who's a high school girl who lives with her father in Tokyo, it's not until she finds a "flying penguin" on Tokyo Tower only to see "golden fishes in the air". One of the those golden fishes enters Rinka and she gains a new power of phasing through solid objects. Now LA can say that this anime seems similar to To aru Majustu no Index in modern times and a bit more realistic. The plot more or less is focused on Rinka and her perspective into the Esper world with minor characters who also appear with their own focus in some episodes and soon join her for justice. This anime has elements of ostracization through people and espers as humans view espers as criminals or terrorists to espers viewing humans as weaker beings of humans and they not knowing how great it is to be espers. Many of the espers felt like a reminiscent of To aru Majustu no Index powers and they themselves have their own limitations to their powers very much so to Rinka. The anime's lore and backstories are very well done as it gives Rinka as well as the villains brought out in the first episode by the forms of Minami Azuma voiced by Sachika Misawa and Hokusai Azuma voiced by Yoshihasa Kawahara, they are given characterization and development as to why they are doing what they are doing, thus giving the entire "good vs. evil" some tension and that they aren't being evil just because they are, they have a GOOD motives but just stained by HOW they do it. Now from the villains back onto Rinka, throughout the anime, she's at first a newbie into the esper world and thinks like many naive esper powered user thinking that villains can be taken out easily with her phasing powers alone and they won't kill people just because your a teen however she along with her "group" has the strong sense of justice. However as the anime progresses, she trains ALOT in mastering her esper powers as well as her own character developing through it, she evolves as the events progress and becomes a BADASS with a strong sense of justice. Rinka's other esper users are Rinka's father, Rindou Urushiba voiced by Tetsu Inada who has magnetism powers, Kobushi "Black Fist" Kuroi voiced by Mai Aizawa an invisible user who was a then thief turned friendly rival towards Rinka, that flying penguin, a foresight user Ayumu Oozora voiced by Megumi Ogata, a memory user Murasaki Edoyama voiced by Azusa Tadokoro and Rinka's *ahem* love interest Kyoutarou Azuma voiced by Mutsumi Tamura who's a teleporter and most of them has character development which is linked to the entire "isolation towards their powers". There are alot of plot twists coming mainly from the battles or events that occur that changes the dynamic of the plot and they work very well in getting you invested in the characters as well as the plot very well. LA liked this anime as much as confusing as the first episode gave out however it later gets resolved and LA really liked the entire good vs. evil dynamic with the esper powers and many of the battles given was pretty awesome to watch. Now the ending...felt rushed and had a bit of non-conclusive as things just continue after the ending. Tokyo ESP, LA feels like this is an underrated anime as the espers and the humans conflicted, the good and evil dynamic, many of the battles being adrenained-fueled and many character development to MANY of the characters (with Rinka and Minami & Hokusai Azuma being the most developed) being stand out to this anime and really brings this anime as a solid work overall, LA enjoyed it fully and although the ending just felt rushed, it doesn't deter LA in saying this anime was great, it had potential and that potential was received very well as a whole. 8/10
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? DONE Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? or Invaders of the Rokujyouma?! in English is an anime produced by SLIVER LINK, Genco and Sentai Filmworks and was released in the Summer of 2014 and ran for 12 episodes. The premise is about Koutarou Satomi voiced by yuuichi Nakamura who finds a cheap 6-tatami apartment block with a budget of 5000 yen a month with virtually no rent, however this apartment has it's reasons for being soo cheap, as soon as he moves in he's invaded!, by a ghost by the name of Sanae Higashihongan voiced by Eri Suzuki who haunted the apartment prior, a magical girl by the name of Yurika Nijino voiced by Nichika Oomori, a tsundere mecha princess by the name of Theiamillia Gre Fortorthe voiced by Maria Naganawa along with her advisor Ruthkhania Nye Pardomshiha voiced by Saori Hayami and an underground girl by the name of Kiriha Kurano voiced by Masumi Tazawa where all the invaders each say they need the apartment for each of their different reasons, it's not until Koutarou's landlady Shizuka Kasagi voiced by Aya Suzuki steps in and resolves the debacle by the invaders, saying they have to sign a contract to resolve the problem without violence, all of them agree as Shizuka is "powerful". Now this premise seems like a fusion of other harem genre's merged together and your not far off. At first it's just he major problem of the invaders wanting the space through games and some hijink harems episodes. But as the anime continues it sorta shifts the focus to each of the invaders and LA should say that the genre shifts to whichever girl's harem genre is. LA especially liked Yurika's and Kiriha's "arc's" the most, Yurika being La's favourite invader and Kiriha's being somewhat out of the spotlight and LA wanted to know about her the most. Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? is a default an anime about a harem fusion anime where you can enjoy a mecha princess to magical girls to underground to a ghost. This anime does have it's hints of plot twists in each of the arcs and although it's a harem, it's kinda predictable in that respects with the hints being really obvious but still it doesn't deter from it being enjoyable. The action scenes is pretty well done, although again along with the plot twists you kinda predict what's coming, although in Yurika's and Sanae's it's kinda grandiosed in the forms of the battles taken. The character investments depend on your favourite invaders. The romance also depends on who your rooting for, although Koutarou also has a girlfriend whom he's had a crush for a while sooo that might deter some away into the *ahem* friendzone...soo there's that. Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? is an enjoyable watch, especially it's a harem fusion, not many harem's try to push other genre's together and make it work and this made it work in some respects although it's invader arc format, you get to like which invader you had a bit of annoyance with (he' LA thought Theiamillia Gre Fortorthe was just gonna be an up tight ojou tsundere, but when her arc rolled around, she's just a softy tsundere!), if you haven't seen this kind of harem before, then this ain't a bad anime with all respects, it has a plot, character investment, action and a bit of romance and comedy thrown omnigenre harem anime you could say? 8.9/10
Barakamon DONE Barakamon is an anime produced by VAP, Kinema Citrus and FUNimation Entertainment and was released in the Summer of 2014 and ran for 12 episodes. Barakamon is about a young calligrapher by the name of Seishuu Handa voiced by Daisuke Ono who punched a famous calligrapher during an exhibit, as punishment he is sent to a island to reflect upon his actions. Thing is he has NEVER be out of the city let alone that he's a recluse due to his job...there on the island he meets his new wacky neighbors and some unwanted visitors on his doorstep. This anime is relaxing and hilarious and teaches about life lessons in some respects here and there. This anime is relaxing as we are in the island where it's mostly folks away from the technology and with kids playing in the park or catching insects and the whatnot. The comedy comes from how Handa responds to some of the things in the island as he's city folk trying to get used to rural life and their own devices or just daily things can be somewhat amusing to see. The main form of comedy comes from Naru Kotoishi a seven year old kid voiced by Suzuko Hara one of the unwanted visitors who annoys Handa who also brings Handa closer to the rural society and allows Handa to be more free and not as uptight. Another of Handa's unwanted visitors comes in form of two teens by the name of Tamako Arai voiced by Rumi Okubo who is a fujoshi (no, LA won't explain, look it up yourself) and the tomboy Miwa Yamamura voiced by Nozomi Furuki who also helps Handa interrogate him into rural life as well as annoying him from time to time. This anime doesn't have much a plot besides the first episode's premise and somewhat of the last 2 episodes but as LA said earlier it's a relaxing and funny anime outright, there's no HUGE plot twists that changes the island or anything, it's to do with Handa's learning life lessons and how to make himself...himself within the island while having funny banter to miscellaneous events that might crack a smile to the audience. The characters are very diverse as we can easily tell from them speaking or even with in their character designs who are from the city or who are from the island and even from that we can see Handa evolving from an uptight "only focused on calligraphy" man to a more carefree calligrapher wanting to find his own style through living in the island and it shows in the ending of the anime, it's somewhat a happy ending. We do obviously find more about the rural folk as the rural folk more or less come to Handa than Handa coming to him and we get to know more about them but we also get to know a bit about the calligrapher world through Handa's producer and Handa's family along with it. Barakamon is an relaxing and outright funny anime and Kinema Citrus outdid themselves with this anime as it's not only funny but the life lessons and Handa's experiences in the island make it much more than a slice of life anime about a calligrapher, it portrays life on the island and sorta giving us lessons to us city folks about not getting so uptight, loosen up, no need to hurry...and Barakamon has shown that with it's rural comedy through Handa's eyes. 9/10
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei DONE Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei or The irregular at magic high school in English is an anime produced by MADHOUSE and Aniplex and released 26 episodes during the Spring and Summer of 2014. The premise is about a Tatsuya Shiba voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura and Miyuki Shiba voiced by Saori Hayami where Tatsuya is a "Weed" a person who has weak magical properties, where Miyuki has latent magical properties and is known as a "Bloom", Magic has now been recognized a formal technology instead of occults or lore. Tatsuya and Miyuki now enter National Magic University First Affiliate High School, A.K.A Magic High School where things will soon change. Now fair warning, LA HAS NOT READ THE READ THE NOVEL thus LA does not what MADHOUSE has changed or missed so bear in mind. The anime is divided into 3 arcs, the Enrollment arc, the Nine School's Competitions arc and the Yokohama Disturbance arc. Let's talk about the Enrollment arc first, the Enrollment arc is like a little taster as to what the school Tatsuya and Miyuki goes to as there is a bit of stigma between the Weeds and the Blooms and we get to see a bit of Tatsuya's power as a Weed turned into a Student Council Member which is unheard of, due to this it causes even MORE stigma from the Blooms due a Weed being in such a high position in the school, thing is, the stigma doesn't change at all and more or less focuses on a different plot away from Tatsuya and talks more abut a student and exposition about magic, while talking about the magic in great detail is good, it kinda hinders the plot due them just "talking about the magic they did for 10 minutes" which can get boring, the plot focus is ok but it shows how Tatsuya is *ahem* badass but with a bit of negative stance to this more on that after LA talks about the plot. Moving to the Nine School Competitions arc, LA especially liked this arc, as it's a tournament style arc with Tatsuya more or less on the benches and replaced with Tatsuya's friends he and Miyuki made in the Enrollment arc that being Mizuki Shibata voiced by Satomi Sato, Mari Watanabe voiced by Marina Inoue, the student council president Mayumi Saegusa voiced by Kana Hanazawa, Honoka Mitsui voiced by Sora Amamiya, Shizuku Kitayama voiced by Yuiko Tatsumi, Erika Chiba voiced by Yumi Uchiyama and Suzune Ichihara voiced by Mai Nakahara, LA especially liked this as other cast members of this anime have their spotlight and the tournament's *ahem* implied mysteries come to light in this arc as well as Tatsuya as well. LA's favourite character?...hmmmm the Student Council President. Finally moving onto the last arc, the Yokohama Disturbance, well it fully shows what Tatsuya can do as well as giving others some limelight to a somewhat "terrorist attack" and it changes everything and the battles and situation given is pretty intense, it may be a great arc, LA still liked the Nine Competitions arc better as LA could follow it better as the Yokohama Disturbance had too many factions fighting over this arc and LA just couldn't keep up. Now onto what LA talked about Tatsuya's being badass but with a bit of negative stance, well he's frickin' a magical Kirito with no emotions, whenever he's on screen he can win or beat any battle without a scratch and yes, fine he has a bit of emotions when it comes to his younger sister Miyuki, it still destroys any tension the arc had when he's there, seriously during all the arcs, as soon as LA knew he was a magical Kirito, LA just knew he'll resolve everything just like that and that he did...but at that price, the plot has NO tension, the battles were impressive yes, even with Tatsuya on screen but with HIM on screen the theatrics is amazing and all but it kills any tension when facing the villain of the arc as he makes short work of them. To quote LA while watching Episode 25, Tatsuya is frickin' Jesus and seriously you'll know why LA said that. He's a plot-device character but also a plot tension hindrance. There also a bit of "incest" going on with Tatsuya and Miyuki, yes, LA knows, it's only "implied" but the anime brought it out as incest with the way Miyuki always blushes at Tatsuya, to jealous when Tatsuya is near the student council president, yeah LA got those vibes. The battles, LA said earlier look amazing to watch and the little bit of exposition is enough to say what just happened and make sense?, but too much goes into pretentious levels (especially coming from Tatsuya's mouth) and it becomes a bit of an info-dump thus it makes it extremely hard to get as sometimes it leads onto technical mumbo jumbo lingo which LA doesn't even know whether it makes sense in the context of the anime and their lore, it makes it hard to understand at times from their long expositional dialogue as if we know what they are saying. The animation done by MADHOUSE did exceptionally as many of the details to the characters designs to the magic "runes" they did look blooming impressive to watch and see the results and coupled with the battles looked amazing to see. The characters investment this anime is pretty tough as again it's focused more on Tatsuya and Miyuki and then there's the slew of characters within the school and then there's the villains and other supporting characters it gets hard to know EVERY characters that gets shown on screen. However Tatsuya, Miyuki along with some of Tatsuya's classmates gets any form of character development while the villains do their own thing, some have motives yes but that's it and the supporting characters support the main cast when they get the screentime to do it...character investment is really slim. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is it's own worse enemy, as having a ace of aces of a main protagonist who is *ahem* frickin' Jesus destroys any tension from any of the threats of any of the arcs, character investments is extremely slim due to the vast amount of characters with little focus on any of the minor characters and focuses more on Tatsuya and Miyuki, however it's upside are the impressive animation and battles given when there's no forced pretentious exposition...LA is kinda torn whether LA hates this or like it...but considering LA liked it and enjoyed it through the annoying parts of the anime, LA can say that it's a decent watch, just expect some tension breaking scenes and some exposition crap that might make you more bored than anything else. 8.8/10
Hataraku Maou-sama! DONE Hataraku Maou-sama! or The Devil is a Part-Timer! is an anime produced by WHITE FOX, Pony Canyon and Lantis and released 13 episodes in the season of Spring of 2013. The premise is quite the funny intriguing one, A Devil Lord from an alternative universe named Ente Isla has nearly conquered the world, however just as he's nearing completion, a hero cuts him down, with the last of his magic, he opens a portal vowing he'll conquer Ente Isla. On the other side of the portal, the Devil Lord arrives in guess it?...Earth with all his magical powers gone and with his loyal servant who tagged along with him, they now venture the ways of humans and try to live like ordinary humans. The Devil Lord's job?...a worker in "MgRonald's" and coincidental he meets the Hero who a bit far off than he is. This kind of premise is really intriguing got LA as you don't normally see a Devil Lord turn part timer in a ripoff McDonald's joint don't ya and with that premise in mind, it's has all the comedic styling to go with it. The Devil Lord by the name now named Maou Sadao voiced by Ryota Ohsaka along with his loyal general Shirou Ashiya voiced by Yuuki Ono lives in a small apartment block and really with them dealing with financial problems more than them taking over the world along with Maou's love interest who's also a worker of MgRonald's Chiho Sasaki voiced by Nao Touyama ALONG WITH the Hero now named Emi Yusa voiced by Yoko Hisaka who's now a call service attendant butting in and wanting to defeat the Devil Lord with the plot, this anime can get chaotically funny. There are other aspects of this anime such as the Ente Isla's backstories and their factions about the Hero and Devil Lord makes for great world building as well as the backstories themselves helping the Devil Lord and Hero's character development. This anime ain't the typical Hero defeats the Devil Lord, it's about their factions quarreling over their figures and if needed, under handed tactics to get what they want. Ohhh might LA remind you that the battles in this comedy anime is AMAZING, the fighting is fluid and along with the Ente Isla's lore make the battles extremely entertaining. The other entertaining aspects is that the comedy is quick and witty especially taking the fact that the Devil Lord and Hero elements turned on it's head as well as the aspects of them being mere humans with lower-classed jobs, it's pretty funny when they insult each other. The romance is somewhat small as the love interest is the genki eccentric Chiho who doesn't that she has a crush with a Devil Lord from another world, although it's hinted that Emi has some feelings for Maou but it's only a feeling. Hmmm LA's favourite character would have to be Chiho-chan, although Emi Yusa or even Suzuno Kamazuki voiced by Kanae Ito who's Maou's next door neighbour have some pretty character developments. Now *ahem* although this anime is a shounen comedy with more comedy than the shounen, there is a slight bit of fanservice although some are kinda justified like the pool episode is there because Maou is transferred there due to his superior manager told him to, thus Emi, Chiho and Suzuno all tag along however some of the fanservice are blatant, its a shounen comedy anime what did you expect? Now this anime has some sharp turns within the anime's plot which leads to plot twists that are unexpected as long as you haven't caught the hints, then the plot twists easily change the comedy aspects to the shounen very quick, and as LA said the battles make up for and the battles are amazing! LA can ignore the "mood swinging nature" of the plot. The animation done by WHITE FOX is done brilliantly, with the character designs looking pretty polished (as for the girls, they are "colorful" with that polished look) to some greatly detailed magical battles to the human world and the MgRonald's joint looking what it's suppose to look like...a ripoff McDonalds!, another words, the animation look very well done for what WHITE FOX has done even for a comedy anime. The ending, more or less since this is a novel adaptation of the same name, it just ends with one event leaving it open ended, leaving room for a second season?. Hataraku Maou-sama!, is an entertaining enjoyable and rather unique take on the classic aspects of a Hero and the Devil Lord, the plot is crazy full of comedy, shounen and rather a clever wit and plot twists, the animation look polished for a comedy anime, hey what kind of show says that you saw a anime about a Devil lord turned into a Part-Timer?......LA thought so. 9.1/10
Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance DONE Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance or Blade Dance of the Elementalers in English is an anime produced by TNK, Showgate and Media factory released on the Summer of 2014 and ran for 12 episodes. The premise is that only pure maiden's can contract spirits. In Areishia Spirit Academy, they only train noble maidens to become spirit contractors, however the main protagonist, a male gets accepted into the school as he is the ONLY Male Elementaler, what is his destiny as the only male elementaler in a school full of pure maidens. Okkkkk as soon as LA said TNK you know this anime has chunks full of fanservice, he the first episode has the first heroine showering under a get the gist. This is a harem anime and with the main male protagonist Kamito Kazehaya voiced by Makoto Furukawa and with a chunk full of stereotyped harem girls, the first heroine Claire Rouge voiced by Ibuki Kido is the typical "Louise from The Familiar of Zero" tsundere right down to her having red-ish pink hair and by far she has some of the bi-polar behavior (yes, LA knows she's a tsundere but that actually works against her) as even makes her contribution to the plot more of a hindrance than a help even for the first heroine. Terminus Est voiced by Ai Kakuma is Kamito's contracted spirit and was also the spirit that Kamito stole from Claire thus leading onto Claire wanting Kamito to be her "slave spirit" -sigh- anyways Est is more or less the comedy character with tons of fanservice towards her. Rinslet Laurenfrost voiced by Kana Yuuki is Claire frienemy and holds an ice bow as her elemental spirit and is LA's second favourite character. Ellis Fahrengart voiced by Shizuka Ishigami is the Captain of the Sylphid Knights and holds a wind lance and is probably one of the closet tsundere who "attacks" Kamito, however her resolve in her character development kinda ignores all that and LA should note that when LA first heard her LA thought she was Marina surprised LA was. Fianna "Lost Queen" Ray Ordesia voiced by Saori Oonishi is LA's favourite character and is the healer of the group and she has more or less a bit of character development and she's the ojou with a kind heart and one of the rare characters to have slim amount of fanservice as her character design is probably her only fanservice aspect. Finally we have Restia Ashdoll voiced by Yoko Hisaka being the villain and probably the most mysterious character in the anime and that mysterious aura makes her intriguing and likable...huh..LA rooting for the villain...haven't seen THAT before. If you haven't noticed but since this is a battle harem anime, it's mainly the character development of the girl within that "arc" even to the final episode where it focuses on "the girl of the arc". The battles looks pretty and colorful and the explosions makes it somewhat entertaining to watch with some weird character errors at times especially the finale. The animation done by TNK well it's decent, the character designs are probably the best thing and that for a battle harem anime it's a given, all the girls has a colorful sets of hair and *ahem* builds and again LA said before but the battles look entertaining to watch but with some of the odd character errors here and there. Now thing is, yes a battle harem done by TNK isn't that bad, but one of the major annoyance of this anime is Claire. She DAMAGES the plot due to her misunderstanding nature and although she evolves out of that it's still during her evolving development she just misunderstood for the sake of the plot making useless tension and with her "Louise attack tsundere" personality isn't helping THANKFULLY during the finale she "kinda" forgives it. Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance is another battle harem anime and LA have to say that something done by TNK a company mainly focused on fanservice *ahem* Highschool DxD...there still is a plot and they have a bit of character development fail *cough* Claire *cough*, it's still ok to watch as long as you can ignore Claire's "Louise's slave talk" and the tons of fanservice but the battles and animation are surprisingly decent and many of the harem character development are something to get invested into. 6.5/10
Mahou Shoujo Taisen Magica Wars DONE Mahou Shoujo Taisen Magica Wars or just Magica Wars in English is an anime produced by GAINAX and ran for 26 episodes in the Spring of 2014. The premise is about 7 magical girls in each of the Japanese prefecture where they fight magatsuhi with a bit of backstory of the magical girls as well as a bit of magical girl lore and a darker secret. Ok to be frank this is an anime short that last only 4 minutes and many a times it's rushed in many of the magical girls arc to the point LA can't remember the girl's name...well it is 4 minutes long and with that bit of backstories doesn't always transition into "investment". Since LA doesn't know much about Japanese Prefectures cept probably Akihabara cos Electric Town but LA can kinda see their depictions of the magical girls and magatsuhi look the part of their "town's theme". Many of the magical girl's powers is looks cool and some of the fights looks decent to watch and the lore of the magical girls takes a page off the Puella Madoka Magi Magica page on darkness. GAINAX' animation is sub-par and LA couldn't blame them for doing this kind of sub-par animation on an anime short, however the battles and some fo the magical girl's transformation and magical girl' overall designs look pretty decent (all frilly or cyber depending on which magical girl LA is talking about). With the ending giving a hint of a second season, LA doesn't really mind this series, sure the animation is sub-par with some exceptions and the plot is rushed, it's still entertaining to watch it, given it's only 4 minutes long each so you can easily get through the series and not be the least bit annoyed. 7/10
M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane DONE M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane or M3: The Dark Metal is an anime produced by Satelight, flying DOG and C2C and was released on the Spring of 2014 and ran for 24 episodes. The premise is about 8 boys and girls who pilot mecha's to defeat "Admonitions", creatures that have human emotions in crystal like structures. These Admonitions are found in the Lightless Realm a relam where it eats away the human psyche, will these 8 boys and girls defeat what's causing the mess and what connection do they have to the Lightless Realm. Ok to be frank LA thought this anime was as tedious as the number episodes it had, LA thought maybe 12 episodes was enough as LA is gonna tell you that there are ALOT of times where episodes are "talking about their emotions" to episodes where almost nothing changes.....which if you take alot of needless talking and less battles on mecha's to resolve something that would have taken less than half a episode this anime's plot pacing is atrociously slow. We also have a LARGE cast especially for a main cast of 8 characters, it's only about 3/4of the characters we get some legitimately major character developments as well as one tedious LONG one that pretty much lasts the ENTIRE run of this anime. Akashi Saginuma voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka along with Sasame Izuriha voiced by Kotori Koiwai get the most character development throughout the series while Minashi Maki voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara, Raika Kasumi voiced by Sayuri Yahagi, Iwato Namito voiced by Tomoaki Maeno, Mahmu Yuzuki (LA's somewhat favourite character) voiced by Misato Fukuen and Emiru Hazaki voiced by Yoko Hisaka are more or less get one to two episodes in TOTAL of any character development and are pretty much supporting characters to Akashi and Sasame. Now the aspects this anime delves into somewhat a human psychological standpoint and LA got kinda intrigued by it as it talks about what if human minds could be melded so we can hear what they are hearing and that is an intriguing concept however what's not so cool is Akashi CONSTANTLY giving us the same message and his character development put to our faces every time he's on screen to the point LA got bored of the main character..there is a such thing as TOO much character development. The battle given in this anime though it's mecha's it's kinda generic, fighting the Admontions go as fast they as arrived and the fights are incredibly unmemorable even if the battles aren't the major focus..still it's mecha's fighting huge hulking crystal monsters and you make it boring and tedious HOW CAN EVEN YOU THA- *ahem* the animation has a tendency to use montoned backgrounds that even are put into the character designs giving no signs of a colorful life with the cast, LA is soo sure LA saw more grey than anything in this anime's design palette..yeah the audience is gonna like seeing grey EVERYWHERE won't we?. Ok LA gets it's a serious show but try try to give LA some kind of investment in anything so LA can't be bored out of LA's mind. LA does have to give this anime's props for at least giving the plot twists and the plot on the halfway mark give a valid plot and sense, at least they have that although one of the major plot twists given...well LA is sure you'll say "Neon Genesis Evangelion did it". The ending...felt like no impact had been made and more or less and the villain given..well he felt last a copout final boss of the anime series as the previous villain was more in the villain's seat than the villain of the ending (as LA ohhh LA doesn't know HE CAUSED THE ENTIRE THING OCCUR...LA doesn't see why he had to kick the bucket THAT EARLY..he was GREAT villain with his motives all laid out there and you KILL HIM OFF THAT QUICKLY F- YOU) just felt like a copout just to make the anime LONGER, he' LA has to give it to the villain of the first half at least being insane for sake of humanity being a d*ck to him but the final villain was such a copout (for..what a misunderstanding on someone's part...NOOOO). M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane has many flaws, the main character too focused thus we lose interest in him, the main cast besides Akashi and Sasame become minor characters with some sort of development but it's touched upon, the plot's pacing is atrociously slow as we see episodes loads of talking and no "action", the action is very limited at best and the final villain was a copout to a tediously long anime that shouldn't have lasted this long, however at the very least the concept of the major theme of human minds melding and hearing their thoughts and somewhat a human psychological element this anime was brought to LA's attention and at the very least it kept LA going to the end to see what they had to say, even as pretentiously tedious everything was. If you have a strong mind *rimshot* and don't mind seeing grey or is intrigued by an anime about human psychology it's worth a watch however if you hate tediously slow paced plots...with uneven character developments, best to stay away...VERY MUCH AWAY. 5.5/10
Akikan! DONE Drink Up, it's gonna be a BUMPY RIDE! Akikan or Empty Can in English is an anime produced by Brains Base, Half H.P Studios and Sentai Filmworks and was released in 2009 and ran for 12 episodes. This anime's premise is about Kakeru Daichi voiced by Jun Fukuyama who's famed for voicing Lelouch Lamperouge who drinks a melon soda and guess what?...that melon soda transforms into a girl!...a melon soda girl!...LA is not f*cking kidding. There Kakeru names the melon soda girl as "Melon" voiced by Sayaka Narita, Melon finds out that Kakeru collects soda cans, later on Najimi Tenkouuji voiced by Aki Toyisaki who is Kakeru's love interest also gets her own soda girl by the name of "Yell" voiced by Mamiko Noto and the Japanese Ministry wants the soda girls to fight to see which soda can is the best, steel cans or aluminum can. Ok let's get the good news out of the way. Najimi and Yell's relationship is one of the only thing LA got invested in and the plot does revolve around them alot, there's chemistry between Najimi and Yell and LA greatly liked their relationship, next is the ending of the anime which brought up something big towards the plot with consequences and the finale's plot twist was kinda hilarious. Finally the whole steel can and aluminum can contest element was pretty unique and he' the entire concept of the "soda girl with drink magical powers" fighting it out was pretty unique...but that is it. Shall we get the bad news? Ok least harshest element first, that element of soda girls fighting it out in which material is the best...hardly gets touched upon and it turns more into the soda girls fighting it out for different reasons, he' THAT element gets finished in EPISODE 6. It could have touched upon a bit more as that element would have done better. Now...the main character a f*cking awful main protagonist, ok sure we only have that little depressing backstory about him along with Najimi but BUT Kakeru's major fault is trying to be funny by saying cheap innuendos to many of "crossing the line" comedy, he's a pervert through and through and LA feels sorry for Jun Fukuyama for voicing this sicko, EVERY time there is a intense scene or character building, guess who gets no end to evolving that character development?...Kakeru screws up those intense scenes through saying things that are outright disgusting comments, seriously it's not funny, he's irredeemable as a "hero" to this romance "comedy", as he's the MAJOR CAUSE of killing those tense moment of romance or comedy with vile disgust and ohhh HE DESERVES THE PUNISHMENTS HE GETS FROM THE OTHER CHARACTERS AS HIS COMMENTS ARE VILE AND DISGUSTING AND TENSION BREAKING AND WORTH A PIECE OF S- FOR THE SAKE OF COMEDY. Now since Kakeru is the main character how does his love interest and the romance hold up?...LA doesn't give a s- about his relationship with Najimi as LA said it again...he's irredeemable as a character to the point LA would rather have the nice Najimi and Yell as the main character and KAKERU to be the butt monkey of this anime instead, that would have been better, the romance?...Najimi and Kakeru has NO chemistry with each other, their childhood friends?...LA doesn't care as any romance towards Kakeru is ignored as Kakeru is the pervert through and through and he's clueless as Ichika Orimura...yeah LA said it. Romance goes nowhere in this anime and hardly has ANY impact to the plot as it gets brushed quicker than the entire soda girls fighting for the best material concept!?!??!!. LA feels sorry for Jun Fukuyama, Aki Toyisaki, Aoi Yuuki and Mamiko Noto for being in this mess of an anime. The minor characters becomes one noted very quickly as there's a butt monkey character who always get the wrong end of any one near him, the ministry people even has their own running gags that becomes annoying quickly and even Najimi has a running gag but at least her running gag is restrained a bit, another words...those minor character do their running gags almost EVERY TIME THEY ARE ON SCREEN it becomes predictably annoying and not funny. The plot is somewhat mood whiplashin' as well it goes from a harmless slice of life with a soda can to BLOOD and the soda can girls fighting with HUGE explosions...yeah. The animation is sub-par to ok, as LA saw many times where characters went cross-eyed to cutting corners with their characters faces to some long-necked Melon scenes to ohhh face disproportions, it's not til the final 2 episodes the animation stepped up a bit but only slightly, but those animation errors are god damn blatant. LA said about the ending before but the ending did put pressure to the plot and LA actually liked it and the final episode result was a bit hilarious and left in a predictable note. Akikan! has a major problem, they had to give the focal character to an irredeemable uninvestable disgusting hero to the point he in this anime cripples this anime's quality all the way through, he kills the heartwarming to tense moments EVERY TIME, chemistry to your love interest?...Kakeru kills it. The only investment LA had towards this anime was Najimi and Yell as their character development and relationship is something you can get behind...Kakeru and Melon is more unstable due to..Kakeru, everyone else was VERY one noted and Kakeru is irredeemable as a main character...even Issei Hyodou from Highschool DxD had a bit of dignity..Kakeru?..LA wished LA would f*cking punch him in the face for his vile stupidity, the comedy is in offensive levels to "desperately trying" and the plot goes nowhere to cliched romance harem elements or gets quickly brushed over and mood whiplashes fast..well as if they are trying to rush things over for the sake of needless drama. -sigh- LA needs a stiff drink... 3.5/10
Rain Town DONE Rain Town is an anime short that last 10 minutes long and was released in the year of 2011. Rain Town is...slightly vague but it follows a kid running down the streets of his town which continuously rains, until this kid finds a robot?, the robot follows this kid until well spoilers.Just watch it. But LA felt like this anime short had more to it than just a kids running down the street and finding a robot. It's not til the finale...LA felt like it had's maybe a bit abstract but it has something to do with "time". Metaphorically LA thinks it has to do with the times are changing, this anime short has NO dialogue let alone any drama, but it's a simple scene that conveys more than it's suppose to. LA doesn't know it has something more than just what your seeing on the surface and what the robot even is in this anime short. Maybe LA is thinking about it too much, however LA still sees the metaphors in this short silent anime short, it has something else deeply hidden in there. 7/10
Fumiko no Kokuhaku DONE Fumiko no Kokuhaku or Fumiko's Confession in English is an anime short about 2 and a half minutes long released in 2009 done by Studio Colorido. The plot has to do with Fumiko confessing a boy and then she just starts running and running. Now it's only 2 minutes long and seriously within that time this plot of Fumiko just running at soon Mach 9 speed..that adrenaline is amazing and the scenery you just see soo quickly is utterly amazingly awesome and that finale just makes the entire anime short go full circle and by all needs LA is gonna say this again but "it is the journey not the destination", and that short yet quick journey was the best part..which was the entire anime short. Sonic eat your heart out for a simple highschool girl just confessing her love to a baseball player...and then she just runs... 6.8/10
Yumekuri DONE Yumekuri is a 6 minute anime short produced by Diomedea in the year of 2012. The premise is about a bath house and their residents..that is about it and something about a cat bath. Yumekuri is a relaxing anime about a bath house with one little event about the cat baths and it's slightly ecchi as we see the four poster girls in the baths alongside the cats (obviously towels, the steam and even the cats obscure most of the "ecchi" parts so there hardly any ecchi anyways, so no harm done). It's really not much of a plot but a relaxing one. LA should note that for an anime short they got some pretty great seiyuu's in their roster. Satomi Sato?, Kanae Ito?, Hisako Kanemoto? AI KAYANO? This anime short is nothing but a 6 minute look into a bath house of 4 girls and a guy and cat bathes. It doesn't get any more relaxing than a nice hot bath eh? 5/10
Nagareboshi Lens DONE Nagareboshi Lens or Shooting Star Lens in English is an anime short roughly 18 minutes long and produced by Kinema Citrus and Advance Syakujii and was released in 2012. The premise is about one Risa Hanakago voiced by Kana Hanazawa who happens to find a boyfriend by the name of Touga Yuugure voiced by Shintaro Asanuma who is also the most popular boy in Risa's class. This anime is more or less Risa and Touga's relationship and how it blooms *ahem* sparkles and all the obstacles in between their relationship such as Risa's fear of hurting other girls who liked Touga to Touga's friends themselves. Nagareboshi Lens has an emphasis on using LOTS of sparkles in this romantic anime short and it shows whenever Risa and Touga get closer together. The animation quality goes from chibi to really emphasizing those sparkles to some decent character designs (although their eyes look quite big some times), though it's kinda expected in this kind of fuwa fuwa (fluffy) romance and the obstacles in their way only gives us an emphasis that Risa and Touga should be together. Is it freakin' ironic LA is watching this kind of anime -sigh-. This is a simple romance story about a "love at first sight" and how it sparkles and flourish onwards even at times of hardship, if you wanna see puppy love for 20 minutes, best to watch this, you'll go "awwwwwwww"quick. 7.5/10
Gokicha!! Cockroach Girl! DONE Gokicha!! Cockroach Girl! is an anime short spanning 2 episodes running for 8 minutes each produced by Movic and was released in 2012. The premise is about Gokicha voiced by Mamiko Noto a moe anthropomorphic cockroach who doesn't want humans to hate heard that right. Gokicha has a friend by the name of Chaba voiced by Rie Kugimiya who's a bit mor ebrasher than Gokicha is and we see the lives of an moe anthropomorphic cockroach within these 8 minutes. Ok first thing should be the animation, the animation uses still motion animation and it's extremely blatant but it's not crude with all the designs and the cockroach girl's design is "moe anthropomorphic" to the very end. The plot...there hardly isn't any, you see Gokicha and Chaba go through live and their interaction between humans, mostly giving off the same reaction any human would have towards cockroaches. Although the first episode has something not many people would do, but he's like one of those "wouldn't hurt a fly- cockroach" people. Considering this anime short hardly got a plot, it just ends just fast. What's the word LA is looking for.."uncanny valley", an anime about a moe anthropomorphic cockroach and their daily life and interactions towards humans....yeah uncanny valley, although hearing Mamiko Noto and Rie Kugimiya is a plus to watching this anime short 5.5/10
12-sai.: Kiss, Kirai, Suki DONE 12-sai: Kiss, Kirai, Suki or Age 12: Kiss, Hate, Love in English, produced by SnergySP and ran for 14 minutes and was released in April of 2014 and is well about a 12 year old girl by the name of Hanabi Ayase voiced by Ai Kakuma who along with Yuuto Takao voiced by Soma Saito witness their homeroom teacher kissing with another teacher. This is Hanabi's tale of experiencing and taking the psychological changes of love. The plot is all to do with love well adolescent love all respects as the main protagonist is 12 years old and her first experiences with a kiss as well as her changes in views on boys. LA thinks that the puppy love as well as Hanabi's change in view about boys is a great thing to show in an anime let alone an anime short. There are obstacles towards Hanabi's experience mainly Kokoa Hamana voiced by Sayuri Hara the *ahem* b*tch of the anime short as she's the ojou all of the entire class as well as being the manipulative b*tch in forcing her ideals into the rest of the class as well as Hanabi herself. The ending was a slight climax and it goes as well as expected in these kind of adolescent love stories although LA has to note the bad teachings the homeroom teacher did throughout the climax which was nothing...bad teacher?. 12-sai: Kiss, Kirai, Suki is the tale of a 12 year old and her experiences and trials at adolescent love and has a great payback in watching this series, even if it is for puppy love. 7/10
K DONE K or K -eine weitere Geschichte- is an anime produced by Starchild Records, Mainchi Broadcasting, Production GoHands and The Klock Worx that ran for 13 episodes in the season of Fall of 2012. The premise is about one Yashiro Isana voiced by Daisuke Namikawa who gets flinged into a situation of a conflict between two psychic kings where he is the culprit towards a murder of one of the kings clansmen. Now LA sees this anime as a gangster vs. government official device as the psychic kings are on one hand, one is the leader of the gangsters while the other has a HIGHER command than the President, think Red vs. Blue as those are the colors they represent and what about Yashiro?, well Yashiro is a genki but popular guy in an island school but his ordinary life gets shredded when evidence of him killing one of the red clansmen causes him to be mixed into the feud against the psychic kings. The character development is mostly towards the Red and Blue Kings and Yashiro mostly with some character development to some of the clansmen from both sides but to be frank, Yashiro gets the most character development but thing is we needed to have him to have the central focus as he is the one that gets flinged into this conflict in the first place. Now in terms of minor characters, they do have their own motivations and stereotypes in this type of shounen mystery anime albeit that they get episodic development every so often. This anime has A HUGE cast, considering Yashiro's group, then the Red and Blue Clansmen and then the other external benefactors towards the plot also arises, it has a HUGE cast and by the most, most of the character development were pretty spread out quite well even with Yashiro having the central focus. The mystery is all towards of plot is pretty interesting, if Yashiro didn't exist in this anime, this anime would have been dull, LA means it because the mystery towards how Yashiro gets into this conflict and why he is even in the conflict and the backstories given to him are extremely interesting and of course being a shounen mystery the plot twists are extremely well done albeit it might be jumping the shark but the plot twists do go full circle and a little confusing. Now the animation done was done by Production GoHands and LA knows their style, it's mainly very good character designs with some chrome shading and many of their battles to backgrounds were very realistic, the animation was done extremely well all in all. The music LA noticed had shades of rappin' beats to techno similar to the Red and Blue Kings style and the battle music were ok, although LA was focused on the fights more than the music. The fights were brilliantly done and the supernatural element to it makes it even more interesting in terms of battles and the climax of the anime's battle was pretty.....pretty. Most of the battles were fluid and somewhat theatrical considering the supernatural element and considering GoHands' style the chrome shading puts emphasis on the fights even better. Now LA's favourite character?...Neko voiced by Mikako Komatsu a cat girl, she was pretty much LA's most intriguing thus favourite character (even if she is the shameless fanservice girl), she had major influence to the series so she's not just because of the fanservice given to her. The ending...was ok, resolved some points but only brought up more questions..but the ending was ok. K is an intriguing shounen mystery anime about warring kings with an ordinary guy stuck in the focus and conflict, the character development was ok even with the focus majorly towards Yashiro but it's justified, the mystery was the best part of this anime and kept things interesting and the animation was above standards GoHands does, the only problem would be that ending...the investment towards the characters might make you quit AFTER you finished the series, K???. 7/10
Corpse Party DONE Missing Footage: Missing Footage is an anime OVA produced by Asread and ran for 11 minutes and was released in 2012. This OVA is is the prequel to the Tortured Souls OVA's and you can CLEARLY see from the first MINUTE that this anime is gonna be bloody and gorey and *ahem* HORROR where there are child mutilations and those blood-chilling screams are....fucking extreme (THANK GOD FOR THOSE CENSORS OTHERWISE LA WOULD HAVE FAINTED). The rest of the OVA is about how the cast gets into the school because of the cultural festival. LA did hear some familiar seiyuu's in this OVA but considering this a prequel to Tortured Souls, LA will talk about that in THAT OVA.

