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  • I live in Traverse Town
  • I was born on February 4
  • I am Male

Organization XIII
Organization XIII
Number None
Title None
Attribute None
Original Name Unknown Name
Home World Traverse Town
Other Residence Castle Oblivion

Beast Castle Radiant Garden The World That Never Was Twilight Town (The Old Mansion)

Allies and Enemies Demyx (Closest thing to an older brother) (Neutral party)

Larxene (Enemies)

Saix (Enemies)

Marluxia (Enemies)

Vexen (Neutral Party)

Merlin (Ally)

Yuffie (Ally) (She consider Scroll her enemy in justice.)

Belle (Ally)

Beast (Neutral Party)

Ansem the Wise aka (Diz) (Neutral Party)

Weapon Combat Tonfa (Iron Will)
Limit Breaker Mold Breaker
Role Negotiator

"She was the only person who didn't treat me like a person."

-Scroll to Demyx

Favorite word to say when fighting an opponent:

"I have nothing against you it just business."

- Scroll


Name is ElderScroll but friends call me  "Scroll" for short. I don't have memories of my past, I had my heart taken away by  Heartless... so spend most of my time wondering from world to world searching for my heart. To replace the memories I've lost spend most of time gathering knowledge from other worlds and selling them off to highest person.

I Recently join the Organization was never given rank or number in the Organization...put under Larxene and Demyx ...that explains behavior towards making negotiation for profit. I had order from Larxene to steal 100 Arc book from Merlin... she didn't  tell me why she wanted the book but said it was important in my assignment for a  Nobody like myself.  When got to Merlin Lookout I was confronted by Demyx... he told me abandon my mission to steal the book, I that won't comprehend memories that dwell within.  He told me that Larxene only using me... so she and Marluxia to gain information on how to control Sora. I likely refuse Demyx offer to abandoned my mission and RTC back to the The World that never was; Demyx ask me why had to be such an obedient dog to Larxene, I him told she was only person who didn't treat me like a person. Demyx knew that I was serious about assignment and I welling to do anything to finish my objective without hesitation. Knowing Demyx he couldn't turn a blind eye and he was given orders from Saix to destroy me if necessary... if didn't return to the castle.

"Nobody who disobey is as useless as Heartless, Scroll is no expectation."

- Saix

Mostly I was brought up by Demyx while working in the Organization... he was sort of like an elder brother me but very childish. Larxene was my combat instructor who put me through harsh training schedule, she treat  me like dog than mercenary, and I was given the nickname by the Organization as "Watch Dog".

"I was never given X in my name... Larxene told me... it was proof that had no rights in the Organization, but Demyx tells me that X would only slow me down and that my name was existence enough."

"Scroll you arrogant Watch Dog who told you to rest!"

- Larxene

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