Goofy Pride Lands KHII

Tortoise Form is the form Goofy takes when he visits the Pride Lands with Sora and Donald. This form grants him the appearance of a tortoise.

Unlike his other forms, Goofy can only fight by spinning around, and he also runs by doing this; his combo attacks are completely unavailable in this form.

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Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

Two Weeks Vacation (1952)

Captain of the Royal Knights. He's traveling the worlds with Sora and Donald in search of the King.

Goofy's been transformed into a turtle in this world, and it seems to suit him just fine.


In his Tortoise Form, Goofy's entire body, save for his head, is transformed into that of a tortoise. His skin is the same black color as his fur and his limbs are transformed into stocky legs, each with three toes and blunt, light grey nails.

The underside of his shell is pale green, while the top side of his shell is yellow with white highlights. Goofy's hat in this form is his original light green one, rather than the orange one he normally wears in the Kingdom Hearts series.

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