Tortured Souls: Corpse Party: Tortured Souls is a 4 part OVA that runs for 28 minutes each and was produced by Asread and Mages and was released in 2013. This is LA's Halloween anime special by the way (2014). The premise is about a group of students who gets transported into a different dimension and from there they must find the mystery plaguing this blood soaked elementary school as well as return back to their own dimension safe. Now LA should mention this OVA series has NO CENSORS towards the violence and brutal killings this OVA has (ranging from hanging to someone getting stabbed in the stomach with ALL THE offal matter and blood clearly CLEARLY SHOWN). The cast is an above average chunk, from Ayumi Shinozaki voiced by Asami Imai to Yuka Mochida voiced by Eri Kitamura to Yui Shishido voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro to even Naomi Nakashima voiced by Rina Sato and Seiko Shinohara voiced by Satomi Arai (the Railgun Esper duo are back heck even their behavior is strikely similar to Misaka and Kuroko!). Now character-wise all the characters have their influence albeit that some will DIE in brutal ways but some of the characters do have influence in the plot through mystery type genre. There is a mystery in this anime and it's interesting right there and there along with the brutal and disturbing scenes along the way. Corpse Party also brings in a bit of character development towards those students trapped there and once again yes some of those students dies thus instantly stops their character development thus it is kinda of a double bladed situation thus we don't get much investment to some of the characters (the most character development the characters gets are Naomi, Ayumi and the true culprit to the major plot line). Now this anime OVA does have pacing issues as when a plot line gets arrived, for some reason it gets instantly finished or they somehow DID that already and that happens often through each episode. This anime OVA is an anime adaptation of a game and to be given this type of adaptation...well?...LA is gonna say it's the same Danganronpa treatment, you can't expect everything from a game to be in the anime that only is in a 4 part OVA, the screen time to an even smaller scale and thus gives us pacing issues BUT the sudden "finishers" are unexpected but also kills the influence to what happens to some of the plot lines (LA is stating this as a bad thing as the sudden finishes in plot lines just feels rushed). To be frank this anime OVA follows the major plot line with some relevance towards the characters at hand. The ending...was kinda confusing for the most part but it's a harsh ending all LA is saying about that. Corpse Party is an anime OVA with some really shocking and BRUTAL deaths and with the no censors along with it, the real violence are extremely gorey and bloody it makes LA sick the amount of mutilations to killings this anime has but that in itself is the only good point it has and most probably the mystery behind why the true culprit was doing all this is a close second. Corpse Party has pacing issues and many of the character developments goes to hell literally and thus the character investment in the 4 OVA's becomes extremely slim and the ending was harshly abrupt. Yes this anime scared the shit outta LA, but some of the plot lines were either quickly wrapped up or skimmed over, the character development was rushed and the ending was confusingly abrupt. The ULTRA VIOLENCE and maybe the mystery is probably all the anime got going for it...and the violence and gore itself in NOT for the faint of heart...beware.
Missing Footage - 7/10

