Goofy Atlantica KHII

Goofy takes on his Turtle Form when he visits the world of Atlantica. Although Goofy turns into a sea turtle when he visits Atlantica in most of the games, there has been one exception in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories where he retains his true form. However, this may be because that the Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories wasn't the real Atlantica; it was made from Sora's memories of Atlantica.

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Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

Two Weeks Vacation (1952)

Captain of the Royal Knights. He's traveling the worlds in search of clues to the whereabouts of King Mickey.

In his previous travels, Goofy and his friends helped to defend Atlantica from Ursula, the sea witch.


In his Turtle Form, Goofy's entire body, save for his head, is transformed into that of a large sea turtle. His skin is the same black color as his fur, but his limbs are transformed into flippers and he gains a long, thin tail. The underside of his shell is the same light tan color as his skin in his normal form, and the top side of his shell is sea green. Goofy is the only one out of himself, Sora, and Donald to wear any form of clothing while in Atlantica; his hat, though it is his original light green one rather than the orange one he normally wears in the Kingdom Hearts series.

In Kingdom Hearts, it is slightly different, Goofy's flippers are a soft peach color.


Kingdom HeartsEdit

In this game, he is able to fight against his opponents using his attached shield. His other colorations remain the same except that his under shell is colored orange, and his fins are a golden yellow color.

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

In this game, his fighting skills and weapon are disabled as the world is re-designed to one that progresses its story with songs instead of battles. His under shell color was changed to a lighter orange and his fins were changed to black.


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