Tortured Soul - 5.5/10
Kuttsukiboshi DONE Kuttsukiboshi or Stars Interwined in English is an anime produced by Primastea and ran for 2 episodes at 20 minutes each and was released in 2010 to 2012. The premise is a shoujo ai genre one...well its about Kiiko Kawakami voiced by Asami Imai who is a psychic and she gets "experimented on" by Aya Saitou voiced by Miku Isshiki and early on well Kiiko got a crush on Aya...then suddenly...they kiss. YURI OVERLOADED. The first episode is more or less the romance between Kiiko and Aya and it's until the very ending where s- hits the fan. LA is a yuri fan no doubt but holy they don't have much restraints on the relationship between Kiiko and Aya, everything from kisses to having s*x...yeah although the b**bs are censored but the ACT is on full open. Now the full drama comes out in the second episode and oddly the relationship goes a bit on the way side as in soft *ape? some incest put in in Yosuga no Sora standards incest from Aya's part (LA thought the sudden incest came outta nowhere and put in some needless drama)...yeah some weird drama elements comes into the mix and just feels off from a softcore shoujo ai. The drama is centred on the incest and the relationship between Kiiko and Aya from then on and it gets resolved albeit somewhat rushed (and predictable from the hints given). On speaking of resolution how did during the second episode that Kiiko gained new abilities?..turns into a slight deus ex machina ending with all the cliches in there. Yes, LA has to admit that the there are some basic romance cliches there but with a weird twist to it. Kuttsukiboshi maybe a slight deviation from the yuri genre with some softcore shoujo ai stuff but LA can see the cliches and deus ex machina, it's still a nice yuri anime with a bit of risque element added to only suggest this anime to yuri/ecchi fans. 8/10
Himegoto DONE *ahem*...
It's a

Himegoto is an anime short produced by Asahi Productions and ran for 4 minutes each for 13 episodes in the Summer of 2014. The premise follows Hime Arikawa voiced by Yuuki Kawahara who gets harassed by "debt collectors" until the Student Council of Shimoshina High School (who consist of 18-kin voiced by Yuka Saotome, Unko voiced by Saki Ono and Albertina II voiced by Hisako Toujou) runs them away AS WELL AS paying for Hime's debt as LONG as Hime continues to crossdress and now be the student council's "dog". Ohh yeah this anime short is full of traps by the way. Since this is an anime short, the character development is NOTHING with huge amount of fanservice, once again LA has to remind you that almost 3/4 of the casts are crossdressing and we sorta get to see...*ahem* the dangling under the clothing and there are A LOT of costume fanservicing mainly just to se*ually harass the main protagonist and THAT HAPPENS A LOT IN THIS ANIME SHORT. From that alone, this anime short was sorta he' to watch through, utter fanservice pandering for 11 episodes but then they brought drama onto the plot and it's outta left field as well as attempted *ape taken for laughs...f- really?..also that drama was outta left field as well LA said before the first 11 episodes was nothing but fanservice pandering with no real plot but then for the finale you went and bring drama outta nowhere f-ing seriously this anime just can't do that!. Also the ending is typical and even more stupid and predictable as LA is gonna spoil but Hime quit the student council but he's STILL CROSSDRESSING?!?!?!...really?. There is NO character development, NO PLOT just fanservicing pandering with many attempted se*ual harassment episodes and the ending was a joke. There are better anime shorts to watch but this anime short ain't one of them (UNLESS your into crossdressing fine). Just THANK GOD this was only an anime short, if it got full episodes...LA wouldn't have lasted...
Kaichou wa Maid-sama! DONE

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! or Class President is a Maid in English is an anime produced by JC Staff, Geneon Universal Entertainment, TBS, Hakusensha and Half H.P Studio and was released in 2010 and ran for 26 episodes. The premise is about one Misaki Ayuzawa voiced by Ayumi Fujimura who from the title is the school president of a recently converted co-ed school where she is a *ahem* man hater and manages *ahem* punishes the rough and tough guys in the school. However she has a works part time at a maid cafe called "Maid Latte" and what's makes the plot really going is when Takumi Usui voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto a notorious heartbreaker finds out about Misaki's secret. Now the plot by all standards are episodic arcs lasting 1 to 3 episodes each with the major focus being on the character developments or situations on certain MINOR characters with Misaki and Usui being in the mix. Now with this type of format it allows a romantic comedy genre to bring in many character developments on MANY MANY characters. LA isn't kidding as many of the arcs deals with the minor character surrounding Misaki and Usui and one more thing, if you think that because the episodic arcs only focus on the minor character ONLY then your wrong as although the minor characters do get character developments, Misaki and Usui's relationship do grow over time thus giving us character developments themselves especially during the finale festival arc. Now characters are very diverse, from the school (with the 3 idiots to the school council to some of Misaki's friends) to Misaki's workplace. Considering all that we have LOTS of characters in this romantic comedy. Now since there are LOTS of characters, LA would count the characters who best gave the most importance as well as those who didn't get enough focus. The best minor character focus goes to Aoi Hyodou voiced by Hiromi Igarashi, the Maid Latte's manager sibling as well as Sakura Hanazono voiced by Kana Hanazawa, one of Misaki's best friends and Hinata Shintani voiced by Atsushi Abe, Misaki's childhood friend. The least developed characters were Honoka voiced by Kana Asumi one of the maids and Suzuna Ayuzawa voiced by Kaori Ishihara, Misaki's younger sister, LA favourite character aside from Misaki (who is LA's favourite by the way) would have to go to Satsuki Hyoudou voiced by Aki Toyisaki as well as Sakura Hanazono both for their very genki and friendly atmosphere they give off. Misaki's and Usui's romantic relationship is akin to shy but tease mainly on the part to Misaki on the shy part with Usui on the teasing, also both Misaki and Usui are both aces of their school and was at one point coined as "The Golden Combo", oddly being similar DOES attract. LA really liked their relationship in both the comedic sense as well as the romantic sense, but only for the fact that both Misaki and Usui are both badasses on their own right. The fanservice of such an anime about a maid cafe as one of it's settings goes very light but heavy fanservice heaven and the main focus.....of course goes to both Misaki and Usui, the fanservice is all with the outfits as well as fusion of other fanservice elements to maids and *ahem* with LA REALLY REALLY liking anime maids, this fanservice is a goldmine of fanservice heaven for LA...shut up, LA is plenty guilty of liking this fanservice but oddly the fanservice being in this anime is justified as again the setting is in a maid cafe..WHAT DID YOU EXPECT. The animation is very up to par with the character designs being very flamboyant to very pretty on the part of the maid outfits and very polished look to it and although there are many times they go chibi mode but seeing this as a romantic comedy LA can ignore this. Finally expect lots of sparkles...this is a josei (targeted for girls). The ending of this anime is done well and the romance is somewhat resolved, so expect that the romance between Misaki and Usui to have a good payback and god it's too cuuuuuuuuuuuuuut- *ahem*. Kaichou wa Maid-sama! is a very well done romantic comedy with the blend of both the romance and comedy blended very well with it's characters and episodic arcs. Some of the best parts of this anime is that the character developments not only on the main duo Misaki and Usui, but they bring minor character developments giving them some depth and personalities which for a romance genre is somewhat rare for them to do. LA does have to praise JC Staff for the animation both the chibi to many of the character designs making everyone very noticeable. Finally the romantic story grows alot albeit takes some time but the ending has a good payoff. A Very well done romantic comedy noooo doubt and the maid outfits are icings on the cake...sweet frilly gorgeous beautiful cake.

Special - This special is just another episode with that same Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, it does give somewhat more screen time to Suzuna (Misaki's little sister) as well as Misaki's mother however it does follow the same formula and LA doesn't know where in the timeline this special is at. LA likes the screen time with Suzuna as she is all about the "coupons or contest food wins"...yes it's her entire shtick, but it's still funny and brings on even more comedy with Misaki's mother. It brings in that maid fanservice once again but with Misaki's family and it's incredibly light as it's focused on the comedy and the one plotline. It's an easy go lucky special with a bit of screentime on Misaki's family (*ahem* realize that LA said "screentime" not character development) and shows more of the Usui and Misaki romance and that comedy!. LA was expecting a JC Staff take the mickey outta themselves special however considering this was one of their early work...LA can see why they didn't and to be honest this special still has that flavour from the main series, a definite for Kaichou wa Maid-sama! fans...even if it is 14 minutes long.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! series DONE Season 1 - Chuunibyou or eight grader syndrome is when junior high school kids have overly hyperactive imaginations with illusions of grandeur. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! or Despite the adolescent delusions, I want love! in English is an anime produced by Kyoto Animation, Lantis, Pony Canyon, TBS, Rakuonsha and Animation Do and released 12 episodes and ran in Fall of 2012. The premise is about a highschool protagonist by the name of Yuuta Togashi voiced by Jun Fukuyama who wanted to forget his chuunibyou ways until he meets Rikka Takanashi voiced by Maaya Uchida who might come to ruin his plans of having an ordinary school life. Now LA has heard ALOT of things about this anime and what good it has which was why LA wanted to review this anime straight after LA's 300th and what was LA's thoughts?...well let's leave that for later. The plot in all sense has a slice of life/pseudo supernatural element with dashes of comedy going for it and to be frank this mix is pretty well done with the background setting of the chuunibyou as the forefront of it's plot. The Chuunibyou plays big parts in the plots both comedy and dramatically. Comedy-wise for about the first half, it works as the chuuni fantasies that Rikka as well as her fellow servant by the name of Sanae Dekomori voiced by Sumire Uesaka, their delusions are somewhat entertaining, doubly through the retorts or straight man skits that Yuuta does to them. Dramatically (especially in the later half) it works well with the plot as the entire chunnibyou element is deeply ingrained into this plot thus has a HUGE focal point a midst all the slice of life comedy, as the drama comes in the "denial" and "acceptance" and "moving on" to something that are mere delusions of grandeur as well as romantic take with the chuuni elements added. Now, LA too sorta had this "syndrome" for a bit but that was before and LA knows how it feels on BOTH ends of the chunni spectrum similar to how Yuuta dislikens once being a chunni to Rikka's absolute absorption to her fantasies, although Rikka's chunni problems gets dealt with with some very powerful dramatical scenes and gives a great deal to her character development as a whole. Now character-wise, this show has the typical Kyoto Ani cast types...we have the eccentric heroine and her servant with the cynical protagonist, we also have the butt monkey best friend by the name of Makoto Isshiki voiced by Sochiro Hoshi, to another cynical bystander/fanservice bait by the name of Shinka Nibutani voiced by Chinatsu Akasaki as well as the aloof outsider named Kumin Tsuyuri voiced by Azumi Asakura coming in forming a club....yeah it's kinda expected in a Kyoto Ani anime for LA now, but to be frank they did bring in the mesh of comedy and drama (or more or less drama pushing to the main chunni duo), BUT they all have a part to play in the plot and LA really likes that, although the character development is sorta lacking in some of the main cast a la Kumin and Makoto. Now LA forgot to say but this anime is actually kinda original...the setup, the plot and the chunni factor all makes this anime very original (also Kyoto Ani first made the manga then released the anime, so it's not an anime original, but they own full rights to this anime series). Now the ending, well LA has to say the dramatical elements along with the chunni along with Yuuta and Rikka's progression with *ahem* a romantic relationship AS WELL AS giving Rikka's dilemma some closure actually made this anime well worth it and LA fully liked this anime as a whole due to the ending, it had lots of drama, sprinkles of comedy and LOTS of character development...hmm that's not the right word, character evolution and bringing in messages of "self-consciousness" and "acceptance". Sure not many characters were developed enough, but for the main duo itself were greatly developed and brought both LA laughter and tense scenes in this slice of life comedy drama...LA is pleasantly surprised how well this anime is from start to finish. Hmm favourite character would obviously have to be Rikka, her smile is soo god damn kawaii- *ahem*...<LA covers LA's face menacingly with LA's hand>...Reality, be bent! Synapse, break! Vanishment, this world!

OVA - It's Christmas and the gang having a party! Dekomori's mansion!?!?!??!...wait she had a mansion death!. This OVA is set after the events of the first season with everything pretty much going back to normal cept all the main cast's romantic endeavors with the Christmas party being the precedent of this OVA in trying to move forward with their respective relationships...cept hilarity and a bit of choco makes this situation more of a comedic affair than anything else, we got to see more on Dekomori even if it's her residents we see but still, this OVA also moves with Yuuta and Rikka's relationship "somewhat" and the ending came to a hilarious end. This OVA should be watched for Chuuni fans AS WELL AS those wanting to see what happened after the ending, and man was hat hilarious ending unexpected, with Dekomori & Shinka Nibutani being the stand out of this OVA...hilarious and a bit romantic.

Ren - Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren or Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions: Heart Throb in English is the second season of the popular first season that released 12 episodes in the Winter of 2014. Now let's do a "good" and "bad" points basis on this review. The good points....well for one, we got some of the main cast get developed more, the mainly being Sanae Dekomori and Shinka Nibutani's constant fighting actually GOES SOMEWHERE and more in depth into Nibutani's personal struggle about herself heck even Kumin-sempai got her own episode, the new character, Satone Shichimiya voiced by Juri Nagatsuma was actually pretty well developed and even within her romantic interests and motives were expressed via. chuuni love triangle battle although her laugh is slightly screechingly annoying...hmm what else..ohh right the comedy is still there via. chuuni straight man responses from the main protagonist although the resident butt monkey of the series Makoto Isshiki wasn't hardly in this season at all and more or less was replaced by Kumin-sempai and Satone. Ok, sooo you wanna know what the bad points were?...well what do you think LA hasn't covered yet til now?. The main protagonist and Rikka's relationship growing. Ok, LA does expect for second season to actually go somewhere, that's kinda why there is a second season in the first place, shounen's need to progress in fighting the villain, harem has the decisions on who to pick, horror/mystery has the mystery or NEW mystery they need to solve, so what about Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!?..well it's the romance that needed to continue and although the bulk of the anime had the crossroads of the new character entering the main protagonist and Rikka into a love triangle "war" and was resolved very chuuni-like and was done right, the MAJOR problem for this season is the ending, in this case, the ending is paramount holds very true, as yes, we got to see Yuuta and Rikka's relationship blossom, buuuut, NOT ENOUGH, the pacing was slow to make way for Sanae, Nibutani and Kumin's development AS WELL AS Satone's character and romantic development and the ending gave us....just going slow as always THE END.....-sigh-...LA gets it though, this anime adaptation was based on a light novel which is currently incomplete, but Kyoto Ani you could have given us something more than we will continue as usual THE felt lackluster as Rikka and Yuuta' relationship is one of the core reasons why we watched this series and to have you say they will just carry on at the slow pace...just doesn't cut it, also another notable absence in this series was the drama, yes sure the love triangle does account for drama, but in the end it didn't hold enough weight as compared to the first season's serious amount of drama and real life chuuni problems that were given...just seemed slightly cliched in the romantic drama department is what LA is saying. Ok, so did LA like this season as a whole?...well yes LA did, the comedy was there at times and still somewhat kept the chuuni vibe it had during the first season as well as giving many of main cast more development time, HOWEVER LA just cannot forgive the ending...if we see a unique romantic anime, we EXPECT THEM TO GO ALL THE WAY WITH IT, instead of teasing us and leaving us with an open ended ending. Ren more or less tried to live up to the first season but just had to fumble during the ending and kinda hit the ground instead of the stars!
Season 1 - 14/10

Ren - 7.8/10
Cardcaptor Sakura (1998) DONE Wow...where to start this review?. The basics first LA suppose. Cardcaptor Sakura is a 70 episode anime produced by Madhouse, NHK, Kodansha, Sogo Vision, YTV, NHK Enterprises and NIS America that ran from April 7th of 1998 to March 21st 2000. Ok first thing is first to talk about one of LA's most nostalgic anime ever, the NOSTALGIA. Ok, bit of history on Cardcaptor Sakura, LA stumbled upon Cardcaptors in an unknown time after it's first release (LA thinks), however LA first watched this anime in DUB and only the first season, LA wanted to see what happened next, however it's syndication ran out and all LA saw was the final of the second season and that was it. LA picked it up once again several years later but only watched the first season, this time in sub, though LA didn't know at the time, now the third time (the time as in now on what LA reviewing now), LA watched the entire series once again and ohhh man did this anime bring in the nostalgia. You know that feeling when your watching from your childhood and it just comes rushing in, THAT HAPPENED TO LA FOR THIS ANIME and boy it was good. Now shall we move onto the plot?. The central premise follows one Sakura Kinomoto voiced by Sakura Tange who one day finds a book filled with cards, Sakura accidentally loses all the cards except Windy and in the process finds the mascot of the entire series Keroberos "Kero" voiced by Aya Hisakawa telling Sakura to find all the cards back. Now this "magical girls" anime is somewhat rare not to mention ingenious, as at the start of the anime, it's like building up your deck where Sakura finds a card and seals it using the powers she possess at the time (being Windy for like a couple episodes), however as the episodes goes by and Sakura's deck increases, her utility not to mention the different ways on finding and sealing the cards becomes more unique and for the most part that was the entire plot of the anime, finding and sealing the rogue cards all around Sakura's city, what else was unique was the fact that for about the first 2 seasons, that Sakura always had a different costume as well as her signature pose which is extremely memorable and the ever awesome RELEASE~!!. Now Sakura is not without help as at some early stage in the anime, Tomoyo Daijouji voiced by Junko Iwao appears and pretty much becomes her wardrobe manager for each episode, and to those people saying that she's useless...NOPE, LA doesn't think so, as at many times she herself has helped Sakura instead of just gawking at her. The second third becomes more of a climax for the whole anime in general bringing things to light as well as some very well done magical battles via. the cards and the plot twists unravel even more by that end as well as giving us rivals in the form of Shaoran Li voiced by Motoko Kumai and anime only character Meiling "Meilin" Li voiced by Yukana making the progress of finding and sealing the cards that much more difficult for Sakura. Now LA does have somethings to say about Meilin as even though she's an anime only character, she herself actually brought lots to the anime, being a boastful tsundere, she has her comedic moments such as being overly lovey dovey to Shaoran as well as her own physical prowess isn't something to be taken lightly, even in later episodes she helping in certain elements of the anime and that in itself is extremely rare for an anime only character. LA has to say that the second season was at it's peak and it was finally getting the climax of collecting all the cards along with the plot twists being viable and understandable and overall the climax of he second season was well worth it to see what the outcome was. The third season is where LA has to say LA was the most puzzled and where LA had to speculate the most as during the final third season of the anime there is a "somewhat" of a villain giving trouble to Sakura and Shaoran and although the third season is very much like the first season but with a twist, there actually being a villain and his/or her motives being into question kept LA speculating. The third season was also where LA had doubts about the anime as a whole, yes, LA said that it was like the first season but with a twist but some parts became more slice of life and character development for other characters and felt a bit out of focus (not that having character development is a bad thing, all LA is saying is that the tone and pace was extremely slow at one point), THANKFULLY during the final episode the villains motives were fully understood and actually wrapped up the ending quite nicely. What LA didn't like is that the final scenes of the anime where the budding *ahem* romance between Sakura and Shaoran was put into detail a little bit more as it went to a cliched "airport" leaving trope. But LA is merely saying is that even though the third season gave La something to speculate as well as giving LA as slower experience than the first 2 seasons, LA is saying that the finale actually helped LA over whether getting through the 3rd seasons were worth it, ohhh it was especially episode 69. Now the battles and animation, done by Madhouse with the character designs obviously done by CLAMP were extremely done well even at it's time (think about it it was 1998/2000 and the quality over the time didn't budge or weaken -though it did at times but that was rare even in this anime-, THAT is amazing) with CLAMP somewhat iconic character designs and the battles sequences in general whether it be finding and sealing a card gave the animation alot of props for what they did as some episodes nearly went into uncanny valley at times and the overall details on backgrounds were impressively done. The musical score, LA has to give a hand to Series Composition done by Tatsuhiko Urahata for the brilliant soundtrack especially in the first 2 seasons of the anime as many of the battle soundtrack such as Taiketsu!! to many of the soundtracks are soo god damn memorable it feels like it stood the test of time and is STILL memorable to this day. If there was anything about the plot LA would have to say was bad per say, would have to be the third season as a whole, however it's ending covered it's hide so thanks for that, another thing that kinda irked LA was the Tomoyo-centred episodes where it had to do with Tomoyo's choir. Like yes, LA can already see that Junko Iwao has a beautiful voice but doing almost 4 episodes where she sings just felt a bit tad over done, we could already see she wasn't a liability to the group so why bring it up. *ahem* besides that even with it's flaws in such a nostalgic anime, LA has no qualms to look at this timeless classic of a rare magical girls series again to relive LA's childhood through a magical girl finding magical cards and that awesome soundtrack and plot to go with it, that even though it isn't exactly an anime that was ahead of it's time, but it's still one hell of a memorable, nostalgic and overall brilliant anime even to this day. LA has to commend the series director Morio Asaka (who went on to direct Chobits and Nana) for bringing this anime to light and considering he worked on this anime for 2 years and bringing out exceptional quality through the years in syndication of the anime, that is a HUGE achievement in bringing this nostalgic anime it's "classic yet rare magical girls anime" status it already has on it. LA won't forget this anime without a doubt and hopefully LA spur others on to look at this nostalgic classic of an anime! So without further ado...RELEASE~!!!!!!!. A Nostalgic 10/10
Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? DONE Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? or Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They? in English is a 10 episode anime that was produced by Diomedea, Kadokawa Shoten, Nippon Columbia, flying DOG and Project No Name, released in the Winter of 2013. The plot focuses on three superhuman transported to a new world where a Black Rabbit called...Kurousagi voiced by Iori Nomizu tells them the rules of the world they have been transported to and soon enough they take down a Demon Lord. The three "Problem Children" are You Kasukabe voiced by Megumi Nakajima who have animal powers, Asuka Kudou voiced by Sarah Emi Bridcut who has "control" power and Izayoi Sakamaki voiced by Shintaro Asanuma GODLY strong. The plot is very much has to be based on Gift Games where the games can be anything with the Kurousagi being the judge throughout most of the games but at times she participates as well. Now with all these settings and elements put together..your thinking this sounds like No Game, No Life?, yes, however this anime pre-dates it's release and LA can say as a comparison is that besides Izayoi, there are times that the main cast loses at times bringing the plot being somewhat different to No Game, No Life...EXCEPT that Izayoi is pretty much god and KNOWS all as he isn't just a brawler. Many of the Gift Games' climax due to the main cast besides Izayoi winning makes the Gift Games enjoyable and even more when it has mythological lore from the real world to it and not just made up stuff, also this anime brings in LOTS of background info on the world bringing the world making it more immersive and along with the character development as somewhat decently given makes the plot very immersive. LA's only problem with character development is Izayoi once again as Asuka, You and even LA's favourite character both tied in with Kurousagi and Shiroyasha voiced by Satomi Arai get decent amount of character development, Izayoi gets NO character development and is a more or less besides some hints to where he was during the first episode but that's it. The battles and animation done by Diomedea are very well done as the battles are very exciting to watch and even more if lore or myths added in makes it intriguing even. The animation sorta looked similar to No Game, No Life but with a bit of flat lining however the bloom and colorful backgrounds and battles were extremely well done, as for the character designs, they gave them LOTS of color and unique designs gives the character LOTS of diversity and making them easy to notice who's who. The only music LA liked was the OP and ESPECIALLY the ending sung by Iori Nomizu and Kaori Sadohara respectively (seriously just watch the ending, it's just moe moe kawaii AND catchy). Now the ending, the ending more or less gives us a BIG CLIMAX to the Gift Game from several episodes before the ending and yes, it does tie off loose ends BUUUT, knowing there is more with it's final scene pretty much says "read the light novel", considering it only had 10 episodes, LA can see what it was trying to do however did it detriment the ending? actually as the plotlines were all finished so, LA has no problems to that ending. Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? may have it's few flaws mainly stemming from Izayoi and his vague and godly type character, however many of the elements in this anime still makes this anime extremely enjoyable to watch and it's immersive and world building anime just made this anime all the more better, the battles being both intriguing and all out crazy fighting and interesting characters and then add in the comedy, this anime is still great to watch, even more to those people who have watched No Game, No Life and haven't watched this yet, might like this anime as well. Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?..problems..little yes but still Problem Children can go crazy for LA cares... 9.8/10
Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmonbu DONE Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmonbu is a 10 episode anime that was produced by AIC and AMG Music and was released in July of 2012. The premise is one of a parody anime, parodying such infamous animes such as Sailor Moon to Dragon Ball Z but it still has it's own ecchi original story added in. Now the story involves around one Noya Itsuki voiced by Mariya Ise who joins the Asstronomy Club where he finds a couple of weird members. Now LA should already note about this anime though...Mariya Ise and Kyouko Todayama voiced by Kana Asumi mostly Kana Asumi herself is one of the major reasons why LA wanted to watch this anime, her as the main lead in a parody anime?..sounds like Haiyore Nyaruko-san! and by god both Kana Asumi and Mariya Ise pretty much made this anime, for aboth of their method acting and overall enthusiastic acting pretty much made this parody anime all the more better as they KNOW they can ham it up without a care. The characters are somewhat sterotyped with a parody twist, with the most stereotyped anime character being Hataka Kanamori voiced by Asuka Nishi who was pretty much the forced ms. fanservice and buttmonkey stereotype and done right, one of the better character development (yeah, LA a parody!) being Izumiko Todayama voiced by Iori Nomizu, Kyouko Todayama and Noya Itsuki being the most developed, although one episode did dedicate the main cast. The ecchi is slightly above the ecchi levels, with censors given only once but as LA said before, Hataka being the most used fanservice character mainly down to the underwear but that's about it. Now the plot in itself is actually quite unique, by having an episode dedicated to parodying a really old school anime or just infamous anime (Some more examples being K-On!) whilst having their own story at the same time with medium awareness from the main cast added into, it actually makes for a quite interesting ecchi parody anime. The plot does get hilariously intense and makes the plot that had before it all makes sense and currently from the climax makes it hilariously funny if your into somewhat crude humor with medium awareness. LA doesn't know whether the parodying the animes were a good thing or not as they yes, do take some lines from famous anime but with their own twists to it, he' they even have the same anime title backdrop but with "EBITEN" on it. They did mimick them perfectly and even more blended both the parody and their original hilarious story together quite well. Although some of the main cast didn't get any character development (look at Rikei Hiromatsu voiced by Risako Murai), but the main focus was on Noya, Izumiko and Kyouko and it being a 10 episode PARODY anime, LA can't blame it for it only majorly focusing on the main story. Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmonbu is quite a risque parody anime if you think just looking at panty shots and don't care about it to the point you merely glance at it and continue, it has a hilariously intense plot and some of the characters especially Kyouko are quite hyperactively unique in their own way. So ya' wanna join the Asstronomy Club?...well who cares cos Kyouko is gonna force ya! 7/10
Akame ga Kill! DONE Eat or be eaten, kill or be killed. Akame ga Kill! is a Summer 2014 anime produced by White Fox, Square Enix and TOHO Animation and released 24 episodes. The premise is about Tatsumi voiced by Soma Saito a mercenary trying to get into the Empire's military until, he comes across the deadly group of assassins named Night Raid and joins them to destroy the corrupt Empire. Night Raid members are Akame voiced by Sora Amamiya, Leone voiced by Yuu Asakawa, Mine voiced by Yukari Tamura, Sheele voiced by Mamiko Noto, Bulat voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi, the Night Raid leader Najenda voiced by Risa Mizuno, Lubbock voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and of course Tatsumi. Why is LA merely stating the Night Raid members names and seiyuu's?..well thing is this anime's death rate is freakin' HIGH. It is a mechanic in anime both well done as well as somewhat giving problems to the plot, bit on that later. Now LA has to get onto the villains plot overall, the villains throughout most of the anime are deranged, psychotic, symptomatic to bloodlusty to a fault. The two main villains LA liked the most were Esdeath voiced by Satomi Akesaka and Seryuu Ubiquitous voiced by Kana Hanazawa, Esdeath was more the in depth villain given to her giving her own beliefs about war and her own psychotic behavioral development making her both a character you can see why she does what she does, but at the same time, is a villain we DON'T want to die as she's soo well developed as a villain. As for Seryuu Ubiquitous...well she's another story as her views on justice are soo twisted to the point that mere thieves to her she'll MURDER THEM just because they did one evil deed, it was to the point LA WANTED HER DEAD and LA wanted to revel in her death as her beliefs and motives were erratically extremist and overly hypocritical. The plot in on itself has issues but at times can use the "death rate high" element into account. The BAD reasoning as to why the death rate being high is that if characters you like die and with the character development or relationship developments were just killed off giving lots to sometimes NO character development just for them to die later on...yeah it's gonna piss some people off (and to ONE death LA just thought exactly that), however at times it can work to the plot's advantage as if we have one of the most likeable kind characters being killed and the grief is shown, it can be bloody gold in terms of tension and emotions given to some deaths of the characters, it may not always work, as some of the deaths LA saw it went either way (And LA is NOT gonna say who, as that is huge spoilers). Now, LA won't go ANY deeper in this anime, just saying the first 10 episode itself can ruin alot of the development it gave out, all LA is gonna say is episodic count. Some of the best episodes LA saw were episode 6 and 19 (LA rewatched both episodes ALOT), one of thee WORST episodes they ever gave out was episode 21, it was just RUSHED AS ALL HELL WITH THE DEATH RATE HITTING IT'S PEAK not in a good way. The ending...LA has to say with the ruination that episode 21 gave out, this ending gave itself a bit of justice and giving out a decent ending with one final awesome clash and many of the "tying loose ends" were done decently and how they left the ending, made up for all the deaths given (cept episode 21's character deaths). Now onto the battles, the battles were amazingly done, it's levels were ultra violent, no censors, people being chopped up, beheading, name it, it's there and the battles have the added supernatural and lore elements of the both the "Imperial Arms/Teigu" as well as the technology the world have given the assassins, makes the battles all the more adrenaline-fueled and fast-paced to the point all the battles are worth seeing again and again. The animation done by White Fox, it was all out detailed and even more to the battle scenes, the character design are given crisp and unique giving the characters their distinct characteristics and are easily known and with the no censors tag and the ultra violent battles make the animation quality show even more. The animation did do something unique to it too, as they gave out somewhat pastel morbid looking images giving the characters their "true nature" and LA actually really liked it. This anime had it's hype and mostly the hype was worth it (for LA during the time) and did LA enjoy this anime overall? be frank LA did, albeit episode 21 nearly wanting to know what the f- White Fox was doing and even though this is an anime adaptation of a light novel which was still going (thus gave us an anime ending). LA still enjoyed this anime, many of the amazing battle scenes, emotional deaths to psychotic to sympathetic villains to the looks onto a corrupt empire elements, war and the decent anime ending still made this anime decently to go through. Akame ga Kill! may have it's problems of main cast dying but still, that in itself cannot get the anime to be "one of the worst things ever", it's other elements LA just mentioned before are still amazing and still done great. Akame ga Kill! eat your heart out...errr... not literally. 9.5/10
Denki-gai no Honya-san DONE Denki-gai no Honya-san is an anime produced by Shin-Ei Animation, Pony Canyon, DAX Production, Comic Umenohone and Mobcast that released 12 episodes and was released in the Fall of 2014. The premise is about the members of the doujin store and their romantic and ero-antics, you can kinda see why this is a comedy seinen anime?. The members of the store are Umio the new employee voiced by Ryota Osaka, Sensei the part-timer and part-timer doujin mangaka voiced by Minami Tsuda, Hio-tan one of the "ordinary and well endowed" workers voiced by Natsumi Takamori, Kantoku the manager voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Fu-Girl the zombie otaku voiced by Ayana Taketatsu, Sommelier the master of picking doujin voiced by Takahiro Tomita and Kameko the camera girl voiced by Mai Aizawa, the characters at most have their own quirks for the comedy given as well as romantic ties to many of the workers mainly the three central romantic interests go to Hio-tan and Kantoku, Sensei and Umio and Fu-Girl and Sommelier. Now LA can say that these characters are diverse for who they are in such a comedy anime and this anime does have some very funny and unique moments from time to time with LA's standout favourites of the series being Sensei and Hio-tan with Haruka Tsumori voiced by Satomi Sato being a close third. Now when comedy stands out are some of the unique quips of funny responses as well as some of the funny romantic responses to some cliched situations. The times the comedy doesn't work out or coming out bland and repetitive are the MANY Sensei "Girl Power" skits, the first one of two times works ok, but consistently working these kind of skits episode after episode makes it kinda bland and to be precise, Sensei's Girl Power skits get to repetitive and bland and doesn't give Sensei much character development besides "she doesn't have much girl power we get it". Many of the romantic comedy actually works very nicely as each of the members have interests towards each other and the hints are obvious and you just want them to get together (although some people might like another character to be with the other). However if you think any of this romantic interests go anything beyond confessing....well you won't even get to the CONFESSION. Yes this being a comedy seinen...the comedy is what puts the romance down to the ground and the romance doesn't go anywhere cept the hinting of the romantic interests given, whether it's a good thing for this you decide whether it's the comedy is the major focus or the romance is. The character development is a bit here and there like giving Sensei the same repetitive skits, the romantic endeavors from all the members as well as Sommelier's job and past and even Haruka Tsumori gets a bit of attention but some characters don't get enough character development like Kameko. LA wanted to like this anime and 50% LA did, but it did at times comes off repetitive (albeit it is a comedy so some repetitive skits are likely however it was also trying to bring much more but it didn't), the romantic element did try and even tried to blend together with the comedy and it did, but it on it's own...the romance went nowhere however. Now there's one more element LA haven't talked about, the ecchi, now the ecchi is far albeit erotic, no no, it's takes the ecchi into comedic WTF levels with many of the skits given giving the response of "WTF?" many times, the ecchi kinda makes sense to have in an anime setting of a doujin store. Given this element the ecchi is nothing more the same as the romantic element, it's there and it comes and it goes. Denki-gai no Honya-san is an ok ecchi comedy series, but as a romantic comedy it's kinda mixed for LA and it felt like the comedy was wearing thin come the latter half of the episodes and became bland comedy but in times there are unique comedic skits which didn't get enough screen time and along with it's mixed character development it's trying to bring you in but execution lacking. LA can say this anime doesn't know it's own identity but at times it knows itself well, so LA can say as an overall statement of this anime. "It's an anime with an identity but at times it falls and collapses and loses it's identity at times", decent comedy but other genres it merely touches on it and no further, pity it would have been a great romantic comedy anime though. LA doesn't hate this anime, he' LA laughed a couple times but at times, LA begins to wonder... 7.8/10
Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete DONE Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete or In Search of Lost Future in English is a Fall 2014 anime produced by Feel and Starchild Records and released 12 episodes, The premise is bit of a complicated one, but the first episode has a bunch of friends in the Astronomy Club where they are more of a Disciplinary Committee than a Astronomy Club, they consist of the president Airi Hasekura voiced by Kei Mizusawa, the ojou Nagisa Hanamiya voiced by Tomoe Tamiyasu, the actual proper member of the Astronomy Club Sou Akiyama voiced by Takuma Terashima and his childhood friend Kaori Sasaki voiced by Hatsumi Takada and ohh the "other guy" Eitarou "Kenny" Osafune voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi...seems like a normal slice of life anime at the start and it continues onto the halfway point with romantic interests here and there BUT the first episode cliffhangar has ANOTHER character appearing from the heavens...Yui Furukawa voiced by Akane Tomonaga who gets amnesia. Now the thing is this anime has time travel as one of it's central focus yeah....think Steins;Gate without the proper budget. Yeah LA is gonna say this off the bat, the animation is somewhat CGI for ALL the character designs with the background being the traditional anime look and sometimes the budget of the animation shows and it REALLY shows, LA is gonna say yes it does deter the entire experience but it does at times give the CGI some ok look to it...but to those who really don't like CGI on the characters bets to preserve your annoyance. The plot is very slow and it's not until the 3/4 way through that anything actually goes full plot and removes the slice of life element and replaces it with romance and the supernatural. The slic eof life can be grating and you want to see what the best thing comes form this anime, but some of the episodes does give some of the main characters some character development for those characters you like...La liked Nagisa the best, calm and cool but is quiet the for LA's worst character it goes to Kenny as we was the most useless character and his spouting of Engrish for the first episode was ok comedy material but then he kept doing it and doing it and doing it and THAT ISN'T COMEDY, he was a one note Engrish speaking useless character through thee entire anime...USELESS ANNOYING ASSHAT. Now to the actual time travel element, the time travel element gave some thought to make the timelines align and some of the best lore building happened throughout the last half of the anime and made this anime some interesting theories and is probably the best point of this anime. The romance is more or less a love square with Sou, Kaori, Airi and Yui and with the time travel element gave this anime some good moments but it didn't do anything much due to the ending as yes it did wrap it up and even gave it a happy ending TWICE but just like many romance/harem animes....that's all that happens. This anime is an ok time travel romance anime taken akin to Steins;Gate but didn't make it to it's greater aspects and the slice of life and Kenny made this anime extremely slow for the first 7 episodes, yes we get to know more about the characters but the time travel element were more intriguing but didn't dig any deeper and was more interested in the slice of life element which is sad as it had some potential of making a decent anime but was dragged down by the slice of life and slow pacing and...Kenny. 7.5/10
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji DONE Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji or Wolf Girl and Black Prince in English is a 12 episode that aired on the Fall of 2014 and was produced by VAP, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, TYO Animations and Nippon Television Network Corporation. The premise is about a girl who lies (wolf) called Erika Shinohara voiced by Kanae Ito who purposely tells her friends that she has a boyfriend bbut she really doesn't, she then finds one random guy called Kyoya Sata voiced by Takahiro Sakurai to "play" as her boyfriend, what she doesn't realize is that one, this random guy is one of the most popular guys in HER school, secondly he's a sadistic "prince" treating Erika as an obedient dog. You can kinda see how this can make for a good shoujo comedy. Now, LA is kinda a sucker for romance and even more if it's a comedy. The romantic elements does come up through both Erika and Kyoya's "fake" relationship and in a ways LA finds that LA can relate to Kyoya very well as LA too feel and know what the romantic cliches are like as well as both the hatred of "love" let alone what repercussions it does to you. The romance elements comes off from both Kyoya and Erika's thoughts and what they do for "romance" and what the repercussions on BOTH sides if one neglects or one gets sick or if one wants to treat a special occasion, it does take those events and romantic obstacles and it does give them a twist and it's something this anime does well. On the comedic side, the comedy comes from Erika's responses to time Kyoya goes sadistic as well as many of the responses from Erika's proper friend Ayumi Sanda voiced by Ai Kayano, the comedy bounces off well with many of the characters but especially Erika to Kyoya and vice versa and this anime KNOWS when they want to be serious or when they want to throw a joke here and there. The character development may be kinda thin as it is a fake romance comedy, but it's kinda given this this kind of genres, although MANY of the characters hardly get development, the major focus in character development is the relationship development of Erika and Kyoya's relationship from the "fake" relationship to a fully working relationship, LA thinks that all this anime needs to be honest as this anime title is focused on the two main leads. The animation given from TYO Animations, the animation given to the character designs are given in a crisp way and distinct ways to notice the character easily, they also incorporated the usual shoujo animation tropes of chibi animation as well as personification of Erika's Wolf girl as well as many animation transitions that slides into the comedic side effects. This anime is probably most akin to last seasons Ao Haru Ride but with the comedic elements given more to this season and a bit laid back and less serious, but the situation of why the main male lead "hates love" is there with the main heroine finding out why. LA said before, it's taken a comedic and less serious version of Ao Haru Ride and the main reasoning of why Kyoya hates the entire romantic shtick does get known by the end of the anime and LA can once again relate to it (not completely but LA gets it). LA does have to hand it to Kanae Ito for voicing Erika as she once again did an excellent job in voicing Erika, an ordinary girl but with a terrible case of lying and wanting to keep her fake relationship with Kyoya as well as want to know why Kyoya hates the entire romance thing (though that is kinda lessened and is more comparable to trying to keep a fake relationship into the real thing). The ending did give a resolution to Kyoya as well as growing Kyoya and Erika's relationship even further but in a semi-light hearted way but still gives the emotions it needs for a shoujo. This anime may not be unique (as LA said, comparable to Ao Haru Ride but this anime does give romantic cliche events and gives them a twist which is kinda unexpected of a romantic comedy shoujo as they normally go with the cliches but this one didn't. It knows it's elements well and even given some seriousness in this anime, it's still taken lightly with it's comedy element, it balances and blends itself well and albeit there isn't enough character development, the relationship evolution of the main leads is all that is needed. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji is a great example of an anime that knows it's genres and knows how to make a twist to it, the romance does evolve from it's fake status, the main leads do evolve and the comedy is given in a quick and witty way that doesn't have to take itself too seriously but knows how to when it needs to. A great romantic shoujo comedy if LA would seriously LA isn't lying one bit Woof!!! 8.8/10
Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de DONE Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de or Supernatural Battles are Commonplace is an anime produced by Studio Trigger, TV Tokyo, DIVE II entertainment and Half H.P Studio and released 12 episodes in the Fall of 2014. The premise is about the Literature Club who all one day gain supernatural powers, they are Jurai Andou voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto a dark flame user, Chifuyu Himeki voiced by Nanami Yamashita a creation user, Hatoko Kushikawa voiced by Saori Hayami an element user, Tomoyo Kanzaki voiced by Haruka Yamazaki a time user and the president of the literature Club Sayumi Takanashi voiced by Risa Taneda a "reverse-time" user, what villains await them, why and how did they get their powers?. Ok, first thing LA should say about this entire premise is that the entire "harem" element is nearly overidden the supernatural element as the majority is focused on Andou and one of the girls for most of the episodes. The harem element isn't that bad as they go out of the harem cliches and with the supernatural element here and there blended in the harem element can make some harem cliches differ from most of the harem given (it's not a battle harem as although the girls are supernatural beings unknowingly, they still go by their day to day life), the harem do get their own character developed episodes giving each of the haremettes more of a reason to liking or even knowing WHY they like/love Andou and most of the character development is justified all things considered and yes it may be a slice of life harem, it's take on the harem aspects is greatly unique albeit it's extremely light hearted most of the time. Even though the harem element is overidden the supernatural element, the battles given the fair few there are, it's is still decently done with some "lore" of the powers to even some background knowledge make the entire harem scenario a more tactical scenario when the supernatural battles appear. For LA's favourite pick on best girl of this series is...LA has to say Tomoyo with Hatoko closely following her as both of their character/romantic endeavors are greatly expanded on and is given a proper reason to why they like Andou (and LA has to give props to Saori Hayami is giving a great performance in voicing Hatoko as well for some of her more "dramatic" performance in one episode). There is a bit of detail to a bigger picture of the series which is outside the entire harem element, it does get touched upon and even interwined with one or two of the main characters harem development unfortunately they are more behind the scenes most of the time and we don't get to see their resolution at all and is merely touched upon or if a third party interferes, it either gets quickly resolved with no detail or is hardly brought up again which was a shame as it was interesting to know what was going on behind the scenes in MORE detail. The animation is kinda decent and ok given the character designs but this is Trigger so they have made Kill la Kill animational references to outright Kill la Kill references here and there and during the battles given, the battles are given some great animation albeit that it is mostly light hearted. On speaking of "this is Trigger", LA was kinda offset that Trigger was making a slice of lifey harem anime considering they made Kill la Kill several seasons back, but given that this is Trigger's first light novel adaptation, LA can see why they got themselves restricted to what they wanted to do, LA gets it, Trigger is more aligned in animating anime originals more than adaptations all things considered. La isn't saying that this anime sucked due to Trigger not doing enough, LA is merely saying Trigger was restricted to what they could do (but they still did...see the Kill la Kill references) and Trigger is is more or less suited in anime originals. Now the ending itself did resolves some things, but -sigh- it was given that "harem" ending although some confessions were the other haremettes but still even that is kinda unique given the harem cliched setting and even less cliched given the supernatural yet slice of lifey element. This anime is more or less suited for harem fans outright given a good blend of supernatural, slice of life and harem (with a few cliche twists), for Trigger fans, this might be a moodswing of a series to watch but they still have some references and many animational it's pretty 50/50 on whether they will like it or not. Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de is a pretty decent harem anime for Fall of 2014 and kept LA interest on the harem and supernatural lore aspects, but as a harem/supernatural anime as a whole, it's still unique in how they blended slice of life, supernatural and harem quite well and LA got invested in most of the girls endeavors and character development quite well in order for LA to keep watching and although the "harem" ending is there it's kinda nice to see that most of the girls evolved in a ways through their initial appearance. 8.5/10
Trinity Seven DONE Trinity Seven is an anime produced by Seven Arcs, TV Tokyo and Avex Entertainment that was released in the Fall of 2014 and released 12 episodes. The premise is a supernatural romantic comedy as one Arata Kasuga voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka who's entire world is plunged into destruction with his cousin Hijiri voiced by Ayaka Suwa disappears, Arata is later confronted by a mage called Lilith Asami voiced by Yumi Hara saying that Arats is the one who caused this and is going to eliminate him, Arata however says he'll become a mage himself and find Hijiri again, thus along with Lilith and the rest of the Trinity Seven go through harem/ecchi hijinks as well as supernatural battles to find Hijiri as well as teaching Arata to be a proper mage. LA has to say this but this anime has akin to Highschool DxD where even the main protagonist's "hyperpower" are similar and with a beautiful harem no less. On speaking of harem, the Trinity Seven are Akio Fudou voiced by Ryouka Yuzuki the genki relaxed mage, Levi Kazama voiced by Ayane Sakura the ninja, Arin Kannazuki voiced by Aya Uchida the extremely similar appearing to Hijiri stoic mage, Yui Kurata voiced by Rie Murakawa the loli genki, Mira Yamana voiced by Yoko Hisaka the serious stoic loli, Lieselotte Sherlock voiced by Nao Touyama the rogue mage and Lilith. LA's favourite would have to be Lilith and Levi by the way, although we do get many episodes where many of the harem and even the main protagonist and heck even the entire magic and magical world lore is developed alot, there is a slight less development personally for what LA saw on Arin, yes, we get to know more about her but they still didn't explain why her and Hijiri looked so familiar with Lilith given the most developed overall both her her magic and her personally (even to the point the anime is actually pushing Lilith to be the main heroine). Now LA did say that the lore and magical world get developed and it works even better during the battles, they do explain how most of the battles or even what the magic casted does or even the magic origins in a way especially for the Trinity Seven themselves and their unique magics. The battles are fast-paced and giving lots of dialogue along the way to give some justification to how the battles are going and that is kinda the best thing about this anime, when the ecchi is in, it can take itself lightly but when it gets serious, they won't kill the mood enough for the jokes to be the elephant in the room. The ecchi doesn't go so far, the furthest it goes is clothes ripping and hardly any nips just more skin shown that's about it and the ecchi is just for the sake of comedy/harem hijinks or to loosen the tension before getting into the character development of the haremettes. LA does have to hand it to Trinity Seven by keeping LA's attention not only on the ecchi but also on the plot (which is why LA says akin to Highschool DxD) as well. The villains in this anime are more akin to extremely powerful mages to at one point get infatuated to the main protagonist (yes, he's a male empowerment fantasy but he still has his own personality mind you...mainly a pacifist but once you touch the Trinity Seven...he's gonna kick your ass) with LA's favourite villain being Lieselotte heard right. The ending was wrapped out very well giving a reason why Hijiri let alone the major villains true purpose is revealed and why she caused all of this, what wasn't resolved is the organization that the major villain is in to "save" her leaving it kinda left as it is, however since the major focus was resolved, LA wasn't gonna whine about that. Trinity Seven is a well executed ecchi harem in the same veins as Highschool DxD just with some elements changed in most respects, the harem are all interesting, the entire scenario and the lore and magic building of the entire anime intrigues LA and what's best is that they allow the ecchi harem hijinks to be used well in loosening tension or for the sake of comedy and uses the supernatural elements to both character, lore, magic and romantic harem development or when it becomes serious within battles and LA really likes this balance for this anime albeit that some of the Trinity Seven aren't developed enough. Nevertheless...Trinity Seven for most ecchi harem watchers is a probable must to watch, with magical fast-paced battles and deep lore and ecchi to get mixed in when it can. Arata's magic be clothing rippin' 8.7/10
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai DONE Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai or A Good Librarian like a Good Shepard in English is a 12 episode anime produced by Hoods Entertainment and was released in the Fall of 2014. The premise focuses on a great library and the library club where Kyoutarou Kakei voiced by Junji Majima likes to read alot, then by accident he meets Tsugumi Shirasaki voiced by Madoka Yonezawa who wants to form a club to fulfill other people's wishes. Other girls starts to "flock" to the club by the "Shepard"..what hijinks will Kakei entail and who's the Shepard?. Ok right off the bat LA has to say this, this anime was extremely slow paced with the character development making it even slower experience. The anime although it's somewhat interesting, it takes it's sweet time to get it to it and makes more questions than answers until the latter half. The harem element seems more foamed in in order to get more attention to itself and yes, even the ecchi seems forced in many ways as if saying the premise alone isn't enough to get you interested, here have some fanservice!. The characters are very cliched cept a few in the harem that being Kana Suzuki voiced by Eri Sendai the genki girl of the bunch and Senri Misono voiced by Nozomi Yamamoto the songstress and shy type the others were very cliched tsundere or shy stereotype (yes, LA even is saying Tsugumi was stereotyped). LA was waiting for the great reveals to occur and to be frank the plot twists came outta nowhere with no proper justification and is just plain "it happened or it's the plot twists can't be explained" some of the plot twists were ok and made the anime a little bit interesting to get through however the entire "plot twists" with the other character came at a price, LA won't deny that the major plot twists were great but in the long term it did change the dynamic of the entire anime but it didn't help LA's enjoyment, just LA wanting to know what will happen next with all the complex matters at hand. By the halfway point yes everything was explained cept for the main protagonist's major decision however by the end of the anime it just "put everything to normal" kinda leaving the "major decision" to come off extremely anti-climactic and ultimately predictable. The character developments throughout the anime were interesting and even more as to why they joined but that ending just kinda left most of the development "as normal" and gave it that harem ending, like yes the character evolution of Kana and Senri was well developed but that's it. The animation done by Hoods Entertainment consistent animation but by the look of it, LA could tell that the budget for this anime was scare as yes, the character designs were vibrant and consistent but at times they went very chibi for the comedy sakes with some rough sketches with color for those "times" of comedy, it wasn't grating but LA could of thought they could do more on the animation let alone the plot itself. Plot twists wise although it didn't affect the "outside of the plot", character development wise it helped making the anime a little bit more interesting but with a premise with more questions than answers with the answers answered and ultimately forgotten by the end of the anime, LA doesn't know whether this anime is in the "ok" or decent anime levels, because if LA compares another harem anime brought out in the same season like Trinity Seven above this one, at least it has a hook for LA to get into the anime and be invested enough, not just waiting for something good to happen like this anime and with it's forced fanservice to give that harem feeling isn't helping. LA can at least say that this anime isn't insulting as it is smart in certain areas such as character development and plot twists but it was still dull most of the time with a extremely slow pacing start to near finish with the harem fanservice element shoved in our faces to disguise the slow pacing, so this anime doesn't have the balls to even become one of LA's guilty pleasure anime, it's just "meh". 7/10
Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken DONE Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken or I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying in English is a comedy anime short that ran for 13 episodes in 3 minute shorts in the Fall of 2014 and was produced by DAX Production and Seven Dream Creation. The premise is the daily stories of a working wife by the name of Kaoru Tsunashi voiced by Yukari Tamura and her otaku hikkomori husband Hajime voiced by Kenichi Suzumura. The comedy is at most adult in nature given the entire comedic nature and setting of the anime and oddly for an anime it does have a plot but it does mask it with the amount of adult humor given. In a comedy anime about otaku there are obviously some anime references although some are disguised well the others are very obvious, the main comedic focus comes from Kaoru's responses to her husband and sometimes back and forth if Kaoru unintentionally jabs at Hajime's current state. he plot does go from here to there but considering it's format of 1 minute skits in a 3 minute anime short, it's a given. The animation done by DAX Productions gives most of the anime designs distinct looks albeit simplistic at times but given it's an anime short, LA can just ignore it, LA gets it. The comedy is very well done given the comedic jabs back and forth as well as many of the social interactions besides Kaoru and Hajime gives the anime some very funny moments although it's slightly risqued to slightly emotional touches to some comedic moments which gives this anime short a bit of thought into an otaku's life with a wife. Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken is getting a second season and HAS BEEN CONFIRMED so LA can't wait to see it as the ending left it in a very happy good note with some more comedic jabs here an there, the comedy in general is slight broad from comedic responses to situations to slightly risque however this anime is still funny, the main characters dynamic is also evolved in the few shorts we see them and that ending just changed everything for the budding new couple...if your into a bit of adult humor with some jabs at otaku's then this anime short is one to check out. 7.5/10
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru DONE Yuukki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru or Yuki Yuna is a Hero in English is an anime that was produced by Dentsu, Mainichi Broadcasting, Pony Canyon, Movic, Studio Gokumi and The Klock Worx and released 12 episodes in the Fall of 2014. Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru's premise is about a "hero's club" consisting of Fuu Inubouzaki voiced by Yumi Uchiyama the leader of the club, her younger sister Itsuki voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa, Mimori Togou voiced by Suzuko Mimori a girl in a wheelchair, the titular character Yuuki Yuna voiced by Haruka Terui and latter on the supervisor Karin Miyoshi voiced by Juri Nagatsuma, where they do "hero" stuff mainly just things to help round the community, entertain kids etc., until one day all the girls are teleported and Fuu tells the girls they must kill the Vertexes to save the world, their "hero club" has now really become a hero club. Now LA should say this as a starter, LA thought this anime was akin the Puella Madoka Magica, with the girls unexpected gaining superpowered magical girls traits and kill monsters for the world, and LA was HOPING it wasn't gonna be another Madoka ripoff....sooo did it?. LA should first clue Studio Gokumi in making this anime as no, they haven't ripoffed Madoka Magica as they actually thought about it, no sorry it wasn't Studio Gokumi is was the light novel author who should have been given this credit to. Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru is one part slice of life (that being the normal hero club elements) whilst the supernatural elements comes from the girls fighting the Vertexes in some glorious animation. In terms of the slice of life elements, the slice of life merges both it's element as well as the inner plot creeping in and the entire reveal of the anime time from time makes the major focus of the supernatural also merges together with the looming plot twists. The plot twists are amazing and are melancholy truly giving this anime it's own backbone instead of trying to do a hack version of Madoka Magica, albeit it has taken some pages to Madoka, but it's story feels like it's own. The character development are very well done and even better when the plot twists arises and the characters seiyuu's (as in ALL of them) solidified the characters in depth as well as the entire situation of the major focus, we got to know them more and in a tragic way whilst at times we get to know them in their daily life as well. LA talked about the character seiyuu's, know why?...cos they SHOUTED for all they could mostly int the battles scenes and poured all their emotions in many of the dramatic scenes, to the point LA can't choose one great seiyuu, vocally this anime was very well done and Studio Gokumi chose well. The ending in a ways, well it did take cues from Madoka again however the overall result of this ending still made it it's own, but it wasn't gonna take it Madoka levels, but as LA said, it was it's own so LA kinda ignored what occurred during the finale. The animation done by Studio Gokumi was...LA is gonna say this as usual, the character designs were crisp, you could tell who's who as well as giving the battles scenes some nice visuals and very much most of the battles were very decorative with flower petals flying and the explosions to the transitions from the normal world to the magical battlefield were a decent feature. Yuukki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru is a nice fresh blend of magical girls taken the hero route with a very well done anime that feels original and like it's own although it takes elements from Madoka Magica, this anime didn't outright try to make a ripoff out of it and by all means if you were a fan of Madoka Magica and wants to see something similar, this anime is a definite watch and is one underdog and hidden gem of Fall 2014. 9/10
Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu DONE Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu. or Gonna be a Twintail in English is an anime produced by Pony Canyon, TBS, DAX Production and Production IMS and released 12 episodes of the Fall of 2014. The premise...wooo it's a dozy, is about one Souji Mitsuka voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki who LOVES twintails to the point he thinks about it in his sleep whatever, until he unexpectedly meets Twoearle voiced by Maaya Uchida who drags Souji to save citizens of Japan by turning into a twintails in he turns into a girl with twintails Tailred voiced by Sumire Uesaka...yeah a dozy of an anime. Ok to be absolutely certain LA said that right..LA knows what kind of anime this was gonna be, it's an anime NOT to be taken seriously as the premise itself...just come on. Now if an anime tries to take itself too seriously is the point LA will say it's getting stupid, this anime was on the balance, at times they did the serious parts correctly and kept the harem hijinks to the comedic stances, it didn't bore LA neither it insulted La's intelligence, just some good old ecchi and weird analogy comedy with one he' of a weird premise. The villains motives are more or less human's desires and are treated more or less fodder for the most and EVEN the major villain (one of them) turns into one. LA gets what the message of it is and is even explained during the finale but throughout the anime it has "plot twists" in which the audience knows anyways to getting the twintails "power ranger force" adding more members such as Erina Shindou as Yellow voiced by Chinatsu Akasaki and Aika Tsube as Blue voiced by Yuuka Aisaka and that causes the harem hijinks as well as for the most it is cliched for the most part just with the whole "power ranger shtick" right down to the idiotic fodder enemies. The only villain LA actually gave a damn about was Dark Grasper voiced by Yoko Hisaka and that's only because Grasper actually did more than just land and then be fodder and Grasper's motives and actions are somewhat off, but still it's better than getting killed as soon as they land on Earth. In terms of character development, there wasn't that much cept for Dark Grasper, Erina and a bit on Aika and Souji himself as for everyone else, they are mere cogs or fodder for the plot. The plot twists for the most as LA said they are already given to the audience and some are explained but some of hardly given an explanation besides "it happened because it did", which was bad however since it ain't a serious anime.....LA isn't gonna rant about it, they at least put some thought into it. The terms of animation, animation done by Production IMS were at most consistent and the mecha suits and the battles were decent and consistent EXCEPT episode 10 where HOLY CRAP talk about ruining a battle scene by giving off shoddy animation and off-framed scenes, besides episode 10, it was consistent throughout the board. The ending was decent enough and it wasn't to the point it wasn't gonna take itself soo seriously, but it did give character development to Souji during his impasse of a dilemma he is facing. Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu is not an anime to be taken seriously and neither it is something where you HAVE to think about it either, it's premise is silly but not to the point of being insulting, the characters are goofy as all he' and the villains are by all means fodder for battles which although repetitive, the fodder enemies have their own "weird quirk" for comedy sakes except Dark Grasper and the final villain (at the very least), it's character development is somewhat miniscule although it does give character "evolution" from Souji as well as some character development from Dark Grasper and the ending wasn't taking itself too seriously to the point of being stupid and with 11/12 animation consistency, it's an anime you can easily turn your brain off and see meaningless fodder enemies get taken out by colorful twintails. It's silly sure, but at the very least it ain't insulting. 7.3/10
Amagi Brilliant Park DONE Amagi Brilliant Park is an anime produced by Kyoto Animation, Avex Entertainment, TBS, DAX Production, flying DOG and Mobcast that released 13 episodes in the Fall of 2014. The premise is about Seiya Kanie voiced by Kouki Uchiyama a narcissistic ex-child actor who gets forced by a gun-wielding girl by the name of Isuzu Sento voiced by Ai Kakuma to look at a rusty amusement park and then...Sento then tells Seiya to be the manager, and get 500,000 patrons of the amusement park before 31st of July. Seiya accepts albeit his huge goal and he realizes that this amusement park ain't no ordinary amusement park, the workers are faeries and the "general manager" is a Princess of said faery land. Now this anime is by all means is a wacky anime about getting a rusty dull amusement park that is already magical as it is, to become a proper amusement park by getting 500,000 patrons so that the amusement park can survive, think like economics but no economics but with popularity needed instead of money (although money is needed anyways). The characters are diverse and quirky throughout and grows by the episodes as many of the plot's episodic nature for the meat of the anime looks into the amusement parks workers as well as those hidden ones in the rusty amusement park. For the most, the central characters are Seiya, Sento, Latifah Fleuranza voiced by Yukiyo Fujii the aforementioned Princess and the star mascots Moffle voiced by Ayako Kawasumi, Macaron voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi and Tiramie voiced by Ai Nonoka as well as the Elementario Faeries, yeah it's a huge cast but IT IS an amusement park. Each of the episodic character growing cast are by in far for comedy sakes and the comedy is funny as all he' getting all the diverse and somewhat polar opposite personalities as well as weird situations Seiya, Sento and many of the park workers antics just make the comedy go smoothly and not make it "episodic" albeit slightly. LA's favourite character just HAS to be Isuzu Sento, there just something about a stoic yet slightly tsundere, gun-wielding, busty vice-manager with character development about her both about herself as well as romantic interests that makes her best girl of this anime, maybe underdog best girl of Fall 2014 as well, YEAH LA SAID IT. If you think that this anime's episodic nature will be a buzzkill, well no it doesn't, LA has to say that with this nature, it makes looking at the amusement park to look in depth to many of the magical side of things as well as giving most of the main cast their character development and what's best is that during the penultimate episode, the resolution of the 500,000 goal is done with some many references to previous episodes making the previous episodes have that "non-episodic feel" and allows those episodes to have a bit of impact. There is a bit of fanservice with Isuzu Sento being the reluctant fanservice girl and by all means, LA liked the fanservice, they were at most fanservicey costumes and with Isuzu Sento being used the most...the fanservice kept to itself unless needed. Even though this anime doesn't have a plot twists more like episodic plot twists and ONE HUGE ONE during the penultimate episode and it's not necessarily a "explain this plot twist" due to the lore of the amusement park was done in somewhat detail and can allow you for to just go with it as at most it's for comedy sakes. The animation done by Kyoto Ani, well their animation consistency as well as the many eccentric times of the anime going crazy, they still did it very consistent and could tell they kept their budget well managed with the character designs crisper and many of the background images very gorgeous to the other spectrum of showing how rusty the park was before and after. LA is saying that the animation was done very well and consistent throughout it's 13 episode production. Amagi Brilliant Park is another great anime this Fall 2014, with an eccentric cast, it's goal shown very well and taken to comedic strides while the park gains traction and both gives character development and amusement park evolution through many of Seiya's plans makes this anime extremely enjoyable as well as the comedy in general and you want this amusement park to succeed and with crisp consistent animation done by famed animation studio Kyoto Animation, you want to watch this anime nevertheless. So get a ticket and enter one "magical" amusement park and meet Isuzu Sento...well for LA...shut up!...Welcome to Amagi Brilliant Park, one magical eccentric ride of a park. 9.8/10
Fate stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] (2014) DONE Season 1 - Unlimited Budget Works..Unlimited Budget *ahem* see that Studio DEEN this is how you do it. Fate stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] (2014) is the first season of the Studio DEEN movie anime but instead of DEEN, Ufotable, Aniplex and Notes and Ufotable has now taken the reins and by GOD, did they nail it!...*ahem* the first season ran for 12 episodes in the Fall of 2014. This adaptation done by Ufotable is the same plot as the Unlimited Blade Works route of the visual novel adaptation just with Ufotable's artistic and slight tweaks to the plot done by Ufotable. Unlimited Budget Works...the animation budget for this anime adaptation is on GOD DAMN SURPASSING MOVIE QUALITY FOR TV...LA MEANS IT, the polish, the crisp and overly detailed character designs and those battles are god tier amazing quality, ok gushing done. This first season also had gotten 3 1 hour specials, one as episode 0 with Tohsaka perspective, one with Shrou's perspective and one on the final episode...YEAH...Unlimited Budget. Anyways this first season's plot focuses on the starting to about the *ahem* spoilers...Caster's Rule Breaker event. ALL throughout the anime it focuses mostly on Shirou Emiya voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama and Rin Tohsaka voiced by Kana Ueda with their servants Saber voiced by Ayako Kawasumi and Archer voiced by Junichi Sawabe respectively where they team up to take out the rest of the 5 Masters in the Holy Grail War. The battles...does LA need to say more?...the animation, the flow is soo fluid and just amazing, the plot twists although it's kinda given that LA watched the Studio DEEN's movie version, you'd think that LA knows them all, well yes, but with Ufotable's style and slight tweaks makes the plot twists still outta nowhere and yet a bit of nostalgia at the same time and with Ufotable's animation gives a different and BETTER take on the events of Unlimited Blade Works. For one thing since this is the Unlimited Blade Works route, it's Tohsaka that's the main girl and by all means, it shows given episode 0 and somewhat Tohsaka's screentime, LA liked Tohsaka alot during the Studio DEEN adaptations and this by all means worked well even more for her character development. Although most people say Saber's screentime is reduced to this...errrrr.....yes and no, sure her screentime is reduced, she's still a major focus for this season and works into the plot better in most respects, hope this helped eh Chain?. The animation...well LA already gushed over it, the animation is god tier and superior movie quality for TV. The ending well LA can't really say but by all means...since this is only one half of a series, the buildup was great and giving character development to the four main as well as Caster was well done. The music, LA doesn't really talk about music much in reviews, but LA might as well talk about it in this one, cos having a decent OP and A GREAT ENDING by Kalafina and the overall OST's gives that movie quality vibe to it. This first season is only the build up but nevertheless it gave out the chunks of meat, signs of betrayals and overall great battles and animation, LA can't wait for the second and final season of Unlimited Budget Works, must watch?...WATCH IT NOW, Ufotable out done themselves and gonna do it again April 2015!!!...can't wait. Season 1 - 35/10
Grisaia no Kajitsu DONE Grisaia no Kajitsu or Le Fruit de la Grisaia in English is an anime produced by 8Bit, Frontier Works, AT-X, Bushiroad Inc. and NBCUniversal Entertainment and released 13 episodes in the Fall of 2014. The premise is about Mihama Academy, a school where students' fruits have "fallen" away from the tree with all the students being girls, until one Kazami Yuuji voiced by Takahiro Sakaurai enters the school as the first male student. He soon gets to know the students in the school of their pasts and redeem them of their pasts. This anime is a bit of a different take onto the harem genre as each of the girls have their own arc taking on the character development. Thing is, the character development is very mixed with it's 13 episode structure given some characters have 3 episodes, some have 4, some get only 1, with Michiru Matsushima voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi and Suou Amane voiced by Hiroko Taguchi having the most, with Sachi Komine voiced by Ai Shimizu and Yumiko Sakaki voiced by Ryoko Tanaka having the least. With this in mind, you can easily tell bits of the plot arcs being extremely rushed especially during the finale of each of the arcs and LA felt sorry that Sachi and Yumiko only got 1 mere episode of their character development whilst the others got at the very most 2 or more, and that being Sachi and Yumiko had interesting plots but were quickly rushed was adismal pacing. On the other hand, Michiru and Suou did get lots of character development and we got to know more about their past in better detail and got to know why they appeared at this school and by all means their character developments were very well done, until the finales of both of their arcs ended were too quickly rushed. As plot twists go, it's mostly resolved by Kazami in a "Kirito"-like way of resolving nearly EVERY obstacle or plot twist given, although some plot twists were out of his hands, expect Kazami to resolve it all...pretty much killing the tension altogether. Most probably the best character development throughout the entire anime was Suou's and most probably because it links to Kazami's past as well and is one of the more survival horror-filled past development more than anything else and really brought the finale arc at it's best. The animation done by *bit makes most of the scenes look like it was out of the visual novel with crisp character designs and given the dark themes, they tone the colors down given the ominous look when given, the overall animation is consistent and crisp and given the visual novel artistic take. This anime is rushed, LA gets it and LA hated it many times ruining 2 of the girls development but it also rushed the better detailed characters development too, it's a running term in this anime and is probably it's most major flaw. So...this anime is getting 2 more sequel animes............SO WHY DID THIS ANIME RUSHED IT!?!?!?. It could have gotten OVA's to fill it in, but just why?. -sigh- nevertheless, it did well 2 outta 5 of the girls arcs and we didn't get too know more about Kazami either and it's dark themes does make this anime interesting at the very most, if you wanna see another unique harem type anime with dark themes throughout most of the characters development but can kinda ignore it being rushed near the end of every girl's arc, then you might like it. In LA's opinion, it's dark themes towards many of the girls were very well done, but it's rushed nature and even odder "sequel announcements" makes it's rushed nature even more baffling. 7.5/10
Sora no Method DONE Sora no Method or Celestial Method in English is an anime produced by Bandai Visual, Lantis and Studio 3Hz that released 13 episodes in the Fall of 2014. The premise is about a girl by the name of Nonoka Komiya voiced by Shiina Natsukawa who comes back to her childhood town after 7 years and this town has a saucer in which this saucer has given the town to become a tourist attraction, Nonoka meets with her childhood friends having vague memories of them, she then meets Noel voiced by Inori Minase and she slowly remembers Nonoka and her childhood friend's wishes they made at the old observatory. The character development and relational evolution for Nonoka and her childhood friends does give it the full attention and is the major focus of this anime. Many of the past of the childhood friends and the connection it has towards Nonoka also gives development, with the more focused character developments goes to Nonoka, Yuzuki Mizusaka voiced by Aki Toyosaki, Shione Togawa voiced by Mikako Komatsu and Koharu Shiihara voiced by Haruka Yoshimura (pretty much the core cast), most of the character developments has lots of emotions packed into it and some very emotional moments. This anime is akin to Anohana with it's old friendship and getting back to their childhood memories back during the present and the emotions are given but obviously under differing premise and setting. The supernatural isn't really a staple as it's more in connection to the saucer than anything else. It does have the slice of life and emotional take into it but once again the major focus on the group of friends and many of the plot twists given during the past and some of the "wish" lore also brings in those emotional moments. The animation done by Studio 3Hz, gives it the character designs in a similar vein to again Anohana and gives the background images very detailed looks similar to what P.A Works do. La does have to say that for such an emotional anime, the seiyuu especially Shiina Natsukawa, Inori Minase and Kaori Nazuka brought their emotional feel to the characters making them very in-depth. The ending by all means, well this is a first as LA would say LA was expecting this anime to be an 11 episode anime as it's 11th episode seemed to clear things up and left us guessing in most ways, but with the 13th episodes it just kinda resolved itself, thing is, LA doesn't know whether it needed that 13th episode for more of the emotional feel or not or it's 11th episode ending would have been better, either way the 13th episode ending was ok with the resolution but LA kinda wanted some speculation to the message of the 11th episode. Sora no Method is another great emotional ride of an anime but not in the romance department, it's within it's childhood nostalgia feel with a tinge of supernatural and "getting to know your childhood friend" again scenario with some original concept with a questionable 13th episode, on whether it was really needed or not with it's resolution. Either way it's an emotional ride with a big saucer looking at you wanting to grant your wish, if that's your method of wishes. 8/10
Girlfriend (Kari) DONE Girlfriend (Kari) or Girlfriend BETA in English is an anime produced by TV Tokyo, VAP, Silver Link and Age Global Networks and released 12 episodes in the Fall of 2014. The slice of life anime about a HUGE cast of girls in one particular school, that's the best LA can do, as this anime focuses on just girls nothing else, there's no main boy character, neither is this a harem anime of the sorts, it's a shoujo ai. The main four cast members who appear are Kokomi Shiina voiced by Satomi Sato, Chloe Lemiare voiced by Sakura Tange, Fumio Murakami voiced by Kaori Nazuka and Akane Sakurai voiced by Rina Sato. LA says HUGE cast and LA means it as some of the cast members are (LA is only gonna say their seiyuu's sooo here we go) Hitomi Harada, Kanae Ito, Kikuko Inoue, Chinatsu Akasaki, Mai Nakahara, Yui Ogura, Aya Suzaki, Ami Koshimizu, Kaori Ishihara, Kaori Mizuhashi, Chiaki Omigawa, Rie Kugimiya, Yukari Tamura, Minako Kotobuki, Saori Hayami, Mai Kadowaki, Ayana Taketatsu, Ayane Sakura, Saori Goto <LA breathes in> Maaya Uchida, Yui Horie who happen to voice Miss Monochrome...what the...?, Minori Chihara, Aki Toyosaki, Saki Fujita, Nao Touyama, Haruka Tomatsu, Minami Tsuda, Yoko Hisaka, Eri Kitamura, Aoi Yuuki <LA breathes in> Emiri Katou, Kana Asumi, Rena Maeda, Sumire Uesaka, Asami Imai, Hisako Kanemoto, Rina Hidaka and Ai Kayano get the picture now?..<LA takes a breather>. This anime is a good old slice of life look into a bunch of girl's problems and taken it to very light ways in terms of solving the problems again focusing manly one those 4 mentioned earlier. This anime is a very relaxing anime but obviously you can see one of the major flaw in this anime, yes, this anime is an adaptation from a game, but that's not the point, the point is that the huge cast leads to little development to many of the other minor cast members, however LA can kinda see why it is like that due to the huge cast has little character development. LA has to say one more thing about the character , in terms of Chloe Lemaire, where Sakura Tange attempts her French/Japanese accent, although it's a funny accent for the most part, Chloe overall is the best girl in this anime for her accents and most of her hijinks with her misunderstandings for her episodes given. This anime although it's a very laxxed and focuses on about 10 outta the 50-ish cast members, the overall episode messages to some character development that some get is still very relaxing to watch nevertheless and nowhere near as an insulting anime, it's just one relaxing anime that looks at ALOT of girl's school lives and their relationships with the other girls. The animation done by Silver Link it was overall decent, with one little problem La had trouble with, distinguishing characters from one another, this is due to many of the characters have the same hair styles or hair color and with it's HUGE cast, LA got extremely confused at times who's who (which is why LA only namedropped the seiyuu's not the characters actual names due to this). LA was hyped with this anime's cast seiyuu list but at the same time LA knew what LA was getting LAself into and by all means LA liked how it all got around, sure many of the characters were underdeveloped and was turned to mere cameos, but the overall episodic slice of lifey relaxing nature and the focus being minuscule, well it worked nevertheless and LA enjoyed many of the playful hijinks that most of the girls went through especially Chloe's. Girlfriend (Kari) is a sure-fire relaxing anime about girls just doing girly hijinks, nothing more, nothing insulting either. 7.7/10
Itsudatte My Santa! DONE Itsudatte My Santa! is an anime OVA produced by TNK, Three Fat Samurai and Sol Blade and released 2 episodes in the year of 2005. The premise is about a guy named...Santa voiced by Jun Kamei who meets a maniac pixie girl named Mai voiced by Aya Hirano who tells Santa that she'll make Santa happy during Christmas Eve. Ok LA will talk about each OVA's. The first OVA focuses on the premise LA just told you with a bit of fanservice and has resolution giving Santa a bit of character development and by all means the message given by Mai is told well and has some mild connections to the Christmas theme. The second OVA is nothing more than repeat OVA of the previous OVA with change of setting but same premise with time jumps, a total non-conflict and a stupid romance message and plot which LA thought the entire OVA of this one was meaningless, the only good thing about the second OVA was the only funny character that being Mai's younger sister...Maimai <LA facepalms> voiced by Yukari Tamura. This entire OVA series has a rushed pace from the beginning to the near middle of the OVA of each episode and the second episode has a bad case of reused animation form the previous OVA and again a rushed pace and with an even worse "meaningless non-conflict", LA's time was definitely wasted on watching the second OVA. What this OVA does well is the Christmas themes, the message during Christmas during the first OVA, the second OVA is meaningless. Yes, this anime has a bit of fanservice with a bit of nudity but it's extremely small (mainly on Mai) and that being TNK...yeah. The animation is all over the place, but at the most it's an ok animation state with Ken Akamatsu's animation character designs are pretty decent that's all LA can say and has good Christmas backgrounds, just the second episode has almost nothing to do and the obvious reusing of animation is just sloppy and lazy. As a whole, this anime OVA is below average, as much as the first OVA doing itself well with it's Christmas themes and the overall character development of Santa, but hardly any from Mai, but the second OVA pretty much dug it's grave for a meaningless message, reusing running gags AND animation and both OVA's having a rushed pace overall...makes this OVA series below average, the second episode may have gotten near the insulting levels, but overall it's below average and not the very least. If your watching this anime for Christmas...better JUST watch the first episode, just..just forget the second episode never existed. 6/10
Death Billiards DONE Death Billiards is an anime produced by Madhouse and only runs for 25 minutes that was released in the Anime Mirai 2013 and the 2012 Young Animator Training Project and was released in March 2nd. The premise?...well LA doesn't want to spoil this awesome yet intriguing plot but it has to do with two guys who meet in some kind of bar, then these two guys play billiards.....with a huge twist. The plot maybe simple, but within the 25 minute run, they gave out an in depth character study to the two guys which gives this anime short something different and again intriguing. Although they don't focus on the bartender himself named Quindecim voiced by Tomoaki Maeno gives an air both menacing stoicness and a lively attitude and has almost no character development, but LA did say within the premise, it's a character study on the two guys in the bar, NOT Quindecim. LA have to say that this anime short is an underrated gem of an anime short and by all means it's getting a full anime series due to it's success called Death Parade and LA can't wait to see more in a *ahem* different format. This simple setting and character study can give massive amount of messages and again the huge plot twist can get the "two guys" into breaking point and know more about them, as much as LA wants to know more about Quindecim, the overall result of this anime short, is still intriguing and brings in what core messages it wanted to give and it did with a solid performance and plot. 9/10
Motto To Love Ru Ep. 3 Season 1 - To Love Ru is an anime produced by Xebec and TBS and was released in 2008 and had 26 episodes released. The premise is about an ordinary guy called Rito Yuuki voiced by Akeno Watanabe who has a crush on Haruna Sairenji voiced by Sayuri Yahagi, however on one night, a one Lala Satalin Deviluke voiced by Haruka Tomatsu lands into Rito's bath WHILE he's still in the bath and under some coincidence he becomes a fiancee to the Princess of the Deviluke Empire, now what happens after all this?...HAREM HIJINKS and Rito gains more harem members extremely quickly. Ok this anime is bar the none, a typical harem anime just with supernatural cute alien girls and assassins and whatnot in the mix and LA is gonna say this as well, for the meat of the anime, it's mostly episodic with the "harem member" getting added here and now. In the harem aspect of the anime, to be perfectly honest most of the harem members do get their own episodes with the exceptions being obviously Haruna and Lala as they are the two main love interests, although LA would have to say that Ren/Run voiced by Fuyuka Ooura had the least screen time although LA got used to her in one episode, but in terms of plot, she didn't get THAT much of an influence. As much as LA said "influence towards plot" and where LA said "episodic episodes" with those elements in a 26 episode anime with the harem aspects, LA can kinda dismiss those facts about "harem members trying to influence the plot". However oddly enough it's not the bland male protagonist that influences the plot (although his one decision is what got the plot rolling in the first place), but is a minor character that does which is kinda expected...-sigh-. In terms of Rito Yuuki as a main protagonist, he is as LA said before, he is bland however he's not an asshole of a pervert either although when does accidentally see naked girls, he didn't mean to, he is in all respects a bland yet kind protagonist nothing more. The fanservice levels of this anime is pretty high up, he' even the Opening pretty much tells you what kind of fanservice your gonna see in this anime, the fanservice are mostly nakedness although the steam or censors does come in, but overall it's a bit of risque fanservice but nothing to over the top...but with anything with the alien stuff goes into *ahem* "tentacle fanservice"...seriously it happened multiple times. The animation for the most part is very well done with the character designs being very detailed although there were many times the animation on many of the characters lacked due to the animation situation, but mostly the animation was consistent with some few lacking animations in some of the smallest details and the fanservice animation were obviously taken to great depths to make it detailed as possible...seriously. LA's favourite character in this anime would have to be Konjiki no Yami voiced by Misato Fukuen which is odd since the anime tries to root Haruna or Lala. So with the harem aspects of fanservicey episodic episodes with an ok decent premise along with most of the episodes trying to bring up character development and he' even a little bit on Rito which was forced on him for most of the anime and with an ending which tried to bring on the most climactic state but given a solemn yet "standard" ending cliche just with a bit of flair was pretty good overall for LA. LA could watch this anime and not be cringed (fanservice a bit but still) or LA hated it, it was overall a decent harem anime with an episodic nature with a running plot line that slowly goes forward. To Love Ru is an anime that gives the basic tropes of a harem anime, it's a romantic slice of life comedy anime, but with those basic tropes of harem, they still do it right as LA was entertained throughout most of the episodes even if it was episodic for the meat of the anime and with it's ending and if you look below, yes, it got another season, the ending and most of the anime is cliched, it is still a GOOD kind of cliched.

Motto To Love Ru - (Pre-review): You know those things people always dreamed about...ya'know like X-ray glasses!
Season 1 - 8/10

Motto - ??/10
Gugure! Kokkuri-san Ep. 3 (Pre-review): Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, Cats have it better than dogs don't they...
Jinsei Ep. 11 (Pre-review): Writing a document has even been soooo grating
Yuri Kuma Arashi Ep. 2 (Pre-review): SHOOOOOOOOOCK! <LA torpedo nosebleeds>
Absolute Duo Ep. 2 (Pre-review): Absolute Oath
Junketsu no Maria Ep. 1 (Pre-review): Maria the Virgin Witch...wait whaaaaa
Shinmai Maou no Testament Ep. 2 (Pre-review): Master-Servant Ritual?...
Kantai Collection: KanColle Ep. 2 (Pre-review): The soul of a torpedo girl
Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Ep. 1 (Pre-review): Cliched Prologue?
Koufuku Graffiti Ep. 2 (Pre-review): Tamagoyaki_by_naotakem_in_Tokyo.jpg
Assassination Classroom Ep. 2 (Pre-review): Batter-Mach 20 UP!
The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls Ep. 2 (Pre-review): <LA squees and faints>...too many appearances...
Death Parade Ep. 2 (Pre-review): STRAD HTAED
Juuou Mujin no Fafnir Ep. 2 (Pre-review): "Protecting" and nothing else....
Rolling☆Girls Ep. 2 (Pre-review): Rollercoaster of Hell
World Trigger Ep. 13 (Pre-review): Border Top Teams
Nanatsu no Taizai Ep. 13 (Pre-review): Destruction Incarnate
Ai Tenchi Muyo! Ep. 32 (Pre-review): A Cup Ramen Midnight Snack
Akatsuki no Yona Ep. 14 (Pre-review): Blue Moonlight
Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu Ep. 14 (Pre-review): HUman Instincts
SHIROBAKO Ep. 14 (Pre-review): Seiyuu Arguments
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Ep. 13 (Pre-review): Connection to Love's Sorrow
Seiken Tsukai no World Break Ep. 1 (Pre-review): Otherwordly it?
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 14 (Pre-review): Final Conclusion
Axis Powers: Hetalia Ep. 15/24 B N/A
Mahou Sensei Negima Series ! - Ep. 19/19/26

!? - Ep. 5/5/25
! - N/A

!? - N/A
! - ??/10

!? - ??/10
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu! Ep. 7 X (Season 1)

Ep. 0/15 X (Fumoffu!)
Season 1 - Discontinued....Ehh...I really don't like this anime, straight off the bat, really dull, though military, just no flare, might actually properly watch it when all the epic animes are finished...however long that will be....

Fumoffu -
Valkyria Chronicles III Ep. 1/1~
Gintama Ep.51/90~ B ...Might actually continue it when all the epic animes are finished...however long that will be....
One Piece Ep. 3/3/??? N/A
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  • Note 2:The animes with X beside the episode means that LA has discontinued it but maybe watch it later in the future
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Animes Movies

Movie Review Rating
Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem A Movie, based on aliens changed to a music band, there is no voices, just background music...from..DAFT PUNK. Even though it's what u call a silent movie, the background music transitions perfectly to the story at hand, also I LOVE DAFT PUNK'S MUSIC, so one up from that. This movie did lack something, but I don't know what...hmmmmmmm 8.7/10
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light The movie for this, though the storyline outlook is good, the overall content was a 50/50. The characters were ok???, the duels were somewhat epic-ish..I think, the way the plot transitioned was a bit quick though. The ending....ehhh... 6.8/10
Final Fantasy: Advent Children It was a good movie, it was a sequel to FFVII, the fights scenes was awesome, though the story lacked just slightly. Either way, it was a good movie. 8.8/10
Final Fantasy: Spirits Within This movie was alright, the graphics were ok and the storyline was also ok, the villain was awesome (Voiced by James Woods..who else?). The characters were..errr... memorable??. The ending...ehh.. meh. 8.5/10
Spirited Away This movie was...crazy from the start, yet cool in a ways, a girl and her family getting offtrack, then the girl gets trapped in another realm. The storyline was good, the characters were ok as well. The ending, was a bit quick in my opinion, however all in all, good movie, no boring parts...I think... 8.9/10
Fate stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Now this movie is an alternative storyline towards the Fate stay Night series. Ok the beginning was a bit dull however it quickly picked up it's pace as well it's pace in general..well it became fast-paced. Towards the middle of the movie it picked up the storyline very well and the plot points itself was very entertaining. The action was great and bloody and even the plot points were very interesting as it ties to Fate stay night as well as the main protagonist. The ending itself was a tearjerker and utterly action-packed and LA praises this movie for at least tying in with Fate stay night, however the fast-pace of this movie was a bit of annoyance. In all this movie is a nice altercation to the Fate stay night series, bloody, a lot of action but errr...yeah a bit fast-pace. 9/10
Bleach: Memories of Nobody Well my first Bleach movie review, this was a nice reprieve from the crappy Bount arcs LA watched. A confusing to be yet making sense storyline, cameos were awesome, as well as the comedy...well a bit of the comedy appeared. The characters were the same as always which was a good thing, the fighting were cool at the most. The pacing of this movie was slightly fast, however with all the fighting and storylining and semi-drama in a 90 minute movie was done smoothly-ish (due to the slight fast pacing). LA did find it intriguing the relationship between Ichigo and Senna though....just pointing it out there, though it seemed to push Rukia out of it...hmmmm LA was intrigued. On speaking of which the drama for this movie was somewhat balanced, however LA will not diverge any further as it would spoil. Hmmmm a good movie for all those Bleach fans, plus it didn't diverge into the main storyline of the anime at all. So it's ok to watch after that crappy Bount arcs!. A nice reprieve...a nice repri- Kon???..what the hell, hey! GRRRrrrr.... KKKKKkkkoooono BAKA!!!! <LA kicks Kon onto your computer screen> 8.9/10
Space Thunder Kids Wow.....what the f**k did LA just watch for 90 minutes???....a f**king crock of s**t!?!??!?!. This is one of the WORST animated movie LA has watched why???.......BECAUSE IT MAKES NO F**KING SENSE!?!??!?!?. Ohh ohhh that isn't the worst part, this movie even has the guts to plagarise other mecha anime LA is serious, from Mazinger Z, to Transformers to F**KING TRON.....TRON!??!?!?!. Not only does this movie reuse scenes....over and over.....even f**king action scenes are f**king dull, destroyed airship??...ohhh we got ANOTHER SHOT OF THE SAME F**KING DESTROYED AIRSHIP. The characters?...yeah don't bother getting too attached as this movie practically forgets that they are there...because in nearly every 5 minutes new characters just keep popping up with the old characters practically disappearing for the rest of the movie, finally there are so many continuity errors even in the simplest scenes (even in the action scenes and character speaking scenes there are SOO MANY continuity errors). This movie f**king sucks, just sucks.....ohh god, LA just died from this movie...IT IS A CROCK OF S**T of a movie. The characters, storyline and even the action scenes are just f**king soul-crushingly HORRIBLE...this this this seriously skullf**kingly stupid. DON'T WATCH THIS CROCK OF S**T!?!??!?!?!??!??!?! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!?!??!?!?!??!
<TV Noise is heard>
LA: LA isn't going to get those 90 minutes back right?
Stormfall: Nope
Ponyo This movie was kinda weird...even from the start...a goldfish turning into a human.....riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Anyways there is a storyline for this however the plot development is slim...they don't develop it much, practically saying that "go with it". The characters are ok to the point however most of the characters (exclud. Ponyo and Sousuke) are kinda stupid, LA doesn't mind the voice acting that much, though Betty White and Tina Fey does a good job at it. Now in terms of the ending itself...well it kinda took the storyline from light hearted to save the world???....yeaaahhh that didn't sit well with LA. In all this is a weird movie but it still had it's good points. If you wanna go for a lighthearted but with some weird fantasy this movie would be ok for you...<LA backstage> Seriously how the he' did a goldfish become a human...bad parenting?? Sheesh.. 5/10
K-On!: The Movie Well LA has done it.....more tea ple- HOLD ON A BIT. Ok K-On has a movie...let that sink in for a bit there... Ok?..done?...Ok then. This movie in itself though it's mainly based on an anime where highschool girls form a band where they mostly drink tea and eat cake instead of practicing music...yeah...Kyoto Animation made this...ok ok..ok fine LA will stop with it and actually start the review. This movie storyline-wise is actually kinda's about Yui trying to give Azusa a gift before they leave of university (For those who hasn't watched K-On whatsoever leave now)...that in itself is admirable though the process throughout the movie was from waaaaaaaaaaay out there to yeah admirable. When they get to London...well LA has to say that what Kyoto Animation did (With the British accents and locations pinned down very well done), and the music played throughout the movie is ok to LA's tastes...but yeah being a light music club...yeah that's all your going to get, the comedy is K-On style once again bringing back some of the jokes from the anime and some new ones (due to them being in London). The ending itself was a bit of a heartwarming moment and the seiyuu's voicework on the characters were very well done. All in all...a nice movie with all the K-On experience, no ass-pulls, just the HTT-way as usual but in as Yui says..."in a grander scale", but how LA sees it...not in a grander scale...more like a heartwarming scale of K-On. 8.7/10
Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Kasukabe Boys of the Evening Sun Ahh Crayon Shin-chan you guys remeber??? <Cue card saying NO!!!!>...errr right then this review is done..bye bye!!!!...ok ok fine...the Crayon Shin-chan series was a late 80's cartoon that exploded in most of Asia...and then this movie came along and practically gave LA a mindr**ing it's NOT funny. Ok for one, the storyline is ballistic beyond ALL reason and has many deus ex machina than you can shake a missle that lost it's course at. The storyline is bleak and at most stupid, even the villain is stupid as a chichuahua on cr**k. The ending ohhhhh the f**king ending is so f**king annoying that LA got a headache as to how, what and once agian HOW did this deus ex machina all of a sudden, not to mention the overall stupidity of the premise LA fainted. Now onto the movie's has none...for a WESTERN genre of the movie's premise, there's sentai...SENTAI, as well as illogical physics that CAN NOT and SHALL not happen EVER. This movie reeks of stupidity within it's storyline and deus ex machina logic that doesn't explain ANYTHING. For a "children's movie"....why....why is it for 15 YEAR OLD' should be for f**king 3 year old who's brain hasn't turned on yet. This blighted hellspawn of a deus ex machina illogical physics and stupid premise and the easiness of how the entire ordeal of the movie could have what makes this movie crap. LA doesn't care if it's for ....15 year olds.....this movie is crap and before LA leaves LA will faint again for having to remember this stupid dreadful movie...Seeya guys later!!! <LA faints>... 0.2/10
Hayate the Combat Butler! Heaven is a Place on Earth Hayate the Combat Butler Movie.......and the verdict??? was good. Ok for one the storyline was kinda short though it was also interesting, if not for the inconsentecies...and yes there were several which caught LA's eye. Most of the characters are back even some the minor ones and two new characters....who didn't get much development..ohh and on speaking...why was Kayura wearing a Saber costume???. *Ahem*...anyways...this movie is really more of a ship tease and more relationship buildup for Nagi and Hayate than anything else...which was also good..if not for the inconsentencies screwing it all up. This movie wasn't great for Hayate the Combat Butler fans...but was still some of that Hayate the Combat Butler comedy flavour as well as the returning characters was there. Flaws yes.....but still a good movie. 8.9/10
Shakugan no Shana The Movie Ahhhh......this movie. Ok LA knows this is Shakugan no Shana...however this movie did....."reshots towards the beginning of the first season". This movie did add in extra scenes furthering adding to the anime's canon......and some parts not. LA gets it, it's a movie...they can't remake a 24 episode season into 90 minutes.....<LA looks at The Last Airbender Movie>. Where the Last Airbender made sooo many mistakes and made scenes that were completely useless...this movie didn't do this...AT ALL. This movie would be perfect for those Shakugan no Shana fans who watched the first it pretty much gave the gist of the first season with NO USELESS SCENES. Due to some of the scenes were repurposed for this movie with some scenes added towards it, LA likes with the "added scenes", but's like seeing the first season again....just repurposed. The finale was great, but predictable due to LA seeing the "first season" and all. In all.....not a bad "repurposed first season of Shakugan no Shana" Movie, it's like watching the first season but truncated but still it's good. 8.9/10
Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix This movie.....was AWESOME. This movie not only has Fairy Tail's flavor and action, it actually has a new character which has a great backstory. Not only that but this being Fairy Tail...the action scenes are just awe inspiring to just pure awesomeness, they just are. The storyline is pretty basic until it hit the 30 minute mark where it goes crazy. Once again L